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Quote Of The Day:

October 31, 2009

“Every Jewish Child Learned in Chader/Elementary that Mesira on another Yid is the worse thing. We heard stories, we read stories of how Yidden gave their own life not to Mossier G-d forbid on a fellow Jew. Anybody who has to still be convinced, is not from זרע היהודי [from the seed of Israel]”

Don’t waist your time convincing the people whom are rejoicing over Mesira!

Don’t waist your time convincing people whom Justify and excuse Mesira!

Those [Mossrim] are not our people, they are not our friends, they couldn’t care less and lets not forget they put us in this position!

What are the Consequences of Mesira?!

October 30, 2009

What is Mesira? One may ask when is it justified? And of course what are the consequences?

Over a year ago members of Shomrim were on a call at 749 Eastern Parkway, there, things got out of hand and police were called by both the Shomrim members and the Bochurim that were involved. From the get-go Shmira a long time rival of Shomrim came to the scene and initiated the Mesira against Shomrim. Leib Skoblo and Ezra Hecht (who only showed up after the incident) stood inside 749, Skoblo with his auxiliary badge in hand demanded that the police arrest Shomrim for the alleged crimes they committed.

The police investigated and with no injured complainers on hand, they left the scene. Skoblo not comfortable with the police decision then called for Stern, Prager and Huebner for backup. All night they shuttled Bochorim in the Shmira patrol car from 749 to Kings County Hospital. They made sure reports were filed with the hospital and then the police were called again to make reports. They made sure they doted their “I’s” and crossed all their “T’s”. In an  e-mail conversation with a Shomrim member he states…” Had Shomrim known of there plans they would have made cross complaints, as there were members of Shomrim that were injured, and everyone would either get arrested or go home. Further had shmira not have gotten involved, Shomrim would have worked it out with the Bochrim in a peaceful manner”.

For two weeks Paul Huebner, who acts as the attorney for Shmira, worked the 77th precinct , pressuring detective Brien Duffy to arrest the Shomrim members. Shuffling the Bochurim back and forth to the police station, even giving sworn statements on Shabbos (all this is documented).

When word got out about that detectives were looking for the Shomrim members, Shomrim turned to Rabbi Schwei, a prominent member of the Rabbinical Court (of Crown Heights) for help. He heard all that they had to say and simply answered ” I don’t want to take such people on” (!?)

All this came after shmira beat Andrew Charles and were extinguishing to a smoldering fire. Here was there chance to get back at Shomrim (?). What did Shomrim do to them that was so bad? Nothing, they simply existed. Getting Shomrim arrested was their ultimate thing. shmira thinking that this will bring their redemption and they will rule Crown Height.

Two weeks after the 749 call 7 Shomrim members were arrested and charged with felony assault. Charges that were trumped up by members of shmira. Every few weeks they have to return to court to answer these charges. A trial date will be set and Justice will be served.

Weeks after the arrest I (W.I.S) took the initiative  and  started this web site, in hopes that I can try and make a difference. The truth about shmira was and will forever be disclosed here (for future generations to see). Every chance that shmira had (and will have) they would and will make another Mesira on Shomrim, anything to make them look good. They Massered Shomrim members business, homes and even Massered on family members.

More than one year later, Shomrim is still working stronger to better serve the Crown Heights Jewish Community. Erev Pasach members of Shomrim seeing the need for Kimcha D’Pischa in the community. Without hesitation they organized truck loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Members of Shomrim selflessly unload and distribute to the members of the community (as we all witnessed for ourselves). To their surprise there were members of shmira and there family’s who came to collect fruits and vegetables for Yom-Tov. Being that the distribution was for everyone and being that Shomrim are the good people (I believe the proper word is mentchin), they did not say a thing.

Although one particular member of the community who came to collect really struck a nerve in the donors spine.

