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Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction!

August 23, 2009

שמצוה גוררת מצוה, ועברה גוררת עברה, ששכר מצוה מצוה, ושכר עברה עברה (פרקי אבות פרק ד משנה ב) י

Yoel Kraus IbizaHow did it get this far?
When did this start?
Who takes responsibility?

How come every time a mishichist does something like this, the mishichist party gets away with it by claiming “Oh, he’s crazy”… Oh, He’s not a real mishichist” etc… This is as real as it gets. This guy is just a result of all the craziness before him.

Yesterday, this guy was their hero, now they will dismiss him like a nothing, now they will pretend to disown him. But we all know the truth, that in the end they all chair on these people, they would rather have crazies like this , then G-d forbid have an “Anti” around.

Heres how it works…Chain reaction.

When the “Crazy Ladies” who hang out in 770 all day, you know, the ones that don’t fast and take off their Shatals etc…
When they go hang up signs outside 770 and are stopped by normal; sane people (Chabadniks), who comes to their rescue; who comes to justify this craziness?

You guessed it, The “Crazy Tzvatim”.

When the “Crazy Tzvatim” get in to trouble (whether they beat somebody up or damaged 770 etc..), Who comes to their rescue? Yes you guessed it, “The Gabboyim”; and all the so called “normal or moderate mishichistim”.

When the “Gabboyim” are in trouble, who sticks up for them; who justifies them?
The so called “Let’s all get along”, “why all the fighting”, “we both believe in the same thing” etc…etc… the so called “Normal Mishichist”.

You see my friends, there is no such thing as a “normal mishichist”, if he was normal, he would not be a misichist.
Like the joke goes… “Is he crazy because he has a Yechi Kipa or is it that because he is crazy thats why he has a Yechi”?
I say its both!. [If someone is truly “normal”, then he will get out of this Mishichist craziness, once he grows up]. If it wasn’t Mishicihskit these same people would be hugging trees.

[1-11-2010] Also: Third Branch of ‘Moshiach Worshippers’ Opens in AU – Put in Cherem <click



In Crown Hts., Mayor Presses For Harmony

August 21, 2009
Published: Monday, November 30, 1992

Mayor David N. Dinkins took his campaign for racial harmony to Crown Heights yesterday, urging a mixed group of black youths from the neighborhood and Jewish teen-agers from around the city to look beyond their differences and unite in ways their parents have often not been able to.

Holding a microphone and weaving around the Crown Heights Youth Collective, the Mayor worked a crowd of 100 or so teen-agers, at times like a television talk-show host. He encouraged the teen-agers to talk about race and reflect on a short presentation they had just seen on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a show that evoked images of the bombings, beatings and bravery of the civil-rights movement in the South.

“What did you get from that — anybody?” Mr. Dinkins asked.


Glorifying Rats a.k.a. Mesira

August 18, 2009

Glorifying Rats/Mossrim/mesira/Shmira

At first I was a bit shocked and disappointed about how COLLIVE (and people in general)  time after time has given Mossrim, Mishichistim and Ganovim some type of creditability and justification (by posting them on their site).

After much thinking, of how can this be etc…,I came to realize that we are (in general) living in a society that actually glorifies Rats and Rodents, in fact we pay money to go out and see them.
[Funny thing about that is…We pay to get them out of our homes and on the other hand we leave our homes to go pay and see them (?). I guess the lesson is… As long as the Mesira is “outside”; to another person and not by you, then it’s OK and not just OK but it becomes a show/entertainment RC”L].

Our glorified Mossrim/Rats

Glorifying Mossrim/Rats

WIS Mosseir of the day:

Ezra the Mossier Hecht Ezra Hecht Feathered Rat- Mossier on COLLIVE:

Seven Crown Heights residents, 6 who are involved in Shomrim, were arrested over two years ago because of MESSIRA. For almost two years seven Jews had to sacrifice family and livelihood, because of people who’s hate is so great that they would do absolute anything and everything and use anyone and everyone to destroy the live of those they hate. The border was crossed. All red lines were erased.

