New Details Revealed: Yaakov Prager Gives Shuchat Up


Yitzchok Shuchat and Yaakov Prager

Many details of what went on the night Shmira coordinated an attack on Andrew Charles were unknown, until now.

April 14, 2008 Shmira Member Yitzchok Shuchat beats up Andrew Charles. In interviews following the incident, and in an attempt to do damage control, Shmira administrator Yossi Stern claimed that Shuchat was “off duty” that night. Was Stern lying to the media? Who from the Shmira coordinators knew about the attack? Was Shuchat instructed to do so? New details are revealed in court documents released Sunday. What is striking about this information is how much Shmira Coordinator Yaakov (Yanki) Prager was involved in coordinating the attack. But what is most striking, is Prager seems to be one of the few who knew, affirmatively, that Shuchat was the attacker, with his foreknowledge of the investigation against Shuchat, Prager  instructs him to flee.

At around 8:30 pm April 14, 2008 a vehicle belonging to a member of Shmira pulls-up beside Andrew Charles a man jumps  out and attacks him. One month later the NYPD together with the Kings County District Attorneys Office  release a photo of the alleged attacker, Yitzchak Shuchat (28).

All the facts lead to Prager as the one who betrayed Shuchat after telling him to flee

The information on the alleged attacker was revealed, after the Kings County District Attorneys Office conducted a Grand Jury investigation. According to court document Shuchat was in constant contact with Shmira coordinator Yaakov Prager. So much so, the court document reveal that prior to the incident Shuchat made numerous calls to Prager through the Shmira hotline (718-212-0303).

Furthermore, the court document goes on to say that after the incident phone calls kept on being made to Prager. It is WIS’s belief that Prager participated in the Grand Jury proceedings.

On May 30th, 2008 there was a judge issued arrest warrant for Shuchat. Shuchat had already fled to Canada by this time.

Who suggested to Shuchat to flee? Would it not be the  person who had information that Shuchat would be wanted. Bare in mind, police only recovered one witness of the scene, a witness who could not identify either assailant. The only people who where aware, of the individuals involved, where members of Shmira at the scene and Yanky Prager who was in constant contact with Shuchat throughout the entire episode.

Will Prager get charged with collaborating on obstructions of justice by telling Shuchat to flee?

Time Line:

Thursday, April 17th 2008, 7:20 PM: 
Witnesses sought in bias beating

Wednesday, April 23rd 2008, 11:03 AM:
‘Tribal’ tension in Crown Heights keeps neighborhood from moving beyond hate

Thursday, April 24, 2008:
Grand jury to investigate attack on black man by Jews in Crown Heights

Thursday, May 08, 2008
DA: No deal for Jews accused in attack on black man in Crown Heights

Updated Friday, May 16th 2008: 
Cops hunt Hasidic EMT in Brooklyn attack on black college student

Saturday, May 24th 2008, 12:47 AM:
Crown Heights victim’s mom slams cops

June 4, 2008:

Free translation of parts of the petition (with the help of google translate).

The Picture/identification of Shuchat

Page 4

 Crimes committed by the respondent relevant evidence which establishes the involvement
Klestzick The incident

12. According to the affidavit of Klestzick, on 14 April 2008, at 18:35 or so, a man approached whose identity is unknown (the “Other “), riding a bicycle, the victims Charles and Evens, both Afro-Americans in the corner of President Street and Albany Avenue in Crown Heights in New York City, USA. The other attacked Charles with tear gas and a “Mace” and sped away. Soon after, a black car pulled up next to Charles and

Evens, the respondent, who was in the car, got out, walked over to Charles and hit him several times through these. Respondent then returned to the car and left. Charles was brought to the hospital Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital in the city due to the swelling back and arm injuries, caused as a result of the beating he received from the respondent.

13. Following the incident, Pevi, who witnessed the incident, was questioned by the New York City Police Department (NYPD,) and based upon the description provided, the respondent drawing was revealed. As a result, local residents told police investigators that the drawing was the respondent, a resident of the neighborhood.

14. New York City police ordered the respondent’s image of the State Department Of Motor Vehicle of New York, and on May 14, 2008,  detective Williams showed Pevi images in a  lineup that included the picture of the respondent, Pevi identified the respondent as having attacked the Charles.

