Hey, Get Your Face Out Of My Fist!


"Get your face out of my fist!" the attitude of Bullies, Thugs, Mosrim, Meshichitim.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
While minding my own business and not braking the law in any way, nor violating anybodies civil rights, I was video taping Camp Chayolei Hamelech as they were departing.
When a man whom I never meet, nor he me, approached me and started to harass and attempt to intimidate me. Mr. Michoel Albekurk (I later learn), threatens to call the police on me and when confronted about this fact (that he will do an act of Mesira), he replies with pure hate.

What is this  intimidation, how do we expose it and stop it once and for all?

As WIS was thinking what to post about this issue of intimidation by Meshichist Mosrim, WIS kept going back to the following article WIS read many years ago. It is just as much relevant today as it was then.


By S.S. (1996)

The “Messianist” (or “Moshichists”) as they call themselves, are a fringe group of fanatics within Lubavitch. The Messianist ringleaders created this aberrant movement by using some of the same tactics employed by many of the well known tyrants of history. The same dynamics of group psychology that I studied in college are at play here. Fanaticism of all kinds, but especially religious fanaticisms, all share the same ugly face of intolerance, rigidity, irrationality, hatred and rage. The difference here is that this fanatic movement has as its central figure, our beloved Lubavitcher Rebbe (zt”l), who was a great giant of Torah righteousness and truth. Herein lies the real tragedy of this illegitimate movement within Lubavitch – that it misrepresents the Rebbe and threatens to destroy everything he built.

It all began when the unthinkable occurred. After a long and protracted illness the Rebbe finally went the way of all flesh, leaving us, his kinderlach, in a state of helplessness, shock and grief. For over forty years the world had watched this great Tzadik in amazement as he accomplished what seemed to be superhuman feats. His influence permeated both the entire Jewish and non-Jewish world. I personally lived within blocks of the Rebbe for over a decade and can say unequivocally that this was the most formative decade of my life. As a Baalas Teshuvah who had been educated to believe in secular moral relativism, it was only the Rebbe who could have brought me closer to Hashem and His Torah. The Rebbe made Moshiach a palpable reality. The Rebbe could make us all practically see, feel, smell, and taste Moshiach.This is why we all felt that if Moshiach were imminent, as the Rebbe promised us he was, then the Rebbe must have been the Moshiach himself. After all, we asked, who else could it be?

This is the background from which this false Messianic movement sprung.

The Messianic ringleaders wasted little time after the Rebbe’s demise and immediately went to work. They created a new ideology using distortions and misrepresentations of the Rebbe’s discourses and were able to convince a large portion of the masses that the Rebbe would still be revealed as the Moshiach even after his death. I vividly recall sitting in 770 and listening to the Messianic lectures. They told the people not to cry. They actually said it was a sin to cry since it showed lack of faith. I paid no heed to their words as I uncontrollably cried bitter tears from the depth of my broken heart. The tearless crowd gave me cold stares as their Messianic teachers told them that people like myself didn’t really believe. The dynamics of group psychology were being cleverly manipulated by the Messianic ringleaders who told their legions that they were actually spiritually superior to people like me. The Messianist ringleaders played upon the vulnerability of the masses’ emotions. They placated the crowd into a mindless stupor and told them they had nothing to be saddened about because the Rebbe was really here. They called in respected rabbis and teachers and quoted the Rebbe’s discourses repeatedly until a large portion of the masses became brainwashed. They told the people what they wanted to hear. And those who dared to disagree or argue with their logic were ostracized from the group. The message became clear – you believe like us or you are not part of the group and are thereby not worthy of our love and friendship. The weaker ones succumbed. They became intimidated psychologically and would choose not to speak out. No one wants to be ostracized. They even went so far as to tell the people that if one did not believe that the Rebbe was still Moshiach after his death, then one was a non-believer in the entire concept of Moshiach altogether and was going against the Rebbe.

This aberrant movement began to gain steam very quickly. The Messianic ringleaders made certain that every single class was dedicated to propagating their new Messianic ideology. The Baalei Teshuvah became their most vulnerable victims. As a Baalas Teshuvah I can assert that most of my peers are insufferably naive when it comes to their teachers. Baalei teshuvah come to Yiddishkeit with the openness of purity of children and most of us believe our teachers are holy, righteous and all-knowing. We basically believe everything they tell us and do not believe that we know enough Torah to argue against them. I am lucky since I was born with a healthy cynicism and an acute sense of reality. These characteristics, along with having had the right teachers, thank G-d, saved me from becoming part of the Messianic cult.

