Will We Have Another Infiltration By Mishichist Mossrim?


5770 Meshichistim attack the parade in Jihad to say Yechi

The Great Terror Attack By Menachem Mendel Hendel The Leader Of the Mesianic Cult

Wa Wa Wa…Mishichist Mossrim Crying Foul


המשיחיסטים מאיימים בדם רב שישפך אם לא יכריזו ‘יחי אדוננו’ בל”ג בעומר בתהלוכה המרכזית בקראון הייטס

על מה המאבק בקראון הייטס ומה עשו המשיחיסטים בל”ג בעומר בשנים קודמות

האלימות מחוץ לתחום – הרבי מליובאוויטש: מי שמרים ידיים שיסע לבני ברק


11 Responses to “Will We Have Another Infiltration By Mishichist Mossrim?”

  1. That depends Says:

    ..If the gutless hechts didn’t just give in to them to begin with, which would be quite surprising.

    • Antimesira Says:

      It’s about time people learn that theres no negotiating with terrorist.

      Besides, who the hell do the Mishichistim think they are that they can make demands. Mishichistim are a disgrace and have nothing to do with Chabad Lubavitch, we don’t have to give them the time of day.

      Whose representing the Mishichist party when it comes to these issues, is it Mendy Hendel, who made him a representative of Chabad Lubavitch?

  2. Americanizim Says:

    As an American citizen who really truly and strongly believes in American values and exceptionalism demand that the parade organizers allow me to sing the American national anthem at the parade.

    1) if they don’t allow me they are ANTI America, Anti-peace, racist and bigoted.

    2) the national anthem is something that was done for hundreds of years before every major event. NEVER IN HISTORY has it not been song before a major event.

    3) not allowing me to sing the national anthem proves that someone has an agenda.

    Every group, organization, movement, sect and yes individual should have the right to get up on stage and say what they want. This rule should be implemented in every parade, concert, public gathering, meeting and rally.


  3. Whadya Know... Says:

    They signed a letter together.

    I would imagine that means the Hechts will let the whackjobs do whatever they want, because as is well known, the best way to deal with terrorists is to just give them whatever they please – being that they usually go away after you meet their demands.

  4. Confusing Letter: Parade Vaad Answers Controversial Issues Says:

    והאמת והשלום אהבו

    In response to receiving numerous e-mails and phone calls in regards to the upcoming Lag B’omer Parade, The organizers of the Lag B’omer Parade would like to clarify our posiion to avoid any misunderstandings.

    Let it be known, many months before the parade, a Va’ad was established to ensure that the parade will be held in the spirit of unity. This Va’ad met regularly to discuss all Parade issues, and many unanimous decisions were reached. This Va’ad is sill strong and acive and we have worked out all issues unanimously.

    As our Rebbe has entrusted us with organizing and conducing the Lag B’omer Parade, and our only goal is to give our Rebbe Nachas Ruach, We ask that we be allowed to conduct the parade in the manner we see fit, and only this will ensure that all of the Rebbe’s Chassidim will spend Lag B’omer in the spirit of achdus.

    Our Rebbe has taught us that אבינו ברכנו can only be when כאחד כולנו, we all know that there is NOTHING so dear to our Rebbe as Peace between his own children.

    with the spirit of Rabbi ,לא מצא הקב“ה כלי מחזיק ברכה לישראל אלא השלום ,Chazal say Akiva and the Ahavas Yisroel of Lag B’omer, may we merit to celebrate this year’s Lag B’omer Parade in Yerusholaim with Moshiach Tzidkeinu B’roshainu.

    Sholom Ber Baumgarten Zev Cadaner Shimon Hecht
    Sholem Ber Hecht Laibel Moscowitz Shmaryohu Weinbaum

    Va’ad Members – Lag B’omer Parade Committee

  5. lol Says:

    l dont go to the parade

  6. INSIDEMAN Says:





  7. They Should Says:

    In a way I’m hoping they do make a mess as they did last year.

    Before being pulled off of YouTube the above video was viewed 25,000 times around the world. The world got to see who the mishichistim are and who the leader is, this tactic of theirs fired back.

    So let them do it again, let them loss more support, let them show the world their true colors once again.

  8. NOT ONLY ONE Says:

    …For NOT ONLY ONE has risen up against us to annihilate us, but in every generation THEY rise up against us to annihilate us,

    Mishichistim: A Movement of Mosrim

    At a recent trip to Israel I had the opportunity to meet up with my extended family at a family Simcha (Uncles, Ants, Cousins and second cousins). We had all come to spend a Shabbos together to celebrate my niece’s Bat-Mitzva.

    It turns out I have a cousin who was “learning” in Tzfat “Yeshiva” (a.k.a the Mishichist Yeshiva). This year was his second year at this institution.

    He was aware that I was one of the Shomrim Six and related the following to me.

    He said that while we sat on trial, the Mishichist Bochrim were all excited, he said that for six weeks (the course of the trial), the Yeshiva was alive. Everyday the Bochrim would get an update at to the proceedings of that day in court. The discussions in the study hall, dining room and dorm rooms were all about the trial.

