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EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Schwei To Vote For Rabbi Bogomilsky

August 31, 2010

Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and Rabbi Schwei

A Crown Heights Resident went to speak to Rabbi Schwei regarding the elections and Rabbi Bogomilsky, Rabbi  Schwei told him that he personally likes Rabbi Bogomilsky but his people told him he has to say he wants Braun. The resident then asked Rabbi Schwei what kind of Rov are you? which the Rabbi replied  “that’s the way it is.”

With all do respect, what Rabbi Schwei doesn’t understand is that before him the Gang “liked” Rabbi Osdoba and they only got to Rabbi Osdobo after throwing Rabbi Marlow under the bus, tomorrow  the gang will replace Rabbi Schwei as well.

Side Note: When Rabbi Schwei was approached by Shomrim coordinators about the Mesira/blood libel against it’s volunteers way before the trial. After listening to what they had to say,  Rabbi Schwei stated to them “There is nothing I can do, I can’t fight these people”.

These are “his people” and he can’t control them? What type of Rov is this and mostly what type of people does he have?



August 30, 2010

One of the first and simple questions WIS had amongst many (which will be addressed in this post), when the candidacy of  Yeshaya Braun was announced, was who is paying for his plane tickets here?

It has come to WIS attention that Mendle Hendel was the individual who paid for Yeshaya Bruans plane tickets to Crown Heights.

The following questions/concerns are based on, emails, letters, people chatting and comments (on WIS and all other web sites posting anything regarding the elections)….

As the elections day comes closer we the community of voters need clarification on a number of issues.

On Rabbi Bogomilsky a Lifelong member of this community we are more or less aware of his strengths and shortcomings. On Rabbi Braun a newcomer to our community we need clarification on the following questions.

1.         Who will be paying this Rabbi Braun? A man with a family and considerable expenses. We know it is not the council as they do not have the funds to undertake such an expense. If it is coming from individual(s) of our community, would this not put a question mark on his independence?

2.         If its indeed true that Rabbi Braun comes highly recommended by his community in Sydney Australia, Why would a successful man leave a successful shlichus?

A Rav has to come recommended by other Rabbonim, how come such a great beloved Rav has no recommendations from any Sydney Rabbonim who are the only ones who know him as a Rav?

Braun’s Kehila has fallen from a strong 60 families to 12, how does this reflect on his leadership?

Isn’t he coming because his Kehila is falling apart and he has nothing to do in Sydney because nobody wants such great talent there?

Wasn’t his job built on the blood of Rabbi Feldman, the Rebbe’s Shliach in Sydney? Now the tables turned and he’s out of a job he comes to Crown Heights?

Would the Rebbe  have agreed with this move? Has this ever happened before?  We all know this fact, that Rabbi Chanzin who actually won an election for a position as Rov, at the first Rabbi election, the Rebbe told him to stay home.

Historically the Rebbe NEVER allowed anyone to leave one position for another.

3.         What capabilities has he shown to be able to the bridge between the 2 feuding Rabbis?

4.         At the Chai Ellul Farbrengen in 770 Motzoai Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo, a community Yungerman,
R.Y.K., who was invited by the Gaboim to speak and was introduced by one of them as the speaker, was shouted down with a song     וכל קרני רשעים אגדע תרוממנה קרנות צדיק a bottle was thrown on him all in the presence of Rabbi Braun who did not say a word as a Jews blood   was spilled,   מבייש פני חבירו ברבים Erev Rosh Hashana,  in the month of Tshuva and Rachmim. Is there a reason for his non response, or is this an indication of the future??

UPDATE 8-31-20:

Who is behind the testimonial videos; who is taping them; who is the man is Sydney working with Mendle Hendel?

It is non-other then Yankle Koncepolski another extreme hate mongering Mishichist. (Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for a peek in to a man who justified and excused Mesira and acts of violence).

Many ignored Presidents Obama’s associations to radical extremist  and the results of that, as we all see, are devastating. Don’t deny whats right in front of your eyes. You want to know who a person is, check out his friends.

This post will be updates as more info/concerns come in….Stay Tuned

If you have any concerns regarding ANY of the candidates please voice them here. Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?’

August 30, 2010

Without trying to imply anything and just stating the fact: Oddly enough, the same web site that promotes Mosrim and justifies Mesira also promotes Bruan as new Rov...Ummmmm, just saying. promotes Mesira and the Mosrim who carry them out.

