EXCLUSIVE: Poltoraks True Colors Of Peace


After days of the following e-mail circulating around, it finally makes it’s way to WIS.

The man who promised us “peace and transparency”, could not sleep all night when WIS posted THIS and at 5am wrote to the Zabla Rabonim the following e-mail….

click to enlargeלפני  זמן קצר הכריז אהרן הערשקאפ—ראש כנופית ה’שומרים’—על מועמדותו לוועד הקהל.  מצו”ב הידיעה מהאתר שלהם

“A short time ago Aaron Hershkop Head of the ‘Shomrim’ GANG –  announced his candidacy for the Vaad.  knowing this from their website:” ….



Moser Profile: Elie C. Poltorak

P.S. From Experience, a warning and lesson to all. Once you say something or write something (a letter; e-mail; text etc…), you loss control of that information, It now has a life of its own. If you said it or wrote it, it is now for the world to hear or see, it’s just a matter of time or a matter of who you piss off. The best way to keep a secret is if the other guy is dead. Once I heard about this e-mail, I know it was only a matter of time till I received an e-mail stating “check this out, but don’t post or send to anybody else”. In short, you want a secret to remain a secret, keep it to yourself .

Mr. Poltorak you’ve been EXPOSED!


5 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Poltoraks True Colors Of Peace”

  1. Poto DREK Says:

    1. i thought Dady is the head of shomrim.
    2. why is this schmekeleh afraid of shomrim ?
    you mr poltodrek and you friend pual the goy ym”s are going down
    for your mesirah.
    God will never forgive you but again you are not a JEW

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      1. i thought Dady is the head of shomrim.

      Everyday of the week there is another head of Shomrim, they take turns.
      Just like everyday someone else runs WIS, its hilarious, if I collect all the comments about who runs WIS i would have an identity crises. One day I’m Ben L., then I’m Gadi H. AND Leli H., lately i have been feeling a little bit like a Chaim H., and each one of my identities can’t do it without the other.

      You could feel the eagerness in Poltorak e-mail above to…
      1. to state “the shomrim gang” and
      2. that this is a “shomrim web site”,

      As an attorney at law should know better. If you can’t prove it [if there is no evidence], it doesn’t stand; it never happened.

  2. Poloraks hate and obvious biases Says:

    According to Poltoraks responds or better yet accusations last night.
    The Shomrim are a “gang” because they use their right to free speech (?).

    These individuals in Shomrim which were falsely arrested; charged (with over a 100 counts) and later went to trial for six weeks, facing 15 years prison, for a web site (which at the time of the Mesira) did not exist (?)

    What Poltorak did last night was confirm his involvement in the Shomrim Six Mesira, all he did was try to excuse and justify it.

    [From experience] As a man of law (a lawyer) Poltorak should have known better. Had he been in a court of law, the judge would have stricken his comments from the record.

    Poltorak showed us last night his true color. He repeated propaganda and justified and excused a Mesira/blood libel.
    We saw Poloraks hate and obvious biases towards a group in Crown Heights.

    The hate and jealousy comes first, then comes the excuses and justifications.

  3. Talk is cheap Says:

    Poltrork talks “peace” “unity” “Acduse” from his behind and shits from his mouth.

  4. Shomrim Heroes Says:

    Shame on Poltorak for calling this holy group of volunteers a gang.

    Shomrim has done nothing but good and hundreds can actual testify this.

    I find it ironic and hypocritical that for years the Mishichistim have been raining terror on this community, with one act of violence after the other and people and the like of him -who are just as guilty- never condemned it in any way. As a matter of fact, they always found a way to justify and excuse this and sometimes blaming the victim of violence.

    Yet here, they went to no limit to arrest and have stand trial 6 good righteous Jews, because of a stupid fight.

    Which after six weeks in court; 7 witnesses/mosrim testifying we find out was really nothing. The aggressors, as proven from their own video are the mishichistim. The Doctor testifies that there wasn’t really anything to treat, they all went home with some Advil.

    Those who were behind this blood libel against innocent Jews will pay the price, there is a g-d in this world!!!

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