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In The News – A Rundown Part One

April 28, 2010

A run down of the news from the last few weeks.

Before I begin (this is going to be a long post, hence the long wait)… Pounder this…

To those who are physically sick, the bitter tastes sweet and the sweet bitter. Some of the sick even desire and crave that which is not fit to eat, such as earth and charcoal, and hate healthful foods, such as bread and meat – all depending on how serious the sickness is.

Similarly, those who are morally ill desire and love bad traits, hate the good path, and are lazy to follow it. Depending on how sick they are, they find it exceedingly burdensome.

Isaiah 5:20 speaks of such people in a like manner: “Woe to those who call the bad good, and the good bad, who take darkness to be light and light to be darkness, who take bitter to be sweet and sweet to be bitter.” Concerning them, Proverbs 2:13 states: “Those who leave the upright paths to walk in the ways of darkness.” (Rambam Hilchot De’ot – Halacha 1).


Is peace coming to Crown Heights, will the Machlokes stop once and for all?

No chance in Hell, now let me explain why.
Although the Psak was very well written and covered a lot, it did not address the issue of Mesira and the Mosrim that carried them out.  After everything, all the time and money spent, the Mosrim are still amongst us.

The fact of the matter is, that Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak are Mosrim. The fact is, that one Rov stood by and was silence while six innocent members of his “community” were being prosecuted in a vicious blood libel  by “other Jews” (who may I add are from “his faction”). Yes, he may have NOT given them permission, but standing idle as Jewish blood was being spilled, he might as-well have given them permission.

How, please explain, can there be “peace” with Mosrim, who are involved in Mesira with no limitations, no matter the consequence. How, please explain, can there be peace with people who justified (in print and on-line), a Mesira that could have G-d forbid  put six of our own people (Fathers, Husbands, Sons, Volunteers and hard working community people) in Jail for 15 years had their Mesira succeeded. How can there be “peace” with animals who tried to shut down Chesed (Kindness) organizations, that has (and thank G-d will) help countless people in our community?

When I read and finished THIS OP-ED [Yungelait: Don’t be Intimidated. It’s your Calling!], I still had the question, of why the hell would any self respecting successful person, who can actually run an operation (whether a Charity or business), want to make himself a target of Mesira? Just look at what has and is happening to the our volunteers in Shomrim, they are targeted by the Mosrim, for the mare fact that they exist and do good things. Look what the Mosrim tried to do to our Gemachyim and to the people that run it.   There is a huge history of Mesira on people who just wanted to help. As long as the Mosrim walk freely, we wont be allowed to be free. Free from Mesira and free to grow as a community. The Mosrim are fouled by baseless hate and anger and would rather see everything burn, then G-d forbid let something good actually happen.

By the way, you really want a hint of whats coming. Just take a look at the comments/reaction (on ColLive, a Mosrim supporter), from the Mosrim (or shall we say “the winning side”) immediately following  the Psak. Can’t you feel the love?

So what happens now?

One thing is for certain, Rabbi Rosenberg Shlita has  a job for life.
If and only if (a big IF), some good people do take the stand, don’t get intimidated and run to make our community a better place, the Machlokes will just take on a different face. Because, as I wrote above, as long as the Mosrim (Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer, Mendel Hendel and Co.,) are around, nothing constructive is going to happen.

As someone wrote in an e-mail conversation about the Moser Paul Huebner…

You live in the same community as Huebner.  I don’t.  You should pressure the Rabbaim to place Huebner in Cherem for what he has done.  This would include a prohibition from him getting an aliyah, from his wife using the mikva, and from his children attending school.  There are very few things worse than Mesira.  If the Rabbaim refuse to do so, you perhaps should reconsider the community in which you live.

This concludes my thoughts and opinion on the Psak and the future (if there might still be one) of Crown Heights. For the sake of our children, I hope I’m totally wrong. Follow up thoughts will come, in the comments.

Oh wait, How could I have forgotten. Here it is straight out, why the Machlokes can’t and will never end.

