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Time For Crown Heights To Wake Up!!!

March 25, 2011

Crown Heights! Stop being dogs chasing after bones!

From a comment on CH.INFO Regarding: Third Beis Din Rules, You Don’t Need To Listen to Second Beis Din

13. Wake Up wrote:

He is a Rov, He isn’t a Rov. He has Smicha, He doesn’t Have Smicha.

How does it make any deference for any of us bottom line? Was there a Purim Seuda this year? How many people did the CHJCC help in the last ten mounts?

We are so busy with Zaki’s and Co. non-sense. Instead of doing what he was elected to do, and that is to HELP OUT THE RESIDENTS of Crown Heights literally, Zaki’s buddied up with the same people we threw out in the last election. Zaki’s is continuing their steak of Machlokes. Finding distractions instead of doing what needs to be done.

Not Osdobo, Schwie nor Bruan make any difference to any-body’s bottom line. They cant help anybody financially. They cant get food on your table or the table of those who need it. They cant find the unemployed a job. They cant help anybody with any legal or law matters. ALL they can do is collect a pay check.

People its time to start directing the criticisms on ones that need to get it, That is Zaki Tamir and his crew. Take your heads out of the sand or stop rolling in the mud. Zaki Tamir and his friends are enjoying accumulative grants of up to TEN million dollars a year.


Where’s The Ten Million Green Dollars?

March 23, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am proud to report that thanks to the hard work of Shmuel Chanin, and others that have contributed their time and resources on behalf of the Vaad Hakohol, we have been able to emerge from a very difficult financial period and move on to the development and establishment of the Vaad as a financially independent corporation that is run in a professional and efficient manner.

Shmuel deserves the credit for demanding a responsible infrastructure, and the for effective fundraising that has taken place in recent weeks.

For the first time (since my involvement, at least) the Vaad Hakohol is starting to have a positive cash flow. Shmuel has given us the structure and resources that we need to handle our fiscal obligations with a much greater degree of confidence, and thanks to Hashem, of course, we are now in a position to start paying Rabbonim salaries and handle our financial obligations.

Thanks Mula!

Based on the above, WIS and the rest of Crown Heights have a few logical questions for the Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) and the Vaad Hakohol, Zaki Tamir:

1. Between 2009* and current the CHJCC has received over 10 Million Dollars in government grants (thats a lot of “Green”), where has all that money gone, how was it spent?

* A few short months after the Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Zev Cadaner and Fishel Brownstein hijacked the CHJCC.


Did You Know….Of The Day

March 22, 2011

Did You Know… that many government agencies may have on their records that you received a check from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) from a government grant, although the realty is you never did receive a dime for assistance from the CHJCC.

More to come…Lot’s more to come.

Profile: Felon Yaakov (Jacob) Herzog

March 22, 2011

(L-R) Felon Yaakov (Jacob) Herzog with Chanina Sperlin

Corruptly giving a thing of value to public official with intent to influence an official act


Yesterday And Today The Story Always Remains The Same

March 19, 2011

When Mordechai, a proud Jew, refused to bow down, Haman was infuriated. He resolved to take revenge against all the Jews and throw lots to determine the “lucky” day when he would implement his plan. The lot fell on the 13th day of the Hebrew month of Adar…

…Haman left the party a happy and proud man. Oh the honor he was being accorded! But standing at the king’s gate was Mordechai – who still refused to bow to Haman – and Haman was enraged. When he arrived home, his wife and wise advisors counseled him to erect a gallows, and then to go to the king and request permission to hang Mordechai. Haman excitedly went ahead and put up the gallows…

…The king was greatly angered. When he was then informed that Haman had built a gallows for Mordechai, he ordered that Haman be hanged on that very gallows…

…And the Jews in Shushan were oh so happy. Celebrations abounded!…

…On the 13th of Adar that year, the Jews throughout the Persian Empire mobilized and killed the enemies who had wanted to kill them. In Shushan, among the dead were Haman’s ten sons…

Our enemies have appeared throughout history and have representatives in every class and society. They are distinguished by their irrational, undisguised malice and never miss an opportunity to cause harm.

The reason we can’t fulfill this commandment to destroy Amalek today is because Sancharive dispersed all the nations and mixed everybody up, and we don’t know who Amalek is. Chances are that the Jewish nation has some from the nation of Amalek.

Well they are finally coming out of the closet and reveling themselves to us. Yes, right here in Crown Heights.

May the end of the Amalek’s/Mossrim of this generations be as their forefathers. May we merit to see very soon, the Mosrim hanging from the very same gallows they prepared for the others; the righteous Jews.

LChaim Happy Purim

Crown Heights Residents Want To Know – Where The Party At?

March 18, 2011

The past few years the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council in conjunction with Moshe Rubashkin private fundraising, sponsored a Seudas Purim for the entire community in the Oholei Torah ballroom.

Participants enjoyed a lavish meal, live music, Megillah readings, Dancing and more.

This great deed came to a screeching halt when Chanina Sperlin, Zev Cadaner, Eli Poltorak and Fishel Brownstein hijacked the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. with fake elections and Messira.