15. On March 11, 2009, it was arranged for Evens, who was with Charles during the attack, a lineup that included pictures and a picture of the respondent (at this time the respondent had already escaped from the U.S.). Evens identified the respondent as having attacked the Charles.

AffidavitKlestzick The incident
Affidavit of investigator’s Williams, dated 22 April 2009:

16. Williams is an investigator at the 71 precinct of the NYPD, which includes the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Crown Heights population composed predominantly of African – Americans, as well as a large community of immigrants from Caribbean islands Hasidic Jewish community. (Affidavit of Williams is attached and marked “C-4”)

17. According to Kelstziak affidavit, a person whose identity is unknown, white, riding a bike, approached to Charles and Even, both African – Americans, and attacked Charles, with tear gas (such as “Mace”). After that person fled the scene, a black car pulled up next to Charles and Even, a passenger car, later identified as a respondent, approached Charles and hit him several times. Witnesses stated that the Respondent was wearing a skullcap. Respondent tried to attack Evens but he managed to escape from him. Charles was brought to a hospital due to injuries suffered.

18. The attack was defined as a “Hate Crime” because the attacker and victims did not know each other, there was no attempt to perform a robbery or any other offense passing attack, as well as by racial and ethnic background of the victims and the respondent.

19. Williams interviewed Pavi, which gave the number [plate number] of the vehicle the respondent was riding in. Williams accompanied Pevi to the precinct where he showed him the line up of pictures including the picture which was advertised in the neighborhood by the police, which the residents of the neighborhood identified as the respondent.

20. On May 14, 2008 Williams ordered the respondent’s picture from the Department of Motor Vehicles and put it in a lineup of pictures and presented it to Pavi. The photo lineup included six photos of men similar in appearance of the respondent. Pavi identified the respondent as having attacked Charles using these (respondent’s picture from DMV presented to Pevi for identification in included in the extradition request attached and marked “C-5”). Based on the identification of respondent by Pavi, Williams prepared “wanted card” for the arrest of the respondent (“wanted card” is a demand to arrest a suspect who was identified, and the message is inserted into a computerized database shared between enforcement agencies throughout the states of the U.S..)

21. On May 29, 2008, Sergeant Dee-Nicolas Police Department’s Intelligence of New York located in Montreal, Canada, informed Williams that the respondent came to Canada from the United States on May 9, 2008, and stayed in Montreal. According to Sergeant Dee-Nicolas, the respondent was flue from Toronto to Israel on May 12, 2008.

22. On March 11, 2009, Williams showed Evens the lineup of pictures, Evens identified the respondent as attacking Charles (photo lineup presented to Evens attached and marked “C-6” of extradition request.)

Phone Calls – Shmira – Prager
Page 8

Respondent’s a member of the neighborhood “Shmira”

29. Supplemental affidavit of Kelstziak from  September 1,2010 (supplementary material attached and marked Exhibit “D-1” – It should be noted that supplemental material was attached letter from the DA’s hands but since the letter is inadmissible in criminal proceedings, the petitioner does not intend to resort to this petition.)

According to the Kelstziak supplementary affidavit, the District Attorney’s Office has information showing the affiliation of the respondent community policing organization named “Shmira”, which operates in Crown Heights which is in Brooklyn. According to the complementary statement, the office of DA received as a result of court order calls for outputs of the respondent’s cell phone, and found to be near the attack, was a phone call from the organization “Shmira.” On April 14, 2010, at 18:32, (Charles was attacked allegedly by the respondent next to 18:30), mobile phone calls were made by the respondent (Number 347-623-9912) to the main telephone number of the “Shmira” organization’s (Number 718-221-0303). The conversation lasted 64 seconds. Kelstziak confirmed that the phone number 347-623-9912 is indeed the number of the respondent’s mobile phone, after the DA’s office checked with the cellular company subscription information.

30. According to the supplemental affidavit of Kelstziak, examination of respondent’s outputs conversations from the day of the attack, it was found that many calls were made before and after the incident, from the respondent’s cell phone to a man named Yankee Prager (the “Prager”). Kelstziak noted that Prager is a coordinator of the “Shmira” organization. It was found that cell phone calls were made by the respondent to Prager’s phone at 18:34 for close to 4 minutes. Also, it was found that cell phone calls were made by the respondent to Prager’s phone that day at 18:50, 19:04, 19:23, 19:37, 20:10, 20:23, 20:37 and -21:51.

