About W.I.S.

The Crown Heights community has been victimized for years by an organization that guises itself as one that protects us and is supposed to be there for us in our times of need [Lo Alainu], yet crime is rampant and relationship with Law Enforcement and Police is at the worst its ever been.

‘WhoIsShmira?’ has been established to educate and inform the public with the details of this gross abuse and neglect that is expounded and is allowed to continue because of the lack of knowledge and information.

Mesira: There are Messiras taking place on a daily basis by members of this same corrupt organization and those who back them, ‘WhoIsShmira?’ has been established to expose and stop all Mesira and those who carry Mesira out!

WIS Definition: The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (Click Here)

Code of Conduct for WIS

This site is run by several individuals, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous, for personal reasons. We are all known to each other, and all agree to be bound by a code:

  • We will not rely on hearsay. What we publish will be checked and verified to be true using primary sources.
  • That means if we say something happened, one of the team will have either heard it directly from at least one of the people involved, or rely on e-mail that we deem to be genuine.
  • We will make a clear distinction between what we report as fact, and any editorials or personal opinions.
  • We will moderate comments for personal insults, baseless accusations, speculation as to the identity of writers and commenters, and comments posted from the same IP address using multiple nicknames.

You are welcome to email us at whoisshmira (at) gmail (dot) com with information and updates!

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