Yom Tov came along and all was great, members of Shomrim were being thanked for their contribution to the community, a second distribution was due to take place on Chol H’amoed, seeing the Chesed that Shomrim did the Satan could not sleep. Over Yom-Tov member of Shomrim were served with a lawsuit filed by Paul Huebner on behalf of the 749 Bochurim. Yes, this same Paul Huebner who came with his children to take fruits and vegetables that was distributed by Shomrim, could not sleep at night. He could not sleep knowing that they Shomrim are actually doing good, making a difference for the better of the community.

Stunned, Shomrim could not understand, here is the same guy who just fed his family food that they distributed trying to prosecute; cut off the hands that just fed him (?!).

Another Rav from the Crown Heights Bais Din was contacted and questions and answered were raised, and a Hazmana L’Din Torah was issued to Paul Huebner.

Chutzpa will not be tolerated!!!

So my dear friends, what are the consequences of Mesira? Mesira has a beginning and has no end, one can pick up a phone, call 911 or 311 on anyone and accuse him of anything and he will be punished, even if it is a crime he did not do (defending one self is very costly). Shomrim has been very patient with all that shmira has done to them, having there day in court is something that they look forward to. But after Paul Huebner took time out from preparing the law suit papers to come and take from there fruits, they said enough is enough.

So, my dear neighbors and friends, here is the ultimatum that we have for all the members of shmira, all who participated; all that rejoiced at the moments you had when you locked Shomrim up. When you called 911 or 311 to Massier them and try to destroy them, remember that line you always like to repeat? What comes around goes around!!!

Is There A Man In Brooklyn Whos Above The Law?

October 29, 2009

Yaakov Spritzer -A-1 merchandising Yaakov Spritzer -A-1 merchandising


Flash Back: Inspector Peter Simonetti States “If You Park Illegally You Will Get Summonses”

Pictuers Of The Day: 10-15-09

Safety First??? Are There Two Sets Of Laws, Depending On Who You Are?

Pulsa Denoura Placed On The Huebner Family

October 28, 2009

In response to the unforgivable act of defiance against Halacha and all decency a minyan of men was assembled and a “Pulsa Denoura” was placed on Paul Levi Huebner and his entire family.

Mesira is one of the most horrific ways one can violate Halacha, such a person is not allowed to be part of a minyan, so much so that it is a mitzvah to help the mosser have a speedy abridge to the next world.

Pulsa diNura or Pulsa Denoura. (Aramaic: פולסא דנורא “lashes of fire”) is a purportedly kabbalistic ceremony in which the angels of destruction are invoked to block heavenly forgiveness of the subject’s sins, causing all the curses named in the Bible to befall him resulting in his death.

This ritual was performed as Yom Kippur ended after Paul Huebner refused to sit down and resolve the matter amicably. Since the family suffered three tragedies, where the children have been involved in car crashes and have been injured.

To the Huebner family: is this not a strong enough message to you? Will you not stop until a life is taken? Spear your children and stop the madness!

Call for Pidyon Shevuyim as Criminal Case against Shomrim Goes to Trial

October 27, 2009

Shomrim crown heights 774-3333CH.Info

One calamity after another has befallen the Chabad community at large. Young lives have been taken from us, Jews are facing prosecution, and others already sit in prison.

Most Crown Heights residents wave their hands dismissively when the case against six Shomrim members is brought up. “It’s just politics,” they say. Despite the fact that these are fellow Jews, the young men standing trial on Wednesday are also the volunteers who altruistically aid the community daily, in countless ways. It would be commendable of the community to now actively take a stand for fellow Jews and give support to those who have been on-call 24/7 to serve others.

It is no longer merely politics. The case, which until now many have been dismissive of, has reached and crossed the threshold of trial by jury. Six Shomrim volunteers are facing years of real jail time if convicted.

“This is no longer politics,” says Aron Hershkop, a Shomrim coordinator. “This is now a Pidyon Shvuim matter, and we need the community’s help.”

In a prepared statement, Shomrim said that while serving the community for more than a decade, they requested no monetary contributions, yet with the trial just one day away, they are now looking to the community for support.

