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Shomrim Six Informer Flees Israel

August 28, 2014

Shalom Cohen-שלום כהן-749 Eastern parkway-Brooklyn-ny
Shalom Cohen YM”S
One of the Meshichist Mossrim (informers) who almost five years ago falsely testified against the Shomrim Six, has fled Israel and as of  August 26, 2014 been residing in 749 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY (in a room that he’s somehow been holding onto for over seven years).

Shalom Cohen was in serving out a prison sentence [in Israel] for avoiding army services.

CHLEAKS.COM Intel informs that Cohen fled the country when he was given a weekend off, (yes, they do that in Israel).


Shmira/CHSP/COP Coordinator Leib Skoblo 311 Mesira Call

August 25, 2014

See: Definition: ‘We’

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Recording Of 311 Call By Shmira/chsp/cop Member Yitzchok Shuchat

Dov Hikind Stay Out Of Crown Heights!!!

August 17, 2014

Dov Hikind-chanina sperlin-hypcocrite-yitzchak shuchat-crown heights shmira-mesirah-corruption-fraud
Officials to Protest Recent Violence

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and other elected officials and clergy request your participation at a news conference in connection with the increasing threat to the safety of Jews.

The conference will take place tomorrow, Monday August 18

Who elected [red in the face] Dov Hikind to represent Crown Heights? Who keeps bringing him to Crown Heights and why?


Definition: ‘We’

August 14, 2014

Crown Heights Shmira patrol-chsp-cop-nypd-mesira-mosrimrats

Definition of WEpronoun, plural in construction \ˈwē\

1:  I and the rest of a group that includes me :  you and I :  you and I and another or others :  I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural — compare i, our, ours, us
 …the only thing WE saw is that they are working on the first floor and WE saw them getting deliveries of wood and wood boards. (from 311 Mesira call made by a Crown Heights Shmira Mesira Coordinator on a Shomrim volunteers home).   
More to come….

Metaphor: Lion Kills Hyena In One Bite

August 8, 2014

Whats this all about?

The Hyena in this metaphor, the fool C.E.  Phone Number: …….798 and Email chn……, knows whats it’s all about.

Soon you will as well.

Stay Tuned.

Chabad Yeshivas Agree to a Ceasefire R”L

August 3, 2014

Sorry we're closed- Crown Heights amd Isreali chabad yeshivas closed for summer-ceasefireThe Jerusalem Post reports that ‘Hassidim To Cancel Summer Vacation Activities, Keep Studying Because Of War‘.

The only sect of Chassidim that are going for a ceasefire by closing down Yeshivas is Chabad Lubavtich (?).

The [lame] excuses are: (1) Camps (2) Mivtzoyim.