Quote of the day!!




4 Responses to “Quote of the day!!”

  1. antiCOP Says:

    The future belongs to those who built, not those who destroy

  2. antimesira Says:

    Go get those S.O.B’s!

    Show them the hand of JUSTICE!

  3. upstate Says:

    thses people are so evil, so full of hate, they are enraged with jealousy that they don’t care who suffers as a result from there actions.

    Their families can full apart but all they have in mind is more destruction.

    I hung out with some of these shmira people, all they talk about is shomrim this shomrim that, A.H. this A.H. that. They are obsessed with shomrim and destruction.

  4. john doe Says:

    Mother America or Mother Russia?
    From the moment Inspector Peter Simonetti walked into the 71st precinct station house, the bloodthirsty hounds from shmira and Chanina Sperlin pounced on the little piglet and spoon fed him the vicious propaganda they’ve already been spreading to the Crown Heights community for over ten years. Peter Salmonetti not having any previous personal contact with “Hassidic Rabbi’s”, who of course would never speak falsely about other Jews, ate the bullshit faster then yossi stern eats a ham sandwich, and promptly took upon himself the task of destroying Shomrim. After many attempts and all having failed, Peter Simonetti decides that he can’t go after a group, better to go after each separate individual.

    Personal testimony of police officers tells of peter Salmonetti briefing his officers to target individual members of Shomrim while making it very clear that he is not targeting Shomrim, and threatening his officers that they would face repercussions if they have contact with any members of Shomrim. It’s also testified that Peter Simonetti went on a rant of how evil Shomrim is and other vicious charges etc. (THEY MUST BE SO EVIL THAT THEY TAKE PRECEDENT OVER THE MANY MURDERS, MUGGINGS, AND BEATINGS HAPPENING IN THE COMMUNITY)

    It is almost guaranteed that Peter Simonetti will not be around Crown Heights much longer, especially after the investigation into the bogus c.o.p. is concluded and will show how he orchestrated getting criminals into the top position.

    Peter Slomonetti if you have a problem with Shomrim and you think they’re mafia like, committing extortion, murders etc. then get the FBI involved, who do you think you are, Eliot? The FBI would conclude the same as we have concluded, that your a joke of a cop being used by people of the Jewish community with personal agendas to get other Jews out of their way, and your sticking too them and they’re stuck to you like mice on a glue trap with both of you going nowhere fast.

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