A statement by Shomrim:

For over 15 years, Shomrim, under its current leadership, has been gladly helping the Crown Heights community – from assisting a crime victim in filing a police report, to helping someone with a flat tire – without ever once asking for anything in return.

Unfortunately, the situation has changed and six of our volunteers are facing serious criminal charges stemming from an incident in which they were called for assistance.

Each of the six volunteers has a lawyer and the costs of going to trial are too great for them to be able to individually bear. Tens of thousands of dollars have already been spent, and with the trial just one day away, we ask for the community we so generously help to return that kindness and help us cover our costs.

Various Rabbonim including Rabbis Schwei, Osdoba and Segal have expressed support verbally, while Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky has written the following letter:

7 Mar Chesvhan, 5770
October 26, 2009

To kindhearted brethren of Klal Yisrorel; Sheyichyu

Greetings and blessing,

Torah rule dictates that Jewish people should bring their disputes, arguments and grievances against a fellow Jew to a Beis Din. Going to the civil court system is a heinous iniquity and a blatant contemptuous behavior against Torah.

Unfortunately, due to the laxity of some in this regard, a group of people are now in court defending themselves against a possible seven year incarceration and a lawsuit of 150 million dollars, G-d forbid.

These men are family heads who have altruistically given much time for the enhancement of the security and wellbeing of the Crown Heights neighborhood.

While there are good chances, IY”H, that they will be vindicated, nevertheless, large sums of money have already been expended for their defense and much more is immediately needed.

This is a bona-fide case of PIDYOM SHEVUYIM which is one of the most prominent forms of tzedoko.

I urge you to extend your benevolent generosity to this most worthy cause and well-deserving members of K’lal Yisroel,

May we speedily witness the elevating of the Torah banner and the ultimate redemption. With profuse advance thanks and blessings to merit Divine rewards, I remain,

Sincerely Yours,
Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky

Court will be reconvening tomorrow, Wednesday, where jury selection will begin, followed by the trial, in which the District Attorney will be presenting their case to the court in hopes of securing a conviction.

For those who would like to attend the trial proceedings and show support, you are welcome to. The trial is taking place at 320 Jay Street which is the New York State Supreme Court on the second floor in the Ceremonial 1 court room, starting at 10:00am on Wednesday October 28th.

Contributions can be mailed to Shomrim office at:

537 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Or you can call the Shomrim hotline (718) 774-3333 after 6:00pm and we will send a member to pick up your contribution.
You may also contribute by Credit Card at the Shomrim Defense Fund website, Click Here.

Paul Levi ‘der goy’ Huebner Arrested By His Dear Friends In The 71st Precinct For Soliciting A Prostitute!!!

October 23, 2009
Sucking on a fat cigar, a hint of things to come?

Sucking on a fat cigar, a hint of things to come?

First I would like to thank the Shmira/COP member who emailed us about this and brought it to our attention. Apparently the noble and notable Paul Huebner Esq. [cheating, massering lying GOY] was arrested on the outskirts of Crown Heights while trying to solicit the services of a prostitute.

The following is the arrest and indictment information:

Huebners case information in the eCourts system

Huebners case information in the eCourts system

Notice how it his name is Levi P. Huebner, never happend, he lied. This hooker fucking scumbags name is Paul, like his goyishe roots, he never bothered changing his name.

But the most peculiar part of this whole arrest is that it was officers of the honorable and deeply religious Peter Simonetti, who has been involved in this love affair with Huebner, yet his own officers made this stunning arrest!

Arrest details

Arrest details

Well maybe Simonetti’s cops covered for Paul Der Goy Huebner after all, because the crimes they listed was unspecified misdemeanor driving violations and he was released on a desk appearance ticket.

Internal affairs is already investigating the police department for all this COP bullshit, and WIS is being told that this is going to be investigated as well.


Flash Back: Inspector Peter Simonetti States “If You Park Illegally You Will Get Summonses”

October 21, 2009

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2009, 7:26:48 PM
Location: Monthly 71st precinct council meeting at I.S. 61 on Empire Boulevard and New York Avenue.

