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Mock Elections Coming Back To Play In Crown Heights

February 21, 2019

Regarding: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council to Hold Elections

The Crown Heights Community Council Inc. is so irreverent to our day to day lives that it took me a week to make time (wasted time) to address this issue.

Besides, after reading and hearing what the people have to say about this, there isn’t much to add.

I will however say a few things.


Ask The Sperlin Family and Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

February 11, 2019

By J. David Goodman


“Where the hell is HUD and money?”

Stanley Brezenoff, a career public servant in New York City since the 1970s, was deeply frustrated.

On Jan. 31, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Ben Carson, the secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, struck a deal that subjected the New York City Housing Authority to federal oversight without any commitment of new federal funding.

“I think that it is not a good agreement for Nycha and for the city,” Mr. Brezenoff, the outgoing Nycha chairman, said in an interview.

Mr. Brezenoff, an ally of Mr. de Blasio who was hailed in April by the mayor as “one of the great public servants in the last generation,” said he believed the deal was unfair.



August 19, 2018

Time and time again we see see articles with the following statement, “Local leaders met with so and so to discuss so and so” etc… Who are these leaders? What exactly are they leading? Where exactly are they leading whomever they pretend to be leading? What have they actually done to demonstrate leadership?

Why are self appointed “leaders”, who lead nothing, making decisions that effect our neighborhood?

Welcome Back CHLEAKS…Project Landlord Shaming

August 21, 2016

We’re back!!!!

The only and only real crises the Jews of Crown Heights suffer from is not the manufactured “racial tension”, which is another scam that brings money to the Corrupt of Crown Heights, our real and only crises is the HOUSING CRISES. Unfortunately this crises (like every other bad thing) was created by so called fellow Jews. It is time to expose this to the public.

How is it that all those who served in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council ended up owning buildings by the time they left office? Who occupies these buildings today? (Hint, not fellow Jews).

It is time for ‘Project Landlord Shaming’. CHLEAKS will expose those from our community (self proclaimed “Lubavitchers”) and others that come from other Chassidic and non Chassidic communities and build for everybody else, expect for Jews.

If you have any information to share regarding this matter (big or small), please do so:

crown heights jewish community council

Following Tragedy, The Vultures Descend On Crown Heights

December 9, 2014

Crown heights vultures  Politicians Hold Press Conference in Wake of 770 Stabbing-chanina sperlin-dov hikind-corruption-fraud-chjcc


Sitting On The CHLEAKS Desk

November 5, 2014

Crown Heights Jewish community council-Weatherization Assistance Program-wap-Homes & Community RenewalComing up soon…
Where and how the WAP grants was spent?

Over 13 million for this program was allocated to the CHJCC since 2009, who benefited from this ?

This project has been sitting on the CHLEAKS desk for years, it’s time to finish the project and share the information.

Also coming up…


Flashback: Zaki Tamir 1st Post Election Interview

November 4, 2014

Crown Heights- flashback- zaki tamir

Could you believe it’s been five whole years since those “historic elections” *. When was the last time we heard anything from Zaki Tamir regarding the CHJCC? What has Zaki Tamir been doing these past five years?



Flashback: Attempted Hijacking of Shomrim Phone Number

October 26, 2014

crown-heights-flashback-crown heights jewish community council-shmira-shomrim phone

Some Background: 1996, before the brake off, on the advice from a Williamsburg Shomrim Coordinator who pointed out that “Shmira’ is for dead people“, the Shmira organization changed it’s name to ‘Shomrim‘.

January 1999, as a result of a robbery on a Gemach in Canada (read all about that by clicking here), a vote was held (amongst all the members) and as a result, a few members involved in the robbery were thrown out of the Shomrim organization.


