Moser Profile: Elie C. Poltorak


On December 29, 2007 the biggest Mesira in Crown Heights and perhaps Jewish history was about to lance.

After an altercation between a community based volunteer patrol (Crown Heights Shomrim) and a few wild Yeshiva Students, some community based individuals with political motives saw this as an opportunity they can’t miss.
They got to work orchestrating a vicious Mesira, which will result in an arrest of Seven Jews; charged with over a 100 counts; two years of court; ending with a six week trial and if G-d forbid found guilty, facing up to 15 years prison.

December 29, 2007 On December 29, 2007 at about 1am Elie Poltorak an attorney at law went down to Kings county hospital together with Levi (Paul) Huebner, another attorney, (who is currently suing the Shomrim for $144 million dollars), to “help” the so called “victims”.

What we are  later to discover from one of the “victims”, now a witness on the stand, is that Elie C. Poltorak and Paul Huebner were not just there (at the hospital) to translate, but to do all the talking, to set up a case/blood libel.

One thing we know for certain, Poltorak was not at the hospital to be a righteous Jew and do all he can to stop a Mesira and Chillul Hashem.

The video speaks for itself.
Elie C. Poltorak a community leader? NO!!!
Elie C. Poltorak a Mosser? 100%

UPDATE: June 6,2010

Sperlin and Poltorack’s Candidacy Challenged (CH.Info)

Two challenges were posed against candidates Chanina Sperlin and Eli Poltorak, on the Halachic grounds. Which more specifically cite that they both participated and perpetrated a Messira on Jews which directly resulted in their arrest and prosecution.

In a letter sent to the election board, which consists of representatives from both side of the fence; evidence pertaining to two separate cases was presented and accused each of Messira.

In the letter, there is a claim against Poltorak claiming; “I am attaching the transcripts of where the Mosrim testified as to how Elie Poltorak helped them carry out this blood libel. I believe the transcripts speak for themselves.” Referring to the transcripts from the trial of the Shomrim Six.

Click Here to view the testimony of Schneur Rotem

Click Here to view the testimony of Elkon Gurfinkel

The letter goes on to claim that “Chanina Sperlin informed on us to the police and signed his name on the complaint and we were subsequently arrested and stood trial” referring to a 2001 incident in 770 in which a 4 were arrested.

Click Here to view the police complaint (4/27/01)

Click Here to view a letter between precinct commanders regarding the incident (5/1/10)

Click Here to view Sperlin saying he will not testify (5/1/01)

Click Here to view the screening sheet of the District Attorney where Sperlin actually testifies (5/30/01)



9 Responses to “Moser Profile: Elie C. Poltorak”

  1. Please explain Says:

  2. Crown Heights Says:

    poltrack is not jewish

  3. Poto DREK Says:

    poltrack is just garbage .
    i wonder where is Osama Bin Hendel ?
    we dont see him we dont hear from him what is he planning now ?
    make no mistake all evil comes from Hendel even the dwarf cacadaner is just a soldier of this teror fighters osama bin hendels gang.
    poltrack = moser

  4. Orthodox Jew Says:

    Orthodox Jews
    i’m not voting for
    fishel brownstein
    zev cadaner
    chanina sperlin
    eli poltorak
    these 4 claim that they had one goal and that is to make peace and to bring to a din tora. they accomplished it by entering a vicious mesira against Rabbi Osdoba & his 3 sons and against Rabbis Segal, Zirkind & Raitport that they stole money from the government. are you saying that the end justifies the means?

    if you must be an orthodox jew to run for vaad does mesira qualify you as orthodox? and i ask did you get a heter from any rav that you are allowed to make this mesira? the other side have a written letter from Rabbi osdoba that they may go to court to get a TRO against your election, even if you say that he was wrong, at least they asked a Rav and followed his ruling, which is the halachic way for orthodox jews to do things. which rav gave you permission to make the mesira? please produce a copy of his heter or give us his name so we can ask him why he allowed such a mesira against the Osdoba brothers and rabbis Segal, Zirkind & Raitport. maybe you had a heter so i’ll change my mind.

    and the excuse that you just responded to the other side which started with court, number one halachicaly it doesn’t fly, because in shulchan aruch it says (look it up) that if someone is taken to court based on permission of a Rav he may not defend himself in court. number two, they went for a TRO against an election and you responded by entering an outright mesira that they steal money from the government (an outrageous lie) which could send these people to jail. how do you justiy this?

    And even now 6 months after the din tora & 7 weeks after the psak the mesira is still in court. so how will you deal with rabbi osdoba or rabbi segal if you are reelected and they don’t play according to your rules? will you masser on them once again? because you are holier than thou and you are always right? and then you’ll blame it on the Rabbis?

  5. Nash reminds us why we should not vote for Chanina Sperlin and his gang of Mosrim Says:

    Nash addresses misinformation and rumors
    Longtime activist and community leader Rabbi Leibish Nash has sent out a letter outlining his opinion on the upcoming elections, addressing allegations against the current board bidding for reelection.
    By Tzemach Brown, Chabad Info
    24 Sivan 5770 (06.06.2010)
    Rabbi Leibish Nash, a well-known devoted community activist, who has spent years trying to bring about a more unified community, has released a letter outlining his position on the upcoming election.
    Nash asserts that although many want to oust the current four candidates because they were unlawfully elected and because of their desire to hold on to power, their subjugation to perilous propaganda has left them in the dark. He argues that while the preceding Vaad Hakohol refused to go to any type of arbitration to settle disputes within the community board, these four elected members worked from their first day in office to bring about peace within the community and rabbinate “even at the cost of the personal membership in the community council’s board”.
    He says that this is stark contrast to their predecessors who did everything they could to fight any legal or other procedure to end the friction.
    Regarding the “New Crown Heights” initiative which has sprung up, Nash says that such a motion was necessary a year ago; and it came. He says this Vaad Hakohol has begun the much needed healing process and Crown Heights residents should realize that instead of trying to elect a brand new board.
    He clarifies rumors accusing the current board of refusing to end court proceedings, saying that the opposite is true and is documented. “Beis Din has just paskened that it is their opponents who have refused to allow the case to be removed from court, and… have been ordered to take actions to remove the court case.”
    As a longstanding community activist and peacemaker, Nash says that nothing better has happened to the Crown Heights community in years than the recent election of the current four board members.

  6. Poto DREK Says:

    is this Zerach Brown The padofile ?

  7. dan Says:

    Lubavitch Rabbi Mendel Hendel, Zev Cadaner, and Shnear Zalman Hertzel’s Yeshiva for 13 year old children under Rabbi Scharf was raided by town authorities last week. The children were inhabiting Congregation Shaare Zedek in West New York, NJ without proper zoning. Numerous safety issues cited. Investigation of what some have alleged to be a hostile takeover attempt to own the 100 year old building underway. More to follow.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Zev Cadaner is being sued by members of Congregation Shaare Zedek in West New York, NJ. The suit alleges that he took advantage of the two elderly boardmembers and convinced them into signing over title to this multi million dollar synogogue to him and rabbi Schneur Zalman Hertzel

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Zev Cadaner trying to get real estate for pennies on the dollar…unbelievable

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