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Electric Service Illegally Restored to ‘749’ Dormitory

December 22, 2015

749-illegal-electric-lead-Levi Kabakov

[CHI] Recently, after admitting that they finally “lost complete control” over the 749 Eastern Parkway dormitory, the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva administration decided to pay off the electric bill and close the account with Con-Edison. A few weeks later, the electrical service was physically disconnected, and the power was off for nearly a week – until Sunday night.

Con-Ed workers arrived at 749 Eastern Parkway on December 14th to remove the meters, only to be refused entry into the building. Instead, workers opened up the manhole in front of the building and cut the main cables.


Mendel Hendel: Hachnosas Orchim For Thee Hachnosa (הַכנָסָה) Income For Me

September 24, 2015

From the Inbox


The scam that is Mendel Hendels Eshel Hachnosas Orchim:

If your a Crown Heights resident chances are that by now you received a frantic call from a Meshichist Bocher whose being employed by Menachem Mendel Hendel, asking you if you can take in as guest a ‘family’ for the month of Tishrei.

One Crown Heights resident received such a phone call and shared that conversation  with me.


No Tools No Experience Just Smash

September 9, 2015

collive-shmira-mesiraRegarding: Volunteers Smash Car Window For Infant Left in Car

The organizations received an urgent call on Wednesday from a parent that their baby accidentally got locked in the car, after the keys dropped while they were strapping them into the car seat and the car automatically locked.

Doesn’t this so called organization have “hundreds” of volunteers? Surly someone from these hundred must have a lockout kid and surly with such an urgent emergency that person would have made himself available.


Brooklyn D.A. Says No Bias Crime Charges For Yitzchak Shuchat

December 19, 2014

By John Marzulli / New York Daily News

yitzhak-shuchatYitzhak Shuchat will serve one day in jail and 25 days of community service for the 2008 attack on Andrew Charles in Crown Heights.


The Jury Duty Myth, Debunked

December 7, 2014

Jury Duty-myth vs
Myth #1: You Won’t Be Called for Jury Duty if You Don’t Register to Vote

Potential jurors were once pulled from voter registration lists and you could avoid serving simply by choosing not to vote. Things have sinced changed, however, and whether or not you vote has little impact. Nowadays, procuring a state-issued ID or driver’s license, buying a home, and/or filing tax returns can get you on the list as well. Basically, if you’re an active citizen of the United States you can expect to be called someday.


Remember Remember Don’t Forget! – The Shomrim Six Blood Libel

October 13, 2014

The 14th was referring to October 14th, 2009, that day (“happened”) to have been the first day the Shomrim Six case was sent to trial. [Notice to appear on the 14th at 320 Jay street].

Paul Huebner and Elie C. Poltorak builds this case from beginning to end with help from the shmira/chsp/cop and political pull from Chanina Sperlin and Menachem Mendel Hendel leader of the Meshichist faction.


Shmira/CHSP/COP Coordinator Leib Skoblo 311 Mesira Call

August 25, 2014

See: Definition: ‘We’

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Recording Of 311 Call By Shmira/chsp/cop Member Yitzchok Shuchat

Metaphor: Lion Kills Hyena In One Bite

August 8, 2014

Whats this all about?

The Hyena in this metaphor, the fool C.E.  Phone Number: …….798 and Email chn……, knows whats it’s all about.

Soon you will as well.

Stay Tuned.

Exclusive: Yitzchak Shuchat Extradited To USA

July 17, 2014

yitzchak-shuchat-crown heights shmira patrol
Yitzchak Shuchat has been extradited to the U.S.A.

See: ישראלי הוסגר לארצות הברית בגין אלימות על רקע גזעני

As I write this, Shuchat is being processed in the 71st precinct. Shuchat was brought in by the U.S. Marshals.

Yitzchak Shuchat, a former member of the Crown Heights Shmira crime patrol was indicted for second degree assault as a hate crime, following the alleged April 2008 beating of a black man, Andrew Charles.

Yizchak Shuchat spent his time in hiding by making hundreds of frivolous complaints (out right Mesira) against members of the Crown Heights Shomrim Patrol, causing much unnecessary aggravation and monetary loss.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Joke Of the Day: A Mosser (Informer) “Prays”

June 28, 2013


Yitzchak Shuchat-יצחק שוחט-מוסר-מלשין-informer-yitzchok-shmira-שמירה

The Informer Yitzchat Shuchat pretends to pray in a photo-op for his redemption in the makeshift room of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l located in Kefar Chabad Israel.

Exclusive added (click for more)


Is Greed Holding up the Expansion of Rebbes Library?

