Jewish Nation Going Thorough A Mesira Holocaust

If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there to look after you!

If you see a fellow Jew driving this car, know this, he is NOT there for your protection. He is Not there looking out for you! The people driving this car are Not looking out for their fellow Jews!

kapo -cop- mesira -shmira“Assistants to the SS = the Kapos.” The SS appointed prisoners as Kapos to control other inmates. The prisoners march along ant-like, carrying huge round stones balanced on their shoulders, while the weight seemingly crushes their heads. The prisoners march into an indefinite distance, seeming to come from a great subterranean cavern. The distances involved are  illusionistic: the dimensions of the quarry are seemingly modest, but the work involved is titanic. The Kapo is darker and larger than his fellow prisoners, at once less and more. In the foreground a crude figure lays sprawled and contorted, bleeding from the head, probably dead, a victim of Kapo violence. But the march goes on unendingly and no one is allowed to aid him. The SS officers look on with approval.

kapo-shmira-cop-mesira“Get out for roll call!!” Additional Kapo abuse is depicted. Two Kapos flank the door, brandishing symbols of official and personal violence. Both wear a green triangle, marking them as “professional criminals.” The prisoners are disgorged chaotically through the door-frame, flinching and falling.

Whos the cause of this Mesira Holocaust?

Your Fellow Jew!


Hate, Jealousy and Power!

What part are you taking to stop this?! What does it have to take for you to realize that it’s not only the “other” guy that this is happening to?!

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6 Responses to “Jewish Nation Going Thorough A Mesira Holocaust”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Attempted Purse Snatching, Foiled

    Published: Aug 13, 2009

    CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A teenage punk attempted to mug a Jewish woman of her purse Wednesday afternoon, but was unsuccessful thanks to an unrelenting victim. The incident took place on Albany Avenue and President Street where a Black teen approached the woman and grabbed the strap of her purse and tried to snatch it.

    Unwilling to give in the woman held on and called for help, a number of Yidden came to her aid and the would-be purse snatcher fled. An attempt to chase the punk failed after they lost him in the crowd at Troy Avenue and Union Street.
    The woman B”H did not require any medical attention.

    Thank g-d they did not catch him. We all remember quit well what happened last time [if you don’t, heres a reminder: Black Teen Assaults Jew, Jew Arrested]. We all remember how the shmira-c.o.p. helped the police get the fellow Jew locked up.
    We all remember how the shmira-c.o.p. went out of their way to obtain video footage of the incident only to hand it out to the police, incriminating a fellow Jew, which in my eyes and the eyes of those he tried to help, is a hero.

  2. must read Says:

    i don’t agree with what this guys saying.
    he means well but it simply does not help.

    The reason I am posting this is mainly for the comments that go with this post.

    For example:

    Rocco| 8.13.09 @ 7:27AM

    While I would tend to agree with Mr. Hillyer and understand his rationale, I also think that this is what is wrong with conservatives. We are confronting street fighters with the attitude and bearing of a bunch of pantywaists, concerned about moral standing. While this might impress bystanders and those sitting on the fence (which has some value), moral highground does not impress our opponents, who quite frankly have no morality. Calmness and such have their place, but so also do forcefulness and if necessary, rudeness and even violence. Do we just let them bowl us over, content in our smugness that we had the moral highground (and nothing else)? I for one am not. For one thing, the first union thug who lays a hand on me for exercising my rights as an American and a veteran will be a sorry son of a bitch when he gets a knee in the groin and an uppercut on his chin…..

    i know for a fact that talking to the people behind all the messiras, whether it be the “vaad haklala” or the shmira or Yankle Spritzer etc… is a complete waist of time. How do I know this?
    I have witnessed meeting after meeting, with people from this side and that side and even people in the middle to try and work things out. A big waist of time. You can not talk to bullies, thugs and terrorist period!

  3. levi Says:

    i hope prager get his testicles bitten off by a rabid wolf

  4. call Spade a Spade Says:

    August 17, 2009
    Palin Called a Spade a Spade
    By David Warren

    Just three weeks ago, I was writing in the Ottawa Citizen against niceness. I have pursued the theme recently with praise (sometimes backhanded) not only for the politics, but for the tone, of such as Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin in the United States. They are by no means the only practitioners of what we’ll call the “not nice” style in contemporary politics. Newt Gingrich is usually mentioned in such dispatches; and I could list a selection of Barack Obama’s “policy czars” with demonstrated shoot-from-the-lip propensities. But I would like to preserve a “nice” (in the logical sense) distinction between candour and thuggery.

    Candour is when you tell a truth that is disturbing, in language so unambiguous that persons in polite company will not want to hear you. It is a way to lose the respect of the genteel — of those who are “respectable” in the shallowest sense. Rude language is quite unnecessary to this end: the hard truth itself, spoken plainly and publicly, will give sufficient offence.

