Did You Know…


Opinions don't matter in the face of facts

Did You Know… That the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc (CHJCC) received  10 million Dollars (that WIS is so far aware of)  from governments grants between 2009 and current for the needy families of Crown Heights.

Did You Know… that none of that money was used towards its true purpose and intent and was only used to fill private pockets.

Did You Know… That while all this was happening (10 million missing), the thieves kept us quit distracted with stupidities like… Hijacked elections, Hostile takeovers, Shomrim Six Messira, Messira/Lawsuit of Rabonim, Mosdos, Gemachim and many private individuals. The best distractions was the whole Zablo Din Torah.

Did You Know… That the Zablo Din Torah was a good investment for the thieves and Mossrim. They only had to dish out $150,000 of the millions they were stealing to keep us all distracted. I call that a darn good investment.

Do you know where that money came from? From the 10 million of-course. (More of this to come).

Did You Know… (Based on the above)  That no matter the results of the Zablo Din Torah the thieves and Mossrim had already won. The checks (of millions) was already in their hand and resting nicely in their private bank accounts.  (WIS will get back to this…Coming Up).

Did You Know… that almost immediately after the Mosser and Ganef  Chanina Sperlin was thrown out (by you) from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. he went ahead and opened his own 501(c)(3), going by the name: Council of Jewish Organizations Ofcrown Heights.

Did You Know… that Yosef B. Spielman also runs his own 501(c)(3), going by the name of: Vaad Hakol Crown Heights. (More about this scam coming up).


Did You Know… That the Ganef and Mosser Yaakov (a.k.a. Yankle) Spritzer was once a board member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Did You Know… Money laundering is no secret in Mr. Spritzer’s dealings.

Did You Know… that Yaakov Spritzer with the support and backing of the CHJCC, brought a vicious RICO lawsuit against five innocent families from our community.

Did You Know… that until this very day, Spritzer uses that case against those families, in-order to incite hate towards them, although the Judge states clearly in his final ruling about Spritzers claims of violence etc… “To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable”.

Did You Know… (regarding the above fact) Spritzer helped Paul Huebner by providing him with documents against the Hershkops/Shomrim.

Did You Know… that one of Spritzers lawyers to represent him in the RICO blood libel was the CHJCC lawyer, Israel Wienstock.

Did You Know… that Yaakov Spritzer had a major part in the blood libel against Rabbi Dovid Fischer (also a RICO lawsuit).

Did You Know… that both  Joseph Spielman and Yaakov Herzog who testified on Spritzer behalf and against Hershkop, were part of the board of directors of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Did You Know… that the fact that there was a group of people (like the Hershkops) who opened a camp to actually help the people of Crown Heights, was a threat to the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. and therefore was to be taken out by all cost. After all, the more money given out (as charity), means less money to fill private pockets.

Did You Notice… That the CHJCC only offered or better yet JUST advertised  camp scholarships to Spritzers camp. Did You Notice… How they (in the end) never actually gave out any scholarships, although you filled and signed an application for one and although there is a copy of “check” supposedly written out for you.

Did You Know… That the Crown Heights Beth Din receives it’s salary from the Vaad Hakoul/CHJCC. Did You Know… that at the time the Machne Menachem Din Torahs were taking place, Yankle Spritzer was part of the CHJCC which were paying the Rabbis.

Did You Notice… that despite having no children registered to Spritzer camp, he non-the-less insist on holding on to it. WHY, you ask? Money laundering is no secret in Mr. Spritzer’s dealings. Spritzer gains by holding on to this non the profit, it gives him and the CHJCC an easy way to wash dirty money.

Did You Know… that Shlomie Rutman (Spritzers Son in-law), the director of  camp Chayolei Hamelech received over $400,000 dollars from the Machne Menachem trustee for managing a camp for three years, although Machne Menachem never hired him. Did You Know… that Shlomie Rutman does not have any other job. Did You Know… that Rutman recently purchased a second home. Not bad for a camp director who runs a camp with no campers.  Money laundering is no secret in Mr. Spritzer’s dealings.


P.s. if you have any questions regarding any of the facts presented above, feel free to use the comment section and WIS will reply ASAP.


7 Responses to “Did You Know…”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Did You Know… that when Moshe Rubashkin was chairman of the CHJCC and was helping needy families with their needs, the Mossrim and Ganovim like Chanina Sperlin and Co. wrote letters and emails to all the government agencies. In those letters and email they go on to write propaganda and hate about the then chairman, Moshe Rubashkin, even going as far as to ask the agencies not to fund the CHJCC. The Mossrim and Ganovim wrote that Rubashkin is a felon and a criminal and therefore should not be given any money from government funds.

    Did You Know… that these same Mossrim and Ganovim have been robbing the Crown heights community much before Moshe Rubashkin even thought about the CHJCC.

    Did You Know… that these same Mossrim and Ganovim have stolen about 10 million dollars these past two years alone.

  2. Camper Says:

    I have a question:

    $400,000 for just being a camp director? where can i sign up?

  3. Did you know... Says:

    That as soon as the $hiT hits the fan, they will suddenly want to make peace, and want to know why everyone cannot just get along.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Don’t worry my brother, peace there will be!

      Peace from Mossrim and their bloody messiras!
      Peace from lies and deceit!

      Peace comes after war!

    • antimesira Says:

      Those days are long over for them and they know it.

      They will shout but there will be no-one to listen.

      They numbed the people with propaganda, hate and Messira after Messira, and now it will backfire, the people wont care, just like they wanted the people not to care when they were spilling innocent Jewish Blood.

      Every Messira they did was a gamble, if they were to win they would be able to rule in terror for a 100 years, but they thank G-d did not win, they lost, and now they will lose it all!

  4. I Know... Says:

    I Know…that Mendle Hendel, Elie Poltorak, Yankle Herzog and the rest of the Mishichist Mossrim gang, are going around harassing, intimidating, threating etc… people who singed the IKUL.

  5. We All Know... Says:

    We all Know…That Moshe Rubashkin was taken down (was massered on), only because he was using the CHJCC funds to help Yidden (needy families) and as a result was “stealing”, the money from private people who would have and still are this day pocketing the money for themselves.

    We All Know…that you can burly speak to any one person who can’t testify how Rubashkin helped him out one way or the other.

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