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Before sub prime mortgages there was Dovid Rogatsky and Samuel Cohen. Samuel Cohen?

May 25, 2008

According to the City of New York Register, a one David Rogatsky residing at 710 Crown Street sold a property to a Samuel Cohen residing at 858 Eastern Parkway. Who is this Samuel Cohen? According to New York City Department of health a Samuel Cohen was not born yet. So, one might ask himself then how would he own a home? Well, if you look at the address 858 Eastern Parkway you will find a Yaakov Prager resides there. Yes my dear friends everything in life comes full circle.

In 2001 David Rogatsky sold his Condo at 762 Empire Blvd. to Samuel Cohen for $251,100. Samuel Cohen AKA Yanky Prager then collected rent for the apartment all the while not paying a mortgage or maintenance. Over the years Prager re mortgaged the property milking every penny. City record show that on 4/14/2008 there was foreclosure on the Condo in the sum of $414,055.00. Yes Prager, after milking the Condo dry for so many years the system finally caught up with you. How many more crimes do they have to commit before the community stands up and says enough is enough.

Jealousy: Cutting the Baby In Half

May 25, 2008

Shlomo Hamelech-cut the baby in half-JealousyWhat’s stopping shmira from expanding? Why did they say that they are willing to shut down if Shomrim shuts down with them? Why is their whole existence based on Shomrims non-existence?

The Haftorah of Parshas Miketz reveals to us the extent one can be driven when plagued with jealousy. The Haftorah relates the first court decision the wise Shlomo Hamelech rendered after assuming the mantle of leadership. It tells of two women who shared an apartment and both had given birth at the same time. Unfortunately, misfortune struck one of them and her child died in his sleep. One of the women claimed that her child was actually kidnapped by the other woman and replaced by the woman’s dead child and the other totally denied the accusation. Shlomo Hamelech immediately ordered for a sword to be brought and that the live child be divided equally amongst the two women. The true mother cried out and pleaded with the king that the child be spared and given to the other mother. But the latter calmly accepted the judgment and agreed to the slicing of the child. Shlomo immediately ruled that the woman who frantically expressed her compassion was the child’s true mother.


Crown Heights Shmira Co-ordinator Convicted of Bias Attack

May 23, 2008

Lieb Skoblo, a Coordinator in Crown Heights Shmira was convicted of beating a black youth while yelling racial slurs at him.

The newyork Amsterdam News reported; “Reports that Lieb Skoblo, a Jewish youth residing in Brooklyn, New York City, has been found guilty of a racially motivated bias crime…”

Part of his conviction was that a judge banned him from participating in any type of volunteer patrol, yet he is still a member in shmira as well as in the Auxiliary police.

WhoIsShmira? Gets another nod from NY POST

May 23, 2008

The Post is calling shmira a gang which uses “soviet style tactics” and operates outside the “boundries of the law”. The article quoted the Hatzolah member who was thretaned by shmira;

“My father was jailed in Russia by people like [Shmira] . . . and I am not afraid of you, not now and not ever,” read one message. A police official who did not want to be identified said there were concerns that Shmira was “operating outside the boundaries of the law.” he even added (to their credit)  “Sometimes, they are helpful,” the official said. “Most times, not.”

Here is the whole article: Linkback




May 23, 2008 — An Orthodox Jewish vigilante group, under fire in Brooklyn after one of its members attacked a black man, uses “Soviet-style tactics” and continues to operate “outside the boundaries of the law,” critics said yesterday.

Shmira – which in Hebrew means “to protect” – has about 100 members who ride around Crown Heights in white and blue patrol cars that resemble NYPD vehicles.

The group, founded in 1968, has increasingly come under attack the last few weeks after one of its members, Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, allegedly attacked a 20-year-old black man with a stick on April 14.

Cops said Andrew Charles, the son of a police sergeant, was the victim of a bias attack.

Shuchat remains at large.

In a case some in the Jewish community claim was retaliation for the Charles assault, two black teens were busted yesterday for the brutal attack last Friday on Alon Sherman, 16.

