Paul ‘Levi’ Huebner

Paul Huebner

A habitual drunk, swindler and wife abuser. Paul Huebner sitting an drowning his misery with another drink...

This man, Paul Huebner, identifies himself as the lawyer for Shmira and is actively involved in every any any Machlokes [dispute or argument] he can involve himself in.

He failed his bar entry exam over 38 times and today is in fact a lawyer. The following is information regarding his practice:

Registration Number: 3029725

BROOKLYN, NY 11225-3200
United States
(212) 354-5756

Year Admitted in NY: 2006
Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2
Law School: BROOKLYN
Registration Status: Currently registered
Next Registration: Jul 2008

Read Here about his son David’s Drug Charges and his Endangerment of Minors by providing drugs and alcohol to minors in his house!

Read Here about this mickey-mouse lawyer ripping off his client for over $1,000,000.00 from an escrow account.

click to make bigger - list of huebners cases, all of which he has lost.

Click to make bigger - list of Huebners cases, all of which he has lost.

Remember Remember Don’t Forget!

Two Arrested After Assault and Attempt to Flee from Police

Serial Spitter On The Loose

Huebner and Poltorak Diamond Heist

34 Responses to “Paul ‘Levi’ Huebner”

  1. what does his info Says:

    what does his info have to do with shmira?

  2. oh oh Says:

    he is the guy that loves blowing smoke in older mens faces. ahhh thats how i know of him

  3. wait a minute... Says:

    this entire site smells awfully like a SHOMRIM member maybe binyomin lipshit. could it be that he is sooo stupid. did he really believe that no one would realize that this is his work.

    • Jane Doe Says:

      how did you know?!?!?
      btw, binyomin also authors the NY Times, Daily News, and Entertainment Now!

      LOL – you really think?

  4. David Huebner Arrested for Drug Violations « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] Huebner Arrested for Drug Violations This is the son of the glorious and fierce lawyer, Paul ‘Levi’ Huebner that counsels Shmira and vigorously defends them while massering on other yidden. This is his […]

  5. Shmira Says:

    Haahaa! This goofball! I saw him this past winter driving around in a convertible in freezing weather with all his little kids driving around crown heights.

    It was a sight! Only in crown heights, by a crown heights bt.

  6. sam Says:

    The biggest thief lier cheater living scum in crown heights.
    yea i saw him to he thinks hes some hot shot in that odd looking car..get a life paul!!!!

  7. leib Says:

    he is being investigated for stealing from his own clients.

    its not sure if his mother is jewish

  8. Danny Says:

    All you trash talkers are no better, I BLESS(What comes around goes around to all of you) You guys aren’t representing the Jewish nation or Jews yourself, so you got no rite to talk trash about anyone else. YOU FOOLS ARE THE CLOWNS> ALL OF THE ABOVE…….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    liair, thief, as you all know you know where is the
    jail, as well your son…. dog as you bark all the time
    to get your son of the dog a good lesson with Klevan
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR DEAR NEIGHBOOR

  10. HUBNER Says:





  11. leib Says:

    you can call me a racist but the fact is that all this baali tshuka who we dont know if this are jews or not . like this moiser huebner his grandmother did not grow in a jewish community and who is his family .

    of course his Behavior is not jewish so what is to tell us that he is a jew maybe he is just a goy anti-semith ?

    and the ukrainian gotim who mosser the other jews are for sure not jews .

    so what if their father is a mate moshiach beitar ?

    their mother is for sure a ukrainian goya . and thy are ukrainian anti-semith

  12. Asher Says:

    this is not racist .

    about time to tell this baaly tshuka to leave us alon we have our own

    problems we dont need more .

    our fathers and grand fathers went trough hell and are jews this people

    went to the bars with ivan and igor and eat chazer and now thy are big

    meshichistin and want to tell us what to do.

    paul huebner is NOT jewish make no mistake . if his wife is jewish than the

    kids are jewish but how many non jewish kids are in crown heights ?

    and why do we have to suffer ?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    first you say he a goy (not jewish) and then you say he is a moser

    P.S. who do you think told on shochat?


    so stop thaking about mosrim

    b/c soon wewill make a blog whoisSHOMRIM

  14. Mendy W. Says:

    hubner is a mamzer ben niddah bas goy

  15. Anonymous Says: Says:

    you are so stupid.

    shomrim are here to stay . shmira is the past .

    where are yours leaders ?

    running away from the law ?

  16. antimesira Says:

    “b/c soon wewill make a blog whoisSHOMRIM”

    How original, how did you pick out that name, did any body help you out?

    And then you can claim that “whoisShomrim came before whoisshmira/misira.

  17. john doe Says:

    heubener the moisser last seen in a video rubbing his hands all over commish. ray kelley how disgusting for ray kelley huebener must have left a rat smell on kelleys suit did you see it he was up all over kelley rubbing him up and down with kelley trying to get away from him i wonder why kelleys security didnt jump the rat.