See if you can spot a Mosser…

Chabad.Info – Weekly photos (pics of mosrim)

Chabad.Info – Chodorom in 770 (pics of mosrim)

Need a hint? Click Here


Vote For Braun Is A Vote For More Machlokes

August 29, 2010

We voted NO to MESIRA and we succeeded, since then there has been a sense of calm in Crown Heights, let’s finish the job we started. Let’s stop the Machlokes machine once and for all!

A vote for Yeshaya Braun is a vote for More Machlokes and More Mesira!

Feel Free to print and distribute this sign, together we can make a difference…Braun Sign (PDF)

Stay Tuned…going to be a busy week.

Efraim Setton Steals Matzohs From Bakery

August 29, 2010


Posted: August 25, 2010

Anyone who may have purchased or recieved Shmurah Matzoh from Efraim Setton, residing at 836 Montgomery St, Bklyn, between March 22nd and April 7th 2009, Should please call 1-718-773-6154. All information is important for an ongoing Din Torah,and will be kept confidential.
Thank You
Crown Heights Matzoh Bakery .

Matzoh Bakery              718-773-6154                    Send Email

Satan Caught Stealing

Huebner and Poltorak Diamond Heist

Efraim Setton


Rabbi: Judges, Anyone Working for Prosecutors Can Not Be Called for ‘Minyan’

August 24, 2010

“Senior figures in the government or in the judicial system cannot join a prayer quorum, according to Holon’s Chief Rabbi Avraham Yosef…

…“It is forbidden to allow them to participate or to integrate them in any synagogue liturgy,” Yosef said. “We must ignore their existence, as if they were just air.”…

…Later, in response to a question from a visitor to the Moreshet website, Yosef clarified that his ruling includes anyone working in the State Prosecutor’s Office or police investigation branch…


Prove of Mesira and what happens when one works with the government in policing Jews.

Daily Mesira: Over one hundred Mesiras on just one of the Shomrim coordinators [on his home and business] in the course of these last two years and only counting the Department Of Buildings. Total Mesiras on one person over the course of 10 years – over 300. (more…)

Mosrim And Losers Are a Waist Of Time

August 22, 2010

When it comes to wasting time and delaying the inevitable truth, this gang of Mosrim are king and that’s no complement.

Time after time, case after case, situation after situation these Mossrim will always find away to kill time or put the people on edge. And for what, to delay the ultimate truth; to delay ultimate justice?.

This tactic has been used and abused in every court case that these Mosrim enunciated*, from the 770 case to the Machne Menachem case to the Shomrim Six case and the past and current elections (just to name a few).

This tactic is also being used by the Goy/Mosser and serial spitter Paul Huebner ym”s in the Shomrim Six lawsuit (more about this perhaps another day in another post).

* The Mishichist Mosrim enunciated the 770 court case. The Moser and Ganef Yankle Spritzer enunciated the RICO case in the Machne Menachem case in an attempt to steal the camp.The Ganef and Mosser Yankle Spritzer has been pushing off a Din Torah for over two years now. The Mishichistim Mossrim enunciated the great blood libel on the Shomrim Six.

Let’s take a look at this latest stunt with the elections for Rov.
They had over 6 months now (Correction: Six years – Ever since Moshe Rubashkin had his elections for new Rabonim the Mosrim have complaint that the elections were not fair do to the fact that they did not have their own candidate in the race) to find a proper candidate for Rov, how is it that they have not found anybody since?

What is this Shtick they pulled with Rabbi Mengel, he IS running, hes NOT running? Come on, what the hell is this, a kindergarten?
What is with this bogus kindergarten excuse about not being able to reach the Rabbi for confirmation due to the fact that the Rabbi was on vacation, do they really thing we are as dumb as them, why do they time and time again try to insult our intelligence. I would really like to see a real live human being repeat that excuse to my face.

Did they text the Rabbi “hay man, whats up? BTW, how cool do you think it would be for you to run as Rov in the Shchuna? lol”? Maybe he didn’t get the message because he  happened to pass under a tunnel. Maybe he got the message but could not reply because his place of vacation was located in some  distance island with no way of communication (no phone, e-mail and no mail service).

You would think that is one was a possible candidate for a a life long position for Rov, he would have daily communication with the people running him. Unless he did not know he was running to begin with.

One must conclude (putting all the facts on the table) that this whole Shtick was another attempt to continue the Machlokes and delay the process of possible peace in Crown Heights. Thank G-d Rabbi Rosenberg did not let them do this to us again*.

*the Mossrim did succeed to push of the run offs for Vaad, knowing full well that most Crown Heights residents would be up state for the summer and not be voting. Had the elections been held on schedule, the numbers show the outcome to be much different., they know this and took advantage.

