More Chazzer Belly Pictures!!!!!


At some point you just want to cry, not for Stern the gangster, but for his poor family.

Yossi, do you really not notice how hated you are? How little you are respected? How fat your chazzer belly is?

This picture came from a ‘friend’ of yours (and the black smuges are your family), and the way your daughters are dressed… bais rivka girls… sheesh…

Stern face it, your old, your fat, your tired, and you have accomplished absolutely nothing to take pride in.


Ok, ok, some pictures of his hot daughters, (not so blurred out)…

Stern Hot Beis Rivka Babes

Oh, and the Chazzer Belly, almost forgot.


46 Responses to “More Chazzer Belly Pictures!!!!!”

  1. joey Says:

    all right lets just say every thing you put up about stern is true for some resson you seem to have a hard time finding stuff on other shmira people maybe just maybe unlkie shommrim most shmira people are Normal decent people who just try to proteched the shcunna

  2. Pathetic Says:



    Please Stop with your pathetic WEBSITE.

    Sinas Chinum is soo strong here. Why wait for a tragedy CHV to happen to Feel bad for what your doing.





  3. stop this BS Says:

    Just rember before you wirte dirt on others make sure your clean, its funny how all these stories are 10-15 years old.
    Most of the Shomrim guys have more up to date stories, including the webmaster of this site. who has enough stories from this year alone, to keep a site against Shomrim alive for years.

  4. ok Says:

    It will be so nice f you can post something like this with all other shtuss you have

    I have a picture if you want, just gimee an email address where to send it to.


    In the first moments after the World Trade Center attack, ordinary people became beacons of hope for the trapped.

    By Jane Spencer and Mary Carmichael Newsweek web exclusive

    Sept. 11 – Yossi Stern, captain of a firefighting unit from Crown Heights, said he’d been in the wreckage with his crew since Tuesday morning, searching for bodies. “We were in the belly of the beast,” he said, as he emerged from the wreckage about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning with his exhausted, dust-covered men. In the course of the day, his crew was involved in the successful rescue of just two people, a man and woman, who were trapped by collapsing debris. “It’s a great sense of relief when you pull someone out alive. But then you think about what they represent, and the others that didn’t make it out.” There were plenty of reminders for Stern’s crew: “We saw a hand with a ring on it.” he said. “A wedding ring. We saw a burned foot. And a lot of burned parts.”

    Stern said the toughest parts of the day came in the afternoon, just before 7 World Trade Center collapsed. “We could see people in WTC 7 giving us the SOS signal with flashlights,” he said. His crew knew those signals were probably from fellow fire crews and police officers, who were hoping to be rescued before the building crumbled “There was an order saying we couldn’t go in after them because the building was going.” They had no choice but to watch helplessly as the building collapsed, swallowing up the firefighters, police officers and their flashing lights into darkness.

  5. You need an English teacher... Says:

    You have some nerve calling people fat and saying things about a young girls dress when you are clearly illiterate.

    “your old, your fat, your tired, and you have accomplished absolutely nothing to take pride in.”

    Actually YOU have nothing to take pride in…..

    The CORRECT way to write this is “you’re old, you’re fat, you’re tired…”

    “You’re” is the contraction of “you are.”

    You are embarrassing YOURSELF. You also have no idea how many people are laughing at you and the total stupidity you *proudly* display each and every time you write something for this blog.

  6. Mendy W. Says:

    whatever happened to that fat pig ernie stern? is he still running an offshore illegal online casino in costa rica?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Pathetic wote “NEXT TIME YOU GO TO THE OHEL, BEG MECHILA FROM THE REBBE” To the editor I hope you don’t go the Ohel dead, you can always ask for forgivenes, get rid of this website or hashem will really get even with you, so don’t make that happen and stop all this hate. I’M saying Hashem will really punish you maybe in this world, maybe in next world, and maybe in both worlds, please for the editor’s sake don’t make hashem do something horrible to you, this is a wakeup call do Teshuvah.

  8. Mendy W. Says:

    I agree with every word the author of this blog writes.He cannot publish his true identity because pig stern or pig rogatsky or or pig prager would beat him up or file false charges against him and get him arrested.

    I beg the author of this blog to write more, and as our Rebbe has always taught us not to be satisfied with past accomplishments but to double and re-double our efforts.

    Publish names, addresses and phone numbers and email addresses so the public can take it upon themselves to administer justice to these criminals.

    Publish every illegal act they commited so the police can arrest them and put them in jail where they belong, with their fellow criminals might I add.

    give details, eyewitness accounts, and publish evidence.In a previous article the author posted a newspaper clipping about the montreal safe robbery by the shmira thugs.That is a good start but I beg you for more more more.

    We cannot stop until we purge this community of assholes, felons, theives, rapists, hooker abusers, and mosrim who lie to the community and bring us shame .

    The vicious and unprovoked attack on Mr. Charles was shameful unwarranted and truly disgusting.The community will suffer the repurcussions because of these shmira hoodlems .

    we must publicize who they are, where they live, and their phone numbers, and where they work so that al sharpton can go directly there to punish them and leave the rest of us innocent crown heighters alone.

    thankyou for publishing this website.

