Intro: The Agenda Exposed


Before WIS goes any further, you must first educate yourselves with the recent ‘Journalist’ Scandal.

Daily Caller discovers Journolist plot to spike Wright story, smear conservatives as racists

Journolisters debate, endorse gov’t control of Fox News

JournoList, Day 3: Debate moves to the media

Journolisters go after … Keith Olbermann?

Video: Journolist’s success in setting the message

Journolist, Day 5: Let’s campaign for Obama!

Journolist, Day 6: Heroes

Journolist, day 7: Setting up the post-debate spin


WIS has recently received an e-mail sent out in 2008 by the pig Yossi Stern. In this e-mail (amongst many things)  Stern presents a plan/agenda to get rid of Shomrim and outlines a plan to manipulate the then new inspector on the 71st precinct against Shomrim.

The content [of this e-mail] is nothing new to WIS, as WIS has been stating  these things all along. This e-mail will confirm what WIS has been stating to be a matter of fact (not hearsay or theories) . WIS has mentioned more then once that the Shomrim Six case was all about a bigger picture, in this e-mail, Stern outlines it all.

WIS will expose this e-mail piece by piece. (When done, WIS will post the e-mail in full).

What shocked WIS the most was to whom the e-mail was mainly addressed to. Meaning: the e-mail was written to one individual and many others from the community were ‘Cc’ed.

WIS first expose will begin on Sunday, August 22, 20010.

See you then…

P.S. WIS thanks the leakier for sending this e-mail. Better late then ever, however had WIS received this e-mail two years ago, it could have made a difference. Therefore, anybody out-there  whom may have any information (e-mails etc…) from the Shmira or the old gangsters (known as the fake Vaad), feel free to e-mail them to don’t wait till it’s to late.

UPDATE: Sunday August 29, 2010:
E-mail expose has been postponed for more pressing matters are at hand.


2 Responses to “Intro: The Agenda Exposed”

  1. awacs Says:

    “WIS first expose will begin on Sunday, August 22, 20010.”

    Ok … and?

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