For some reason the Mosrim have attempted to push the elections off to at least after Tishrei, the question is WHY?


For the last 15 years (if not more) the community has been plagued with non-stop Machlokes thanks to all those associated with the Mishichisist party. The community has been on edge/stressed out/numb as a result. Especially these last two years, two years of viscous Mesiras (make no mistake, the Mishichistim Mossrim have been caring out Mesiras for years now, but never have they pushed it this far. Truth be told, when it comes to Mesira, whats to far? once the line is crossed, its crossed).

Since the last elections for Vaad, where the Mosrim were voted out (Mesira was voted out), there has been a sense of calm; a sense of peace in the community.

This is something the Mosrim don’t like; this is something that works against everything the Mishichist Mosrim stand for. Without Machlokes the Mishichist Mosrim have no existence.

Things are changing for the good and there is nothing these rats can do about it.

Prager Attempts To Get Even With WIS Does Mesira On Wrong Jew

August 19, 2010

Is this 311?(From an e-mail Alert)

In an act of revenge for posting THIS VIDEO on June 17, 2010, Yanky Prager takes it on himself to make yet another Mesira against the wrong Jew.
On June 18, 2010 Prager lodged the following complaint….

This is one out of 90 made this past year.

Click Image to Enlarge

More on the Shmira daily Mesira Coming up…

Intro: The Agenda Exposed

August 15, 2010

Before WIS goes any further, you must first educate yourselves with the recent ‘Journalist’ Scandal.

Daily Caller discovers Journolist plot to spike Wright story, smear conservatives as racists

Journolisters debate, endorse gov’t control of Fox News

JournoList, Day 3: Debate moves to the media

Journolisters go after … Keith Olbermann?

Video: Journolist’s success in setting the message

Journolist, Day 5: Let’s campaign for Obama!

Journolist, Day 6: Heroes

Journolist, day 7: Setting up the post-debate spin


WIS has recently received an e-mail sent out in 2008 by the pig Yossi Stern. In this e-mail (amongst many things)  Stern presents a plan/agenda to get rid of Shomrim and outlines a plan to manipulate the then new inspector on the 71st precinct against Shomrim.

The content [of this e-mail] is nothing new to WIS, as WIS has been stating  these things all along. This e-mail will confirm what WIS has been stating to be a matter of fact (not hearsay or theories) . WIS has mentioned more then once that the Shomrim Six case was all about a bigger picture, in this e-mail, Stern outlines it all.

WIS will expose this e-mail piece by piece. (When done, WIS will post the e-mail in full).

What shocked WIS the most was to whom the e-mail was mainly addressed to. Meaning: the e-mail was written to one individual and many others from the community were ‘Cc’ed.

WIS first expose will begin on Sunday, August 22, 20010.

See you then…

P.S. WIS thanks the leakier for sending this e-mail. Better late then ever, however had WIS received this e-mail two years ago, it could have made a difference. Therefore, anybody out-there  whom may have any information (e-mails etc…) from the Shmira or the old gangsters (known as the fake Vaad), feel free to e-mail them to don’t wait till it’s to late.

UPDATE: Sunday August 29, 2010:
E-mail expose has been postponed for more pressing matters are at hand.

Rabbi Nissan Mangel Is Running, So Why The Lies?

August 15, 2010

UPDATE: Word on the street is that Rabbi Mangel is running for a position as a Rov in the Crown Heights Beis Din.

The word is that Rabbi Mengel has as a matter of fact given Rabbi Rosenberg a letter stating that he will run.

The questions WIS has now….
Why on August 9th the word was that he is NOT running, was it true that he was really not planing to run?
Why if he is indeed running [now] is it being kept a secret [its not on Collive or]?

It has come to WIS attention that this whole charade is part of a plan to keep things quit in-order to keep sites like WIS from  dishing out the dirt on Rabbi Mengel (which there is).

The plan is to wait for the last day or two before the elections  to officially announce Rabbi Mengels candidacy as a Rov. When asked as to why he said earlier that he is NOT running, he would simply reply that it was not him who said this but his family.

If the above is true that they are keeping his decision to run a secret in-order to spear the Rabbi from being exposed, then that my friends is pretty sad and pathetic. That within itself puts a question mark on the Rabbi.

If they are afraid to put the Rabbi out in the open because they are afraid of the truth then might as well keep him hidden forever. What are you saying about your own Rabbi?