Basean Parker, 14, was charged with assault and robbery for allegedly beating Sherman, then swiping his wallet, cellphone and bicycle. Cops said the attack was not a bias crime.

Namor Clarke, 16, was charged with robbery.

Investigators traced the stolen phone to Erickson Castillo, 29, who told cops he’d bought it from Parker.

Meanwhile, critics argue that Shmira is nothing but a gang.

In a recent interview with New York Jewish Week, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes compared the group to the Bloods and Crips.

The blog “Who is Shmira” has put up postings from other Jews who claim the group uses “Soviet-style tactics.”

“My father was jailed in Russia by people like [Shmira] . . . and I am not afraid of you, not now and not ever,” read one message.

A police official who did not want to be identified said there were concerns that Shmira was “operating outside the boundaries of the law.”

“Sometimes, they are helpful,” the official said. “Most times, not.”


Shmira threatens Messira on Hatzalah member

May 21, 2008

Late Thursday at empire kosher supermarket, a member of Hatzalah was approached by two members of the Messira patrol, the Hatzalah member was asked by the Messira members why he did does not call shmira in emergencies, the Hatzalah member responded that “in times of emergencies the first number on my mind is Shomrim”.

The Messira members persisted in stating that shmira should be the number that Hatzalah should call in times when Hatzalah need emergency backup, the Hatzalah member answered that “he is personal friends with members of Shomrim”, he will always call Shomrim and will not now and not ever call the shmira in emergencies, the Messira members in front of eyewitnesses declared that “they will lock him up just like they locked up the Hershkops” the brave Hatzalah member replied that “my father was jailed in Russia by people like the Messira patrol, my grandfather was jailed in Russia by people like the Messira patrol and I am not afraid of you not now and, not ever.

These are the tactics shimira uses to intimidate members of the Shechuna to get what they want, what they want is legitimacy something they will never get and never have, they were born from lies and deceit and they will disappear from the same.

(To give credit: the owner on the store seeing what happened kindly asked the shmira Messira members to leave his store- so too we ask leave our community alone)

Did everyone see the fox exclusive?

May 20, 2008

Why was Rogatsky hiding behind a woman? Why is he just of a sudden afraid of a little black kid with a rock? Isn’t he the same guy who beats people up for no reason on Simchas Torah ? Isn’t he the guy who stole the safe? I think he just didn’t want anyone seeing his face because he is a wanted man. Maybe someone would recognize him as a perp that committed a crime against them. I think he was just trying to score some points with another propaganda story for shmira/mesira. Stern you looked tired. I think you need some rest. Why don’t you crewel back into your rat hole and sleep for a while?



May 19, 2008

Paul Hubner the Moser with Hikind


It all comes to an end after years of shmira member’s harassing, threatening, robbing, rating and stealing from the Crown Heights community. It’s a shame it took so long, It’s a shame it took a incident like Charles’s assault. Why didn’t community leaders who were aware of there criminal activities for years put their foot down and shut them down?

What people don’t seem to get is that for years now they have been masering on other Yidden. This is not something that started 3 weeks ago. They go around trying to gain support from community members by telling them Shomrim masered them. All that is propaganda.

Proof is what I have yet to see. Several copies of recent police reports showing shmira members masering on Shomrim member were emailed to me. I have yet to see one report showing the opposite. When in fact before the Charles story broke news it was Stern, Prager, Skoblo and the shmira gang that went to 749 after it was all over and demanded from the bochurim to go to the hospital and follow thru with mesira that lead to the arrest of 7 Shomrim members.

Do you think that Shomrim were not able to make reports against the bochurim, they thought it was all going to be ok until 3 weeks later when detectives from the 77 pct called them in to be arrested. Not just arrested but the mesira was made by Hubner the mamzer ben nidah with a goy for a father, with such rishus that they made the Shomrim members look like career criminals.

The detective said to them you all going thru the system and that is coming from the chief. Only after intense negotiation with the detective did he agree to give them a Desk appearance ticket.

Once again “when the ship sinks the rat’s come out”. Hubner was hard at work. For three weeks he set the Shomrim members up. Shuttled the 749 bochurim in and out of the precinct acting as a friend, lawyer and a translator for the police.

