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Why am I obnoxious?

July 30, 2010

“TIME Magazine, the putrid Michael Grunwald referred to me as the obnoxious and anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh.  Now, why am I obnoxious?  ‘Cause I’m right, simple as pie. I’m obnoxious because I’m right.  They just can’t stand it.  I’m obnoxious because I’m right. (interruption) Why are they acknowledging it?  That’s a good question.  They could have written a story without putting my name in there.  I guess they just wanted to call me obnoxious. It’s probably why they included me in the story.  It is a good question, though.  They could have written that story, “Guess what, the oil’s not there, baffling everybody.”  But no, they say the obnoxious Rush Limbaugh wasn’t fooled.  Now, this is a lesson.  I asked the question, “Why am I obnoxious?”  The answer:  Because I’m right.  You see how they try to intimidate people from speaking their minds.  See how the ruling class tries to intimidate you from being right.  If you’re right, you’re mean-spirited.  If you’re right, you’re obnoxious.  If you’re right, why, you’re anti-environment, you’re anti-everything if you’re right. “

(Rush Limbaugh)

Justice For The Mosser And Shmira Member Yitzchok Shuchat

July 28, 2010

After WIS posted this….

WIS received the following comment…

wtf 2010/07/26 at 3:52 am

That picture you have that your claiming is shuchat is zalman zargartzky from Ukraine so I don”t know what your smoking

WIS removed the post for no other reason but to see the reaction of doing so. The reaction was an e-mail from one Devoroh F. seemingly a big supporter of the Mosser Shuchat, a photograph of Shuchat was attached.

devoroh f.            2010/07/27 at 9:40 am

I HAVE HEARD ABOUT UR SITE and i been looking at it for q few days and i see that

devorah f. loves shmira member yitzchok shuchat

you put a picture a small picture of shuchat . why did you take of the picture ? IS IT BECAUSE ITS CONSIDERED REAL MESSIRA! WHY DID YOU WRITE A LETTER TO THE DA OFFICE PRETENDING THAT IT IS SOMONE ELSE WHICH ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME I WAS TOLD . This is not called messira ? I wish this guy shuchat would come back and kick ur ass so hard . I saw a picture of him online he is in special forces in the army . He will kick all of you scum bags asses together all you mosserim will go to hell

(L-R) Yitzchok Shuchat [Shmira Member fugitive from USA], Unknown and Zalman Zargartzky from Ukraine”]

Taking a second and third look at above photos, WIS can’t believe he made a mistake to think that all three are Yitzchok Shuchat, clearly there is a huge difference between each of the above three.

Exit Question: Adding to what Cholent wrote here.

We all know that the Mosser and serial spitter Paul Huebner spent countless amount of hours/money doing all he can to go after the Shomrim Six and put them IN jail. But when it comes to Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat, the Mosser, rat and serial spitter did absolutely nothing to help him stay OUT of jail?

As WIS writes this there is still a $144 million lawsuit pending, which Huebner will have to spend hundreds of hours on to build himself a case. There is also the fact that the defendants in the case (the Shomrim Six) have to pay their attorney to fight this fraudulent lawsuit, should not this money be better used to defend a Jew from possible going to jail?

Why Is Convited Racist Leib Skoblo Driving The COP Car Once Again?

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010: Leib Skoblo convicted racist driving cop nypd car for personal use. Parked on Albany Ave. next to Skoblos place of residents located at 645 Lefferts Ave.

Question: The COP and the Shmira have been dead for a while now. The COP vehicles have been parked in front of the 71st precinct for over a month collecting dust. Until today (July 27th, 2010), Leib Skoblo the convicted racist is seen driving the COP (Koppo) car once again. Why is the Mosser Skoblo driving a city owned, tax payer vehicle?

Answer: It’s the summer and Skoblo wife took their private vehicle upstate, leaving her husband with out a vehicle.

The Solution: Head over to the local precinct and pick up a NYPD/City owned vehicle which its purpose being to patrol the neighborhood and [yet instead] use it for personal needs.

Perhaps even drop by your home which is under construction for an inspection.

Maybe drop by your parents home for a visit at 362 Crown St.

Maybe stop by 1229 President by Ezagui to schmooze by your fellow COP/shmira members home for a few hours. No parking, No problem, just park it in front of a fire pump.

Stop by true value to pick up some construction material on the tax payers dime.

The COP vehicles (there are two of them) have been seen parked in front of COP/Shmira members residents for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Some WIS readers have reported seeing the COP vehicles with Shmira members operating them, getting a bite to eat in the  Flatbush area. Others have reported seeing how COP/Shmira members use the city owned vehicles to shuttle family and friends from one place to another. Note to WIS readers: If you see this taking place, please take a photograph and e-mail to:


Serial Spitter On The Loose

July 25, 2010

Paul Huebner Serial Spitter

Another Crown Heights resident was rushed to the emergency room for treatment after being spat at in the face by serial spitter Paul Huebner.

The incident occurred at or about 1:30pm Saturday afternoon as a Crown Heights resident, a father to young children was heading back home  from synagogue.