What they might be afraid of (amongst other things – to be exposed later on)….

Did Rabbi Mangle takes Bribery? Click Here to Find Out. יראה העם וישפוט

“Bribery blinds the eyes of the wise”!

UPDATE: It’s Official: R’ Mangel not Running


August 9, 2010, better known as (big brother to, better known as, posted THIS hypocritical garbage in an attempt to dress themselves as self righteous caring people.

For one thing, WIS already posted (twice) a beautiful piece on the subject of antisemitism Vs. hate from within by Yosef Y. Jacobson titled ‘The Enemy Within’.

1. Jihad. info phony “peace” and “Let’s all get along piece”  reads like a bad six graders essay based on Jacobsons work.

2. Anybody whom ever attempted to have a (civil) conversation with a liberal minded or Meshichist , knows that the conversation will generally start off with the liberal/Meshichist cursing out or putting down everybody and everything you stand for (without holding back any fire power- no mercy). You will also notice that when you do respond to them (if you are lucky enough to have them let you respond) with the actual facts (of the subject matter) and you start making sense, they will all of a sudden go in to this “why can’t we all just get along” mood or they will just say something like “both sides are wrong”. The reason they do this is obviously because they are losing the debate/argument.  As long as they are on top/winning, you won’t hear a peep about Achdus/Peace and as a matter of fact they will pound you without mercy.  Its only when they are losing that they (all of a sudden) become moderates (interested in “peace”).

When the chips are down, the Meshichistim put on a sad poppy face and speak of peace. We are not buying in to this tactic.

3. The very same institution that condemned Six innocent Jews  to jail is all of a sudden is talking about how “we are our worse enemy” and “peace/Achdus”? Why what happened?

Can it be their loss of Six innocent Jews not getting convicted to jail [for 15 years] as a result of Meshichist Mesira?
Can it be the loss of these past elections?
Can it be their losing in the 770 case?
Can it be the Meshichist loss in the Machne Menachem case?
Or is it that they are simply losing in the information war – with all these successful small times blogs blowing them out of the park, preventing them in their tactics of propaganda?

If anybody has any ideas to whats going on, feel free to share with us in the comments bellow.
Whats the agenda/tactic here?

Judge Rules On Proposition 8 Gay Shmira Member Efraim Okunov Celebrates.

August 6, 2010

Shmira Messira member Efraim Okunov celebrating judge ruling on proposition 8 with friends in gay club on August 4, 2010. Insert: Okunov with his boy-friend.


August 4, 2010 – A federal judge on Wednesday overturned a California ban on same-sex marriage, ruling that the Proposition 8 ballot initiative was unconstitutional.

This news bought smiles to gay Shmira member and radio jammer Efraim Okunov who until this ruling was in the closet. Mr. Okunov went out with friends to a gay club to celebrate this victory.

Asked about how he felt Efraim Okunov stated, “It has been very difficult to lead a secret gay life, my parents tried and tried to hook me up with girls with intent to marry, it has been very hard to find excuses to reject them every-time, now I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Asked about how this will effect his involvement in the Shmira Organization, Efraim stated, “The shmira has always had the policy of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’. Now young girls can feel secure to let me in to their apartments to investigate a potential crime without fair of getting harassed or rapped by a Shmira member.”

“When it comes to helping people – we are straight, gay, bisexual, and color blind ” says Shmira coordinator Yanky Prager. “Our goal is to make everybody happy and that every one should live in peace. Live and let live.”

“The beauty of Shmira” says Shmira coordinator Yossi Stern. “Is that we have always been an organization comprised of all shorts of people, thefts, scammers, Mosrim (rats), lowlifes, unemployed and drop outs, now we can finally openly add gays to the list.”

When the rival patrol the  Shomrim organization was contacted for comment, Shomrim coordinators arrogantly and stubbornly stated. “We have always  been straight, we will always be straight and nothing will change”.


August 5, 2010



Calling 311 And Its Halachic Ties

August 5, 2010

Originally posted on WIS on Nov 9th, 2008

[VIN] It is known as the Citizen’s Service Center in the halls of New York City government. It is a quick and anonymous way to report anyone who is ostensibly doing something illegal. Is someone running an illegal business next door to you? No problem. Dial 311. The problem is that, from a Torah perspective dialing these three harmless-looking digits can also be an instant way in which to lose one’s Olam HaBah [See Shulchan Aruch Choshain Mishpat 388:9].