Hubner ben nideh you have the din of a moser and a rodef. YOU SHOULD BE DROWND IN THE MIKVA!

When one asks the shmira why did you maser shomrim at 749 they say that they had permission from a rov. Since when does stern ask a rov permission. He is seen in public by several who gave testimony that he eats chaser and milk together all the while making a brocha with hashems name.

Stern you ben nidah. what people don’t realize is that he doesn’t need a reason to screw you, all he has to be is jealous of you and your done, and that is why the community leader are afraid of them.

And to Dov Hikind, we don’t need you to come to Crown Heights to parade around with mosrim like Chanina, Hubner and the shmira gang. I didn’t see your name on the ballet in our community elections. We have our leaders. Go back to your business and don’t try to legitimize mesira. Practice what you preach!!

The problem with Crown Heights is EMES if there was EMES there would be peace. But a person like Chanina who himself had the Hershkop’s locked up for the box should crawl into his rat cage and not parade in the streets.

Shmira Memeber sought for questioning in alleged bias attack

May 16, 2008

City police are seeking a Jewish man for questioning in an alleged bias attack on a black man in Crown Heights.

Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, is “a person of interest,” in the April 14 beating that left the victim hospitalized in stable condition, the NYPD said in an alert Friday morning asking the public’s help locating Shuchat.

Police want to talk to Shuchat about the incident, which took place around 6:30 p.m. on Carroll Street between Kingston and Albany.

A 20-year-old black man told the police that while he was walking on Carroll Street “a black SUV pulled up along side him and a [white man] asked ‘What are you looking at!’ The victim responded ‘What are you looking at!’ The victim reported that several [white men] exited the vehicle and he was struck with a wooden object and Maced,” a city police report said.

Anyone with information on the man’s whereabouts is urged to make a confidential call to CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

As reported in the Newsday, ABC7 and the Daily News

Shmira you guys are criminals and your days are numbered!


May 15, 2008

If you have dirt on the Shmira dont hesitate to send it in!

Hell, send your hate mail too, its quite comical!


May 15, 2008




Seems Paul Hubner is public enemy #1

May 14, 2008

And rightfully so!

Paul Huebner

Seems he is quite the MOSER, concocting stories and getting people arrested, and he is the legal represent for shmira, sickness attracted to more sickness. Classic!

Any of you ever hear of a law firm called Boris Kogan & Associates in Manhatten, a law firm that specializes in elder law, such as estates etc.? Well Hubner knows it well, he USED to work there. Do you know why he was fired? Well Hubner knows very well why. He ripped off a client, an elderly lady, who he made sign over her will to him.


NY Magazine Recognizes ‘WhoIsShmira?’ !!!

May 12, 2008

Law & Order

A Jewish patrol group says it protects Crown Heights. Others call its members vigilantes.

On the evening of April 14, a 20-year-old black man named Andrew Charles was attacked with pepper spray and then beaten by a pair of Hasidic assailants in his Crown Heights neighborhood. The attackers escaped in a GMC Envoy, and although Charles didn’t catch the plate number, a witness did. Police traced its registration to another neighborhood resident, Menachem Ezagui, who police say is a member of a local volunteer security-patrol group called the Crown Heights Shmira. He was picked up by police, but when the victim couldn’t identify him in a lineup, he was released. The investigation remains open, and the Shmira isn’t helping.

The Shmira—the name means “to watch” or “to protect” in Hebrew—has a contentious history in the neighborhood. Founded in 1968, its original membership was conspicuously multiethnic. Today the Shmira’s 100 or so members are all Jewish. They monitor the neighborhood from a police-style patrol car. “We’ve had more than a dozen Jewish men in their twenties and thirties beaten and attacked viciously in the last year,” claims Yossi Stern, the group’s longtime leader, who says the police are more concerned about keeping crime stats down than responding. But some see the Shmira as a problem, not a solution. “They’re not supervised or properly trained,” says City Councilwoman Letitia James, who represents the area. Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes has called the organization “renegade.” The anonymous blog Who Is Shmira?, which was launched after the attack, has mocked the organization’s leaders and says the group victimizes Crown Heights. “Community patrols usually cooperate with their local precinct,” says NYPD assistant chief Michael Collins. “But unfortunately this group has chosen not to.”