Deputy Inspector Peter Simonetti was asked by a resident about whether he gave any orders to target Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer patrol Scooters with “parking violations”.
The following video is his indirect or “politically correct” responds to the question he was asked.



October 21, 2009

Picture Of The Day: 10-15-09

October 15, 2009
Whos giving these orders and Why?

Whos giving these orders and Why?

Fresh out of the WIS Inbox.
The message that came with these photos came as follower.

“As I was Photographing these trucks parked the way they are, one of the Jewish (Lady) residents living on this block (Empire between N.Y. and Brooklyn), was entering her car, as she enters she looks at me and says “THANK YOU””


Feel Stabed In The Back? You Had To Know It Was Coming, WIS Warned You!

October 15, 2009
Here we go again. I-I-I told you so! Stern the pig will take what he can get.

Here we go again. I-I-I told you so! Stern the pig will take what he can get.

ColLive Reports:

Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson is further reaching out to Crown Heights Jews with another visit tonight (Thursday) at 9pm.

As he is trying to minimize the wide gap in the polls, Thompson will be attending a reception in his honor in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

It’s being hosted by Yossi Stern, a construction dealer and head of the local Shmira-COP patrol, at his home, 1486 Union Street (bet. Kingston and Albany).

Isn’t Bill Thompson the guy running against commissioners Raymond Kellys Boss, Mayor Bloomberg?
Was it not Commissioner Raymond Kelly together with the fat and short cop Inspector Peter Simmonetti who created the Shmira-COP patrol?

The Train That Could NOT!



The Enemies Constatnt War Of Misinformation

October 15, 2009

Reading the latest pearls of wisdom coming from the enemy in the comments reminded me of how I need to remind you all the real order of things, and who Mossered on who.

Shmira freely admits already that it is them who mossered on the 7 Shomrim members, only they claim to have justification for doing it. Shmira would have you believe that it was Shomrim who mossered on Yitzy Shuchat, and therfor in retaliation they mossered on Shomrim.

Lets read this hate-mongers comment:

Hershkops eat your hearts out, how does it feel when the world is coming down on you???? you should have never mosserd on Yitzy Shuchat, that man is a Tzadik who does Chesed non stop and he davens all day… Gehinom is coming down on you for Mossering on him and all the Good Yidden in Shmira, who truely give their life to help the people in Crown Heights.

your days are numbered as free men, do teshuva before its tooooo late.

Lets start with the facts; The 749 bed case took place on December 30th 2007 on Motzai Shabbos, the Shmira incident where they beat Andrew Charles took place on April 14th 2008 on a Monday afternoon. The dates dont lie, Shmira does.

Shmira/COPCappos on Patrol

Another troubling fact that Shmira will have you believe, that even though the police was searching for one of Shmira’s own in the Andrew Charles incident, and Shmira will claim that the Police accepted them into their Cappo Patrol program without their cooperation in turning over Yitzy Shucaht. Well not everyone is a dumb is you think they, I can see right through it. Inform in Shuchat, get rewarded with Cappo badges.

Do you believe for one second that Yanky ‘the moslem rat’ Prager didn’t sell Shuchat out for a silly PD identification badge?

Safety First??? Are There Two Sets Of Laws, Depending On Who You Are?

October 11, 2009
Yankle the Ganev Spritzer putting our lives at risk and getting away with it. Why?

Yankle the Ganev Spritzer putting our lives at risk and getting away with it. Why? Because Inspector Peter Simmonetti feels very much at home with the Spritzers. In fact word in leaking from the precinct that the inspector every once in a while gets his trunk filled up with goodies from Spritzers warehouse.

These last few days, the shmira together with the 71st precinct Inspector Peter Simmonetti have been targeting and ticketing the Shomrim Command post for being parked on the corner of Crown and Kingston for no operand reason (Story Bellow).

The D.O.T. has just spent Tens of thousands of dollars modifying Empire Blvd to ‘Calm Traffic’, enhance the cityscape, provide safer pedestrian crossings the street. The safety conditions were so bad, that they wasted no time and got to work only a few short weeks after releasing their plans.