As the father was minding his own business and conversing with his children he asked them “do you want to know what a Mosser/rat looks like?”, when all of a sudden out of nowhere this man, he later learns is serial spitter Pual Huebner approaches him, coughs up a whole mouth of  mucus and saliva and like a pro took  aim straight for  his face.

Serial Spitter Paul Huebner a Danger to Society.

WIS has learned that this is not the first time the Mosser Paul Huebner YM”S has used this tactic.

Simchas Bais Hashava of this year the serial Spitter Paul Huenber actually blinded one victim in one eye.

Huebner has gained a spitting reputation, as one victim says “if he does not succeed in taking you down with a vicious Mesiras – blood libels and lawsuits, you better be prepared to drown in his venom.”

Another victim was quoted saying “It would be one thing if the very least it was Kosher saliva, but having a goys non-kosher spit on ones face is another thing.”

Some victims of the serial spitter  have described how getting spat on by Paul Huebner was far worse then  getting sprayed by a skunk.


A  tale is told in which a community leader found the identity of a thief by gathering the town and saying that he sees the thief’s hat burning, and then observing the real thief feeling his hat with his hands.

And thus we have the expression…

על ראש הגנב בוער הכובע –  The hat burns on the head of the thief.


Andrew Charles Beaten By Members Of Shmira Bringing Crown Heights To The Brink Of Another Race Riot.

July 25, 2010

[redlasso id=”fb23fa03-c062-4377-b4ca-0ba41c880f5b”]

Hello Mr. Hynes,

I am a resident in Crown Heights and its been a number of months since the incident where a hasidic crown heights civilian patrol went and assaulted a young adult named Andrew Charles. Among some of the things I’ve read in the paper was you comparing this group the violent gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, and you vowed to prosecute them for this incident.

I have been walking the streets of my neighborhood for the past few years and I’ve observed some of the things this “group” has done in terms of breaking the law and taking things into their own hands and dispersing their own version of vigilante justice.

After the Charles incident I thought it would finally come to an end, yet the moment the media let up it seems you and your office has done the same, just swept the entire incident under your rug.

Now I see this group not only out on the streets unabashedly, but I see police giving them recognition and support. If i may speak frankly, what the hell is going on here? Members of their own organization of international fugitives and here you are sitting with them and negotiating with them in terms of neighborhood security, when they alone are responsible for bringing Crown Heights to the brink of another race riot.

Where is your office holding with prosecuting them? Where are they holding with dismantling this group, offspring of the Bloods and the Crips?


A Carroll Gardenrs & Crown Heights Resident

This letter was sent to WIS, it appears that someone decided to email the DA and voice his concerns.

Trying to Kosher a Pig? Your Wasting Your Time!

July 23, 2010

Originally posted:  July 17, 2008

“Character matters; leadership descends from character.”

Why do Jews give the poor old pig such a hard time? Is pig more un-kosher than other animals?

The pig has copped it pretty badly in the collective Jewish psyche over the years. It has always been the personification of unkosherness. It is not uncommon to find Jews who say “I may not keep kosher, but at least I don’t eat pig!” Although a pig is no more unkosher than a cheeseburger or a lobster, the pig has something to it that is anathema to what Judaism stands for: IT IS A FRAUD.

There are two signs that identify a kosher species of animal. 1) It has split hooves, and 2) it chews its cud (i.e. it regurgitates its food and chews it over a second time.) The first sign is easy to spot – just look at the hooves. But the second is not so apparent. You have to study the animal’s digestive system to know if it chews its cud. A cow is an example of an animal that fulfills both requirements, and is thus kosher. A horse is not kosher because it fulfills neither. There is only one animal in existence that seems kosher because it has split hooves, but is really not kosher because it doesn’t chew its cud — the pig.

And that’s why we denigrate the pig. Every other non-kosher animal is up front about it. The horse says “I don’t have split hooves, so I’m just not kosher.” But the pig presents a kosher facade. “Look, I have split hooves, just like a kosher animal should!” But what lies hidden behind that kosher veneer is a non-kosher inside: it doesn’t chew its cud. For Judaism, nothing could be worse than making a holy facade when your inside is rotten.


Of all non-kosher animals, the pig is far and away the most reviled. Even among the Jews who unfortunately do not yet adhere to all the kosher laws, many avoid pork. In fact, of all the pungent insults and curses with which the Yiddish language is so blessed, one that stands out for malignancy of expression is to be called a chazer fissel (pig’s foot).

There are two identifiers of a kosher animal, cud chewing and split hooves. The pig, alone of all animals in G-d‘s barnyard, has split hooves while not being a ruminant. Have you ever seen a pig sleep? Splayed out in the mud with an idiotic grin plastered on its snout, it stretches out its trotters as if calling on all to witness its inherent kashrus. And you know what? Pious pretensions to the contrary, it still remains a pig.

We read of the impious actions of Isaac‘s eldest son, Esau. Some people are just plain wicked; they make no affectation of virtue, reveling in evil for its own sake. Esau, however, was a crafty conniver. He went to great pains to present himself to his father as truly righteous, only revealing his true character in his dealings with his younger brother, Jacob.