CHJCC Grants and Contracts for 2013-2014

October 19, 2014

NYC-open book-chjcc-crown heights jewish community council inc.-corruption-fraud-grants-contracts

Agency Name: Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Contract Number: C092008
Current Contract Amount: $2,444,869.00
Spending to Date: $267,167.00
Contract Type: Grant
Contract Start Date: 04/01/2014
Transaction Approved/Filed Date: 06/16/2014



New York, NY – Rapfogel Admits Stealing From Prominent NYC Jewish Charity; Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison

April 23, 2014

By: AP

2010 - Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. meets  Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel

June 2010 – Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. meets Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel

New York, NY –  The politically connected former CEO of a prominent New York City charity has admitted he helped steal more than $9 million from the organization in an insurance scheme that authorities linked to campaign contributions.

William Rapfogel pleaded guilty to grand larceny, money laundering and other charges in a case that had rattled city and state political circles.


Another Useless Distraction Brought To You By The Corrupt CHJCC

March 30, 2014
low information Distraction-Crown Heights Jewish community council-low

A distraction about potatoes, onions and eggs

Regarding: [CHI] Needy Crown Heightsers Decry Public Humiliation

[collive] Zaki Tamir Apologizes, Explains and 50 More Families Need Help

Last week we were privileged to get another useless distraction by the corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.


Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. 2013 Grants and Contracts

January 12, 2014

crown heights jewish community council inc. 2013-corruption-fraud-funding-grants-Click Image to Enlarge

Or Visit:

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Letters of Distraction by Irrelevant CHJCC

December 14, 2013

Crown Heights-low information-irrelevant- Distraction News
So finally after three years of total irrelevancy we are once again honored to receive a letter with the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. letter head.

I thought to myself, can this really be? Will this letter contain information as to what the CHJCC has been up to since the last elections of 2010? Will this be the letter that will inform us as to how they assisted the [Jewish] needy of this neighborhood? Will the corrupt Cabal of the CHJCC finally tell us how and where they spent $41 Million over the years?

No, it wasn’t anything like that…just another irrelevant distraction.


Fact Check: Whose To Blame?

November 12, 2013

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. inc. chjcc-corruption-fraudSeveral months ago CHLEAKS posted the following:

Did you notice how peaceful it’s been these past two years?

Did you notice these past two years that the corrupt Cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc aka Vaad Hakohol has had no “Issues”.

– No Shmira Shomrim Issue.


How and Where was $41 Million Spent By The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.?

September 10, 2013

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.-corruption-fraud
Bellow is a list of all monies the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. has received via government grants and contracts throughout the years. Have in mind that this does  not include any real-estate (the Buildings etc…), this will be for another day.

Click images to enlarge

2013 Contracts With Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc._Page_01 (more…)

Corrupt Cabal Of The CHJCC Presents Another Distraction

August 15, 2013

Crown Heights-low information-irrelevant- Distraction News

Regarding:  Deceptive Letter Threatens Kingston Ave. Shops with $10,000 Fine

Read:  Time For Crown Heights To Wake Up!!! 

and Bringing Down the House

Don’t be a dog who chases after twigs!!!


Three Years Since “Historic” Elections: What Have They Done?

August 1, 2013

crown heights jewish community council-Zaki Tamir, Yossi Hackner and Fishel Brownstein-corruption-fraudWhat exactly has Zaki Tamir, Yossi Hackner and that other dude (I forget his name), done these past three years for the Crown Heights Communities?

Exit Question: Isn’t it time for new elections?

Nothing To Do With The “Community”

August 1, 2013

Crown Heights-low information-irrelevant- Distraction News
I was sent the screen grab bellow on the day it was posted, I didn’t post anything about it, because I was waiting to see what would write about it. My wait was not for nothing.


CHJCC Transfers $225,000.00 Contract To J.B. Spielman (Vaad Hakol Crown Heights)

May 27, 2013

Crown Heights jewish community council, inc-chjcc- contract-corrpution-fraud-Yosef B. Spielman-Vaad Hakol Crown Heights-Sen. John Sampson

What is this? Stay tuned…More to Come.

Why Aren’t They Coming To Crown Heights?

May 12, 2013


So many high ranking politicians are getting prosecuted on corruption charges, some with connections to the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. and Chanina Sperlin and family.

In 2007, Clarence Norman Jr., a very high ranking Democratic assemblyman and party leader from Brooklyn, was convicted  of extortion. Clarence Norman Jr. was a regular in Crown Heights.