CH.Info reported THIS -15 Year Old Fight put to Rest with New Letter, which is great news. Ye, you would think. In a panic that perhaps the Machlokes will G-d Forbid die, (Mishichist web site), runs to make a disclaimer with THIS -P’sak from one rov has no Validity. Yechi HaMachlokes!!!

Paul Huebners Pride and Glory

April 22, 2010

A gloriously shameful dynasty born from abuse and molestation

The portrait of such well adapted children, the pride and glory of every parent, the aspirations of greatness drawn from the deepest depths of a childhood full of depravity, abuse and violence.

From the left we have “JJ Huebner” a misfit who bounced from special needs school to special needs school, this poor boy is so confused as to his sexual identity it even expresses itself in the photos he likes to take of himself.

Then there is “Esti Huebner” the girl who was thrown out of Bnos Menachem after it was discovered she got impregnated  at the ripe bold age of 15, then bouncing from school to school in Boro Park and Flatbush, all of whom did not accept her… wondering why is it that a Crown Heights girl does not go to a Crown Heights school!

But “David Huebner” is the prize in this collection, from his drug dealings in upstate New York down to his new base of operations in sunny Florida, this cat feels himself a modern day gangster, and by modern day we mean homo-modern day GAYster.

And the saddest of the bunch “Aaron Huebner” the picture, need I say more? (for reference see JJ Huebner)

Neighbors all knew the abuse that went and still goes on in the Huebner house, the nightly beatings poor Suri got, but what they didn’t believe was that the kids suffered them too. Evident in the way these children’s sexual priorities all got messed up.

EXCLUSIVE: 33 Second Preview Of Yanky Prager shmira/Cop coordinator cursing out NYPD

April 21, 2010

33 Seconds out of 14 minutes

Only a few short months ago…
Yanky Prager Shmira/cop coordinator cursing out NYPD and threating to report them to IAB. At one point he and his loonies try to set up a trap on a NYPD officer.
This is just a small preview of whats yet to come. 33 seconds out of 14 minutes.

Yanky Prager:
(Yiddish) “Er Vayst Az Du Bist fun Shhmire?”
(English) “Does he know your from shmira?” 


April 19, 2010

On March 8th, 2010 a WIS loyal reader sent us the following photos. The WIS fan observed how Paul Huebner the Moser got off the train with two Mishichist Mosrim, at the Borough Hall station. Borough Hall  is where you will find the court building and the District Attorneys office.

WIS needs your Help

Help by identifying who the two Mishichistim with the Moser Paul Huebner are.

What are these Mosrim up to now, whos their next victim? Are these Mosrim still part of the Yeshiva, if yes, then why?


April 15, 2010

WIS has a lot to catch up on.

Make sure to tune in next week, it’s going to be busy.

Meanwhile, All The Mosrim should  ponder this and take to heart…

REAGAN 1983:
Since the dawn of the atomic age, we’ve sought to reduce the risk of war by maintaining a strong deterrent and by seeking genuine arms control. Deterrence means simply this: Making sure any adversary who thinks about attacking the United States or our allies or our vital interests concludes that the risks to him outweigh any potential gains. Once he understands that, he won’t attack. We maintain the peace through our strength. Weakness only invites aggression. This strategy of deterrence has not changed. It still works.

26 Nissan, 5768/2008: Efraim Okunov The Radio Jammer

April 11, 2010

With total disregard to your safety

Now hes all dressed up with hat and jacket, looking for a Sidduch. Who are you trying to fool, we know who you are?

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Late Wednesday night Efraim Okonov (20), a member of the now infamous Shmira, was caught red handed by professional radio technicians as he was driving around in a blue ’96 Crown Victoria and ‘jamming’ Crown Heights Shomrim’s radio frequencies.

Jamming is a term used for when someone transmits an unauthorized transmission over a radio, such as those used by Police, Fire Department and Shomrim, with the intent of interfering with the legitimate transmissions. Radios have the ability to carry just one transmission at a time, thereby locking out any other attempts to broadcast messages.

When a call comes into the Shomrim hotline the dispatcher is dependent on his ability to be able to broadcast the call to the tens of volunteers that are ready to respond. But the dependency on radios does not end there, when executing the call member rely on their ability to intercommunicate amongst themselves, any interference can put an emergency responders life at risk, also endangering those that call for the help.