In many ways, dealing with and defeating evil incarnate is easier than challenging those who assume a patina of purity. A flagrant terrorist may cause more death and destruction in the short-term than one who exchanges battle fatigues for a veneer of respectability, but the moral clarity of being able to expose and denounce malevolence is obstructed. When the Esaus and Arafats (may his name and memory be blotted out) make a great play of declaring themselves for the side of angels while simultaneously sowing the same wanton wickedness and moral turpitude, only in a surreptitious manner, then even well-meaning people can be fooled and the price paid to eventually defeat them is far higher.

The present exile which Jews have been suffering for the last two millennia is referred to in Rabbinic lore as the Exile of Edom(Edom being a synonym for Esau). When presented with outright, undisguised evil, one knows what one must do: take a stand, commit to the battle and enter into the fray with the certain knowledge that decency will ultimately triumph. The reason why this current battle has been so prolonged is because our enemies have so deeply embedded themselves in their charade that identifying evil as such is its own challenge.

Terrorist organisations run their own “benevolent funds” and “charity” outlets. They have their tame spruikers in the BBC and profess to repudiate violence. It is only when men of conscience will be willing to look beyond this fake front and reveal the inherent corruption, vacuousness and viciousness that those who hate us really represent that the CHAZER fissels will be revealed as the pigs they really are, “the peace of the brave” will have been earned, and a true era of redemption will be allowed to dawn.



Ever See A Naked MOSLIM RAT?

July 22, 2010
A Naked Rat! A Moslem Rat! A Yanky Prager!

A Naked Rat! A Muslim Rat! A Yanky Prager!

Need something notarized?
Maybe a French drives license?
How about a birth certificate to go with it?
Fake vehicle title?

No problem! I will get you one from from Vermont!

Just give me a call! I am home all day! 858 Eastern Parkway!

Scared to come in person?

I do house calls, just give me a call 718-493-4535! or just e-mail me at:

I may be a little unavailable as I am currently wanted by the police, but I am the best in the business and I am your man!


Jewish Leader Of Crown Heights Patrol Group Has Criminal Record

July 21, 2010

Originally posted on WIS  June 8, 2009

Leib Skoblo

Leib Skoblo

A top Jewish leader of a new Crown Heights, Brooklyn, neighborhood patrol group created to improve racial harmony has a criminal record for beating a black girl 14 years ago, the Daily News has learned.

Leib Skoblo, 33, who appeared with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly at the group’s launch last week, spewed racial epithets and punched a black girl in 1995, court records show.


victim said he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a group designed to lower tensions between blacks and Jews.

“I think it is disgusting,” said Izena Goudy, 25, now a member of the Army National Guard. “It is the same thing if a pedophile applies for a job in a kindergarten.”

Goudy’s ordeal began as she walked her little sister to school at Public School 161 on Crown St. on March 30, 1995.

Leib Skoblo’s younger brother, who was 12 years old at the time, started taunting her with racial slurs, Goudy recalled.

Skoblo, then 19, and his mother, Ella, followed Goudy and chased her away from the school screaming threats.

Leib Skoblo finally caught up with the much younger girl on Nostrand Ave. nearby and took a swing at her.

Leib Skoblo driving NYPD/COP Car

“He hit me so hard it stunned me,” she said. “It left me a nice bruise.”

Skoblo and his mother were both arrested, according to court records. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child on Sept. 27, 1995, and was sentenced to three years of probation.

The nasty incident didn’t prevent Skoblo from being feted last week as one of the coordinators for the new integrated

Crown Heights patrol.

He and the group were outfitted with black jackets, ID cards and hybrid cars with NYPD emblems after 60 hours oftraining.

“The Police Department is reviewing the matter, including his application to participate,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne.

Leib Skoblo said he was too busy to talk yesterday, and his family later said he had left for a vacation in Israel.

His sister said cops should have known about Skoblo’s record.

“All I know is that he didn’t do anything wrong,” said the sister, who wouldn’t give her name.

Read more:

Video 1-  COP/Shmira -Leib Skoblo Skoblo

Video 2-COP/Shmira -Leib Skoblo Skoblo

…שֶׁלֹּא אֶחָד בִּלְבַד עָמַד עָלֵינוּ לְכַלּוֹתֵנוּ…וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא מַצִּילֵנוּ מִיָּדָם

July 20, 2010

Picture Of The Day:

“Journalist” Goes Rogue – Biases Exposed”.

July 16, 2010

Why six Jews really deserved to be prosecuted and sent to jail for 15-20 years….Another hater exposed

“King Yannai said to his wife: “Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious; for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri, and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

…”But democracy is the best system we have, and it was endorsed by the Rebbe,”…

…”we must give ourselves enough time to learn who the candidates are; to learn all we can about each of them; to listen to, consider, question, and debate all the various things different parties are inevitably going to say about them;”…

…Yes, it’s absurd, and yes, it would all be very amusing—if it weren’t the way we have actually been running our community. So let’s stop this. The real problem with this bad old way of doing things is that people have no idea whom to believe, and have absolutely no time to investigate what all those flyers and internet posts are talking about”…

Yitzchok Wagshul in his resent Op-ed about having more time to openly debate issues.