Fanaticism is like a progressive illness of the spirit that poisons one’s soul. The Messianic movement has grown in its intensity and its ferocity with time. I have watched formerly nice people whom I had known for years become mean, bitter and vicious before my eyes. I do not blame them but rather the heads of the false “leaders” of the Messianists who have a hidden agenda. These ringleaders use their legions to do their dirty work. This includes actual physical intimidation and harassment of the “non-believers” who express contrary opinions. The Messianists have created a one-sided war and they are the only ones who are fighting.

The hidden agenda of the Messianic ringleaders is one of gaining as much power as possible. They are not content with just having power over their followers, but they are also interested in gaining control over institutions and the structure of Lubavitch itself. They have attempted to encroach their power over every facet of the educational system in Crown Heights and in many cases have been successful. Some Yeshivot are more subject to their influence than others, but they have to some extent made their new ideology a part of the curriculum in all of them. This has proven to be a major problem for many of the children who are becoming confused and alienated from Yiddishkeit in greater numbers than ever before. This has also become a major factor in dividing the community as never before with bitter feuds between and even within families.

Furthermore, the Messianic ringleaders have attempted to replace the structure of Lubavitch, as was originally set up by the Rebbe, with a new structure while putting themselves at the helm. They have replicated the key institutions of Lubavitch and have remade them in their own image. All of this has been done in the name of the Rebbe and the bringing of Moshiach. These fake Chassidim would never have dared to even think of attempting such perfidy if the Rebbe were alive today!

All of this is being done by them while they demonize the very people the Rebbe appointed to head these institutions. They assert that these individuals, whom the Rebbe himself hand picked as the leaders of Lubavitch, are actually evil and corrupt. Therefore, they must be saying that they (the Messianist leaders) know better than the Rebbe did about who should run Lubavitch! Apparently, they believe the Rebbe did not really know what he was doing when he chose the people to head up these institutions since he didn’t pick the Messianic ringleaders! And herein lies the real root of the entire problems with these Messianic ringleaders. Herein lies the root of all their motivations- JEALOUSLY! Just look in the beginning of the Chumash. Why did Kayin kill Hevel? Because he was jealous that Hashem preferred Hevel’s sacrifice over Kayin’s. In the same vein, these fake Chassidim who have appointed themselves as the leaders of the Messianic movement are jealous that the Rebbe chose the members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, and NOT THEM to be the leaders of the Lubavitch Empire after his demise. The entire Messianic ideology is nothing more than a smokescreen for their true agenda of lust for power fueled by their own deep jealousy.

Unfortunately, they have divided us bitterly! They have irreparably tainted our reputation around the world! And they are tarnishing the legacy of the greatest Tzadik of our century! Yet, understanding all of this, I still believe. I still believe in the triumph of light over darkness. I still believe that the Rebbe will prevail. The Rebbe stated that his true Chassidim are his emissaries and they continue to spread his true message around the globe. Therefore, I still believe that we will live to see our Holy Moshiach speedily in our days!

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights


19 Responses to “Hey, Get Your Face Out Of My Fist!”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Hey, get your face out of my fist!

  2. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    Patently obvious from this tape that while Mr. Hershop stayed calm, respectful, and reasonable, he was met with insults, rechilis, innuendo, and threats from Mr. Albekurk who could not control his anger. Why would Mr. Albekurk over react like that? Fear! Mr. Albekurk feels threatened because he feels he or the camp he works for has someting to hide and is afraid of it being exposed.

  3. Albekurk Eating Pig Says:

    “Why would Mr. Albekurk over react like that? Fear! Mr. Albekurk feels threatened because he feels he or the camp he works for has something to hide and is afraid of it being exposed.”

    Eating Chazer In Chayolei Hamelach

    Parent: I have no choice but to send my child to Camp Chayolei Hamelech, it’s simply cheaper and I can’t afford any other camp.

    Parent: I have no choice but to buy only Non-Kosher (Traif) meat, it’s simply cheaper and I can’t afford Kosher meat.

    ארור משיג גבול רעהו ואמר כל-העם אמן

    “Accursed is one who moves back the boundary of his fellow”

    Yep, He and all the others that go to Spritzers camp feel the guilt. This guilt leads them to anger. They don’t care that spritzer is a Mosser and Ganev, all that bothers them is that the accuser is standing around and watching them and of course that upsets them. Well, to bad!

    Get off my property!

  4. Fail Says:

    Albekurk is a failure for T.H. All his programs are junk.

    They want to get rid of him but he won’t leave. He is holding them hostage with the office on Kingston between President and Carroll. T.H. wants to shut down that office and Alberkurk refuses.

    Alberkurk is a disgrace, get rid of him.
    Anybody who justifies Mesira and worse, takes part of mesira must be ran out of town.