31. According to the Kelstziak supplementary affidavit, the respondent drove his car before and after commission of the offense in a black car model GMC ENVOY, with plate number DWT4784 (which is the number recorded by Pevi at the time of the offense), records indicate the name of a man named Menachem “Mendy” Ezagui. Ezagui’s name appears in several places on the website of the “Shmira” organization, including images of him displayed on the site, while an excellent photographer these pictures.

5 Responses to “New Details Revealed: Yaakov Prager Gives Shuchat Up”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    From Paragraph 19:

    “Williams accompanied Pevi to the precinct where he showed him the line up of pictures including the picture which was advertised in the neighborhood by the police, which the residents of the neighborhood identified as the respondent.

    Yankee Prager and Yossi Stern identified the photo to the police to be one of Shuchat.

    How Prager and Stern throw Shuchat under the bus with the agenda to create the C.O.P. (Civilian Observation Patrol), coming up…

    Don’t you find it suspicious that months later NYPD would take the shmira (including Prager who was collaborating on obstructions of justice) in under their wings, give them two patrol cars and let them do as they wished.
    While on the other side of the coin, the District Attorneys office and NYPD would later miraculously and viciously prosecute and target Shomrim and it’s volunteers (with the help of the CHJCC and their Shmira)?

  2. Honesty and Truth Says:

    Anybody from Shmira who considers himself a truth seeking person will call Yankee Prager right now and ask him the following:

    “Yankee, when the police and DA office contacted you regarding Shuchat, what did you tell them?”

    • john doe Says:

      Ha ha hA, I HAVE AN EVEN BETTER ONE, Name one individual from the shmira mossrim that quit due to the shmira mossrim direct involvement with the Shomrim Six messira.

  3. Mendy W. Says:

    if you wrestle in the mud you will get dirty

  4. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Originally Posted on February 10, 2009

    Once again Prager is up to his old tricks. Master forger and identity theft expert Yanky, Muslim rat Prager changes the name of his gang, shmira to C.O.P.

    What is C.O.P.?

    COP is a community observation patrol ran by the NYPD.

    After hours of negotiation with the new C.O. of the 71 pct, in which Shomrim decided for the best of it’s own organization and the community not to join together with shmira or the COP program, lest we forget who shmira is.

    Shomrim warned the precinct that working with shmira will only bring trouble for both Shomrim and the NYPD. They did not listen and the results (like predicted on WIS) are obvious.

    Shmira was the gang who was indicted by the Brooklyn D.A. for the beating of Andrew Charls in 2008. With the prime suspect Yitzy Shuchat still on the run the gang changes the name to COP to avoid prosecution from the community. Prager who testified under the grand jury investigation walked free and is collaborating with the NYPD.

    Does that make sense, how is it that a known criminal, police hater and rebel rouser is now working with the NYPD? Why is the 71st pct. working with shmira, who are known criminals?

    It all boils down to this. Prager testified against Yitzy Shuchat to avoid prosecution. Shuchat was sent on the run to divert attention from the rest of the gang.

    When the new C.O. Inspector Peter Simonetti came to power his main goal was to keep the peace in the community (like keeping actual crime down). Under C.O. Vaga the shmira gang was suppressed to a smoldering fire after the Andrew Charles beating. The new C.O. Simonetti, however, had his own ideas and tried to make a peace with the two patrols (instead of focesing on protecting the neigborhood from criminols, he opted to working with them).

    After much negotiation Shomrim under no circumstance would want to join a gang of known criminals or the COP (especially when Shomrim goal is to fight against crime and not with crime. Joining such a group like shmira would only be giving them some type of legitimacy).

    With the new C.O. pressured to form his COP group, in his desperation, he turned to the shmira gang for help. With about 100 applications only 30 were approved by federal standers among them non affiliated laymen from the community (who will never be there to help you, they just want the “special I.D’s” to get out of a ticket.)

    So what happens now?

    Feeling comfortable, shmira runs to change the name on their car to COP. They are not part of the NYPD nor are they part of COP, an internal affairs investigation is underway as to the specifics of this so called COP group.

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