After Wagshul pretends to be fair, balanced, open minded,  happy to engage in open dialogue, because, unlike most of the baalei machlokes out there, he is a person of good will, not ill-will; a man of empathy, not hostility etc…. Mr. Wagshul reveals his true colors. All it took was a few comments challenging him, in an open democratic form.

Here we will finally discover the real reason why the Shomrim/Hershkop deserved prosecution in a court of law. If ever there was a reason to lock up six innocent Jews, its right here…

Mr. Wagshul for the first time admits that he was a hired gun, something he failed and even tried avoiding mentioning in the past.

41. Yitzchok Wagshul wrote:

To # 38 and all the rest of you apes:

You know what? I can’t believe this! I wrote earlier that I respect and appreciate the Shomrim, and, when I read that a person who, presumably, is in the practice of endangering himself to protect me had been offended because he erroneously believed my wording had been directed at the Shomrim Six trial, I took the time and trouble to publicly apologize and to explain that I hadn’t been referring to that at all. Now I read this latest comment, that nevertheless continues to rant that I, a man who (like everyone else) has his own problems—the need to work so my children can eat, for example, or, in my case, a debilitating illness r”l—should nevertheless have quit my job, checked out of the hospital (I’m being dramatic: Boruch Hashem, I was not in the hospital at the time, but I wish to make my point as clearly as possible) and, at my own expense, published a newspaper and mailed it to everyone on the Tzach list so people could read about YOUR trial. What are you, crazy? Go publish your own newspaper, at your own expense!

What part of “I stopped publishing the Crown Heights Chronicle in 2006” didn’t you understand? I am not an “off duty officer”; I am not an officer at all. I now work as a professional writer and editor, and that’s how I try to solve the problem of food, rent, and all those other little problems you don’t seem to consider. As I clearly disclosed in the paper that I did recently publish, I was hired to write about the recent elections by clients who also paid the printing and mailing expenses. YOU did not come to me, as they did, during the Shomrim Six trial and say, “We wish to hire you to write about what’s going on; we’ll pay for your time and cover the costs.” Therefore, I could not do it. It’s as simple as that.

But the real shame of all this is that I have now changed my mind. I no longer have so much respect for the Shomrim after all. If you people are so unreasonable, if you can’t think straight and are only able to howl and snap and spew hatred at others, then you can’t be swayed by dialogue. Only force will work with apes like you. That lends credence to the possibility that, indeed, you were in the wrong during the incident in question, and the only way to deal with you turned out to be with badges and guns and handcuffs. I am not saying that is now my opinion of that incident—I don’t know any more about the objective facts now than I did before you ticked me off. But at least I now understand why some people might think you cannot be reasoned with. It’s because—as a matter of fact—you cannot be reasoned with.

And it’s not just me. I don’t know what would motivate you fools to keep howling at me even after I clarified—not that my original op-ed was unclear, or even had anything to do with you to begin with—that I happened to respect the Shomrim. But you did, in front of however many people read this blog (which, as far as I know, is a lot). So you have shown not just me, but the whole rest of the world (assuming this Shomrim-oriented blog allows this latest comment to be posted), what type of people you are. The only thing that might help change that perception is if you come forward and apologize to me, as I came forward and apologized to you.

But this time, don’t be such cowards: have the decency (like Chaim Hershkop does) to sign your names.

–Yitzchok Wagshul

WIS will not bother ripping him apart as others in the comments have already taken the liberty to do so and a good good job they have done. So here they are…


Quote Of The Day:

July 15, 2010

Yeah.  I always am right — and, by the way, offensive?  When did that ever bother me?  The purpose here is not to be offensive or to not offend.  The way I look at it, you can’t go through life without offending people these days.  There are people who live to be offended.

(Rush Limbaugh)

The NOT Mesira, Mesira

July 14, 2010

True, there was a time that even if a gun was pointed at your head and you did the act of Mesira you were nevertheless called a Mosser. Today with no guns pointing at anybody head, we have Mesira happening and so-called "Eltereh Chasidim" Endorsing Mossrim.

True, there was a time that even if a gun was pointed at your head and you did the act of Mesira you were nevertheless called a Mosser. Today with no guns pointing at anybody head, we have Mesira happening and so-called "Eltereh Chasidim" Endorsing Mossrim.

Forwarded by a fan (Click to enlarge)

According to the above, the subpoenas are not a Mesira.  Although Rabbi Bogomilsky says they are and as of today we have not seen any permission from any Rov with the  go ahead of issuing these “not Mesira subpoenas”.

WIS will now take the liberty to address the Mosrim and Mesira justifiers directly.

Lets have it your way for a moment (just one post). The subpoenas are NOT Mesira. O.k. granted.

The Talmud in tractate Shabbos 31a relates the following well-known story of Hillel:

“On another occasion it happened that a certain heathen came before Shammai and said to him, “Make me a proselyte, on the condition that you teach me the whole Torah while I stand on one foot.” Thereupon he chased him away with the builder’s cubit that was in his hand. When he came before Hillel, (he also asked Hillel to teach him the entire Torah while standing on one foot) Hillel replied, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor: that is the whole Torah while the rest is commentary; go and learn it.”