Stern says his members are simply protecting their community. “We’re talking cracked skulls, broken arms, missing teeth,” he says. “Not one time was there a strong, faithful effort [to find the perpetrators] like the police are doing now with this black kid.” Stern gives an example from earlier this year. “A Jewish boy walking in the neighborhood got his head ripped wide open,” he says. “The black guy was pointed out, and I walked up to him and said, ‘My name is Yossi Stern, and I’m with the Crown Heights Shmira.’ He was bigger than me, and intimidating. He said, ‘Get out of my face.’ I said, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ The cops came and put him in handcuffs.” The Police Department, however, lost the report, Stern claims—just one of dozens of complaints that he charges have been misplaced as part of a citywide effort to bury crime stats. (The NYPD wouldn’t address this charge.)

“We don’t carry guns,” Stern says. “No bats, no sticks, no pepper spray. We’re husbands, we’re brothers. We’re a passive patrol, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” Authorities and locals still suspect Shmira members were involved with the Charles beating, and Hynes convened a grand jury late last month. “The police and Hynes don’t have all the facts,” says Stern. “If they have all the facts, why aren’t they bringing them forward?”


May 12, 2008

Check this guy out, IP ADDRESS using names like Anonymous, WHY, THE TRUTH and tons more, left today alone over 60 comments attempting to glorify Shmira, NEBACH! GET A JOB!

and your hipocretical comments (such as this one) is kinda funny, ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU WISH DEATH ON OTHER JEWS IN YOUR 15 OTHER COMMENTS

To say the truth I am not helping, but at least I’M not writing Loshon Horah and making Machlokes like the editor of this sick website is doing, and at least I know that I will have a share in Olam Habah unlike the editor of this sick website, the editor should really do Teshuvah fast before it’s to late.

Sick, sad.

More Chazzer Belly Pictures!!!!!

May 12, 2008

At some point you just want to cry, not for Stern the gangster, but for his poor family.

Yossi, do you really not notice how hated you are? How little you are respected? How fat your chazzer belly is?

This picture came from a ‘friend’ of yours (and the black smuges are your family), and the way your daughters are dressed… bais rivka girls… sheesh…

Stern face it, your old, your fat, your tired, and you have accomplished absolutely nothing to take pride in.


Ok, ok, some pictures of his hot daughters, (not so blurred out)…

Stern Hot Beis Rivka Babes

Oh, and the Chazzer Belly, almost forgot.

How Yossi Stern Screwed Barry Suger

May 9, 2008

“Would you like some sugar with that?”

It was only 10 short years ago when the Stern Gang leveled the score with Berel Sugar. It all started when a member of the Stern Gang (aka Shmira) came into Kingston Check Cash, which is owned by Berel, to make a money order, after purchasing the money order he noticed that the amount was wrong, so he asked Berel to exchange it for another one with the correct amount. So Berel told him that he would have to cash in the money order and pay all the fees and then buy a new one.

This did not sit well with this gang member, and harsh words were exchanged. That night Kingston Check Cashed had its windows broken. After reviewing of the video tape a suspect was quickly identified by Berel and he filed a police report.

Now here starts the trouble, because that suspect was a member of the Stern Gang. Yossi Stern an over jealous hate monger could not stand Berel Sugar because he was a successful business man and that made him mad. He then sat down and made a plan together with his gang members how to level the playing field.

Everyone knew that Berel carried a concealed weapon, and so did they. A message was sent to Sugar, drop the charges or we are coming after you. Berel being a hard ass told them to blow off.

Yossi Stern set up a plan, they would go to sugar’s house (he then lived on Malbone St. next to the police station) ring his door bell, and when he comes down to talk they would run to the police station screaming that he pulled out his gun.

The plan worked out like clock work. Members of the Stern Gang knocked on Berel’s door one night and when he opened they went running to the police station screaming “gun, gun…”, Berel was immediately arrested and charged with menacing. Berel, unknowing who was really behind the scheme, was happy to see his ‘friend’ Yossi Stern in the station, but later learned what he was really there for.

