Crown Heights Residents Want To Know – Where The Party At?


The past few years the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council in conjunction with Moshe Rubashkin private fundraising, sponsored a Seudas Purim for the entire community in the Oholei Torah ballroom.

Participants enjoyed a lavish meal, live music, Megillah readings, Dancing and more.

This great deed came to a screeching halt when Chanina Sperlin, Zev Cadaner, Eli Poltorak and Fishel Brownstein hijacked the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. with fake elections and Messira.

The Current CHJCC board consisting of,  Chairman Zaki Tamir, Chanina Sperlin, Fishel Brownstein and Yossi Hackner have been to busy these last 10 months  with Machlokes to even think about such a minor thing as actually doing something for the  benefit of the people of Crown Heights.

Is there no money in the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council? Where is the millions from grant money for the needy of Crown Heights?

Office of Children & Family Services gives a nice grant of $82,000

Didn’t the CHJCC “raise” money for Braun? If so, why not raise for something which actually helps the people of Crown Heights? Why not raise money for an event that unites the people instead of divides?

Perhaps their is no energy left? Maybe if Zaki Tamir took his head out of the Mossrim’s … we could actually get something good done in this town.

Remember Remember Don’t Forget!

Remember when Moshe Rubashkin  tried to make this Seuda? Remember how these same Mossrim who hijacked the CHJCC and who currently run the CHJCC fought Moshe Rubashkin in regards to this Seuda (amongst many things)?
Remember the  propaganda  against Rubashkin? Remember the stupid protest to stop this wonderful event?
Only because Rubashkin was actually helping the people, bottom line.

Happy Purim everybody we have had such a succesful year in Machlokes and Mesira, also a lot of success in stealing grants that belong to you. Smile and look somewere else.


One Response to “Crown Heights Residents Want To Know – Where The Party At?”

  1. Zaki Tamir Says:

    Who has time to help the needy and do what I was elected to do, when there is so much Machlokes to deal with, who will take care of the Braun Issue if not me?

    Machlokes comes first!!!

    I’m in the arena of Machlokes and I’m loving it!

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