Since this subpoena thing is no big deal to you, WIS is offering a fair proposition for you all… WIS is of-course extending the very same courtesy you are to your neighbors. So in the name of neighborly love….

Hand  over all your books and records to WIS. Send us [] all your and your families (wife and kids) information. Where you work; how much you make;  your expenses;  share with WIS any information of extra cash you might be making on the side; send WIS your tax returns; bank statements; credit card bills…

You know, WIS is just going to borrow a few lines from the ‘Not Mesira subpoena’ to give you a better understanding of what WIS would like you to share with the rest of us.


Collive Fueling Machlokes -Fighting

July 12, 2010

Can anybody explain what Collive is trying to do here? Can anybody explain the difference between Collive and, when it comes to fueling Machlokes and glorifying Mesira and the Mosrim that carry them out?

On another note: Will hate monger Michoel Chazan write another hateful letter against Rabbi Schwei for visiting Satmer?

Keep the fight alive!

In Mr. Chazans first letter he took the liberty to bash the Rabbonim for vindicating and koshering “people who tried to undermine the Rebbe, the Rabbonim and the community”. And here we have Rabbi Schwie “vindicating and Koshering” Satmer.  Let’s face it; most of the community just doesn’t get it. Nobody really cares about the history of Lubavitch and Satmer.

If we ever want to reach true Achdus (Peace), we must keep the inter-community and the outer-community fights alive.

Have some Ahavas Yisroel for a fellow Jew. If the fighting stops a desist, what will people like Michoel Chazan, Joseph Speilman, Mendle Hendel and the whole gang of trouble rousers do?
Yechi HaMachlokes!!!

Hey, Get Your Face Out Of My Fist!

July 11, 2010

"Get your face out of my fist!" the attitude of Bullies, Thugs, Mosrim, Meshichitim.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
While minding my own business and not braking the law in any way, nor violating anybodies civil rights, I was video taping Camp Chayolei Hamelech as they were departing.
When a man whom I never meet, nor he me, approached me and started to harass and attempt to intimidate me. Mr. Michoel Albekurk (I later learn), threatens to call the police on me and when confronted about this fact (that he will do an act of Mesira), he replies with pure hate.

What is this  intimidation, how do we expose it and stop it once and for all?

As WIS was thinking what to post about this issue of intimidation by Meshichist Mosrim, WIS kept going back to the following article WIS read many years ago. It is just as much relevant today as it was then.


By S.S. (1996)

The “Messianist” (or “Moshichists”) as they call themselves, are a fringe group of fanatics within Lubavitch. The Messianist ringleaders created this aberrant movement by using some of the same tactics employed by many of the well known tyrants of history. The same dynamics of group psychology that I studied in college are at play here. Fanaticism of all kinds, but especially religious fanaticisms, all share the same ugly face of intolerance, rigidity, irrationality, hatred and rage. The difference here is that this fanatic movement has as its central figure, our beloved Lubavitcher Rebbe (zt”l), who was a great giant of Torah righteousness and truth. Herein lies the real tragedy of this illegitimate movement within Lubavitch – that it misrepresents the Rebbe and threatens to destroy everything he built.

It all began when the unthinkable occurred. After a long and protracted illness the Rebbe finally went the way of all flesh, leaving us, his kinderlach, in a state of helplessness, shock and grief. For over forty years the world had watched this great Tzadik in amazement as he accomplished what seemed to be superhuman feats. His influence permeated both the entire Jewish and non-Jewish world. I personally lived within blocks of the Rebbe for over a decade and can say unequivocally that this was the most formative decade of my life. As a Baalas Teshuvah who had been educated to believe in secular moral relativism, it was only the Rebbe who could have brought me closer to Hashem and His Torah. The Rebbe made Moshiach a palpable reality. The Rebbe could make us all practically see, feel, smell, and taste Moshiach.This is why we all felt that if Moshiach were imminent, as the Rebbe promised us he was, then the Rebbe must have been the Moshiach himself. After all, we asked, who else could it be?

This is the background from which this false Messianic movement sprung.

The Messianic ringleaders wasted little time after the Rebbe’s demise and immediately went to work. They created a new ideology using distortions and misrepresentations of the Rebbe’s discourses and were able to convince a large portion of the masses that the Rebbe would still be revealed as the Moshiach even after his death. I vividly recall sitting in 770 and listening to the Messianic lectures. They told the people not to cry. They actually said it was a sin to cry since it showed lack of faith. I paid no heed to their words as I uncontrollably cried bitter tears from the depth of my broken heart. The tearless crowd gave me cold stares as their Messianic teachers told them that people like myself didn’t really believe. The dynamics of group psychology were being cleverly manipulated by the Messianic ringleaders who told their legions that they were actually spiritually superior to people like me. The Messianist ringleaders played upon the vulnerability of the masses’ emotions. They placated the crowd into a mindless stupor and told them they had nothing to be saddened about because the Rebbe was really here. They called in respected rabbis and teachers and quoted the Rebbe’s discourses repeatedly until a large portion of the masses became brainwashed. They told the people what they wanted to hear. And those who dared to disagree or argue with their logic were ostracized from the group. The message became clear – you believe like us or you are not part of the group and are thereby not worthy of our love and friendship. The weaker ones succumbed. They became intimidated psychologically and would choose not to speak out. No one wants to be ostracized. They even went so far as to tell the people that if one did not believe that the Rebbe was still Moshiach after his death, then one was a non-believer in the entire concept of Moshiach altogether and was going against the Rebbe.

