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Quote of the day!!

June 30, 2009


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words…. What Does This Picture Say?

June 26, 2009
Yanky Prager being confronted by a resident (65 in age) by the resent precint meeting

Yanky the Muslim Rat  Prager being confronted by a resident (65 in age) by the resent precinct meeting. Might I add he was not  being confronted directly.

Harassment and Intimidation at Precinct Council Meeting

June 19, 2009

[CHI] — Over 200 Jewish men and women gathered Thursday evening for the monthly 71st precinct council meeting at I.S. 61 on Empire Boulevard and New York Avenue. Those gathered had one primary concern on their minds: the way police handled an incident, which took place on Wednesday afternoon and ended with the arrest of a Jew.


shmira mesira

June 19, 2009

late last night shomrim recieved a call on the hot line. the caller stated that he witnessed two shmira Ezagui boys giving a nypd officer a command to write a summons to a shomrim scooter. shomrim investigated and found that the scooter did recieve a ticket for parking at an angle.


June 19, 2009


Comment of the Day:

June 18, 2009
Chanina and his gang of thugs using tactics reminiscent of Chicago 1920

Chanina and his gang of thugs using tactics reminiscent of Chicago 1920

I was at the station yesterday and the police made it very clear.

“it is okay for chanina to ask us to arrest certain jews? but when we do it it is not okay?”

The Train That Could NOT!

June 10, 2009

About three month ago (71st precinct meeting) Commissioner Kelly was over heard telling the  Shomrim coordinators…

“The Train is Leaving the Station, you better hop on before it’s to late”

I could have wrote this then  and I’m writing it now….
Which Train Mr. Kelly
This one?

This Trains going nowhere! I'm not getting on a train with no tracks (underneath)

This Trains going nowhere and fast! I'm not getting on a train with no tracks (underneath)

Or was it this Train?

No thank you! I'll wait on a nother station!

No thank you! I'll wait on another station!

It’s your Train, your the conductor, what could go wrong?

Wow, didn't even get to far off from the station! Thank g-d I didn't get on this train! I don't feel bad for those that did. all the signs where there.
Wow, didn’t even get to far off from the station! Thank g-d I didn’t get on this train! I don’t feel bad for those that did. all the signs where there.


UMMMMMM, I’ll really enjoy saying this…

It’s your mess, now clean it up!

Shimra members accused of attacks involved with NYPD-backed Crown Heights neighborhood patrol

June 9, 2009

Shmira member and convicted racist Leib Skoblo driving city issued vehicle

The black victim of a Crown Heights bias attack said he was astonished Monday to discover that a group associated with his attackers now has close ties to an NYPD-sanctioned civic patrol.

Andrew Charles, a black college student, was reportedly beaten by members of the Shmira Jewish neighborhood patrol in April of last year.

He was outraged to find out Shmira shares members with the new NYPD Civilian Observation Patrol, launched last week by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to ease racial tensions in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

“Commissioner Kelly should suspend this patrol unit,” said Charles, 21. At the least, he said, everyone involved in the patrol should have a background check.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes empaneled a grand jury to investigate the attack, but the prime suspect – Shmira member Yitzhak Shuchat – is believed to have fled to Israel before he was charged.

Police sources said they received no help from Shmira members in the probe.

“For weeks, we were investigating members of Shmira. Now this same group is invited in, given equipment and the NYPD stamp of approval, and at least one has a criminal record,” a police source said.

The Daily News reported Monday that Leib Skoblo, 33, with Kelly at the group’s launch, spewed racial epithets and punched a black girl in 1995. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the department is reviewing Skoblo’s application.

Meanwhile, it was learned that Shmira leader Yaakov Prager pleaded guilty to harassment in 2000. Sources said he was charged with threatening to burn down the home, and sexually molest the wife of a man who complained about Shmira’s tactics.


June 7, 2009

Mr. Koch had this idea first with J.B.  Spielman
and that started the riots and as a sign from G-d,
Yankel Rosenbaum hy”d fell close to J.B. Spielmans house.

Published: Saturday, May 23, 1987

Ending years of disagreement over an all-white neighborhood security patrol run by a Hasidic sect, members of the black and Jewish communities in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn have agreed to start a new integrated patrol, they announced yesterday.

The decision by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council to end its all-white patrol came after many meetings between community groups and city and police officials, and six weeks after a march through the neighborhood by about 400 blacks protesting the patrol.

”For the betterment of all inhabitants of the community, cooperation between both groups is the most desired thing,” said Rabbi J. B. Spielman, chairman of the council, after a 50-minute meeting with Mayor Koch and Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward at City Hall yesterday.

”As the saying goes, from the bitter comes sometimes the sweet,” Rabbi Spielman said. ”I would hope that even though there might be a couple of negative events in the next couple of months, that from this would come open and complete cooperation.” Segregated Patrol Stops Blacks

Many black people in the neighborhood have complained that the segregated patrols stopped blacks walking on the street and asked them for identification. Mayor Koch warned the Hasidim several weeks ago that such tactics were illegal and would not be tolerated, and Commissioner Ward said yesterday that the patrol had not been operating ”for the past couple of weeks.”

The new patrol, which is to operate under the auspices of the 71st Precinct and is to include a telephone hotline at the stationhouse on Empire Boulevard to report incidents, will begin as soon as details have been worked out, the leaders said.

A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday with representatives of the two groups and top police officials to discuss recruitment and training for the patrols.

The Rev. Heron Sam, rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, who represented the black community at yesterday’s meeting, said: ”I hope the joint patrol will be successful. We’d like to work for the success of it.” Koch Links Assaults to Blacks

But, Mr. Sam said: ”There’s got to be an end to any kind of partisan patrols that exist in that community if there’s going to be a joint patrol. That is part of the agreement. If that is held, I think we have a chance of success.”

