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Sound Familiar?

October 29, 2008
Judgment you’re not allowed to judge.

Judgment you’re not allowed to judge.

Just change the last column to read either, Hater; Loshen Hora; Sinas Chinom; all the bad things you can say about someone whos exposing the truth.

Well said!!!

October 27, 2008

This guy heubner makes me sick! He goes out of his way to masser on other yidden! On him the Rambam says, that if you see him drowning, not only are you NOT allowed to save him, you are obligated to push him in further so he drowns! huebner u are a rat! And eventually it will all catch up with u. In the Talmud tractate of shabbat it brings a story of a goy that came to hillel and shmai to convert. First he went to shmai and was rejected, and when he came to hillel he was accepted, when he asked hillel teach me the Torah on one foot, hillel replied:” whatever u don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to someone else”. The commentators explain that hillel was actually teaching him what it says in the Torah ” to love your fellow as yourself”, and they offer explains as to why hillel didn’t say straight up love your fellow etc. And why he did say it in a negative way ” whatever you don’t want etc. The lesson is as follows we see that even a goy was able to understand to a degree, the idea of loving your fellow, and this heubner mosser can’t! Ahavas yisroel is not in his bible! The commandment that hillel said is ” the foundation of the whole Torah” well heubner doesn’t believe in it. The Gemara says in tractate yevamot, that there three signs that the Jewish nation posses: 1. They are kind 2. Mercifull 3. And they are shy, and this heubner doesn’t posses any of these qualities! He is a cruel sick messira machine! He isn’t shy at all, he blatantly walks in to police stations and conspire messira! And now I ask this question this man doesn’t posses ANY Jewish qualities, not even one! So is he a yid?

this just in! spritzer blocking streets and sidewalks and police does nothing!

October 22, 2008
shpriters papergoods warehouse blocking the street and sidewalk right next to the police station

shpriters papergoods warehouse blocking the street and sidewalk right next to the police station

forcing cars to unsafly change lanes

forcing cars to unsafly change lanes

so unsafe! its shocking police never do anything about it!

so unsafe! its shocking police never do anything about it!

cars again forced to chage lanes

cars again forced to chage lanes

this is shpritzers other warehouse, look how he blocks the sidewalk here also with no concern for the safty of pedestrians

this is shpritzers other warehouse, look how he blocks the sidewalk here also with no concern for the safty of pedestrians

Pishers son in law RATman putting pallets on the sidewalk

Pishers son in law RATman putting pallets on the sidewalk

notice to the community

October 19, 2008

after receiving so many emails regarding stories of other mesira going on in the community, WIS decided that anyone with a mesira story against them that would like to publicize it on WIS is welcome to send it in.

PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 18, 2008



when the ship sinks the rats come out

October 17, 2008
hubner shpriter and satan conspiring a messira behind the stage

Huebner, Spritzer and Satton conspiring a messira behind the stage

After a brief altercation over control of the stage the notorious MOSER Yankel (Yaakov) Spritzer came to aid the MOSER Paul Huebner and his son in law Efraim Setton.

Yankel Spritzer a long time MOSER of our community who stole millions from charitable organization like ‘Me Who Yehudi’, Machane Menachem , Tzach, Machne Yisroel and Kaporos. One who thinks he is above and beyond the law by bribing police and government officials with money and paper goods.

They say that most crime occurs in the vicinity of a police station. well just look at his warehouse on Empire Blvd. All the neighbors complain that his trucks block the sidewalk and street, but nothing is done about it. Every commercial establishment needs to have a garbage container, but he used the 71pct garbage container, part of his bribe scheme going on there. when his neighbor opened his garden to a driveway, it was the MOSER Yankel Spritzer who called the building department to issue a summons and close it up.

Enough is enough!! We the community are sick and tired of criminals who think they can run us aground, who use the police to masser and intimidate us. lets take a stand together call 311 and ask them to stop spritzer in his tracks, stop the double and triple parked trucks, stop him from blocking the sidewalks, stop him from using the garbage can and sidewalk of our police station.


October 17, 2008

so we always knew that shmira paid shmais for their number to be posted on their site, but we never knew that shmais hated shomrim so much that he would go and edit pictures to take shomrim members out. well this time he got busted!

screenshot of the edited picture!

another screen shot of the fake

another screen shot of the fake

What’s the difference between a rat and a squirrel?

October 16, 2008
The mosser Chanina

The Informer Chanina Sperlin

Nothing at all! the squirrel just has better PR

Whats the difference between Stern and Chanina?

Chanina a squirrel with better PR

Chanina a squirrel with better PR

Nothing at all! they are both working together to mosser other Yidden, Chanina just has better PR (for now).

COL reports: Captain Visits Vaad Hakahal

“Captain Peter Simonetti, Commanding Officer of the 71st Precinct, visited the Sukkah of Chanina Sperlin of the Vaad Hakahal.
They discussed plans for keeping peace in the neighborhood.
Sperlin thanked Captain Simonetti for his strong ties with the head of Hatzalah of Crown Heights, Avraham Bistritzky, and praised his assistance of Crown Heights community leaders.”