    For six weeks everyday “his friends” would tell him with a smile from ear to ear, “your cousins are going to jail”, “your cousins are screwed” etc…

    I asked my cousin if this was just a few guys of the Yeshiva at large and to this the reply was the Yeshiva at large.

    I then asked how was the reaction after the not guilty verdict?

    “They were all down and depressed, they couldn’t look me in the eyes, this was a big hit for them” my cousin said.

    I have a brother in-law who is in Tzfat as well. I wanted to confirm that the above was indeed true and so Motzi Shabbos when I returned to my in-laws I asked my brother in-law about how it was when we sat on trial, he said the same exact thing as my cousin, only they told him that “his brother in-law is going to jail”, his brother in-law was screwed”.

    The Shomrim Six Mesira was not a Mesira of a few Mishichistim, the whole Mishichist movement was involved, and they were all excited, praying that the Shomrim Six be found guilty and imprisoned for 15 plus years.

    When we came aware that we are actually going to go to trial, we did everything we possibly can to stop it.

    We reached out to every Mishichist leader and supporter for help (Mendel Hendel in Crown Heights and Wilishansky in Tzfat to name a few), to no avail, they all straight out refused to help.

    One Mishichist (who happens to be an official Shilach) was offered a new Safer Torah for his Chabad house if he would help. Not only did he refuse, he went ahead justified and excused the Mesira.

  9. Op-Ed: “The View of Some Was Imposed On Others” Says:

    In an open letter Rabbi Pesach Schmerling, a Shliach in Far Rockaway, writes how despite declarations that the Lag B’omer Parade was to be held with unity, he along with a group of others felt the contrary.

    I read with interest the letter by the Lag B’omer Parade Committee, in which they state that the parade will be held in the spirit of unity, and that they should be allowed to conduct the parade in the manner they see fit, as only this would ensure that all of the Rebbe’s Chassidim will spend Lag B’omer in the spirit of achdus.

    I, as one of the Rebbe’s Chassidim, together with a group of about fifty men, women and children affiliated with our Chabad House, did not feel that spirit of unity at all. Unfortunately, the view of some was imposed on others (through means of terror and blackmailing as became known now).

    It isn’t a secret anymore that there are two groups in Lubavitch (in general, each of these is subdivided into various sub groups), those who say “yechi” and those who don’t.

    To claim that for the sake of unity and achdus the view of some should be imposed on everyone is an insult to our intelligence. Everyone knows that “bimkom sofek shev v’al taasse odif”, when in doubt keep the status quo. Everyone who feels the need to say Yechi after the 12 Pesukim could have done that in their seats. To impose that on all by announcing it (three times!) on the microphone is an act of arrogance, the very opposite of Achdus, and not befitting the day of Lag B’omer at all. It is an example of “lo nohagu kavod zeh bazeh”!

    That this Chilul Hashem was done by official Mosdos (Merkos, NCFJE, Tzivos Hashem) only adds insult to injury. I wonder how they will write their Du”ch to the Rebbe after such a disgrace to the name of Lubavitch.

    May we be zoche to have true Achdus in Lubavitch, and then we will truly be zoche to “borchenu ovinu” and to the Geulah NOW!

    Rabbi Pesach Schmerling
    Chabad of Far Rockaway


    The “Messianist” (or “Moshichists”) as they call themselves, are a fringe group of fanatics within Lubavitch. The Messianist ringleaders created this aberrant movement by using some of the same tactics employed by many of the well known tyrants of history. The same dynamics of group psychology that I studied in college are at play here. Fanaticism of all kinds, but especially religious fanaticisms, all share the same ugly face of intolerance, rigidity, irrationality, hatred and rage. The difference here is that this fanatic movement has as its central figure, our beloved Lubavitcher Rebbe (zt”l), who was a great giant of Torah righteousness and truth. Herein lies the real tragedy of this illegitimate movement within Lubavitch – that it misrepresents the Rebbe and threatens to destroy everything he built.

    It all began when the unthinkable occurred. After a long and protracted illness the Rebbe finally went the way of all flesh, leaving us, his kinderlach, in a state of helplessness, shock and grief. For over forty years the world had watched this great Tzadik in amazement as he accomplished what seemed to be superhuman feats. His influence permeated both the entire Jewish and non-Jewish world. I personally lived within blocks of the Rebbe for over a decade and can say unequivocally that this was the most formative decade of my life. As a Baalas Teshuvah who had been educated to believe in secular moral relativism, it was only the Rebbe who could have brought me closer to Hashem and His Torah. The Rebbe made Moshiach a palpable reality. The Rebbe could make us all practically see, feel, smell, and taste Moshiach.This is why we all felt that if Moshiach were imminent, as the Rebbe promised us he was, then the Rebbe must have been the Moshiach himself. After all, we asked, who else could it be?

    This is the background from which this false Messianic movement sprung.