Yet, somehow,  Yankle Spritzer (A-1 Merchandising, located at 445 Empire Blvd. side my side with the 71st precinct),   is still parking illegally and unsafely, putting lives in danger and getting away with it as reported here last year.

A command post, which is used to help others in need in the community, whether it be a missing persons or residents waiting outside in the cold because of a fire and perhaps can help safe a life etc…etc… (one thing for sure, it’s defiantly not bothering anyone). This command post is being targeted by NYPD with ticket after ticket? why? Because Yossi Stern ordained, who’s running this police department?

While Yankle Spritzer (who runs a PRIVATE business, which has nothing to do with the community), the 71st precinct neighbor  is getting away with this, everyday, dispute many complaint from residents and neighbors …

A-1 merchandising Yankle Spritzer the mosseir and ganevA-1 merchandising Yankle Spritzer the mosseir and ganev

A-1 merchandising Yankle Spritzer the mosseir and ganev

A-1 merchandising Yankle Spritzer the mosseir and ganev

The police car is not there to direct traffic, he was trying to get by, like everybody else.

The police car is not there to direct traffic, it was trying to get by, like everybody else.

A-1 merchandising Yankle Spritzer the mosseir and ganevNeighbors have been complaining to the city for years and nothing has been done. Spritzers trucks have been blocking their cars from coming and going.

A few years back, one of the Jewish neighbors wanted to construct a driveway in front of his house, Spritzer did all he can to stop this (with me$ira etc….)

[WIS EXCLUSIVE]  Just recently, Yankle Spritzer was able to obtain ‘No Standing’ signs in front of his warehouse, extending down the block about 3-4 houses in.  This neighbor (with the driveway) made some noise (not understanding how Spritzer is getting away with all this, despite all the complaints), and went all the way to the top. Only to find out that the reason they gave Spritzer these privileges (listen to this people, your going to like this), is because Spritzer has been telling them (the board in charge of all this) that his company is for the benefit of the community (It’s non-profit and gives poor residents “the poor” residents discount prices)  . Meaning: the community knows that when they need something, they come to Yankle Spritzer (warehouse). The neighbor was shocked to hear this and informed them that that was not the case. (WIS will follow this story).

Shomrim command post (which saves lifes) Getting Tickets right and left

Shomrim command post (which saves life) Getting Tickets right and left. Why?

when the ship sinks the rats come out

Everyone knows Yankle the Ganev!

All the rats in one room: , ColLive

David Huebner – Drug Abusing, Dope Dealing, Mosser And Son Of A Mosser

October 8, 2009
Does he abuse his little sister? Sexually?

David Huebner, Does he abuse his little sister? Provide her too with drugs?

Sitting in Florida David huebner runs a posh business, selling drugs.

The history is all there, when this scumbag was arrested upstate and charged with running a party house which coupled minors with adults and furnished impressionable young teens with unlimited amount of drugs. That was until the Rabonnim stepped in and got the New York state troopers to raid the house, and boy did they find a party house.

The story:

Police arrested five men over the weekend after getting complaints about a house in South Fallsburg where kids were being served alcohol and people were smoking marijuana.

Fallsburg police got the calls Saturday night, and between 9 and 10 p.m. they went to the address on Laurel Avenue in South Fallsburg.

Police say they broke up a large party at the house, and arrested five men. Police said they were among the oldest people at the party, and some of them had supplied the alcohol to the younger partiers. Police said the party-goers were summer residents.

David Huebner, 18, and Chesky Schwartz, 18, both of Brooklyn, and Chaim Saxton, 21, of Monsey were charged with misdemeanors of endangering the welfare of a minor, unlawfully dealing with a child and possession of stolen property.

Klevan Mayer, 18, of Brooklyn was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of governmental administration. A 17-year-old Brooklyn boy was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation. All five are free pending appearances in Fallsburg Town Court.