  9. Tragic Says:

    the tragedy is here.

    we have this moisrim operate in our shchuna and everyone is quiet

    who is this huebener ganev ?

    but listen all of this will come in the open .

    and the fact that huebener is a ganev everyone will read in the papers how he is cheating his own clients and steeling money form them.

    mr paul huebener the da is on to you .

  10. To Joey Says:

    Shmira members are normal unike shomrim members who Moiser on Yidden, Shomrim is crazy.

  11. WHY Says:

  12. Yossi Stern Says:

    “You have accomplished absolutely nothing to take pride in.”

    Your Wrong!!! all this maclokes I’m causing is so much fun,
    I mean who can say he destroyed this community more then I,
    Who can boost of how many Jews he locked up,
    Who can brag about how many pounds of Chazzer he eats with a Brocha.
    Who can take pride for single handily building a group of thugs and bums (like a mafia) to scam you all?
    Who, tell me who???

    Let’s not brag to much (not all in one day) but let’s not forget all the Jews I’ve stolen from, all the Jews I’ve threatened and arras on a daily basis to get my way. So my dear WhoIsShmira Before making such statements please get your facts straight!

  13. Mendy W. Says:

    I can guarantee that the Rebbe would approve of this blog.The Rebbe did not like corruption in his midst.The Rebbe did not like liars.Remember when the Rebbe actually fired krinsky for lying and saying he got the permits to expand 770 to union st.?

    Keep up the good work . I dont know who you are or what your purposes are, but I completely support your expose of the truthful events that plague our community.

    The stern gang is a mafia and not a shmira.All they watch is their own behinds so that they dont get arrested for their crimes.

  14. joe Says:

    if you wana trash yosi then thats your decison why do you have to bring his family in thats low

  15. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Hey Yossi, did you see the new pics of your daughters I just put up? I bet Beis Rivka would love to get a copy. Maybe I will send blown up version without any blurring!

  16. mendy Says:

    do you think its fair to get his children involved? they had nothing to do with this fight

  17. CH Says:

    And the Fathers and sons that he and his Shmira/Mishira team had locked up? What about them? 7 Shomrim members, Members of our community, Fathers and Sons of our community, people that work and support our community, people that grow up here and that will raise there children here. Do they not have families, are they not some bodies children.

    How many mothers are now worried for there children?
    How many wife’s are now worried for there husbands?

    Why is the shmira helping (all of a sudden*) these Tzvatim which cause much pain to many people (which we here about much too often).
    Are these Tzavtim the future of Crown Heights, Are they helping the people in need in CH? Are they patrolling our streets, so you and I can sleep better at night? Does there Maser Money go to our community?
    Who are they and what does Shmira have to do with them?

    * Shmira has had its run in with the Tzvatim, were they beat each other up. At one fight the shmira even maced them.

  18. Dov Says:

    Have you Massered on a fellow Jew Yet???
    If not, then go try it, it’s easy, just rip out your heart and get ride of your jewish soul and your good to go.

    It’s sad, truly sad.

    I don’t understand why people are getting all excited about what Mr. Charles Hynes is doing when on a daily basis we have our own “fellow Jews” (who Davven with us, who use our Mikvas, some even scream different slogans etc… some hide behind a mask of “protecting” the community) Massering on us (making false allegations on there “fellow Jews”).

    What is done to them?
    Why is there not an out cry to stop them?
    Why are these Mossrim (takka) praying with us, using our mikvas and excepted in our community?

  19. to You need an English teacher Says:

    glad you enjoy it!

  20. fuck assholes like you Says:

    you are a dead man and this website will get you killed

  21. Mendy W. Says:

    of course his children should be involved.When they masser a false accusation and get someone arrested they involve the entire family of the victim.The kids have to go to school and be teased by the other kids…”your daddy was arrested”
    That must hurt really badly for families.

    This is midah kinegged midah !

  22. joe Says:

    to mendy w who the hell made you the judge and jury

  23. TO joe Says:


  24. john doe Says:

    hahahahaahahahhn to the one who wrote “you are a dead man and this website will get you killed”
    look who thinks hes in the overated sopranos series .hahahahahaahahahaahhahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaha stern you fat pig with your fat wife and fat daughters is that you? everytime someone posts a comment on this website the messira patrol runs to the 71 pricint to file a police report, i hear its a full time job, and the cops are getting serious overtime filling out the reports hahahaahah

  25. john doe Says:

    stern is a killer a killer a killer, sing along, stern is a moisser a moisser, stern is a ganev a ganev a ganev, stern is a loser a loser a loser. you must be seething, going crazy about these pictures of your family smeared everywhere, your whole life you walked around with your fat chazzer belly, thinking you were the shit, well you are the shit, the real slimy kind, the kind that sticks to the bottom of my shoe and takes weeks to get off, but eventually it slowly rubs away and disapears forever.