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Last I remember we the residents of Crown Heights had free democratic elections on to who should be representing us, we all chose (with our vote) to have Moshe Rubashkin as our Rosh Hakahal NOT chanina sperlin! Why is he sticking his nose were it does not belong [he had his chance and failed miserably] WE HAD ENOGHT! When does our opinion count?

Chanina is a Mosser who has in the past Massered on 5 families of Anash* and is now very involved with stern/shmira in locking up 7 members of Anash (6 of whom are Shomrim members).

* WIS has those police reports as well (in time WIS will post them).


October 13, 2008

Not to good with photoshop, eh?

this is too funny, shmira after putting up thier propoganda on kingston right on top of the SHOMRIM MOBILE COMMAND CENTER they went and publisized it on their shmira blog only take a close look at the SHOMRIM COMMAND POST! (click on the pictures to make them bigger)


Not to good with photoshop, eh?

Not to good with photoshop, eh?

Ever See A Pig On Life Support? Check Out Shmira!

October 12, 2008
Coincidence? I THINK NOT! The Shmira banner atop the Shomrim Command Post.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT! The Shmira banner atop the Shomrim Command Post.

So they show their true colors yet again. After weeks of Shomrim parking their command post on Kingston and Crown, this seems to have bothered shmira enough so they went and hung a huge banner over traffic and right over the shomrim command center.

So lets take account of what is happening here. Shmira has a patrol car they dont use, thats all. Shomrim on the other hand has a mobile command center, two patrol cars, 12 3-wheeled scooters, 3 2-wheeled mopeds, and they are out visible and patrolling at all hours of the day and night.


Yossi YM”S chazzer belly pig stern goes to UMAN for R”H

October 11, 2008

yossi stern chazzer belly goes to Uman? Whats in Uman for a guy like him? Now his Kippa reads...מ מו מוס מוסר

After coming back from Uman stern family turns a leaf? Not really!

After coming back from Uman stern family turns a leaf? Not really!

w.i.s. has gotten several email notifying them that the chazer went to Uman for Rosh Hashona. Uman is a place were lots of people go to, to reflect on holiness. why would stern go? You know sometimes when you want to leave the house to hang with friends you look for an excuse? what was his excuse for going. Well Uman is also known for its fine hookers. Don’t get fooled he doesn’t Daven all year why would he on R”H? not only that he was boasting all over Uman that shomrim members were locked up.

King Yannai said to his wife: “Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious; for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri, and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

I know, I know! Your all numb from all this bullshit, you don’t care about anything anymore, all the Machlokis in the last 15 years has taken the juice (of life) out of you. All you want to do is live your life (like they say “live and let live”). BUT when Jews are in trouble WE (all of us) have to look beyond ourselves and do all that we can to save/help that person in trouble. It’s about time we wake up and start taking action, it’s about time we stand up to those very few that are trying to take ALL OF US down, it’s time to take back our community, for us and our children. If we are in this state of numbness now, what will be with our children?

These evil thogs [mossrim] feel to comfortable in our community, thay feel safe in our shuls ITS TIME TO SAY NO MORE!!!

Lesson of the day: Escapism is not the Jewish way

October 10, 2008

Every one of us must become a child of Israel. The quality of fearlessness and courage, of strength and sacrifice, these are the hallmarks of Israel. When we stop running away from our problems and face up to them with guts and fortitude, we enter that higher state of consciousness. We move up from the Jacob Jew, who is still struggling, to Israel mode, where we finally emerge triumphant. When we are prepared to take up the challenge and go for the fight rather than flight, we move from being wrestlers to becoming winners, from humble Jacob to dominant Israel.

Of course it’s never easy. Escape is usually the path of least resistance. Nor am I suggesting that we go looking for a fight. But the fact is that there will be times when we know that we really need to have that confrontation. We need to square up to a particular problem or individual in order to deal with our situation effectively. We shouldn’t be confrontational people. But often we know in our heart of hearts that if we don’t engage a problem honestly it will continue to plague us.”

please leave more comment like this one.

October 6, 2008
  • john doe Says:

    Today 6 Shomrim members were in court yet again, one Shomrim member was arrested in the courthouse by 4 detectives from the 77 precinct and four court officers (that’s 8 guns not including backup guns) on another vicious messira by the moisser and pussy moshe garfunkle may g-d pass judgement on him even before yom kippur.
    moshe garfunkle the moisser claims that a Shomrim member violated the restraining order he was served that states he cannot approach garfunkle and tried to kill him, this is the second time that garfunkle is claiming that this same Shomrim member violated the restraining order and this arrest makes it the third arrest for this young Shomrim member in 2008 from vicious and false messira from the moisser garfunkle who knows that the corrupt 77 precinct will lock up the Shomrim member on a whim.
    the 77 pricint-shmira connection:
    yossi stern – auxiliary 77 precinct
    leib skoblo – auxiliary 77 precinct
    mendy kahan- auxiliary 77 precinct
    yitchak shochat- auxiliary 77 precinct (some are still auxiliary and some are former with connections)
    police officer- detective wannabe brian duffy stated in front of 6 witnesses that this was a political arrest (whatever that means)
    In court the prosecutor (who’s a Jewish and religious woman that wore pants probably not to be seen as a Jewish and religious female prosecuting 7 fellow Jew’s) claimed to the judge that posting information on the Internet will somehow threaten prospective jurors (she showed copies of various religious websites that posted articles on this case) ya! as if the jurors are going to be fellow religious Jews from crown heights.
    it’s has become a fact that the court and the police monitor this site and many other religious websites looking for incriminating material and are now looking to infringe on the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of press, it seems like our corrupt justice system can do whatever it wants whenever it pleases and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do about it.

