Gangster Elie Poltorak On A Rampage



Gangster Elie Poltorak

Feel free to add captions to the picture using the comments bellow.
Whats he saying? Whats he thinking? What does this picture tell you? Let us know.

UPDATE: After the winers were announced, the gangster Elie Poltorak vows to “bury families who messed with him”

Does that mean WIS is on the hit list? Bring it on punk!

WIS opinion: As WIS wrote weeks ago before the first elections, no matter what the results it does not change anything in our lives.

The fact still is that Fishel Brownstein is a Mosser, his “win” is only a loss for Crown Heights, all this means is that the Machlokes and Mesira will continue.

Could this have been won by the Hecht supporters? Yes.
1. Not to much of a fight was fought (compared to the previous elections).

2. Had this been on a different date  (not in the summer, with many upstate) the results would have been different. After-all the difference in wining or losing was only 43 votes.

It is what it is and we must respect the results.

Now that all this is behind us. WIS will continue to follow and expose all Mesira, corruption and Elie the gangster Poltorak.


12 Responses to “Gangster Elie Poltorak On A Rampage”

  1. antimesira Says:

    “you think this past year was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

    “You think i need to be in the Vaad to do Mesiras,, ill show you all whos boss!”

  2. Shoshanna Says:


  3. Yechi Tommy Says:

    “My tommy gun is something special, it tuts in the tune of Yechi”

  4. Mafia Says:

    “Crown Heights messed with me, you mother F…., your all gonna burn.
    I want your mothers dead! I want your fathers dead! I want you bothers and sisters dead? Your all dead, dead, Im gonna bury you all alive!”

  5. The One Says:

    “theres only room for one gangster in this town”

  6. Me Says:

    You dirty rat, take that tat tat tat rat a tat tat!!!!

  7. Smily Says:

    “this is me smiling”

  8. Me Says:


  9. zalman Says:

    Now that Poltrack and all his gangsters are all out of jobs they will try to the destroy the new Vaad.

  10. Poltrack the Gangsta Says:

    The gangsta did a great job, Bronstein won Crown Heights go to HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL !!!

  11. Shoshanna Silcove Says:

    The election has been called for Hackner-Brownstein
    Unfortunately, there is one of the gang who won.
    Do people get the leadership they deserve?
    Shea Hecht will still be there though, helping as many people as he possibly can, has he has always done. I predict Crown Heights will wake up in a little while down the line and realize they chose the wrong man for the job.

  12. In the know Says:

    this Polotrak guy is going to destroy Crown Heights!

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