WIS Definition: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.


Thinking Out Of The box


Refers to all past (beginning from 1974) and present board members of the CHJCC.

In Addition: All and any branches of the CHJCC, like the Shmira Mesira, Vaad Hakoul, CH Beth Din etc…

In Addition: The Mishichist Mossrim party lead by Mendle Hendel.

In Addition: All and any supporters of the CHJCC.

All the above (individuals and entities) are all under the same umbrella of corruption and fraud.

When WIS first started in 2008, the focus was the Shmira Mesira. The Shmira was created by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., more specifically Chanina Sperlin, in 1999 to fight the already existing Shomrim Volunteer Organization, to create a distraction for the Crown Heights community.

Notice how the CHJCC never missed an opportunity to bring up the “Shomrim Shmira Issue”, anytime they were in trouble, just to distract the people from the real issues, which was the millions being stolen from the Community Council.  Article dedicated “the Shomrim Shmira non-issue issue”,  coming up.

Notice how every time there is an election you have the same group of people  coming out in support of their “friends”. An example of this would be when there is an election for CHJCC, there is always this group of either past Vaad members and some others which come out to support  only a select few, the people which are in it with them, the people which are sharing ‘our’ money together. These past CHJCC board members and their friends will never endorse an outsider, they will never support a person who is not form their circle of thieves.

Every past CHJCC member still until this day have a foot in the CHJCC. I’ll go as far to say that they have two feet firmly embedded in the CHJCC. They come out in “times of danger”, like an election, to protect the pot of gold (the millions belonging to the needy of the community, which these Mossrim and thieve pocket for themselves).

There are a few exceptions to this, there are those who realized the corruption and fraud taking place and wanted to speak out. Being a threat to the thieves ripping off millions from government grants, those good innocent individuals (as WIS pointed out in previous post), became subject to propaganda, harassment and Messira. Many could not withstand the pressure and just rolled over and many have unfortunately past on as a result. A select few have stood firm and fought the good fight and defended themselves. Only now they will finally with the help of WIS and many friends, will see the fruits of their labor. (Follow up article on this Coming up).

We learn new things everyday. WIS does not regret starting off the way it did. Had WIS not started with the small people (the foot shoulders), WIS would have never come to this level of understanding as to what was and is really going on.

WIS realizes that dealing with the Shmira was a distraction, a distraction the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. created to keep us all busy with.

Let bygones be bygones. We discovered, exposed what it’s all about, now let’s stay focused, it’s time to take down the house!



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