June 5, 2013

Source: CH.Info

A letter written by Rabbi Shalom Ber Levin, the longtime dedicated chief libarian of the central Chabad library, known as Ohel Yosef Yitzchak Library or the “Rebbe’s Library,” exposes what is holding back the purchase -by Agudas Chasidei Chabad, the Chabad-Lubavitch Umbrella Organization, – of the home of the late Reb Meir Itkin, for the purpose of a much needed expansion of the Library.


Hypocrite Dov Hikind…

December 24, 2012

…Trying To Block Israel’s Extradition Of Yitzchak Shuchat To Brooklyn.

Dov Hikind-chanina sperlin-hypcocrite-yitzchak shuchat-crown heights shmira-mesirah

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind Says he has been in contact with Israel’s “Attorney General” in an attempt to block the High Court of Justice ordered extradition of Yitzchak Shuchat, who is wanted for a beating a Black honors student in Crown Heights three years ago and who is charged with a hate crime. Shuchat fled to Israel.


Mishpacha Magazine “Interview” With The Rat Yitzchak Shuchat

December 16, 2012
Shuchat pretends to be learning some Torah for Mishpacha Magazine photo opp.

Yitzchak Shuchat pretends to be learning some Torah for Mishpacha Magazine photo opp. There’s a first time for everything.

Interview is in Hebrew.


Memory Loss

December 10, 2012


In reference to DA Hynes, Yossi H (A Shmira Mesira sympathizer and supporter) writes:

“He’s played Satmar VS each other, and he’s done that with Chabad, by over blowing the 749 incident, and now with the Shochat case he’s trying to bring us back to 1991 in order to look like a super hero”


Notice: Name Change

November 28, 2012

Why the [official] name change?


2008: Email By Yossi Stern Highlights Destruction Of Shomrim

September 13, 2012

The Scene: It’s 2008, Then Inspector Vaga of the 71st precinct gets the boot. Inspector Vaga has a relatively good relationship with the Shomrim volunteer organization.

WIS writes relatively, because there are times of tension, for example, if a fellow Jew is in trouble Shomrim will do all it can to protect the Jew and not bend to any pressure from the department. Shomrim does not serve the NYPD, Shomrim Volunteers mainly serve the Jewish community.

A mere few months before Shmira  coordinators [Yossi Stern, Yaakov Prager and Leib Skoblo with the help of Chanina Sperlin and the CHJCC] took part in coordinating a viscous Mesira – blood libel which started with an arrest and ended with a six-week trial of Six Shomrim Volunteers.


Paul Huebner Get’s The Boot

September 2, 2012

Attorney for the Crown Heights Shmira Mesira,  Paul [Levi] Huebner has been thrown out of the Civilian Observation Patrol (COP) program.

WIS was informed that Huebner was booted out of the COP program as a result of the following special investigation by…. EXCLUSIVE: Exposing The Shmira/COP.

Proof That Those Who Advised Shuchat To Run Are Idiots

June 27, 2012

Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat: Suspect in beating of cop’s son fled after the incident to Israel. Innocent people don’t run!

News Source: AP

Baltimore, MD – A former member of an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood watch group convicted in the beating of a black teenager has been sentenced to probation.

The case has drawn comparisons to the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.


Cowards Have Shuchats Back?

June 13, 2012

[CHI] During the seminar on combating child abuse in the Crown Heights community this past Sunday, attorney Elie Poltrack stood up and berated District Attorney Charles Hynes over his indictment of Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat.

The prosecutor is seeking Shuchat’s extradition from Israel over the latter’s alleged beating of Andrew Charles, an African-American teenager.

After a heated back-and-forth between the D. A. and Mr. Poltrack, the chair of the seminar requested that the focus of the meeting shift back to the cause of child abuse prevention, to the noted approval of most present.

[Click Here To view Video]

This is what struck me upon reviewing the video above…


Op-ed: Betrayal

June 10, 2012

WIS inbox: Yossi T.

(R/L) Shmira members Yitzchok Shuchat and Yaakov Prager.

Notice: WIS had no intentions of writing anything up regarding this issue (WIS has already written all there is regarding this issue), both the Shmira Mesira and Shuchat are irrelevant, but being that someone did take the time to write something, WIS will post it.

Dear  Shmira Coordinator Yaakov Preger :

Todays forum talked about how to take precautionary steps in creating policies etc… in order to PREVENT a crime from taking place.

Your question for Hynes was out of left field….

You chose to come to this forum along with your side kicks to bring up the case of the Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat to which you and only you are directly responsible for.