Where there is smoke there is fire, in this case the poor boy was beaten and abused in all kind of ways by his father, resulting in the kind of bully he is, along with the hallmark traits of a narcissist who takes pleasure in destroying all thats nice, by continually dealing drugs.

What shmira “Leaders” and Members Prayed For on Yom Kippur

October 7, 2009

No Parking-SHMIRA-COP MesiraWhile the Jewish nation reserves Yom Kippur for a time to reflect and to atone for all their sins, shmira a hate monger group operating in  Crown Height once again prayed the Shomrim would just go away. This year was no different than any other. shmira is working very closely with inspector Simonneti of the 71st pct. Simmonetti aware of their criminal past has allowed the group to join a city wide civilian observation patrol also know as C.O.P. with the keys to the precinct these criminals run around in marked NYPD cars, using these cars for personal use, abusing red lights, parking anywhere they want (even found parking in front of fire pumps for hours at a time in front of either their residents or work).

This year shmira had a plan. The plan was to stop Shomrim from attending the annual Simchas Beis Ashoava. They designed and hung up signs for ‘No Parking’ on Kingston Ave. from Empire to Crown Street. Something that was never done in the past. From the minute Yom Tov was over Yossi Stern ,Yanki Prager and Efraim Okonov were hard at work. Ordering tow trucks to move this car and that car, put it there not here shouted Okonov pointing to a green Honda belonging to a Crown Heights resident.

Now that they got rid of all the cars there was one big problem left, and that was the Shomrim command post. The Shomrim command post has been posted in that spot (Corner of Crown & Kingston) every Shabbos and Yomtov for emergency communal purposes. The command has served Crown Heights residence in hundreds of cases from missing children, fire jobs, etc.

Nervous and pacing up and down Kingston Stern and Prager try to work their magic. Holding two phones Stern is heard yelling ” I don’t care, move them now!!”.  NYPD officers converge to the command post and request it be moved. Aron Hershkop a coordinator is called over and explains to the officers that the command is here for a reason and it will not be going anywhere any time soon. The officer understand and sympathize with him, only to go on and say the guys (Stern and Prager, the shmira “leaders”) across the street are putting a lot of pressure on the boss*.

Seeing that Shomrim are not giving in the their planed (and very desperate) attack they run home and bring their patrol cars. (ye) Stern even brought his personal car. Of-course the closer they could park to the Shomrim command the better chance that they will blend in (trying to fade Shomrim away). Of course that backfires too. See, people from out of Crown Height don’t know the difference so, all night Shomrim were being congratulated for there new cars. shmira actually thought it is color war (being the children that they are). Little did they know that Shomrim doesn’t care for them (Sorry traffic agent, it’s Not “both sides jumping up and down”). Loooooooooooosers!!!

Another desperate attempt by shmira to try taking down a volunteer, Chesed organization serving the good people of Crown Heights, FAILED!!!

[*The “boss”
Peter Semmanetti, a low life of an inspector who from the get go showed no respect for his job. siding with a criminal group and issuing them police ID cards].

Exit Questions To Shmira: If shmira and Shomrim are here to do the same thing (protect the Jewish community), whats all the hating? Are you here to serve the police department or are you here to serve the Jewish community? Why is there so much time, energy and focus being directed in trying to make trouble for Shomrim (with all your Mesiras and the story above etc…), Why not focus on actually doing some good? Is your whole existence to make the non-existence of Shomrim, It’s seems that way so far?

10-6-09 Shomrim Command post being ticked by 71st pct. nypd-shmira-mesira-cop 10-6-09 Shomrim Command post being ticked by 71st pct. nypd-shmira-

Saftey First, Right??? today shomrim tomarrow....Who will be here fopr us?

safety First, Right??? today shomrim tomorrow....Who will be here for us?

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October 2, 2009


המבין יבין – Easy Connection. It’s the Same Game all Around!

October 1, 2009

Just exchange Liberals with Shmira/mishichistim and your good to go, same difference. It’s all the same mindset.