Who Is Gilad Bazel?


Gilad Bazel

If you want to know who person is, check out his friends.

Gilad Bazel is one of Menachem Mendel Hendel henchmen. We all know very well who and what Mendel Hendel is. As the saying goes, if you wallow is Sh*t, you going to smell like Sh*t.

Bazel is the manager of all Mendel Hendel [corrupt] offers, which currently includes managing  Hendels illegal hotel, which is located at 272-274 Kingston Ave.

Gilad Bazel recently joined the Shmira Mesira gang.

During the elections for the third Rov of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Councils Beth Din (which ended up being a sham), Gilad Bazel was very much involved in Mendel Hendels propaganda campaign that was taking place against Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and the Hershkops/Shomrim.

From CHI:

Once again he unleashed a barrage of hate directed squarely at Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky in a letter published on-line, as well as being printed and distributed to homes by this special interest group. The booklet proudly proclaims “Rabbi Bogomilsky: the Candidate of the Ba’alei Machlokes!”

20100903-image-1The booklet goes on to say that elect Shady Bogo and get Yossel Katzman, Herhskop/Shomrim Gang, Dovid Fisher, and the rest of our community’s troublemakers.

More shocking then booklet itself was someone who saw it fit to go to Oholei Torah elementary and distribute it to the children there.

So who printed it? And who distributed it in Oholei Torah for children to bring home?

Shmira Mesira “coordinator”, Leib Skoblo was seen [by a witness] folding the above propaganda and later Gilad Bazel was seen paying for the printing, picked it up and loaded it into the vehicle he was driving at the time.

Gilad Bazel one of Menachem Mendel Hendel henchmen “Celebrating” in the Beis Moshicach/Chabad.info offices after the sham elections.

In 2009 for some reason, Gilad Bazel gave a political campaign contribution to Congress woman Yvette Clarke for the amount of  $2,100.

Now, where did Gilad Bazal come up with this money? Why would Gilad Bazel out of all people, be contributing to a congresswoman political campaign, what interest could little nobody Gilad Bazel have? Unless, of-course it’s not his money. Unless of-course he represents someone who does have many interest (not all noble and honest).

Gilad Bazel Arrested For Criminal Mischief



3 Responses to “Who Is Gilad Bazel?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Notice Hendel and co

  2. CHER Says:

    I see Mr. Bazel driving Mr. Hendel around all the time.

  3. Dirt bag Says:

    Bazel is a dirt bag, simply not a nice person!

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