Glorifying Rats a.k.a. Mesira


Glorifying Rats/Mossrim/mesira/Shmira

At first I was a bit shocked and disappointed about how COLLIVE (and people in general)  time after time has given Mossrim, Mishichistim and Ganovim some type of creditability and justification (by posting them on their site).

After much thinking, of how can this be etc…,I came to realize that we are (in general) living in a society that actually glorifies Rats and Rodents, in fact we pay money to go out and see them.
[Funny thing about that is…We pay to get them out of our homes and on the other hand we leave our homes to go pay and see them (?). I guess the lesson is… As long as the Mesira is “outside”; to another person and not by you, then it’s OK and not just OK but it becomes a show/entertainment RC”L].

Our glorified Mossrim/Rats

Glorifying Mossrim/Rats

WIS Mosseir of the day:

Ezra the Mossier Hecht Ezra Hecht Feathered Rat- Mossier on COLLIVE:

Seven Crown Heights residents, 6 who are involved in Shomrim, were arrested over two years ago because of MESSIRA. For almost two years seven Jews had to sacrifice family and livelihood, because of people who’s hate is so great that they would do absolute anything and everything and use anyone and everyone to destroy the live of those they hate. The border was crossed. All red lines were erased.

A message to Ezra’s Kalla:
It has recently come to my attention that you are engaged to be married to
There was a dispute between Shomrim and some  young men on DEC 29, at 749 Eastern Pkwy. Ezra Hecht was not there (and nor were the rest of his Mossrim friends from the shmira mesira), and as such could not know the events that has transpired. YET he took it upon himself to assist those young men in orchestrating a vicious and evil MESIRA. As you should know a MOISSER has no HOPE, why would you want to spend your life, and raise children with one who is HOPELESS?
Ezra had no reason to get involved. WHY did he? ASK him. I guarantee you he will not DENY the MESIRA. He will try to JUSTIFY  it [there is no justification for Mesira period!].
Seven Jews (with Families and Jobs) are facing possible long prison sentence on the vicious lies of corrupted minds of certain individuals. Ezra Hecht is one of them. Ezra Hecht has JEWISH BLOOD on his hands.

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4 Responses to “Glorifying Rats a.k.a. Mesira”

  1. Sara Junik Says:

    Sara Junik is a retarded girl

    Use retarded in a Sentence
    –adjective 1. characterized by retardation: a retarded child.

    –noun 2. (used with a plural verb) mentally retarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the retarded.

  2. cholent Says:

    that is the lowest of low to ruin a shidduch i cant believe how a person can stoop sow low

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      No no no!
      The lowest of the low is mesira. Try reading the laws of a mossier some time (some,if not all was already posted on this site).

      What might (and I hope) does ruin his Shidduch is the mesira he was involved in, not the reporting of his mesira.

      Don’t shot the messenger.

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