Gilad Bazel Arrested For Criminal Mischief

Recent photo of Gilas Bazel with The director of Eshel Menachem Mendel Hendel on the roof of 274 Kingston Ave.

Recent photo of Gilad Bazel with The director of Eshel, Menachem Mendel Hendel on the roof of 274 Kingston Ave.

[CHI] A Crown Heights man was arrested Erev Yom Tov for committing an act of vandalism that injured a number of people. Police have charged Gilad Bazel with criminal mischief for pouring oil on the sidewalk near the Basil restaurant.

Police sources indicated that this incident follows an ongoing dispute between Gilad Bazel, who manages the Eshel Hachnosas Orchim Hotel on Kingston Avenue, and the neighboring restaurant Basil.

On Tuesday, a number of people reportedly slipped on a large oil spill in front of the restaurant, falling down and getting injured. Complaints were file with the 77th precinct and detectives who investigated the incident found surveillance video, and determined that it was Bazel who spilled the oil.

Wednesday, after Bazel was arrested, Basil chef José Edgardo Soto was seen sitting on an Eastern Parkway bench with Mendy Hendel, owner of Eshel [Chabad Lubavitch Hospitality Center’ – Eshel Hachnosas Orchim], and having a conversation. The photo was sent in by a reader with an attached note “Hendel convincing the Basil chef to drop the charges.” could not independently verify this statement.

Police sources told that Bazel will be given a Desk Appearance Ticket and will be released in time for Yom Tov.

Mendy Hendel (right) sitting with José Edgardo Soto (center) and another unidentified man on Wednesday afternoon.

Mendy Hendel (right) sitting with José Edgardo Soto (center) and another unidentified man on Wednesday afternoon.

Gilad Bazel is an associate/henchman of Mendel Hendel who manages all of Hendels “activities”.

4 Responses to “Gilad Bazel Arrested For Criminal Mischief”

  1. sam Says:

    what a bastard ! gilad bazel is friend with menachem mendel hendel ! enough said !

  2. COL Says:

    Man Arrested for Oil Spill

    By COLlive reporter

    A Lubavitcher man has been arrested Wednesday afternoon, after an act of vandalism caused injury to two local residents.

    On Tuesday morning, two customers of Basil Restaurant slipped and fell on a large amount of oil which had been spilled near the restaurant on Kingston Avenue and Lincoln Place. One received a head injury due to the fall and was transported to the hospital.

    The police, who were called to the scene, demanded to see the restaurant manager, who was in complete surprise as to how the oil, which had been placed near the restaurant for disposal, had been spilled.

    After requesting the surveillance footage from the Eshel Hachnosas Orchim building next door, and receiving no response, police finally obtained video footage taken by a neighbor.

    The footage revealed that the perpetrator of the act of vandalism was the manager of Eshel Hachnosas Orchim building and an accomplice. The two are seen holding a large pot, which they then overturn, spilling the oil on the ground.

    “He had been in a dispute with our busboy, but I never imagined he would do such a thing,” one of the restaurant’s owners told COLlive.

    The manager, who is a married resident of Crown Heights, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for the act of vandalism.

  3. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Someone did something straight out wrong or evil, wake up the sympathizers, excuses and justifiers.

    Comments from collive:

    may we hear onlly good news
    oy! whats going on, was it a fast arrest for a night, or is it worse? wtvr the issue is we deff cant handle havjng a fellow lubav in trouble

    I feel so bad for the man Arrested
    I hope he gets back to his family soon

    Comments from CHI:

    9. Don’t judge wrote:

    God you guys don’t even know the full story and you’re bashing him.
    Basil always put their trash in Eshel’s alleyway.
    It was Basil’s oil!!!! They put the oil in Eshel’s Alleyway!
    After time and time again Eshel finally just spilled the oil in front of their store. This is totally not Eshel’s problem if Basil would have taen care of their trash like they’re suppose to non of this would have happened.

    Good Response:

    This person was not arrested for driving with an expired license, which could happen to anybody by accident.

    This person was arrested for knowingly doing a criminal act. He acted like a thug and should own up to his action.
    People were hurt because of his irresponsible and illegal action.

    This world is not a free for all.

  4. GM-Basil Restaurant Says:

    This is Clara the Manager at Basil.

    Mendel Hendel’s Hotel and Basil share the ALLEYWAY.

    Gilad his manager decided that the USED OIL that we contain in a drum on OUR SIDE of the alleyway was “in the way” of the many guests. I placed the Drum and our garbage container closer to OUR side of the Building. Gilad believes that OIL and GARBAGE should be placed IN FRONT OF THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!Unfortunately this is not the case. The Sanitation and EPA and DEP do not permit OIL or GARBAGE to be dispose of by throwing it out!!!That is ILLEGAL DUMPING of Hazardous Material. Basil gets OIL picked up weekly and Garbage every night. I wont comment on how the Hotel Disposes of there OIL and Garbage.Nonetheless Gilad spilled oil on the Succah of Basil and on the City Street,cause patrons of Basil serious injury,This is not the WAY the REBBI would want anyone to settle disputes!!The Police saw the video and arrested him. He is not a HERO or He is Breaking The Law and causing serious injuries to INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!

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