    Thuggery is unrelated to this. It consists not of candid argument but of naked intimidation. It may be done crassly — for instance, by the union thugs who have begun to appear at U.S. townhall meetings, to confront opponents of the Democrats’ health-care agenda. Or it may be done smoothly, with the politically correct gesture, that conveys the threat of later reprisal against anyone who utters the contrary, “incorrect” thought. A good example would be the “” e-mail address that was set up on the official White House website, to which Obama supporters across the country were invited to report “fishy” opposition to that health-care agenda.

    And “niceness” is something else again, usually allied with hypocrisy. For one can be very selectively nice — outraged, scandalized, breathtaken with surprise, when Richard Nixon was caught compiling an “enemies list.” Yet perfectly indifferent when Barack Obama advertises for input to compile his.

    How many “nice” people I know, who casually asserted that a certain George W. Bush was mentally retarded, resembled a monkey, and was guilty of war crimes. Suddenly the same people have “had it up to here” with squalid personal attacks on his successor.

    Tell you the candid truth, I don’t like “nice” people. Conversely, I have a sneaking regard for real political enemies who are prepared to state candidly what they are about. Which is why I mentioned Obama’s long list of policy czars, above — people like John Holdren (1970s advocate of forced abortions and mass sterilization) the new science czar, Van Jones (declared Communist) the new green jobs czar, Vivek Kundra (convicted shoplifter) the new infotech czar, Adolfo Carrion (pay-for-play scandals) the new urban subsidies czar, Nancy DePerle (lobbyist-to-regulator) the new health czar, Cass Sunstein (behaviourist and animal rights wacko) the new regulatory czar, and so on.

    There are dozens of these, altogether. They are Obama’s “shadow cabinet,” with the advantage over his more presentable official cabinet that they can avoid congressional scrutiny in almost everything they do. They didn’t need to face the Senate confirmation revelations that lost Obama so many of his earliest cabinet appointments. A mere Internet search for quotes reveals that many of them are capable of great candour, at least in the radical leftist environments from which most of them came.

    The mainstream media focus is nevertheless not on them — rich and easy pickings had they been Republican appointments — but instead on Sarah Palin’s appalling characterization of Obama’s health-care agenda as not merely “socialist” but “evil”; and on her use of the term “death panels” to describe proposed bureaucratic arrangements for deciding who should be entitled to medical treatment, and how to advise the old, seriously handicapped, and ill on euthanasia options.

    Needless to say the proposals themselves had been couched in “feelgood” language, with public relations campaigns at the ready in case someone like Palin called a spade a spade. She did so in full knowledge of how that publicity machine would respond.

    It is assumed she will be running for president on the redneck ticket. But as we saw last week, she does not need any office to get results. For after many nice legislators had condemned her for her “unreasonable” criticisms, the U.S. Senate finance committee this week dropped a key provision to which she had referred, from the House health-care bill before them. According to the ranking Republican member, it was dropped “because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly.”

    That’s a very nice way of saying that Sarah Palin had a point. And it is a point that would have passed unnoticed, had she confined herself to “nice” language.

  5. History repeated Says:

    history repeats itself.

  6. john doe Says:

    Do the damage and hope they forget (even their friends forget them)

    Paul Huebner the mamzer ben nidah nazi goy mosser wants money. Who does he want money from? He’s not gonna get it from the shomrim members he worked so hard to have arrested then sued for 12,000,000.00. They don’t have any. Paul the nazi goy huebner is asking the wealthy people of crown heights for money, and no it’s not for the poor “victims” that he wants money for, It’s for himself. After all paul the nazi goy is a lawyer, and lawyers make money billing clients, who is paul the nazi goy gonna bill? for g-ds sake two of his victims (and I say “his victims” because they are his victims) parents are homeless. So here is poor paul the nazi huebner who dedicated almost two years of his life to destroying seven jewish lives, and he wants to get paid.
    For almost two years i’ve wondered who is paying the nazi? I mean, yes he has the hate to feed on, but that doesn’t feed his mamzer kids or his abused wife. So who promised him the dough and left him in the trough? Prager? how’s he feeding his mamzeirim? Skoblo? ya right! Stern? from what I hear he’s literally “scraping” to get by in this tough economy.
    But just think about it. Some people must resort to collecting charity in the streets. Some do it by asking more privately. Some go to charitable foundations funds. No! thats not for the likes of paul the nazi goy huebner. He puts seven jews through hell for almost two years and counting, and he has the chutzpa to ask wealthy people to write him a check and he would pull his fraudulent lawsuit. Forget the damage he’s done it’s just about a greedy nazi wanting some green. The only settlement I would give paul the nazi goy is a one way ticket to whichever country would take a low life moisser nothing wife beater.

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