The Current CHJCC board consisting of,  Chairman Zaki Tamir, Chanina Sperlin, Fishel Brownstein and Yossi Hackner have been to busy these last 10 months  with Machlokes to even think about such a minor thing as actually doing something for the  benefit of the people of Crown Heights.

Is there no money in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council? Where is the millions from grant money for the needy of Crown Heights?

Office of Children & Family Services gives a nice grant of $82,000

Didn’t the CHJCC “raise” money for Braun? If so, why not raise for something which actually helps the people of Crown Heights? Why not raise money for an event that unites the people instead of divides?

Perhaps their is no energy left? Maybe if Zaki Tamir took his head out of the Mossrim’s … we could actually get something good done in this town.

Remember Remember Don’t Forget!

Remember when Moshe Rubashkin  tried to make this Seuda? Remember how these same Mossrim who hijacked the CHJCC and who currently run the CHJCC fought Moshe Rubashkin in regards to this Seuda (amongst many things)?
Remember the  propaganda  against Rubashkin? Remember the stupid protest to stop this wonderful event?
Only because Rubashkin was actually helping the people, bottom line.

Happy Purim everybody we have had such a succesful year in Machlokes and Mesira, also a lot of success in stealing grants that belong to you. Smile and look somewere else.

Is All the Corruption and Fraud At The CHJCC Getting To Zaki Isaac B. Tamir Head?

March 15, 2011

Money and Power Corrupts the Mind

Regarding: Rosenberg: “Braun Not Necessarily A Legitimate Rov” and Let’s Be Clear…(Zaki Blog)

The Purim Shpeil Continues.

A Shpeil that has lasted way over 180 days, thats for-sure.

Zaki Tamir Writes:

The Vaad Hakohol is doing its best to act in a sensible and diplomatic way

First the CHJCC chairman Zaki Tamir says (on his blog) he does not have to listen to the Ikul (Beth Din and Din Torah) because Rabbi Rosernberg said he does not.
But now all of a sudden, it’s because Rabbi Rosenberg didn’t say anything; didn’t give him any intructions (regarding the Ikul) , and therefore  he doesn’t have to listen, and therefore deciding alone as to what course of actions to take, defying the Beth Din.


When a Victim Of Bullying Fights Back

March 15, 2011

When you watch this video (probably multiple times), you might celebrate that a little street justice was served.

There’s a video whizzing around the internet that purportedly shows a bully in Australia getting a piece of his own medicine. In it, a tiny tormentor is seen picking on a much larger, yet calmer boy in an outdoor hallway. After repeatedly being taunted and even hit, the “calm” victim finally snaps, picks up the skinny bully, and body slams him on the pavement:

[Content Warning: may contain graphic language]

Did You Know…Of The Day

March 15, 2011

Did You Know… Under New York State Law, for one to be employed under the title’ Social Worker’, one must have a Social Workers license.

Read More about this here:

Purim Comes Early For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

March 12, 2011

The Purim Shpiel

Disclaimer: This post is purely just for fun, a Pre-Purim gig. After all how can one miss such an opportunity.  Do NOT get distracted with this stupidity, all this stunt was meant to be was another distraction. This post will be onebigcholent of seriousness and fun.


Did You Know…Of The Day

March 11, 2011

Did You Know…that its a conflict of interest to channel grant money to family.

More on this  to Come.

CHJCC Claims The Shmira As It’s Own

March 10, 2011
Shmira sign posted on office front of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

Shmira sign posted on office front of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) has always prided itself as being the backbone/supporter of the Shmira Mesira Patrol, and so too would the Shmira Mesira pride themselves of being the henchmen of the CHJCC.

As a matter of fact, it was the then chairman of the CHJCC Chanina Sperlin, who in 1999 created the Shmira in-order to fight the already existing patrol ‘Shomrim Of Crown Heights’, and fight they did. For over 15 years the Shmira (Prager, Stern and Skoblo to name a few), with the help, support, backing of the CHJCC came after Shomrim at every turn.

The Shmira thugs did the “low” level acts of harassment and terror, like acts of violence, property damage, false police reports etc… in these past 2 years (2008-2010) alone the Shmira made over 200 complaints to 311  and various other agencies against Shomrim volunteers, home and businesses.

While the CHJCC (Chanina Sperlin and gang), made the “high” level attacks, using political pressure to have police target Shomrim with tickets and in a few insistences have them arrested. The people at the CHJCC  had a great part in helping the Shmira with the Shomrim Six case.

So when a group like the Shmira Mesira “Patrol” in involved in criminal acts , who takes responsibility?

So when a group like the Shmira Mesira “Patrol” in involved in vicious Messiras, from the Shomrim Six Messira and daily 311 Messiras, who takes responsibility?

From the CHJCC Wed Site from way back then – Click Image to Enlarge


Shmira News — 221-0303
In response to the many questions we’ve received about the Shomrim letter received by the community: Shomrim is an independent organization that does not work with the JCC or the Vaad HaKohol. The Shmira organization are the people who work with us: and they are worthy of your support. Their phone number is 221-0303.

