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NYer accused of 150 fake 911 calls about neighbors

December 6, 2011

New York (AP) – A family in New York City is expressing relief after the arrest of a neighbor accused of making more than 150 fake 911 calls using their address.


“Journalist” Goes Rogue – Biases Exposed”.

July 16, 2010

Why six Jews really deserved to be prosecuted and sent to jail for 15-20 years….Another hater exposed

“King Yannai said to his wife: “Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious; for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri, and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

…”But democracy is the best system we have, and it was endorsed by the Rebbe,”…

…”we must give ourselves enough time to learn who the candidates are; to learn all we can about each of them; to listen to, consider, question, and debate all the various things different parties are inevitably going to say about them;”…

…Yes, it’s absurd, and yes, it would all be very amusing—if it weren’t the way we have actually been running our community. So let’s stop this. The real problem with this bad old way of doing things is that people have no idea whom to believe, and have absolutely no time to investigate what all those flyers and internet posts are talking about”…

Yitzchok Wagshul in his resent Op-ed about having more time to openly debate issues.

After Wagshul pretends to be fair, balanced, open minded,  happy to engage in open dialogue, because, unlike most of the baalei machlokes out there, he is a person of good will, not ill-will; a man of empathy, not hostility etc…. Mr. Wagshul reveals his true colors. All it took was a few comments challenging him, in an open democratic form.

Here we will finally discover the real reason why the Shomrim/Hershkop deserved prosecution in a court of law. If ever there was a reason to lock up six innocent Jews, its right here…

Mr. Wagshul for the first time admits that he was a hired gun, something he failed and even tried avoiding mentioning in the past.

41. Yitzchok Wagshul wrote:

To # 38 and all the rest of you apes:

You know what? I can’t believe this! I wrote earlier that I respect and appreciate the Shomrim, and, when I read that a person who, presumably, is in the practice of endangering himself to protect me had been offended because he erroneously believed my wording had been directed at the Shomrim Six trial, I took the time and trouble to publicly apologize and to explain that I hadn’t been referring to that at all. Now I read this latest comment, that nevertheless continues to rant that I, a man who (like everyone else) has his own problems—the need to work so my children can eat, for example, or, in my case, a debilitating illness r”l—should nevertheless have quit my job, checked out of the hospital (I’m being dramatic: Boruch Hashem, I was not in the hospital at the time, but I wish to make my point as clearly as possible) and, at my own expense, published a newspaper and mailed it to everyone on the Tzach list so people could read about YOUR trial. What are you, crazy? Go publish your own newspaper, at your own expense!

What part of “I stopped publishing the Crown Heights Chronicle in 2006” didn’t you understand? I am not an “off duty officer”; I am not an officer at all. I now work as a professional writer and editor, and that’s how I try to solve the problem of food, rent, and all those other little problems you don’t seem to consider. As I clearly disclosed in the paper that I did recently publish, I was hired to write about the recent elections by clients who also paid the printing and mailing expenses. YOU did not come to me, as they did, during the Shomrim Six trial and say, “We wish to hire you to write about what’s going on; we’ll pay for your time and cover the costs.” Therefore, I could not do it. It’s as simple as that.

But the real shame of all this is that I have now changed my mind. I no longer have so much respect for the Shomrim after all. If you people are so unreasonable, if you can’t think straight and are only able to howl and snap and spew hatred at others, then you can’t be swayed by dialogue. Only force will work with apes like you. That lends credence to the possibility that, indeed, you were in the wrong during the incident in question, and the only way to deal with you turned out to be with badges and guns and handcuffs. I am not saying that is now my opinion of that incident—I don’t know any more about the objective facts now than I did before you ticked me off. But at least I now understand why some people might think you cannot be reasoned with. It’s because—as a matter of fact—you cannot be reasoned with.

And it’s not just me. I don’t know what would motivate you fools to keep howling at me even after I clarified—not that my original op-ed was unclear, or even had anything to do with you to begin with—that I happened to respect the Shomrim. But you did, in front of however many people read this blog (which, as far as I know, is a lot). So you have shown not just me, but the whole rest of the world (assuming this Shomrim-oriented blog allows this latest comment to be posted), what type of people you are. The only thing that might help change that perception is if you come forward and apologize to me, as I came forward and apologized to you.

But this time, don’t be such cowards: have the decency (like Chaim Hershkop does) to sign your names.

–Yitzchok Wagshul

WIS will not bother ripping him apart as others in the comments have already taken the liberty to do so and a good good job they have done. So here they are…


A Matter Of Keeping Jews Out Of Prison

June 22, 2010

This is taking place right in our front yard.

This past week I purchased a newspaper. Not just any newspaper, I purchased the “Yated Ne’eman”. This newspaper is about 140 pages with additional 30 pages inset. The newspaper is written by heavy “Misnaged”, a Misnaged who is not too fond of Lubavitch.

Reading the newspaper from side to side, I have not seen one mention of Gimmel Tammuz nor the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet, there were five pages dedicated to a Lubavitcher named Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, plus a full page advertisement for an event dedicated to him, to be held in Monsey. Where the keynote speaker was the Satmer Dayanin Monroe.

After seeing the article and advertisement, a question arose in my mind. Why would a newspaper who gives Lubavitch no recognition and makes no mention of Gimmel Tammuz give so much attention to a Lubavither who is standing trial and can C”V sit many years in prison? I quickly came to the conclusion the reason is simply, he is a Jew who might end up going to prison and it bothers them. It bothers them to the extent that the event in Monsey had 3000 attendees (consisting of Litvaks, Satmar and many other Chassidic groups).