  • אין התשובה ולא יום הכיפורים מכפרין אלא עבירות שבין אדם למקום…אבל עבירות שבין אדם לחברו…אינו נמחל לו לעולם, עד שייתן לחברו מה שהוא חייב לו, וירצהו

    October 6, 2008

    To all the Mosserim and evil doers out there…

    You can pound your chest till it’s black and blue; you can swing a cow over your head; you can fast until you forget what food ever tasted like; you can even go to Mikva every day and 3 times before Yom Kipper; you might even feel like a big humanitarian by inviting a few [mishichistim] guest over…


    Repentance and the Day of Atonement atone only for sins which are committed against G-d. Sins which are committed against one’s fellow man are never atoned for until one has paid any necessary fines to the person against whom one sinned, and discussed it with him.”

    ב] ומה היא התשובה?–הוא שיעזוב החוטא חטאו, ויסירנו ממחשבתו ויגמור בליבו שלא יעשהו עוד, שנאמר “יעזוב רשע דרכו, ואיש אוון מחשבותיו” (ישעיהו נה,ז). וכן יתנחם על שעבר, שנאמר “כי אחרי שובי, ניחמתי, ואחרי היוודעי, ספקתי על ירך” (ירמיהו לא,יח); ויעיד עליו יודע תעלומות שלא ישוב לזה החטא לעולם, שנאמר “ולא נאמר עוד אלוהינו, למעשה ידינו–אשר בך, ירוחם יתום” (הושע יד,ד). וצריך להתוודות בשפתיו, ולומר עניינות אלו שגמר בליבו.

    2) What exactly is repentance? Repentance involves forsaking sins and removing such thoughts from one’s way of thinking and resolving firmly never to do it again, as it is written, “Let the wicked man forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return to the Lord”. One should also be remorseful over what one has done, as it is written, “For after I had returned away I repented”. One also has to testify to God that one will never return to that sin, as it is written, “…nor shall we say any more to the work of our hands”. All of these three declarations have to be made out loud.

    ג] כל המתוודה בדברים, ולא גמר בליבו לעזוב–הרי זה דומה לטובל, ושרץ בידו, שאין הטבילה מועלת, עד שישליך השרץ; וכן הוא אומר “ומודה ועוזב, ירוחם”(משלי כח,יג). וצריך לפרוט את החטא, שנאמר “אנא, חטא העם הזה חטאה גדולה, ויעשו להם, אלוהי זהב”( שמות לב,לא)

    3) Anybody who follows this procedure but does not resolve in his heart never to do it again is like someone who ritual immerses himself [in a mikveh] while holding a defiling object in his hand, for in that case the ritual immersion is useless. It has been said, “Whoever confesses and forsakes his sins shall have mercy”. One also has to detail one’s sin, for it is written, “Oh, this people has committed a great sin, and they have made for themselves gods of gold”.

    ו] ואלו שאין להן חלק לעולם הבא, אלא נכרתין ואובדין, ונידונין על גודל רשעם וחטאתם, לעולם ולעולמי עולמים:  המינים, והאפיקורוסים, והכופרים בתורה, והכופרים בתחיית המתים, והכופרים בביאת הגואל, והמשומדים, ומחטיאי הרבים, והפורשים מדרכי ציבור, והעושה עבירות ביד רמה בפרהסיה כיהויקים, והמוסרים, ומטילי אימה על הציבור שלא לשם שמיים, ושופכי דמים, ובעלי לשון הרע, והמושך עורלתו.


    6) The following types of people have no share in the World to Come, and are cut off, destroyed and excommunicated for ever on account of their very great sins and wickedness: An infidel; a heretic; one who denies the Torah; one who denies that there will be a Resurrection; one who denies that there will be a Redemption; one who converts from Judaism; one who causes a lot of people to sin; one who withdraws from communal ways; one who publicly sins in a defiant way like Jehoiakim did; an informer [against Jews]; one who instills fear in the congregation but not in the Name of God; a murderer; one who relates loshan ho’rah; and one who pulls back his foreskin [in order to cover his brit milah].

    Because of your viscous Mesira 7 members of Anash (6 of who are Shomrim members) must show up to court, only 3 days before Yom Kipper to deal with your false charges. That is something Yom Kipper will not forgive for you!

    There is hope still…

    Following the laws of Idol worship, were the Rambam discuses the laws of a Mosier  is the laws of Tishuva-Repentance. Even if you have reacted the  lowest level you can always return and do the right thing.