Mr. Koch drew loud protests in a visit to St. Mark’s two weeks ago, when he told a mostly black crowd that most crime in the neighborhood was committed by blacks. ”If you’re a Lubavitcher sect member, Jewish, it’s hardly likely that you’re going to be assaulted by a white in this community,” he said. ”If you’re black, and you’re living in this community, it’s hardly likely that you’re going to be assaulted by a white Lubavitcher.”

But Rabbi Spielman credited the Mayor yesterday with helping to resolve differences between the groups. Commissioner Ward said the two sides were between ”80 percent and 90 percent” in agreement before yesterday’s meeting, and that ”it took the Mayor and an hour to bring everybody together.”

Mr. Koch, speaking to reporters in his office, said, ”It was a very frank meeting,” adding, ”I don’t want to tell you it was kissy-huggy, but there was no animosity.” More Foot Patrol by Officers

City officials said the Lubavitch group had agreed about 10 days ago to join an integrated patrol, but until the meeting yesterday had not said explicitly that it would abandon its all-white patrol. The officials said Mr. Sam had made it clear that ending the all-white patrol would have to be part of any agreement.

Mr. Ward said it was hoped that the new patrol would include members of an integrated neighborhood watch program that has already been operating under the supervision of the 71st Precinct’s community relations officer. He said that group has about 50 active members and would be subsumed in the new patrol.

In addition, Mr. Ward said he had decided to introduce a Community Patrol Officer Program, which would put officers back on foot patrol in the neighborhood, in the precinct as soon as possible. The three-year-old program is operating in 44 of the city’s 75 precincts and is to be expanded citywide within the next 18 months.


June 5, 2009
shmira, the new cappos of crown heights

shmira, the new cappos of crown heights

HOW IRONIC, first they said shomrim suck up to the cops and masser on other jews, but what is this? what I see is a bunch of cappos.

Just like in the holocaust the nazis took jews and gave them sticks to beat their jewish brethren, the nypd did the same. crown heights now has it’s very own gang of henchmen.

one of the leaders of this new group of cappos is MOSHE SUFRIN, an unlicensed contactor that does shitty construction work for people in crown heights with outwork permits. I wonder who’s side he’s on with his brother now fighting against the shmira and the community council.

moshe sufrin one of the cops lead cappo.

moshe sufrin one of the cops lead cappo.

posing in the picture left to right is CHEZKEL EZAGUI who seems to have enough time on his hands to not be with his kallah, do i smell a second broken shidduch?, LIEB SKOBLO the convicted racist, MOSHE SUFRIN the unlicensed contractor and swindler, police commisioner RAY KELLY fraternizing with criminals, does this reflect on his character? and how can we forget, YANKY PRAGER the moslem rat, master forger, auto theif, safe theif, irs scammer.

Quote of the day!!

June 4, 2009

Shmira-cop taking a run with our money

אינך להלחם בפשע עם עבריינים, אתה להילחם בפשע נגד עבריינים

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Your opinion counts!!!

June 3, 2009
A grand jury will determine if Shmira patrol group is “circling the wagons,” says DA Hynes.

by Adam Dickter
Assistant Managing Editor

Likening a chasidic patrol group to the violent Crips and Bloods street gangs, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has taken the rare step of ordering a grand jury to investigate the April 14 beating of an African-American man in Crown Heights, an incident in which he says members of the patrol group may be involved.
“There is an identifiable group that knows what happened to that kid and they are stonewalling it,” said Hynes of the investigation into the attack on Andrew Charles, 20, who said he was sprayed with mace and struck by two individuals described by witnesses as chasidic men. “I’m just not going to allow that.”

He hopes the grand jury will issue subpoenas requiring suspects in the case to testify under oath.

NYPD betrayes one of their own

June 1, 2009

Just days after NYPD officially recognized the group shmira as C.O.P, Andrew Charles and his family feel betrayed.

Only a year after Andrew Charles was attacked and hospitalized by the shmira gang, and the NYPD’s memory seems to have faded. Brooklyn D.A Charles Hynes labeled the vigilante group, in an interview on May 22nd 2008 to the New York Times, as being comparable to the violent Bloods and Crips street gangs, after the groups leaders refused to cooperate with the police investigation into the beating.

Police sought a person of interest in the case, Yitzchak Shuchat, and after an investigation police learned that this individual was an active member of Shmira. Police then requested that Shmira turn Shuchat in for questioning, which they refused to do and instead whisked the individual off to Israel.

NYPD now muddied themselves with the intricacies of long and old feud between Shmira and Shmorim. With the communities best interests at hearts the police attempted to place themselves in between the two groups and force them to work together, instead the police ended up in bed with a group of criminals, violent and lawless, instead of Shomrim, a group of good people clear of any criminal record and above and beyond all scrutiny.

Standing up to its true initials, Criminals On Patrol, with C.O Peter Simonetti at its helm, who himself is also regarded as a [quote] ‘fat bully’ inside his own house. Simonetti was overheard telling members of Shmira not to worry about the criminal back round check that it will [quote] ‘not be a problem, and everyone will get in’. And it sure seems so, the papers were fudged and ‘all 21 of them’ got in.

Mother of Andrew Charles said ‘this is the most shocking and disgusting thing, first they beat up my baby and now they get a medal for it? they get official recognition?’ she said, let them turn in the monster that nearly killed my son for questioning then we can see about having them officially patrol our streets.

The NYPD refused to comment on the matter.