This aberrant movement began to gain steam very quickly. The Messianic ringleaders made certain that every single class was dedicated to propagating their new Messianic ideology. The Baalei Teshuvah became their most vulnerable victims. As a Baalas Teshuvah I can assert that most of my peers are insufferably naive when it comes to their teachers. Baalei teshuvah come to Yiddishkeit with the openness of purity of children and most of us believe our teachers are holy, righteous and all-knowing. We basically believe everything they tell us and do not believe that we know enough Torah to argue against them. I am lucky since I was born with a healthy cynicism and an acute sense of reality. These characteristics, along with having had the right teachers, thank G-d, saved me from becoming part of the Messianic cult.

Fanaticism is like a progressive illness of the spirit that poisons one’s soul. The Messianic movement has grown in its intensity and its ferocity with time. I have watched formerly nice people whom I had known for years become mean, bitter and vicious before my eyes. I do not blame them but rather the heads of the false “leaders” of the Messianists who have a hidden agenda. These ringleaders use their legions to do their dirty work. This includes actual physical intimidation and harassment of the “non-believers” who express contrary opinions. The Messianists have created a one-sided war and they are the only ones who are fighting.

The hidden agenda of the Messianic ringleaders is one of gaining as much power as possible. They are not content with just having power over their followers, but they are also interested in gaining control over institutions and the structure of Lubavitch itself. They have attempted to encroach their power over every facet of the educational system in Crown Heights and in many cases have been successful. Some Yeshivot are more subject to their influence than others, but they have to some extent made their new ideology a part of the curriculum in all of them. This has proven to be a major problem for many of the children who are becoming confused and alienated from Yiddishkeit in greater numbers than ever before. This has also become a major factor in dividing the community as never before with bitter feuds between and even within families.

Furthermore, the Messianic ringleaders have attempted to replace the structure of Lubavitch, as was originally set up by the Rebbe, with a new structure while putting themselves at the helm. They have replicated the key institutions of Lubavitch and have remade them in their own image. All of this has been done in the name of the Rebbe and the bringing of Moshiach. These fake Chassidim would never have dared to even think of attempting such perfidy if the Rebbe were alive today!

All of this is being done by them while they demonize the very people the Rebbe appointed to head these institutions. They assert that these individuals, whom the Rebbe himself hand picked as the leaders of Lubavitch, are actually evil and corrupt. Therefore, they must be saying that they (the Messianist leaders) know better than the Rebbe did about who should run Lubavitch! Apparently, they believe the Rebbe did not really know what he was doing when he chose the people to head up these institutions since he didn’t pick the Messianic ringleaders! And herein lies the real root of the entire problems with these Messianic ringleaders. Herein lies the root of all their motivations- JEALOUSLY! Just look in the beginning of the Chumash. Why did Kayin kill Hevel? Because he was jealous that Hashem preferred Hevel’s sacrifice over Kayin’s. In the same vein, these fake Chassidim who have appointed themselves as the leaders of the Messianic movement are jealous that the Rebbe chose the members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, and NOT THEM to be the leaders of the Lubavitch Empire after his demise. The entire Messianic ideology is nothing more than a smokescreen for their true agenda of lust for power fueled by their own deep jealousy.

Unfortunately, they have divided us bitterly! They have irreparably tainted our reputation around the world! And they are tarnishing the legacy of the greatest Tzadik of our century! Yet, understanding all of this, I still believe. I still believe in the triumph of light over darkness. I still believe that the Rebbe will prevail. The Rebbe stated that his true Chassidim are his emissaries and they continue to spread his true message around the globe. Therefore, I still believe that we will live to see our Holy Moshiach speedily in our days!

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

Huebner and Poltorak Diamond Heist

July 7, 2010

“A review of the Huebner and Poltorak affirmation discloses that each has made penurious and deceitful statements in a transparent effort to defraud this Court and to seek remedies based on materially false and misleading allegations that are unlawful and subject to serious civil and criminal sanctions under the provisions of the very statutes that they cite in support of their frivolous and raise cross-motion.”


Index No. 26970/08



Ephraim Savitt, attorney for Plaintiffs Douglas Lapin and Isabelle Lapin, affirms under penalty of perjury, and to the best of his information and belief, as follows:

1.     I respectfully submit this affirmation in support of plaintiffs’ motion to award costs and attorney’s fees for sanctions against Levi Huebner and his attorney Elie C. Poltorak and for treble damages against Huebner and Poltorak under Judiciary Law §487 and to dismiss defendants’ cross-motion. A review of the Huebner and Poltorak affirmation discloses that each has made perjurious and deceitful statements in a transparent effort to defraud this Court and to seek remedies based on materially false and misleading allegations that are unlawful and subject to serious civil and criminal sanctions under the provisions of the very statutes that they cite in support of their frivolous and raise cross-motion.