A message to Ezra’s Kalla:
It has recently come to my attention that you are engaged to be married to
There was a dispute between Shomrim and some  young men on DEC 29, at 749 Eastern Pkwy. Ezra Hecht was not there (and nor were the rest of his Mossrim friends from the shmira mesira), and as such could not know the events that has transpired. YET he took it upon himself to assist those young men in orchestrating a vicious and evil MESIRA. As you should know a MOISSER has no HOPE, why would you want to spend your life, and raise children with one who is HOPELESS?
Ezra had no reason to get involved. WHY did he? ASK him. I guarantee you he will not DENY the MESIRA. He will try to JUSTIFY  it [there is no justification for Mesira period!].
Seven Jews (with Families and Jobs) are facing possible long prison sentence on the vicious lies of corrupted minds of certain individuals. Ezra Hecht is one of them. Ezra Hecht has JEWISH BLOOD on his hands.

Jewish Nation Going Thorough A Mesira Holocaust

August 12, 2009
If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there to look after you!

If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there looking out for you! The people driving this car are Not looking out for their fellow Jews!

kapo -cop- mesira -shmira“Assistants to the SS = the Kapos.” The SS appointed prisoners as Kapos to control other inmates. The prisoners march along ant-like, carrying huge round stones balanced on their shoulders, while the weight seemingly crushes their heads. The prisoners march into an indefinite distance, seeming to come from a great subterranean cavern. The distances involved are  illusionistic: the dimensions of the quarry are seemingly modest, but the work involved is titanic. The Kapo is darker and larger than his fellow prisoners, at once less and more. In the foreground a crude figure lays sprawled and contorted, bleeding from the head, probably dead, a victim of Kapo violence. But the march goes on unendingly and no one is allowed to aid him. The SS officers look on with approval.

kapo-shmira-cop-mesira“Get out for roll call!!” Additional Kapo abuse is depicted. Two Kapos flank the door, brandishing symbols of official and personal violence. Both wear a green triangle, marking them as “professional criminals.” The prisoners are disgorged chaotically through the door-frame, flinching and falling.

Whos the cause of this Mesira Holocaust?

Your Fellow Jew!


Hate, Jealousy and Power!

What part are you taking to stop this?! What does it have to take for you to realize that it’s not only the “other” guy that this is happening to?!

NYPD Gave Weapons to Civic Patrol Volunteers with Criminal History – without a Background Check

August 10, 2009

Injustice-shmira mesira-cop

The following news story could have been an episode right out of The Gangs of New York, were it filmed today … Except in contemporary New York City, or rather across the bridge in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, the gang is of a slightly unexpected variety, and the story has an unfortunate, if predictable twist.

In April of last year, Andrew Charles, a young black college student was viciously beaten on the streets of Crown Heights, a neighborhood long, if somewhat reluctantly, shared by Orthodox Jews and African Americans. The victim was shocked to learn who was behind the attack that left him incapacitated for months. He also spearheaded a movement that advocates routine background checks for police volunteers.

As it turns out, the beating was the handy work of Shmira, the Jewish neighborhood patrol group that enjoys the blessing of the New York City Police Commissioner. The victim felt rather chagrined by the fact that Shmira is part of NYPD Civilian Observation Patrol launched by the Commissioner specifically to ease racial tensions in the neighborhood. Charles publicly condemned the process of NYPD volunteer selection, stating that every member should undergo a background check.

Brooklyn’s District Attorney was looking into the attack, but now the prime suspect, a Shmira member, has fled to Israel before they had a chance to charge him. A NYPD source confirmed that first they were investigating Shmira, then suddenly they were welcomed, equipped and publicly anointed by NYPD without so much as a single background check, whereas it’s public knowledge that at least two Shmira members have a criminal record including prior assault and harassment with racially based motives.

Picture Of The Day

August 6, 2009
Anything goes (Mesira, stealing etc…), as long as you “Believe”.

Anything goes (Mesira, stealing etc…), as long as you “Believe”.

מסירה דוחה שבת – Mesira Pushes Off Shabbos

August 2, 2009

Halachic Ruling:
Does Mesira push off Shabbos?

Paul the Goy Huebner answers this question.

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Mesira on Shabbos- Paul Huebner-shmiraMesira on Shabbos- Paul Huebner-shmira The Mesirat Nefesh to pull off this viscous Mesira; this viscous Blood liable  is unbeatable. The only problem is it wasn’t giving over their own Nefesh, put sacrificing others. The Mosseir and the heretic go hand and hand!

המוסרים והאפיקורסין מישראל היה דין לאבדן ביד ולהורידן עד באר שחת מפני שהיו מצירים לישראל ומסירין את העם מאחרי ה