Recap: Blood Money – Sperlin Family Exposed


“There are two crimes that are more than just felonies—they are treason. One is the importation, distribution, and sale of heroin. The other is arson for profit. There are not crimes of passion or desperation. They are crimes of organized greed. They cause the deaths of innocent citizens and brave firefighters. They kill blocks, ruin neighborhoods, and destroy cities. Ultimately, these are crimes that annul hope and diminish humanity. Arson breaks up families, frightens away investment and jobs, and deprives the poor of housing. Every arsonist is potentially a mass murderer.”

Chanina Sperlin Family Exposed: Blood Money #1

Chanina Sperlin Family Exposed: Blood Money #2

EXCLUSIVE: Sperlin Family Exposed – Blood Money #3 – THE INDICTMENT

Who Was Refoel Moshe Sperlin?


The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree, One Mossier Brings Another

Arsonist: Step On Others To Make A Buck

Arson for Hire, The Men Who Are Burning New York

Four Are Convicted Of Arson For ‘Favor’


Moishe Ralph Sperlin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to do some jail time.

Much more to come…

3 Responses to “Recap: Blood Money – Sperlin Family Exposed”

  1. HPD Says:

    How did the Sperlins get all those HPD buildings, WIS should look in to that.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    chanina is executive VP? see his quote in this story.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Everyday it’s coming more apparent that the Sperlin family run and operate the Corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc.

      When Chanina Sperlin tells the media that he’s the executive VP of the CHJCC, he’s telling the truth (for once).

      This tower of corruption will fall rather sooner then later!

      As for what Sperlin says about the g-dless Democrats, he couldn’t give a rats ass what they say, believe or even do, as long as the money comes in, he’s happy.

      Chanina Sperlin is the worse type of Jews, a real Jew Hater, A MOSSER!!!

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