The persistent jamming began Thursday, April 24th and continued right up to a minute after Shabbos started, and after resting over Shabbos the jamming restarted with even more vigor the moment Shabbos was over.

What was being transmitted varied, it started with telephone tones that went on for hours at a time then switched to scratching sounds, but that wasn’t enough and Okonov switched to broadcasting the radio from stations like z100 and the likes.

The worst was when he played explicit sounds laced with broadcast from a local Christian radio station.

After failing to located and identify the ‘jammer’ on their own, Shomrim enlisted the help of professional radio technicians to scour the area at night, and on the second night they struck gold and got a lock on Okunovs vehicle at Grand Army Plaza.

Once the radio techs identified the source of the last six days torment they woke up a number of the Shomrim coordinators and filled them in with their findings, and asked them how to proceed which they responded with letting him know that he was busted.

After letting Okonov know the jamming came to an immediate halt, and ceased thereafter.

In the haze of sleep Aron Hershkop, one of the coordinators in Shomrim told “in all my 15 years as a volunteer in Shomrim, we have been jammed before, but this guy was good” he said “using different tactics, by driving around and using different types of radios and transmitting in different locations in Brooklyn… he tormented us for the past 5 days”

Mosrim And Mishichistim Not Jewish

April 10, 2010

Our Sages had no need to list informers, epicursim, and apostates among those who are not acceptable as witnesses. For they listed only the wicked among the Jewish people. These rebellious deserters of the faith are inferior to the gentiles. Gentiles need not be saved from a pit, but neither should they be pushed into one the pious among them will receive a share in the world to come. These deserters of the faith should be pushed into a pit and should not be saved from one; they will not receive a portion in the world to come.(Rambam: Edut Chapter 11 -Halacha 10)

It is a mitzva to publicize the names and addresses of Jewish mosrim and their supporters, in order for Jews to know from whom to stay away. Whoever knows of a moser that hasn’t repented, it is forbidden to assist him in any way until he repents. Whether there is any repentance for a moser is another question.

We do not conduct mourning rites for all those who deviate from the path of the community, i.e., people who throw off the yoke of the mitzvot from their necks and do not join together with the Jewish people in the observance of the mitzvot, the honoring of the festivals, or the attendance of synagogues and houses of study. Instead, they are like free and independent people like the other nations. Similarly, we do not mourn for heretics, apostates, and people who inform on Jews to the gentiles. Instead, their brothers and their other relatives wear white clothes, robe themselves in white, eat, drink, and celebrate for the enemies of the Holy One, blessed be He, have perished. Concerning them, Psalms139:21 states: “Those who hate You, O God, will I hate.” (Rambam: Hilchot Evel – Halacha 10)


April 7, 2010

WIS is not going anywhere any time soon

We did it! Almost Three Hundred thousand views to W.I.S! I would have believed it myself only that I made that number up and everything we posted here is a lie, despite the fact that we have had over 200,000 readers, and still counting

Ask yourself this, how many times did you read something here and run to call someone to tell them what you read? Well each of those contributed to this monumental success. In this spirit I call a battle cry of “ONWARDS!!” the new load of the crap Shmira and Co.  has been doing to this community while we slumber awaits posting!

Hers a little history about W.I.S:

Our very first story was about CHAIM HERTZEL getting arrested for getting in polices way.

Then we starting letting everyone know that shmiras goal was only money and nothing else, again, and again, and again.

But the real kicker was when we exposed what had really split Shomrim, the story of the safe Rogatsky stole in Canada. But this is all false and made up, right? Even the Canadian newspapers were in on it, right?

Not even a month in we already hit 5,500 visitors!

Then Shmira went and did one of the most stupid of things yet [that is second after going to war with Shomrim] 4 of their units [members] beat up ANDREW CHARLES and a friend of his, Charles happening to be the son of a cop in the 70th precinct. Then NEWS12 caught wind of the story and reported it, followed by another newspaper, and another, and another, and another, and another

But the best came when Gov. Spitzer [not to ‘chas veshalom’ be confused with Spritzer] had sex with a call girl and a reader e-mailed us a picture with the whole gang of criminals smiling alongside each other.

