EXCLUSIVE: Peter Simonetti to Shomrim “Go Back To Court”


How can a man like this serve ALL citizens equally when he shows such contempt for certain groups or individuals?

How can an Inspector serve a community after being fed hate towards certain groups or individuals?

It’s time for Peter Simonetti to go!!!


7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Peter Simonetti to Shomrim “Go Back To Court””

  1. person Says:

    WIS keep bringing the good stuff! Now we are all seeing how this CO was influenced by CHJCC and company, the people who have been robbing and destroying this community for years! WE should ask ourselves, why would simonetti echo those thought publicly? even if he had an agenda against Shomrim shouldn’t he at-least keep it quiet? The answer is this slip of the mouth was by no means a mistake! It was not a heat of the moment thing. It is a result of constant brainwashing of certain members of this community, who from the minute he arrived here have fed him loads of propaganda against Shomrim etc. By no means am I trying to excuse him, he should have been smarter and tested the waters here in CH, before he made those lousy choices he made. He chose to hang out with the scum, and when you hang with scum you start to behave and smell like scum.

  2. me Says:

    the inspector seems so unprofessional.
    where the CPR?

  3. Soon enough Says:


    How about “SEE YOU IN COURT”

  4. WhoIsShmira? Says:


  5. ch residents Says:

    It’s obvious the inspector is trying to jab at the shomrim and in essence is saying “your a bunch of criminals facing trial etc…your guilty etc…”

    Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’, isn’t the inspector a COP, doesn’t he know the basics”?

    Where does he get off saying such stupid things?

  6. Whatever? Says:

    Do You know the basics…”Innocent until Proven guilty” ? seriously. I have been asking this question for over a year and have been ignored cause that is what the SHOMRIM do…arrest people who are innocent & in the wrong neighborhood. they have arrested many a times without proof and knowingly accused people of crimes which they themselves commit. The police & especially the police do their bidding! It is a travesty. every-time their is a real issue…you cry antisemitism and distract everyone from the facts! seriously!!! Why don’t you practice the law before blaming those who do abide by the law..What’s the point? you will reply with something hateful to say anyways, and this back & forth will go on & on & on…its been going on since the beginning of time..You weren’t even loyal to MOSES & GOD!!! why am I even surprised!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      You have your facts wrong and therefore WIS won’t reply until you present a case that makes sense (with actual facts). WIS read your comment 4 times and still does not get your point (and what does it have to do with the specific video posted above?).

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