Diamond-Thiefs Paul Huebner and Elie Polorak PC.

2.     I have practiced law for over 30 years. For 8 of those years I was a federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of New York. For over 20 years, I have been in private practice, primarily as a criminal defense attorney in federal cases. I also have experience in civil litigation and as counsel in criminal cases in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island. I am not given to exaggeration, hyperbole or histrionics. But I must confess, I have never seen such a confluence of perjury, misleading statements, shoddy advocacy and maliciously-inspired deceit as defendant Huebner and his counsel Elie C. Poltorak have managed to cram into their fraudulent and frivolous motion papers. A few examples of defendant’s and counsel’s materially false allegations will suffice, given the last-minute submission of their cross-motion in which defendant and his lawyer ask, among other things, relief “awarding plaintiffs” costs and attorneys fees treble damages and “such other and further relief” etc. Obviously, Mr. Poltorak was in a rush to submit his improper motion papers at the very last-minute before the October 13th Court date.

3.     It is equally obvious that Mr. Huebner is using this frivolous cross-motion as another dilatory tactic to avoid answering the ultimate question; what did he do with $600,000 worth of jewelry entrusted to him by plaintiffs Douglas and Isabelle Lapin? Huebner wants to duck this question in perpetuity.


Gangster Elie Poltorak On A Rampage

July 5, 2010


Gangster Elie Poltorak

Feel free to add captions to the picture using the comments bellow.
Whats he saying? Whats he thinking? What does this picture tell you? Let us know.

UPDATE: After the winers were announced, the gangster Elie Poltorak vows to “bury families who messed with him”

Does that mean WIS is on the hit list? Bring it on punk!

WIS opinion: As WIS wrote weeks ago before the first elections, no matter what the results it does not change anything in our lives.

The fact still is that Fishel Brownstein is a Mosser, his “win” is only a loss for Crown Heights, all this means is that the Machlokes and Mesira will continue.

Could this have been won by the Hecht supporters? Yes.
1. Not to much of a fight was fought (compared to the previous elections).

2. Had this been on a different date  (not in the summer, with many upstate) the results would have been different. After-all the difference in wining or losing was only 43 votes.

It is what it is and we must respect the results.

Now that all this is behind us. WIS will continue to follow and expose all Mesira, corruption and Elie the gangster Poltorak.

Rabbi Bogomilsky On The Run-Off

July 5, 2010

Paving the way for the lawsuit- From Fishel Brownsteins own words: "When I was first elected, the CHJCC was in shambles. The disastrous state of the Council’s finances and books had destroyed the confidence of governmental and private funding sources. Despite the well-known obstacles and distractions, I utilized my accounting and executive experience to bring order to the CHJCC’s finances and to restore the confidence of public officials and private funders." AND SO WAS BORN THE SUBPOENAS!


Rabbi Bogomilsky is a well-known and respected Rov in the Crown Heights community and to hundreds of Shiluchim around the world. The Rabbi is also part of Vaad Rabboni Lubavitch and is the author to many Sefrim/books.

In Lubavitch we say
“מדארף לעבען מיט דער צייט ” [we must live with the times], this week in Crown Heights we will have a runoff election. There are three candidates that we could vote for, Shea Hecht, Yossi Hackner and Fishel Brownstein. I’m recommending to vote for Hecht, and Hackner. Do not vote for Browstein,

I’ll explain:
In this week’s Torah portion, Parshas Pinchas, the Torah only mentions the one event that took place with Zimri, but not about the others from the tribe of Simeon who also sinned with Midianite women. The reason for this is, being that Zimri was the Chairman of the tribe, he becomes responsible for the entire tribe and all that they do.

The same applies to Crown Heights, from the four Va’ad members who entered into court Mesiros on people of our Shchuna and some Mosdos, it was Brownstein who was their Chairman. Brownstein is responsible for all that they did, and he is a Moser just like the others.

Let me quote some history: in tractate Sota (Daf 22b) there is a story with King Yannai and his queen Shelomis, as follows:

A little background; Yannai was a scion of the Chashmonaite dynasty and he served both as king and Kohen Godol in the latter part of the second temple period. However, Yannai became a Sadducee (Berachos 29a) and he massacred the Sages, and he was therefore hated by the Perushim [the term for those faithful to the Rabbis and meticulous in their Torah observance, fierce opponents of the Sadducees]. When he was close to his death, Queen Shelomis was worried that the Perushim will not allow her children to assume the throne because of their hatred to Yannai. So she asked Yannai to beseech the Perushim on her behalf in this matter [and to reconcile himself with them (Meiri)]. Yannai told her:

“Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, those who look like Perushim, but in reality are not pious; for their actions are like those of Zimri, and they seek the reward like Pinchas.”

Meaning: that Shelomis had nothing to fear from the true Perushim, because they were truly righteous and they will not retaliate against her or her children on account of Yannai’s actions. She had nothing to fear from the Sadducees because they were her friends, but he warned her that she did have to fear the colored ones, those whose
appearance is not reflective of their true essence. Their color is only external, but they are very different on the inside. In other words they are hypocrites.