Yet, at every opportunity the CHJCC had they tried to get in the way of Shomrim, they tried to dictate what Shomrim is or isn’t, what Shomrim should do or not do, they even tried to dictate (with force) if Shomrim should exists or not.  Every problem in Crown Heights they managed to make it “Shomrim Shmira issue”. Coming up…What is this “Shomrim Shmira Issue”, when do the CHJCC bring it up and why?


Did You Know…

March 8, 2011

Opinions don't matter in the face of facts

Did You Know… That the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc (CHJCC) received  10 million Dollars (that WIS is so far aware of)  from governments grants between 2009 and current for the needy families of Crown Heights.

Did You Know… that none of that money was used towards its true purpose and intent and was only used to fill private pockets.

Did You Know… That while all this was happening (10 million missing), the thieves kept us quit distracted with stupidities like… Hijacked elections, Hostile takeovers, Shomrim Six Messira, Messira/Lawsuit of Rabonim, Mosdos, Gemachim and many private individuals. The best distractions was the whole Zablo Din Torah.

Did You Know… That the Zablo Din Torah was a good investment for the thieves and Mossrim. They only had to dish out $150,000 of the millions they were stealing to keep us all distracted. I call that a darn good investment.

Do you know where that money came from? From the 10 million of-course. (More of this to come).

Did You Know… (Based on the above)  That no matter the results of the Zablo Din Torah the thieves and Mossrim had already won. The checks (of millions) was already in their hand and resting nicely in their private bank accounts.  (WIS will get back to this…Coming Up).

Did You Know… that almost immediately after the Mosser and Ganef  Chanina Sperlin was thrown out (by you) from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. he went ahead and opened his own 501(c)(3), going by the name: Council of Jewish Organizations Ofcrown Heights.

Did You Know… that Yosef B. Spielman also runs his own 501(c)(3), going by the name of: Vaad Hakol Crown Heights. (More about this scam coming up).


Did You Know… That the Ganef and Mosser Yaakov (a.k.a. Yankle) Spritzer was once a board member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.


EXCLUSIVE: Peter Simonetti to Shomrim “Go Back To Court”

March 3, 2011

How can a man like this serve ALL citizens equally when he shows such contempt for certain groups or individuals?

How can an Inspector serve a community after being fed hate towards certain groups or individuals?

It’s time for Peter Simonetti to go!!!

Caught Stealing From Food Pantry

March 2, 2011

News Source: CBS NY

Suspects In Food Pantry Theft Case Face New Charges
Arrests Source Of Embarrassment For Close-Knit Harrison

HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There were new charges Tuesday against the Westchester employees accused of stealing food and clothing meant for the poor.

One of them is a 90-year-old woman, once praised for her good work at the very pantry she’s accused of robbing, reports CBS 2′s Jay Dow.

RELATED: County Food Bank Director Mystified By 90-Year-Old’s Alleged Theft | 90-Year-Old Among Those Charged With Stealing From Food Pantry

Florence D’Imperio is a recent Harrison “Citizen of the Year” and former part-time municipal employee. She, along with five other defendants, stand accused of stealing donated goods from the local food pantry where she volunteered.


Kiryas Yoel School District Ordered to Repay Aid

March 2, 2011

Read more in Times Herald-Record

US audit says district spent $276,443 in aid improperly

KIRYAS JOEL — Kiryas Joel School District has been ordered to repay $276,443 in federal funds that were spent improperly on rent for the district’s only school building, according to a recently completed audit.

The review by the Inspector General’s Office of the U.S. Department of Education found that the district appropriately spent most of the more than the $5 million in Title I funds it got from September 2008 through August 2009 to provide remedial services for low-income students.

But auditors concluded that no funds should have been used for rent and questioned the paperwork that the district used to justify $191,124 in Title I money it spent on overtime for eight employees participating in an after-school program.

The state Department of Education later agreed to demand the district return $276,443 and stop using Title I money for rent, but accepted affidavits from the district as sufficient evidence for the overtime pay.

Everyone knows Yankle the Ganev Spritzer!

March 1, 2011

Mossrim and Ganovim Chatting it up: Paul Huebner, Yaakov Spritzer and Efraim Setton

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Berel the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Berel the ganev?

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Yossel the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Yossel the Ganev?

If you were to walk the streets of Crown Height and ask people, who is Zalman the Ganev? they will ask you back, Nu, who is Zalmen the Ganev? Etc… Etc…

There is only one name that (when heard) people will not ask you, Nu, who is he? and that is… YANKLE THE GANEV. Everybody knows who Yankle the Ganev is (no explaining needed).

Yankle the Ganev was also the first,  shall we say “the god father”  to make a vicious Meisra against fellow Jews, just so he can swindle property and money from them.

The sick dog Yaakov Spritzer has his only sister, his flesh and blood arrested…. I can’t even continue writing… I mean what can I add…see for yourselves.