    Moser go out!

  5. BABACOOK Says:

    The General Rule
    The general rule in the United States
    is that anyone may take photographs
    of whatever they want when they are
    in a public place or places where they
    have permission to take photographs.
    Absent a specific legal prohibition
    such as a statute or ordinance, you are
    legally entitled to take photographs.
    Examples of places that are traditionally
    considered public are streets,
    sidewalks, and public parks.
    Property owners may legally prohibit
    photography on their premises
    but have no right to prohibit others
    from photographing their property
    from other locations.


  6. BABACOOK Says:

    Your Legal Remedies If Harassed
    If someone has threatened, intimidated,
    or detained you because you were
    taking photographs, they may be
    liable for crimes such as kidnapping,
    coercion, and theft. In such cases, you
    should report them to the police.
    You may also have civil remedies
    against such persons and their
    employers. The torts for which you
    may be entitled to compensation
    include assault, conversion, false
    imprisonment, and violation of your
    constitutional rights.

  7. awacs Says:

    Wonder where Mr. A. got the idea that it’s forbidden to videotape ‘small children’ in a public place. Wherever he got it, it’s pure fantasy – there is no such prohibition. And, Hershkop – IMHO – shouldn’t have answered that “there are no small children on the tape” – so what if there were?

    I’m certain that Mr. Albukerk, in the course of his employment at Tzivos Hashem, does a lot of photography of small children, without worrying about the legal consequences. :-)

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Another question one can ask is…

      Why wasn’t anybody from Camp Chayolei Hamelech of Meshichist web site there to takes some photos of their camp leaving “with soooooo many campers”?

      Why didn’t we see some shots of those four “full” buses?

      It is obvious that Mr. Albukerk “problem” had little to do with anybody taking photos.
      It is known (Learn Maamer Hechultzu) first comes the hate, then comes the excuses for hate.

  8. ten Says:

    a couple of years ago on simchas torah Albekerk was beaten the hell out of by the shmira messira crew! the one who came to help him was a shomrim member who managed to stop the beating! ask albikerk he suffered a broken nose that simchas torah! Albekirk your an un-thankfull piece of …

  9. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    It amazes me that so many people forget these days that they could easily wind up on youtube for all the world to see their temper tantrums and other nasty behaviours. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what about a video? That must be worth a million words!

  10. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Don’t let these bullies get away with anything.

    1. Don’t get intimidated.
    Remember, a dog will only chase you if you run/show fear.

    2. Go on the offense.
    Don’t fall for their trap and be on defense by replying to their propaganda.
    Never reply to propaganda. Ask them to prove/backup what they are saying. If they can’t show the proof to you, it does not exist.

    Don’t fall for the “everybody knows” trick. I searched high and low for this guy “everybody” and I can’t find him, he does not exist. The only place “everybody” exist is in propaganda land.

    3. You make the rules of engagement.
    If you say something, don’t let them intimidate you in backing away from your statement. Especially if what you are saying is based on evidence and facts.
    If it turns to a shotting match, which it will if you are talking to a Meshichist or liberal, just walk away. Don’t fall for it and start yelling back.
    Make your case by presenting each issue according to your own beliefs and values, not theirs. Never, for example, let a sanctimonious liberal elitist lecture you about values or the meaning of tolerance. If you let them frame the debate, they win].

    Must importantly, video tape the whole thing. If it’s not recorded then it didn’t happen!
    If you do that, then it’s ok to just let the other guy do must of the talking. Throw in a little match once in a while, in a calm and collective manner. Let their true colors shine. Don’t forget to send it to one of your favorite web sites.

    More rules to come….

  11. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Ten Commandments of Liberal -Meshichist Debate Strategy:

    1. If we outnumber you 10 to 1, we are right. Democracy must prevail.

    2. If you outnumber us 10 to 1, we are right. The minority’s right to be heard must be respected.

    3. If we use figures to prove a case, we are right. Numbers don’t lie.

    4.If you use figures to prove a case, we are right and you are wrong. Only liars use statistics.

    5. On the rare occasion that we use logic to prove our case, it is because we are playing straight.

    6. Your insistence on using logic and facts is because you are brainwashed and forcing your propaganda down our throats.

    7. If we silence or censor you, it is because we are trying to facilitate the debate and make it comfortable for the open-minded liberal do-gooders; saying things that go against their worldview is harassment.

    8. If you censor us, it is fascist persecution.

    9. There is no absolute morality for us, but we have the right to criticize whatever you do.

    10. All of the above applies to us (liberals) but not to anyone with a differing opinion

  12. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    I haven’t read that article since I wrote it, and yes, it is still relevant today. Tragically, the situation is not improving very much, is it?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      WIS thinks that the situation is improving and will only get better.