These candidates engaged in having others arrested, subpoenaed Gemachim, and institutions. These actions can result in numerous Jews going to prison. Did they stop for one minute to think of the harm they can cause the people that benefit from the Gemach in many ways, and all the people we couldn’t help this year because of the damage these Mosrim caused the Gemach?.

The matter isn’t about who can get a dollar more or a dollar less for the community. This is a matter of keeping Jews out of prison. They will go to no end to get what they want and they will have as many Jews put away to achieve their goal.

I have never spoken about this issue as much as now. It is an obligation to go out on Sunday and vote, to Vote these Mossrim out. As a community we have to stop the Messiros. There is no need for government grants, and programs, if members of the community are in prison.

(Rabbi Bogomilsky speech in his Shul – Parshash Korach)


Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood

The Mossrim Then And Now

The Shomrim ‘Bed Case’ Gets Into The Papers! And They Got The Facts Right!

Call for Pidyon Shevuyim as Criminal Case against Shomrim Goes to Trial

You Can Do Something To Help!

Scene From Court Today

More To Come….

Glorifying Rats a.k.a. Mesira

August 18, 2009

Glorifying Rats/Mossrim/mesira/Shmira

At first I was a bit shocked and disappointed about how COLLIVE (and people in general)  time after time has given Mossrim, Mishichistim and Ganovim some type of creditability and justification (by posting them on their site).

After much thinking, of how can this be etc…,I came to realize that we are (in general) living in a society that actually glorifies Rats and Rodents, in fact we pay money to go out and see them.
[Funny thing about that is…We pay to get them out of our homes and on the other hand we leave our homes to go pay and see them (?). I guess the lesson is… As long as the Mesira is “outside”; to another person and not by you, then it’s OK and not just OK but it becomes a show/entertainment RC”L].

Our glorified Mossrim/Rats

Glorifying Mossrim/Rats

WIS Mosseir of the day:

Ezra the Mossier Hecht Ezra Hecht Feathered Rat- Mossier on COLLIVE:

Seven Crown Heights residents, 6 who are involved in Shomrim, were arrested over two years ago because of MESSIRA. For almost two years seven Jews had to sacrifice family and livelihood, because of people who’s hate is so great that they would do absolute anything and everything and use anyone and everyone to destroy the live of those they hate. The border was crossed. All red lines were erased.

A message to Ezra’s Kalla:
It has recently come to my attention that you are engaged to be married to
There was a dispute between Shomrim and some  young men on DEC 29, at 749 Eastern Pkwy. Ezra Hecht was not there (and nor were the rest of his Mossrim friends from the shmira mesira), and as such could not know the events that has transpired. YET he took it upon himself to assist those young men in orchestrating a vicious and evil MESIRA. As you should know a MOISSER has no HOPE, why would you want to spend your life, and raise children with one who is HOPELESS?
Ezra had no reason to get involved. WHY did he? ASK him. I guarantee you he will not DENY the MESIRA. He will try to JUSTIFY  it [there is no justification for Mesira period!].
Seven Jews (with Families and Jobs) are facing possible long prison sentence on the vicious lies of corrupted minds of certain individuals. Ezra Hecht is one of them. Ezra Hecht has JEWISH BLOOD on his hands.

Jewish Nation Going Thorough A Mesira Holocaust

August 12, 2009
If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there to look after you!

If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there looking out for you! The people driving this car are Not looking out for their fellow Jews!

kapo -cop- mesira -shmira“Assistants to the SS = the Kapos.” The SS appointed prisoners as Kapos to control other inmates. The prisoners march along ant-like, carrying huge round stones balanced on their shoulders, while the weight seemingly crushes their heads. The prisoners march into an indefinite distance, seeming to come from a great subterranean cavern. The distances involved are  illusionistic: the dimensions of the quarry are seemingly modest, but the work involved is titanic. The Kapo is darker and larger than his fellow prisoners, at once less and more. In the foreground a crude figure lays sprawled and contorted, bleeding from the head, probably dead, a victim of Kapo violence. But the march goes on unendingly and no one is allowed to aid him. The SS officers look on with approval.

kapo-shmira-cop-mesira“Get out for roll call!!” Additional Kapo abuse is depicted. Two Kapos flank the door, brandishing symbols of official and personal violence. Both wear a green triangle, marking them as “professional criminals.” The prisoners are disgorged chaotically through the door-frame, flinching and falling.

Whos the cause of this Mesira Holocaust?

Your Fellow Jew!


Hate, Jealousy and Power!

What part are you taking to stop this?! What does it have to take for you to realize that it’s not only the “other” guy that this is happening to?!

Picture Of The Day

August 6, 2009
Anything goes (Mesira, stealing etc…), as long as you “Believe”.

Anything goes (Mesira, stealing etc…), as long as you “Believe”.

We got a Rat Problem… Let’s Get Rid Of It Together!

July 23, 2009

Rats and Mossrim. Chanina Sperlin. Shmira-COP

If your neighbor has a Rat problem, YOU have a Rat problem; If YOU and your neighbor have a Rat problem then your whole block has a Rat problem; if your block has a Rat problem then your whole neighborhood has a Rat Problem.

How do you get rid of this Rat problem?

  1. Recognizing that you do indeed have a Rat problem.

  2. Uniting  with your neighbors to fight the Rat problem together.

Only if WE fight it together will we destroy the Mossrim once and for all!

Say no more to Rats; Say no more to Mesira!



If You (anybody with a voice) Would Only Shut Up… We (Shmira) Would Stop The Mesira And Leave You Alone!

July 1, 2009

[shmira, chanina  and gang] “Shut up…go hide in a cave…let us do what we want!”




Here, Ladies and Gentlemen is a prime example of how to tell someone (or everyone) to SHUT UP!, in a politically correct manner…

In other words....SHUT UP!!!

In other words....SHUT UP!!!