Indeed the Gemorah in Rosh HaShana describes the horrifying Gehenam-filled fate of someone who engages in Mesirah. The Shach (Yore Deah 388:53) cites a number of authorities (Tosfos and Hagaos Ashri) that someone who actually converted to another religion is better off than someone who engaged in Mesirah.

Is it ever permitted to dial the three digits? Yes, but being that the repercussions are so fraught with danger, it is better not to make that judgment call oneself and only do so after consulting heavily with a qualified Posaik. So when is it permitted?

The Shulchan Aruch (as amended by the Shach in 388:12 and 10) rules that if a person is causing significant distress to an individual it is, nonetheless, completely forbidden to perform a Mesirah. If, however, the entire community is suffering then, after the person is warned (see Vilna Gaon and Sanhedrin 72b), they may report the offender.

There are a number of questions. What is to be considered “significant distress?” The example cited by the Ramah is that the person is engaging in counterfeiting and will thus endanger the community.

It would seem that the “significant distress” should be similarly significant. Issues of violence and sexual abuse, of course, are significant. Indeed, even if it is just to one individual, the issue of Pikuach Nefesh may be involved and a call would be required under such circumstances.

What about threatening Mesirah? There is a story going around (we all certainly hope that it is not true) that a woman wanted a day care center to take in her child and was told that there was no more room.

She then told the operator that if they did not take in her child, she would promptly report them to the authorities. Rav Dovid Morgenstern Shlita, a Rav and Posaik in Yerushalayim and the right-hand man of Rav Elyashiv Shlita ruled that there is absolutely no heter to cause someone such an anxiety even by threatening to do a Mesirah. Indeed, the Maharik (Shoresh 126) rules that someone important who threatens to do a Mesirah is forbidden to give testimony and is considered Pasul Le’Aidus.

How about jailing an ex-spouse who has not kept her agreement for visitations? Or how about jailing a non-paying ex who is behind in alimony or child support? It is difficult to see how any of these can be justified Halachically and it is also difficult to imagine if either of them will see any Olam HaBah.

Can these people do Teshuvah? In the HaGaos Ashri (Chapter Zeh Borrer) there is an indication that if someone does the requisite Teshuvah and also obtains the forgiveness of the person who he or she informed upon, then their Olam HaBah can be restored. It seems clear, however, that one without the other would not be sufficient.

In conclusion, the issue is one that is fraught with danger and if anyone values his or her portion in the world-to-come, such a drastic step should only be taken after consultation with leading Poskim, and after the person has been sufficiently warned. If there is no time for a warning, the leading Poskim should be consulted as to what to do.

The Ramah rules that in such circumstances the report may, nonetheless, be made.

Justice For The SAP Gloves And Fire Extinguisher

August 2, 2010

On December 15, 2009 WIS reported the following to you…

After a six week B.S. case all based on lies brought to you by the city of N.Y. against six of our heroes  the Shomrim Six, the NYPD has decided to reopen the case and actually do an investigation this time around. The evidence they found will shock you and disgust you. If you are sensitive and can’t stomach violence and blood this is not for you.

We now have Photo evidence of who or what threw the fire extinguisher and ripped out a tooth of one of the alleged “victims” on the night of December 29, 2007 at 749 Eastern Pkwy.

Warning: viewers discretion advised!

Surveillance snap shots: To your Left you will notice a mysterious SAP Glove gripping a Fire Extinguisher in preparation to crack a skoal open.

On your right you will actually see (cooper) claws extending from the Glove, on end of claw you will actually see a tooth.

The SAP Glove will be facing 17 counts of assault and felony. The Fire Extinguisher will be charged as-well with aiding the glove with intent to cause physical injury, by means of a dangerous instrument.

So there you have it, we now know that it was the SAP gloves which throw the fire extinguisher.

The trial date is yet to be set.

WIS will keep you posted.

Meanwhile go get those FREE deals the shmira in giving out. I hear they are also very good at arranging Mesiras.

Since WIS last reported to you, Lawyer/attorney gangsters Elie Polotrak and serial spitter Paul Huebner arranged bail for SAP Glove and Extinguisher. Since that time both suspects have fled the country in an attempt to ovoid facing true justice. It is believed that the suspects have fled to Israel. In the last few days [Since WIS posted THIS] some Crown Heights residents have reported seeing both suspects with the fugitive and Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat.

The police and Districts attorneys office released the latest photos of both suspects. If anybody knows the whereabouts of these two dangerous criminals it is your civil duty to report them to the proper authority’s, before they hurt somebody. It’s time they faced justice for crimes committed.

If you see any of the above, please call shmira mesira.