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The Crown Heights Jewish Communities

April 30, 2013

Crown Heights Jewish communities

“Why doesn’t the community do something?”

“The community needs to get together and….”

“Where are the community leaders?”

“People in the community need to…”


We hear and see the above types comments quite frequently. But here is the realty of the so called Crown Heights Jewish “community”…


Meshichistim Release Their Rage On Chabad Bocher

April 30, 2013

Meshichistim terrorist thugs-

[Crown Heights] After giving into the Meshichist Mossrim terrorist (in fear of violence) by allowing them make their declaration of Jihad in the form of saying ‘Yechi’. The Meshichist terrorist led by Menachem Mendel Hendel could not let a day like this go by with out some type of terror. One would think that they would rejoice in their so called “victory” in having their Jihad declared at the parade, but unfortunately their hate and thirst for blood is much greater. In fact they were disappointed that they did not have reasons to hit and cause provocations.