Brownstein sent letters to the entire neighborhood declaring his accomplishments. He got money from so and so and he gave out scholarships for camps. Yet, he never showed us any reports of whom he gave money to, and which camps did he support, if there is no evidence, could it be that he is merely talking?
What we do know for certain is that Brownstein’s participated as a signatory in the disgraceful act of Mesira, an “act of Zimri,” and now he asks us to vote for him and to give him the reward of Pinchas. These are the type of people we should stay away from.

Rabbi Moshe Bogolmilsky (L) with Rabbi Rabbi Yaacov Schwei (R)Those are the people we should stay away.

I don’t want to G-d forbid compare Zimri to Brownstein. We all know that before Zimri did the disgraceful act with the Midianite woman, he went to ask Moshe, and only after he didn’t like Moshe’s answer, did Zimri say “who permitted Yetro’s daughter to you?”

But in our case, when I was served the subpoena last year, I got a phone call from Rabbi Schwei, he told me then: Reb Moshe, I never gave them permission to subpoena you! I can also assure you that from Rabbi Osdoba they also didn’t get permission to do this Mesira, in fact Rabbi Osdoba came out with a very strong letter calling them Mosrim. So which Rav did they ask that he gave them permission for Mesira???

It is written in the Novi (Amos 2-6.)

“Thus said Hashem: For three transgressions of Israel [I looked away], but for four I will not pardon them – for their selling a righteous man for money, and a poor man for shoes.”

My explanation goes as follows: We got rid of three transgressors three weeks ago, now we must not look the other way, and allow in the fourth transgressor (by voting for Brownstein).

I want to conclude, that if anyone thinks that Brownstein is as innocent as a lamb, and he doesn’t understand what a subpoena is, I must relate to you what I heard from a Rav in the city, that one of his Shul members who was a client of Brownstein’s, had a disagreement with Brownstein which led him to sue Brownstein in court. Mr. Brownstein went to this Rav of his client, and he begged him to convince the other guy to go to a Din-Torah instead of taking him to court.
Mr. Brownstein knows very well what going to court means, and he surely understands the ramifications of Mossering on someone to court. Don’t vote for Brownstein.

(Rewritten by members of the Shul- C.H. & S.B.)

Gmach, Local Business Owners Subpoenaed

A Matter Of Keeping Jews Out Of Prison

Poltoraks Ugly Head Pops Out- More Propaganda

July 4, 2010

WIS EXCLUSIVE:  Desperate people do desperate things.

The Mosrim/Meshichistim attack first, then they attack you again for defending yourself.

Once again WIS is the first to expose  the Mosrim evil agendas.

WIS is about to show you something that most of the Mosrim [themselves] have not even seen yet.

As a real  sign of desperation, the people that bought us the ‘NO DIRT POLICY’ are about to get very very dirty. These same people  made it a point to cry about how unfair it was that others were calling them names (like the Mosrim they really are), are about to break their very own rules and begin a very nasty smear campaign.

They are afraid, really afraid and they should be.
Make no mistake my friends and neighbors, this is all the gangster Elie Poloraks head. We voted the gangster Polorak out once, we must do it again.

A vote for Brownstein is a vote for Polorak and Co. Vote NO to MESIRA!!!

What your about to see…

Pre-Elections E-mails And Letters:

July 2, 2010

Please note: WIS does not endorse any one candidate. WIS mission statement  is ‘Vote No To Mesira!’.

E-mail One: Lets complete the job Vote Hecht & Hackner only


Vote this Tuesday, July 6th in
Vaad Hakohol runoff election
for Rabbi Shea Hecht and Yossi Hackner for Vaad Hakohol

Please publicize to your list.
Please get out the vote.

Come back from the country and don’t forget to vote and tell all your friends to vote.

Vote out all Mosrim! Lets start over clean!

Have a happy, healthy and safe summer.

A fellow neighbor and friend.


E-mail Two: Remember Remember, Don’t Forget!!!


Kol Kora agianst- Mosrim Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Zev Cadaner, Fishal Brownstein (3 Letters) Click Here

“all our decisions were made unanimous”

(Fishel Brownstein – June 6, 2010 at ‘Meet The Candidates’)

Translation: unanimous-
פה אחד
בדעה אחת
Of One mind

The Achdus Team:
A Mesira made unanimously with total Achdus.
The original Lawsuits/Mesiras: Subpoena-Gemach -Rabbi Bogomilsky

Subpoena against Rabboni Haschuna

Verified Complaint/Mesira against the Rabbonim

After being found NOT GUILTY- INNOCENT, as a result of a six week long trial of six of our fellow Jews.

When asked [by one of the Shomrim Six] after the ‘Meet The Candidates’,  how come he and his “Achdus team” stood silence when six of his fellow Jews stood trial, facing up to 15 years jail as a result of a vicious Mesira – Blood Libel?

Fishel Brownstein states: “But you guys did hit the Bochrim”

After a six week trial and over 3000 pages of testimony, Fishel Brownstein and his “Achdus team” show true Achdus for fellow Jews.

Come Tuesday, we must complete the job and get rid of all Mosrim.

Come from the country if  you have to. Remember we will be stuck with these Mosrim way after your summer vacation (3 years).

See you Tuesday g-d willing!

Good Shabbos!