Once Again Prager Cought With His Pants Down!!

Yanky muslim rat Prager and his little dick (click on the picture to see it in bigger)

Yanky muslim rat Prager and his little Shemkel (if you are looking for the shemkel you will have to enlarge the click photo to enlarge).

Muslim rat Yanky Prager once again caught with his pants down. Muslim rat Prager takes video of Mosser Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel standing in front of Shomrim members at Simchas Bais Hashiova.

In a desperate attempt to arrest members of Shomrim Yanky Prager brings the rat Gurfinkel directly in front of Shomrim members and begins to film. Paul (Levi) Huebner then takes his ‘hard evidence’ to the police and wants the Shomrim members arrested for violation of order protection.

Just days before Muslim rat Prager was seen walking by the Shomrim command post stationed on Crown and Kingston screaming out loud to his friend “look at that rat mobile”.

Now its time for all you readers to take a minute and contemplate this little turn of events; this RAT is the very same vermin that goes and puts every effort he can to go and get Shomrim locked up, and at the same time he cries wolf screaming that “NO, SHOMRIM ARE THE RATS, JUST LOOK AT THAT RAT MOBILE”.

Historical Accuracy:

Let me turn your attention to the very first Messira, LEVI HECHT, son of  Shea Hecht who wrote the article in the Daily News explaining about the Halochos of Messira and how its not possible for a Jew to violate that, the Muslim rat Yanky Prager and Chazzer belly Yossi Stern used LEVI HECHT, marching him by his arms into the 71st precinct encouraging him to point out Aron Hershkop to get him locked up on a blood liable.

But history repeated itself when the Muslim rat Yanky Prager and Chazzer belly Yossi Stern got BEREL SUGER locked up on false charges that he pulled his gun out on ELI ROGATSKY.


These very same animals are then once that continually scream that Shomrim and rats and Mossrim yet on Simchas Beis Hashueva Muslim rat PRAGER and HUEBNER Yimach Shemo went running to MASSER on Shomrim, and continue to walking into the 71st precinct every day and try to push the case to get Shomrim locked up.

These are the very same people who orchestrated the ENTIRE Messira at 749, using the very same Bochurim they maced and beat up in 770 to go and Masser on Shomrim.


Who Is Yanky Prager?

This piece of garbage is the same person who finds justification in robbing and stealing from anyone he finds convenient; like the time he crashed LEIB SKOBLOs car in Canada, then turned around and was screaming at Skoblo that “ITS YOUR FAULT I CRASHED! YOU KNEW I WAS TIRED!”

Or how about the time PRAGER THE MUSLIM RAT took A.D. ROSENBERGS brand spanking new chevy lumina and crashed that car and blamed A.D. saying that that crash was his fault to, that the brand new lumina had no breaks.

But the crashes don’t end there; in Israel PRAGER THE MOSLIM RAT crashed MESULAM ROSENBLATS car and once again he blamed MESHULAM that this crash was his fault too! why? because he let him drive the car.

I’m sure HERTZ RENTAL CARS forgave him for the time he stole 4 brand new tires off the car PRAGER THE MOSLIM RAT rented, a Crown Victoria, so he can replace his used tires from his own Crown Victoria. But guess what, he had justification for that too “hertz once overcharged me $23 on a old rental”.

I can go on and on and on and on and on, well you get the picture.

People who live their lives filled with criminal activity are bound to get caught, and when you do blaming Shomrim wont levy the crime you commit, FACT you stole those tires, FACT you crashed those cars, FACT you unloaded those 24 foot trucks of stolen electronics that ROGASTKY stole from the navy yard.





8 Responses to “Once Again Prager Cought With His Pants Down!!”

  1. slimy prager + #3 train = Says:

    last time whoisshmira up this picture i had nightmares for weeks this is the nastiest slimiest ugliest motherefer i have ever seen, is the #3 train still rolling through crown heights? give him the schedule and let him just end it now.

  2. shmira exposed Says:

    Let’s not forget how he uses the so called “organization” called “shmira” to scam/steal your money.

    All the money goes by his way (and stays there).

    Prager the Muslim rat never worked and honest day of his life.
    Every thing he “owns” is not even his (he didn’t pay for a thing with his own hard working cash), it was your or some others that he ripped off.

    He is a miserable, bitter low life!

    By the way WIS… you wrote : …”Prager and his little dick (click on the picture to see it in bigger)”

    I clicked to enlarge and I still did not see anything ;)

  3. CHER Says:

    Prager is a useless piece of $#!+
    He gets no love at home (how could he with that small thing)
    so he takes his misery out on everybody else.

    Hes irrelevant!

  4. BUSTED!!! Says:

    somebody has sticky hands
    I just hope its only when it comes to money and not people
    otherwise we will have to call dov hikind back to CH.

    Lets not get in to what prager used to do back in yeshiva
    (there might be children reading), one thing I will say is thank
    g-d I was not in his room.

  5. inthepits Says:

    The halocha says that you must push a mosseir in to a pit etc…

    My question on that is…
    What if hes already in the pit?

    prager has been a low life dirty scum his whole life
    he knows nothing less.

    prager put himself in that pit and is now trying to blame somebody else
    (that might be one of the reason he got in the pit to begin with-always blaming someone else for his failings). All we need now is somebody to fill that pit to bury the garbage deep inside.

  6. Huebner ym"s moiser Says:

    dear brothers and sisters

    most of us are one family lets try to be a unit as one not units

    as units we are nothing as a unit we are strong.

    lets all be together and moshiach will come soon and all mosrim

    will die a misa meshuna yechi hamelech

  7. prager the Muslim Snag Says:

    I know this prager for a long time
    He’s a cold no good son of a bitch with out one good feeling, the man is heartless.
    He cares for nobody but himself.

    The only feeling of joy this guy feels is when he pains another.
    He simply gets pleaser from stealing and causing misery to others.

    To suggest that he has ANY sexual feelings at all weather M/F is a plus for him. The man has no feeling for anything besides causing others trouble.

    you want to know who a person is, look at his friends.
    if you consider yourself a friend of prager, what does that say about you?

  8. stern the pig Says:

    please comment about his nipples they feel left out

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