  26. menachem r. Says:

    Lyphshitz you’re a lowlife. and mendy w. jeez bro you really cannot be serious about all the crap your saying. next time you comment read it over a couple of times before you post it.

  27. Joey Says:

    Ohhh wow, i actually think his daughters are good looking, ;)
    And by the way, I pray the day that the person in charge of this website show his face. Just do it, get some balls. Put your face up there.

  28. sholom Says:

    some day you will get whats come and it will be bad mabe from god or mabe not but its coming and i would like to be gods messanger

  29. moshiach nom Says:

    what ever happend to Ahavas Yisroel?? bye gons are bye gons its time to move on, i mean come on thats y R’Akivas “talmidim”(student`s) wer killed no?24,005 died 4 what? no love?
    so insted of saying the bad on how thay destroy the comunity in which i think is all reddy destroied (since the rebbi passed) talk about how WE WILL MAKE CROWN HIGHTS A BETTER PLACE 4 ALL. NO?
    “Sinass chinam” is what destroied the BAIS HMIKDASH!!!! i my self is coming religus now i came to CH and i hear all the chaos & hatered between shomrim&shmira what the FU{!< is going on? lord hellp US ALL we need moshiach now!!!!!!

  30. Mendy W. Says:

    to menachem r- I pray to hashem that a tractor trailor drives over your testicles and squashes them so we can be assured that scumbags like you can never reproduce.You are the true lowlife scumbag motherfucker that rips our community apart and tears families in half.Anything involved with a prager pig or stern pig will be destroyed.tick tock.tick tock.

  31. Mendy W. Says:

    my daughter knows sterns daughter and says that she is a lying abusive piece of shit.My daughter said that the bas chazzer belly admitted to eating not kosher and to having a shvartza boyfriend.How disgusting to have such a family in our community.we must take action and oust the pig sterns from our midst and send them down to the mudhole they belong in.

  32. john doe Says:

    a few years back yossi stern fat wife tripped and fell in the home they were renting, well yossi stern came up with the great idea of suing the landlord but all he had to do was convince his wife to say that she tripped outside the home, well his fat greedy wife agreed, they went to court however lucky for the landlord yossi sterns wife pussied out in the end and would not go through with it despite the beating she recieved from her husband.

  33. joe Says:

    mendy w your full of shit

  34. joe Says:

    to mendy w why dont you spend time with youre children instead of spuing hate about another jew you must be a great role model for youre children boy do i feel bad for them

  35. Mendy W. Says:

    what john doe says is correct. stern tried to fuck over his landlord in order to sue them falsely and steal money this occured on crown st between troy and schenectady . stern is a fucking theif with a track record of fucking over his friends and neighbors. i hope that stern reads this blog and gets scared that people know what he i all about.

    It is no longer a secret yossie stern you coward wife beating are fucked.your whole family is fucked.we will not let your evil continue.we will oust you from this community and then we will dance in the streets with moshiach tzidkeynu.

    fuck you stern.

  36. joe Says:

    to mendy w im sure your kids would be happy to know you use such vile language what a role model and then you speak about moshiach its because of pepole like you that moshiach is not here

  37. Mendy W. Says:

    moshiach is not here yet because he will not associate himself with lowlifes like stern,prager, hubner and all the other scumbags of crown heights

  38. shrink Says:

    Hey you are really getting me tempted and i think i want to finally try chazer, can you tell me where is the best place to go, maybe you should put a poll on your site?

  39. vile shmira Says:

    no “vile” language can compare to the vileness of the rats stern prager skoblo and huebener

  40. joe Says:

    youreself included

  41. Mendy W. Says:

    i guarantee that moshiach will arrive the moment yossi stern and his goons are ousted from crown heights. fuck you yossi stern and fuck all of your gang members. we will not be intimidated by you anymore . your days are numbered go fuck yourself

  42. joe Says:

    to mendy w you seem to have much agresion in your life maybe you go see an anger counsler for the sake of your wife and children if your acctuly married i highly doubt it

  43. Mendy W. Says:

    joe thankyou for the advice. i am happily married and have 4 children. i do not have any family problems and i just bought a house so i am doing well financially.

    yes i am angry. i am angry at the division in our community.i am angry at the bullshit that goes on here in the rebbe’s neighborhood. and i will fight and fight until all those who divide us are ousted from the community.

    i will not tolerate my community deteriorating into a slum because a few hot headed motherfuckers want to ruin it for the rest of us.

  44. TO MENDY W Says:

    WOW u talk so much shit ur just some low life that talks big on the net i bet u put ur name up there or some one finds it out and puts it up there ur done and will see how much u talk then u just sound like a lil kid so go put ur name up tuff guy

  45. Mendy W. Says:

    i have 4 kids in yeshiva and I am not going to reveal my last go fuck yourself. dont waste your time asshole. you should be spending your time learning chitas and rambam and not surfing the net you bitch. why dont you go on mivtzoim and put tefilin on someone you bitch ass fuckface motherfucker.

  46. krazy Says:

    your an idiot do your of protection and mind your own buissnes

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