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Two Years Ago Today: Jury Selection for the Shomrim Six Trial

October 28, 2011

[10/28/2009] A grueling full day of jury selection took place in the New York State Supreme Court today, where six community members are facing serious criminal charges and can face a possible lengthy prison sentence.

The prosecution and the defense polled prospective jurors as to their work and interests in order to determine if they each can function as a fair and impartial judge based on the facts that will be presented during the course of the trial.


Mossrim Have No Feet

October 27, 2011

שקר אין לו רגליים

Lies have no legs

Talk about lies have have no legs, the Mosser Elie C. Poltorak  has been seen [hardly] walking around with a cane and recently being pushed while sitting on a wheelchair.

(Originally posted July 4, 2011)

UPDATE Oct 27, 2011:

Reviewing recently filed court documents  by Elie Poltorak has convinced WIS without a reasonable doubt that it was in fact Elie Poltorak who orchestrated the Shomrim Six Mesira/Blood libel from beginning to end.


Did You Notice…That Mishechistim Mosrim…

October 19, 2011

The following demonstrates why the time of convincing is over and only defeating the Meshichist Mossrim will lead us to true peace.

Did You Notice… that when Meshichistim Mossrim are accused with acts of violence, Mesira, animalistic behavior etc… their retort (defense, excuse and justification) will always be…”but you guys -or they- are ALSO violent”, “but you guys  are ALSO Mossrim” etc…

You know someones on the losing end when he/she has to use the “ALSO” as a defense.  They might as well just use the “I know you are but what am I” line.


Why Are The Politicians Coming To Crown Heights…

October 18, 2011

Under federal law kickbacks involving government officials or funds provided by the government are illegal.

…And Specifically To Chanina Sperlin and Co.?


Paul Levi Huebner Assaulted In 770 on October 14th

October 15, 2011

October 14, 2011: The Mosser Paul Huebner was assaulted in 770 Eastern Parkway.

If you were a witness or heard first hand from someone who was there and actuality witnessed the incident, please email with the details.

Protect Yourselves Against Extortion

October 15, 2011


Shakedowns have started on Kingston as Mr. Gombo said: Braun spoke to me “Ingarish” he told me that if I don’t let them take over the hechsher he will give out an issur on the bakery (this in spite of the fact that Biryon’s wife is a good customer there including for the Bar-Mitzvah he made recently (at which he got plastered).

WIS is not in the business of furthering unconfirmed rumors, WIS deals with hard facts, but being that this tactic [of extortion] was used many times before and that being so, the above “rumor” could very well be true, WIS will deal with the truth of the matter, which is that extortion is illegal!.

WIS would like to educate the general public about what extortion is and what one can do to protect him or herself from being a victim.


WIS Knows Who Stole Your Stuff?

October 11, 2011

Menachem Mendel Hendels little useful idiots

Boy  is WIS glad Collive was the one that bought THIS subject up.

The night before Collive posted the above op-ed a long time Crown Heights resident related the following to me.

This photo has nothing to do with the subject matter

I was shopping in a store on Kingston Ave. when I noticed a young man with a Yechi Kippa entering the store. I recognized the young man from the few times I went to the Shomrim Six trial. This young man came to court (as a friend to the so called “victims”) quite a few times. I decided to stake him out. I noticed him taking some sushi, he then sat down, eat and when finished simply (without even cleaning up) got up and left.

I approached the owner of the store and  pointed out what I had just witnessed. The owner asked me if the Theft had a Yechi Kippa which I replied yes. The owner then said “if he had a Yechi Kippa then I don’t want to do anything, these kids steal all the time, if I say or do anything they will come riot at the store and I don’t want that”.

Another group of Mishichistim were sitting at a nearby table noticed what had just taken place (the conversation between myself and the store owner), so they also just got up and left (in middle of their meal) without paying”

The owner then pointed and complained, “see, they all do this everyday, what can I do?”

The previous owner of Empire Grill went out of business because Mishichist Tzfati Mossrim would come there almost nightly to party without pay. The Shmira Mesira would follow in the same manner.

WIS is sure that many businesses when making their accounting’s at the end of the mouth will find big losses.


FBI Busts Senior NYC Housing Official On Corruption Charges

October 7, 2011


FBI agents this morning arrested a ranking New York City government official on a variety of corruption charges after he allegedly accepted $600,000 in bribes.

Wendell Walters, a senior official in New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, faces conspiracy, bribery, and racketeering charges for allegedly pocketing the cash from real estate developers and builders seeking lucrative city contracts, officials said.


Corruption and Fraud: CHJCC Drug Money Found

October 2, 2011

Six of our youth, who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse have physically died these past five years alone, as a result of being neglected by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

Where and how has the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. spent the $1,151,444* meant for helping our youth who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse? Where are the programs, where are the  social workers?

* notice: not counting previous years and fiscal year 2011-2012, the grand total received is much higher then documented above.

Find out here…


Joke Of The Year

October 2, 2011

Drop off old clothing and non-perishables foods for the hungry Rabonim at the CHJCC, Located at 392 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY 11225. Whatever is left, after everybody else at the CHJCC takes their "fair share", will go to the Rabonim.

Joke#1: Zaki writes to the community, pretending he’s writing a Pan


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Your Rabbis are starving to death, and dont think that i’m kidding. the time for diplomacy is over, we are in a crisis. How can we shop with our little fancy strollers and picking out fancy little bows for our kids when our Rabbis shake from hunger in their beds. Do you think i am lying? why dont you go see for yourself, the empty fridge and torn clothing in the closet, the worry and the hurt of our Rabbis, and the suffering of their families, if you see it you will never try to justify it again, but we close our eyes and turn away, what you dont see may not hurt you but it should, this is not our way!


Forward: CHJCC Is Just Like Saudi Arabia

October 1, 2011

By Debra Nussbaum Cohen – Forward

It looked, this week, like there might be progress for women in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah granted women the right to vote, and to run for election to municipal councils and be appointed full voting members of the Majlis Al-Shura, a government advisory group. According to a New York Times editorial this week, however, women will still need the approval of a male family member.