Hmmm…. then we have them begging for more money…


Oh! We mustn’t forget the story of how shmira gang raped BARRY SUGER!

And the poor board-soul who left so many comments, so much wasted time, all for what? OUR AMUSEMENT!

Paul Huebner walking out of a police station at 1:30am, the next day police release the photo of Yitzy Shuchat as a prime suspect in the Andrew Charles beating case…

But they didn’t feel it was enough so they went and threatened a Hatzolah member.

Shmira claims it will lay down its arms if shomrim disbands. Why are they so focused on just that? Did we all forget the elephant in the room?

Sub-prime mortgages was a really sad thing for this country, but before all that Sam Cohen a.k.a. Dovid Rogatsky, read about his mortgage fraud we uncovered.

Stern and Garry the child rapist Sanders… Joint Patrols.

MENACHEM KOZLOVSKY having extramarital sex… with teens…

But what was really sad was how fast shmira hung Yitzy Shuchat out to dry…. while they all became Cappos and mini-pigs. Anybody know whatever happened to that COP program.

propaganda blows up in shmiras face.

Shmria beats the shit out of mishechistim. Who really gives a hoot about them?

When the entire community scream for cameras, shmira answered the call and raised $17,000. It all vanished.

Shmira highlights the difference between themselves and Shomrim… with a vinyl sign.

Them, Dovi Best tried to bribe a cop, got locked up, and adding further insult to injure, Paul Huebner swooped in and robbed him for another few thousand for his hack legal representation!

We finally said what everybody is thinking but to  intimidated to say about the Mishichistim Mosrim (Here, Here, Here, Here and Here).

Then we exposed how the shmira mesira together with the help of COLLIVE, mosered a member of our community who was trying to do the right thing and help another.

There was also that story where a shmira mesira member tried to convince a victim of an attack not to file a report.

The list goes on and on. This site will be here for a long time, go ahead take a stroll down memory lane.

And then we have the now famous Shomrim Six Mesira. No need for me to add any link, it’s just a few post down and it’s ain’t over yet.

You Ain’t Seen nothing yet!

Who Are The Biggest Losers In The Shomrim Six Trial?

April 1, 2010

Was it the Shomrim Six? Nope, they know they were innocent, they stuck together and are now free, stronger then ever.

Was it the defense lawyers? definitely not.

Was it the Mosrim? No, not them either, they are losers yes, but not the biggest, after all (either way) they had nothing to loss.  They were nothing before, Mishichistim (homeless and family-less/no love etc…) , how much worse of a position could they be in now.

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting the biggest losers and suckers in a joke of a case, that lasted six weeks, cost the city ten’s of thousands of dollars  and included, a judge and judge assistance, 12 jurors,  4 court officers, a clerk, a transcriber, 4 legal aid and the biggest losers are ADA’s (assistance district attorneys)…

ADA David Steingard and ADA David Weiss

Gut Gezukt (well said).

Present wrote:

I was present at the case for the most part and I have to say that these ADA’s were a big embarrassment to the NY justice system! In their opening speech they already told the jury that they won’t have evidence for a lot of things but the jury will have to take “a leap of faith” and believe them! Such a pathetic opening argument! In court its innocent till proven other wise no leaps of faith!

They further showed their futility by bringing proof from chabad I mean jihad.Info! This is what they’re opening argument was! Shame on both of you David Steingrad and David Weiss for pursuing this case as if it had merit when even the judge said it was bogus! Steingrad and Weiss even lied in court! How? When the defense lawyers asked for the reports of the initial responding officers (I believe they are called Aided cards) the ADA said they asked for it and didn’t get it, however when detective Duffy testified in court that they in fact made no requests for the reports! I have more but I’m gonna hold my peace.

I want to finish off with this: that for every action there is a reaction and there is a G-d in this world who oversees every minute detail in this world! And just like both of you Steingrad and Weiss pursued this case as if it was personal, and tried to go the extra mile to convict innocent good men when in fact you failed miserably thank G-d! One day you will be on the short end of the stick and you will be in the very same predicament! Remember what goes around comes around!