      1. Articles like yours where once very uncommon. Many were afraid to say it as it is and call out the Meshichistim for the phonies they are.

      Unfortunately, many thought that in-order for there to be “peace” we must pander and except their existence. We let them do what they want all in the name of peace. Sometimes we tried to comfort ourselves or better yet excuse ourselves from taking action by saying things like…”we are better then them…we don’t fight.”

      Well, those days are over. Because of various web sites, including WIS the Meshichistim have been exposed. More and more people are saying it as it is without fear. We are standing up to them, not as individuals (like you had to do then – in 1996. Must say it was very brave of you and we thank you for that), but as a community.

      The Meshichist intimidation is not as effective as it once was. They sure try (with Mesira and all) but we are ready to answer, we are ready to fight back. We are fighting Chutzpa with Chutzpa, we have learned to use their own rules against them and I must say, we are doing a better job then they ever did.

      2. Information is power:
      The Meshichistim used to be the ones controlling the information. Before the Internet age, it was the Meshichistim that sent to our front doors all shorts of propaganda, almost on a weekly basis. Like I wrote above, at that time there was never any alternative to counter them. Today there is.
      You see today, every opportunity the Meshichistim Mosrim have to attack “the web-sites and blogs” they do. The we sites and blogs are a big threat to them.

      I must note, that every time they do complain about “the web-sites and blogs”, they give me Chizuk. They remind me why I do what I do and they give me confirmation that I’m doing a great job and must never stop.

      *3. With people speaking out. With all the web sites and blogs exposing the Meshichistim Mossrim for who they really are, the [dividing] line, which has always been there, just conveniently covered up by the Mosrim is now being uncovered.

      The situation is becoming more black and white; good Vs. Evil; light Vs. Darkness and Right Vs. Wrong.

      It is becoming more clear to us who is who and that is a good thing.

      Remember, after it it’s the worse it can ever get, then it can only get better from there on.

      Sometimes a divorce is the best thing that can happen for a couple or family. Divorce is something which the Torah talks about and teaches us how to go about it.

      When it comes to the Meshichistim we can all safely say that a divorce is the best thing for all of us. In fact we were never really a couple, the Meshichistim forced themselves on us and proclaimed themselves part of Chabad, which they never were in the first place. Not only is a divorce going to be a good thing, its a must!

      * Shomrim Six Mesira by Meshichistim Mossrim:
      The Shomrim Six Mesira was an attempt to shot down bother Shomrim and crownheights.info. Two birds with one stone.

      At this time the Meshichist Mosrim are attempting to dress in sheep cloth with their new web site collive (sister site to Chabad.info), but WIS and other are on to them and are watching very closely.

  13. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    You are correct that in 1996 when I wrote that article the oppressiveness of the Mesh. was far worse. Everyday people would see me and whisper that they agreed with me and then run away like scared rabbits. Can’t say I blamed them but, it frustrated me at the time to know that the majority was so intimidated into silence. Now is my chance to let everyone know that while the Mesh. tried extremely hard to destroy me, all their curses turned to bruchas! They went to war against me, using slander, mesira, all the dirty tricks and nothing hurt me at all. In fact, I became happier, my identity and my frumkite strengthened. The friends who betrayed me were replaced by much better friends. I got closer with my husband, and my family, and it all helped me to clarify my values and my sense of self.

    Thank G-d, life is good, we prospered, we grew as people in ways that would never had happened had I never become an ‘activist’ for the Rebbe. Baruch Hashem. The lesson I learned is that when a person stands up for a tzadik and for what is right they are given Divine protection.

  14. awacs Says:

    Maybe I’m being stupid or obtuse, but – why are they objecting to the filming? I mean the real objection, not the excuses they’re throwing about. Why do they care that Hershkop is filming? I think they would be proud – whether they are in the right, or in the wrong! – of what they are doing.

    Maybe I just don’t get it.

  15. Union Goon Hits, Shoves and Harasses GOP Supporter at Rally Says:

  16. Alberkurk Says:

    Why is someone taking photographs of children and in their beds?

    We have to absolutely Mosser on them!!!

    • john doe Says:

      Yankel Spritzer, Camp O-o-wner.

      The difference between Mr. Herskop taking potographs of buses in which alberkook assumed that children were being filmed and photographed is the simple law of consent, if the child consents to be potographed in bed, nude or otherwise then of course it’s %100 legal, for example say someone is found murdered in a home or in the back of a home thats not legal, but if he’s an illegal worker found murdered in my, I mean, a camp, then it’s legal, and the authorities won’t put to much effort into finding the murderers understand?

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