  18. john doe Says:

    huebener the piece of shit , i just heard a story from a woman who says she watched another woman slap huebener after he beat his own wife. paul huebener your a pussy loser you run to the 71 pricint on any assumed threat. die a slow death of cancer you sick man and set your poor wife free, huebener your kids wont even cry for you.

  19. Suria, Yagudaev Says:

    who is Suria, Yagudaev
    and why paul huebners phone number is under that name ?
    Record number 764
    Name: Levi & Suri Huebner
    Address: 478 Malbone St. # 1 Get a Map
    City: Brooklyn
    State: NY
    ZIP: 11225
    Country: USA
    Tel: 718-756-9815

    Reverse Telephone Listings
    Suria, Yagudaev

    Brooklyn, NY 11213

    next chapter to folow

    i think soon will be chapter 11 and 13 to folow

  20. Suria, Yagudaev Says:

    here is the natzi paul

  21. Snag Says:

    I thought chabadskers liked bt’s.

    turns out not

  22. john doe Says:

    where has paul dissapeard? all of a sudden it seems paul huebener is not involved in the messira of 6 members of the shechuna,, you dont see him flounting around crown heights, the restraining orders that he made on shomrim (somehow paul the goy the ha’moisser was able to get a restraining order againts shomrim when he was not even in 749) mabey he was just trying to make a quick buck and didnt not even imagine in his life that the case was going to trial. now he dropped the reatraining order and is hangin low and thinking that the lawyers will just forget about him, well nobody gonna forget paul huebener i cant wait untill paul is on the witness stand and the lawyer 6 lawyers for the defendents ask paul if he was is 749 and when he aswers no how is he going to explain to the judge that he was a lawyer, translater from ( for the israeli moissrem)and somehow a victim? the whole case makes no sense and is a vendetta againts shomrim from the shmira moissrem who attepted to destroy shomrim when their abomination of a so called protection orginization which is just a gang plain and simple was created paul you bitter depressed loser your just gonna have to run away to kfar chabad israel where im sure your druggy son can arrange a bed for you in the yeshiva that you hid him.

  23. leib shmok skolovzky Says:

    paul hubener is owe everyone money and soon he is going to be disbar.

  24. Anonymous Says:


  25. know him well. too well Says:

    His father served in the Nazi SS group during WWII.
    Like father like son like grandson.
    He’s hated by so many people. He brought it all on himself.
    He’ll get what he deserves. No worries.

  26. john doe Says:

    101 jokes about paul the nazi goy huebner…

    why did paul the nazi cross the road?
    the 71st pricint was across the road and he had the urge to masser

    paul the nazi huebner gets to the gates of heaven, g-d asks him what he has accomplished in life…paul proudly answers that he massered 7 shomrim members but that the case dragged on so long, he died before the trial even began g-d answers, alright you can get into heaven but it’s the same heaven that arab terrorist suicide bombers reside with their 71 virgins each…..and they still don’t like jews.

    why did paul the nazi huebner fail the bar so many times?
    he didn’t know how to spell lawyer he kept spelling it liar

    how many moissrem like paul the nazi huebner does it take to change a light bulb?
    how are they gonna find time to change a light bulb they’re all tripping over themselves to concoct the next messira

    how does the nazi huebener win a case?
    he doesn’t he never won a case in his life

    paul the nazi huebner is standing in 770 begging people for tzedokah, confused people ask paul the nazi goy, your a lawyer how could it be that your begging for charity you should have loads of money
    paul the nazi goy answers truth be told i scammed my way through my younger years then i scammed my way through law school, the bar, and life in general, and the habit is so hard to break i’m actualy here to scam you people now

    what happens when you point your finger at paul the nazi huebner?
    try it and see for yourself

    to be cont. forever

  27. know him well. too well Says:

    Be careful, when walking by Paul ‘der GOY’ in 770 you’ll notice he smells from EARTH, yes EARTH, that’s because he’s heading there very soon, deep down in it. So hold your nose when walking by Paul the MOISER.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    He goes to Holland every year, he’s there now.
    For 2 reasons,
    1) Prostitution is legal over there.
    2) His retired NAZI father resides over there.

    Hope he gets AIDS from the whores and NEVER returns together with his NAZI father.

  29. I wont say... obviosly you dont like huebners Says:

    My last name is Huebner and yes my family is German but we are not Nazi’s. This sure wasn’t a pleasant site to stumble onto when searching the history of my surname. I really don’t appreciate you guys demoralizing my name. And no i don’t think im related to this guy. So quit cracking jokes about my family name and stfu up!

  30. "chabadnik" bnch four Says:

    its not suprising that all that would spread rumors re hubener
    arent bold enough to allso leave their true name, for fear of
    being sued for slander

  31. Anonymous Says:

    paul huebner has just done it again,representing crazy meshichist whore who molested her own kids

  32. Anonymous Says:

    go to ecourts nyc website and check the defendant devorah cadaner

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