    The Messianic ringleaders wasted little time after the Rebbe’s demise and immediately went to work. They created a new ideology using distortions and misrepresentations of the Rebbe’s discourses and were able to convince a large portion of the masses that the Rebbe would still be revealed as the Moshiach even after his death. I vividly recall sitting in 770 and listening to the Messianic lectures. They told the people not to cry. They actually said it was a sin to cry since it showed lack of faith. I paid no heed to their words as I uncontrollably cried bitter tears from the depth of my broken heart. The tearless crowd gave me cold stares as their Messianic teachers told them that people like myself didn’t really believe. The dynamics of group psychology were being cleverly manipulated by the Messianic ringleaders who told their legions that they were actually spiritually superior to people like me. The Messianist ringleaders played upon the vulnerability of the masses’ emotions. They placated the crowd into a mindless stupor and told them they had nothing to be saddened about because the Rebbe was really here. They called in respected rabbis and teachers and quoted the Rebbe’s discourses repeatedly until a large portion of the masses became brainwashed. They told the people what they wanted to hear. And those who dared to disagree or argue with their logic were ostracized from the group. The message became clear – you believe like us or you are not part of the group and are thereby not worthy of our love and friendship. The weaker ones succumbed. They became intimidated psychologically and would choose not to speak out. No one wants to be ostracized. They even went so far as to tell the people that if one did not believe that the Rebbe was still Moshiach after his death, then one was a non-believer in the entire concept of Moshiach altogether and was going against the Rebbe.

    This aberrant movement began to gain steam very quickly. The Messianic ringleaders made certain that every single class was dedicated to propagating their new Messianic ideology. The Baalei Teshuvah became their most vulnerable victims. As a Baalas Teshuvah I can assert that most of my peers are insufferably naive when it comes to their teachers. Baalei teshuvah come to Yiddishkeit with the openness of purity of children and most of us believe our teachers are holy, righteous and all-knowing. We basically believe everything they tell us and do not believe that we know enough Torah to argue against them. I am lucky since I was born with a healthy cynicism and an acute sense of reality. These characteristics, along with having had the right teachers, thank G-d, saved me from becoming part of the Messianic cult.

    Fanaticism is like a progressive illness of the spirit that poisons one’s soul. The Messianic movement has grown in its intensity and its ferocity with time. I have watched formerly nice people whom I had known for years become mean, bitter and vicious before my eyes. I do not blame them but rather the heads of the false “leaders” of the Messianists who have a hidden agenda. These ringleaders use their legions to do their dirty work. This includes actual physical intimidation and harassment of the “non-believers” who express contrary opinions. The Messianists have created a one-sided war and they are the only ones who are fighting.

    The hidden agenda of the Messianic ringleaders is one of gaining as much power as possible. They are not content with just having power over their followers, but they are also interested in gaining control over institutions and the structure of Lubavitch itself. They have attempted to encroach their power over every facet of the educational system in Crown Heights and in many cases have been successful. Some Yeshivot are more subject to their influence than others, but they have to some extent made their new ideology a part of the curriculum in all of them. This has proven to be a major problem for many of the children who are becoming confused and alienated from Yiddishkeit in greater numbers than ever before. This has also become a major factor in dividing the community as never before with bitter feuds between and even within families.

    Furthermore, the Messianic ringleaders have attempted to replace the structure of Lubavitch, as was originally set up by the Rebbe, with a new structure while putting themselves at the helm. They have replicated the key institutions of Lubavitch and have remade them in their own image. All of this has been done in the name of the Rebbe and the bringing of Moshiach. These fake Chassidim would never have dared to even think of attempting such perfidy if the Rebbe were alive today!

    All of this is being done by them while they demonize the very people the Rebbe appointed to head these institutions. They assert that these individuals, whom the Rebbe himself hand picked as the leaders of Lubavitch, are actually evil and corrupt. Therefore, they must be saying that they (the Messianist leaders) know better than the Rebbe did about who should run Lubavitch! Apparently, they believe the Rebbe did not really know what he was doing when he chose the people to head up these institutions since he didn’t pick the Messianic ringleaders! And herein lies the real root of the entire problems with these Messianic ringleaders. Herein lies the root of all their motivations- JEALOUSLY! Just look in the beginning of the Chumash. Why did Kayin kill Hevel? Because he was jealous that Hashem preferred Hevel’s sacrifice over Kayin’s. In the same vein, these fake Chassidim who have appointed themselves as the leaders of the Messianic movement are jealous that the Rebbe chose the members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, and NOT THEM to be the leaders of the Lubavitch Empire after his demise. The entire Messianic ideology is nothing more than a smokescreen for their true agenda of lust for power fueled by their own deep jealousy.

    Unfortunately, they have divided us bitterly! They have irreparably tainted our reputation around the world! And they are tarnishing the legacy of the greatest Tzadik of our century! Yet, understanding all of this, I still believe. I still believe in the triumph of light over darkness. I still believe that the Rebbe will prevail. The Rebbe stated that his true Chassidim are his emissaries and they continue to spread his true message around the globe. Therefore, I still believe that we will live to see our Holy Moshiach speedily in our days!

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