At one point he could be heard saying “look at that big shot now, look at him locked up in hand cuffs, were is his ego now?” then in a moment Berel’s wife walked in to the station, Stern turned to her and says “oh honey I am so sorry about what happened to Berel, I am here to help” he wasn’t there to help he was just there to make sure his plan fell into place.

He was just there because he could not see him making money. He was just there because a rat needs to eat garbage to live. And so my dear friends, next time you see Berel Sugar ask him, how do you look Stern in the face after he did what he did to you?

Wow the DA really wants blood!

May 8, 2008

Our wonderful double standard DA Hynes really wants blood! G-d Speed!

DA: No deal for Jews accused in attack on black man in Crown Heights

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office refused to accept the surrender of two Jewish men accused of beating an unarmed black man in Crown Heights in exchange for more lenient charges, sources told the Daily News.

A lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience dealing with the Hasidic community tried to broker the deal, sources said Wednesday.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes turned the lawyer away, electing to have a grand jury continue to probe the April 14 attack on Andrew Charles, a 20-year-old college student.

“This kid was first Maced and then hit by someone with a nightstick,” a source said. “It is not a misdemeanor assault no matter how you cut it.”

Charles, a sophomore at Kingsborough Community College, was walking along Albany Ave. when a white attacker on a bicycle sprayed him with Mace, police sources said.

A GMC Envoy then pulled up and a second man got out and hit Charles, the son of city cop, in the back and arm with a nightstick, police said.

An adviser to the Charles family said both attackers were wearing yarmulkes.

George Farkas, the lawyer who attempted to cut the deal with the DA’s office, said he was trying to defuse the situation.

“I don’t know who did it, and I didn’t represent to anyone that I have the power to surrender anyone,” Farkas said. “What I did do is point out the perception in the community of special treatment in this case.

“Would there be a grand jury if the kid’s father was not a cop? I think we know what the answer is,” he said.

A spokesman for Hynes declined to comment.

Hynes impaneled the grand jury after community sources said Charles’ attackers were part of Shmira, an anti-crime Crown Heights neighborhood patrol. The patrol was allegedly in the area the night of the attack answering complaints from Jewish residents that black youths, ages 11 to 13, had been hurling rocks into their yards.

Witnesses to the assault have not cooperated.

The investigative grand jury can bring perjury charges against witnesses who refuse to reveal what they saw.


May 8, 2008

25,000 and Counting!

Knowledge is power!

Money, Money and more Money! Give them your money!

May 7, 2008

While Shmira are scrambling for some kind of legitimate reason for existence and trying to fix their ‘broken beyond recognition’ reputation, there are a whole bunch of people coming out of the woodwork trying to help.

From one side you have those that are interested in helping with the image problem, then you have them themselfs just asking for money, and the double standard DA is still hard at work issuing subpoenas and trying to hang Shmira for all to see. Which I applaud.

The mishechist flagshit website reported about a ‘almost’ rape, which a former Shimra member stepped and and saved her, the reason its a former member is because of family reasons. Never mind Chaim Yavich hasn’t been in Shmira in over 10 years, but for the sake of trying to reap some praise… puff, he is a newfound member.

But the best part is the end of the article is its ending, where they ask you for your money, the well with a phoneline for emergency calls, lets just have everyone call the hotline with their credit card information!

In an Emergency always call Crown Heights Shmira at 718-221-**** (Including Shabbos and Yom Tov, do not hesitate to call!).

Shmira is asking community residents to support Shmira and its dedicated work. Please send your tax deductable donation to:

Crown Heights Shmira
*** Kingston Ave.
Suite # **
Brooklyn NY 11213

To Donate by credit card call the Shmira Hotline at 718-221-****

If you would like to join Shmira to make Crown Heights a safer place call the Shmira Hotline at

A gang of criminals!

May 4, 2008

This is just tooooo funny! Each and every one of them are criminals! Convicted racists, fraudsters, thieves, gangsters,  robbers and client number 9’s. HAHA!