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Who silenced WIS?

December 21, 2008

Shmira preaches about peace and about how they kept trying to make peace with Shomrim but they kept on refusing, well ill tell you all a short story:

I got an email mid-December from a friend of mine who said that shmira is willing to take then entire messira they orchestrated against Shomrim off completely, but the only condition was that I stop “WhoIsShmira?”, seeing that I had the great opportunity of Pidyon Shvuim I decided that I will compromise and I wont publish anything new until the messira is off completely and once that happened I will completely delete the web-site.

Well the gloves are off, its been a month and two weeks and this past Shabbos one of the Shmira rats went and made a new messira (Inspector Simonetti promised to fax me a copy of it on Monday when he gets in to work) against two Shomrim members claiming that they vandalized the Shmira car. In their frivolous claim Prager claimed that he personally observed two Shomrim members (who he names in the police reports [aka Messira]) and said that they both had cans of spray paint and they sprayed up the Shmira car.

Not only is this report a lie it sounds more like a blood libel, after I personally went and took a picture of the car last night parked and there was no paint on it.

So I made my attempt to help the situation and Shmira went and made a brand new messira while I tried, if this is how we are going to play you wait and see the documents and pictures I have yet to publish. The gloves are off.

Yossi (Chazer Belly) Stern, the next heart attack you get I hope it kills you. Yimach Shimcha you MAMZER.

Yanky (Moslem Rat) Prager, I hope you get locked up for the rest of your life for all those forged COP ID cards you gave all the Shmira members.

And a special brocho for Paul Huebner, I hope the next time you hit your wife she pulls out a kitchen knife and stabs you and kills you in self defense.


December 14, 2008
one of the senior shmira members Conversing with NYPD about the crime

one of the senior shmira members Conversing with NYPD about the crime

Brazen Thief Robs Barber Shop on Kingston Avenue

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHN] —  At  7:00pm  Thursday  evening  shmira received a call  from  305 Kingston Avenue of a suspicious male black, 6 feet in height  wearing  a  Grey  sweater  with  a  hood  and  dark  pants,  entered  the  electronic  store  acting  suspicious,  the  owner  requested that the  two  other  Jewish customers stay in the store with him till  this person leaves.

The person (male black) then left, shmira was immediately called and the owner stated that “this male black is for sure up to no good because i am watching him and he is going door to door”, shmira dispatched a unit to keep an eye on the suspicious which was last seen at Kingston Avenue between President Street and Union Street attempting to enter the women’s clothing store, the dispatched unit responded and did not find the suspicious.

Less then six minutes later at 7:06pm shmira received another call from the Kingston Barber Shop at 355 Kingston Avenue between Carroll St. and President St., that the same person with the same matching description as above just robbed his store and stole approximately $50 U.S.A. cash, the owner put up a little fight and then the perp managed to flee South on Kingston Avenue making a left on Carroll Street heading east towards Albany Avenue.

shmira dispatched NYPD to the barber shop. The police responded in large numbers and took the call seriously, evidence collection also came to take finger prints, shmira is working to get video for the detectives that will handle the case.

The shmira hotline (718) 221-0303 is in operation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, to protect and serve the community.

If you see something, say something, call 911 and shmira immediately!

From a shmira copy-cat web site

They advertise away, they beg for your money, they plant Pushka’s and stickers with their numbers in every store that will accept one, they hang big signs with their phone number, they threaten people to only call them, they are the shmira mossrim.

       So here we have a criminal moisser organization operating under the guise of “protecting” the community and all they do is hang up signs and brag how they have 100’s of members to “protect” the community, but we are not stupid we know for a fact that it’s always been about the power and the money, they don’t give a flying #@$# about the person on the street who’s calling for help, if it’s a call about donating money they’d be at your house in a flash, but a call for an actual emergency? Keep waiting the shmira moissrem are too busy trying to make a case to get 7 residents convicted so that they can finally dominate the hood, who would be in their way? shmokenetti? His stomach is already full of yossi sterns, yanky prager and leib skoblos bullshit.

     Shmira claims to have over “100 units” in it’s “organization”, that is to say that even if 70% is “off duty” (not active) we are still left with 30%. 30 guys who care so much about our community that they went out of their way to volunteer to be part of a “community patrol”, yet when something is going down nobody is to be seen. With 30 volunteers I would think that the response time would be less then a minute being that the chances of a unit living near by are pretty good.

      “shmira dispatched a unit to keep an eye on the suspicious which was last seen at Kingston Avenue between President Street and Union Street attempting to enter the women’s clothing store, the dispatched unit responded and did not find the suspicious.”

     One unit? There is a suspicious person who could be a danger to us and to any volunteer and they only had ONE person to respond? How the hell did this responding unit lose a suspect in a block and a half? It must be that there was no responding unit. shmira gets a call that a crime could be happening, they don’t show up. shmira gets a call that a crime already happened and they show up, wow wee.

The shmira hotline (718) 221-0303 is in operation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, to protect and serve the community.

If you see something, say something, call 911 and shmira immediately!


      And only after the whole thing, who shows up?  the only ONE shmira member, who we always see in the pictures, shows up to take more pictures, thank you shmira for doing what you do best, deceit, pretending and putting our lives in danger. Next time leave the real work to the pros and just stick to Mesira and putting up signs.

fighting evil with good, darkness with light!

December 4, 2008

Good and Evil

It’s in times of tragedy like the senseless murder of more then six Jews by indescribable evil Muslim terrorist ym’s in Mumbai, India, them, their families and co-terrorist should rot in hell to the end of time, that we feel the physical hurt and cry the real tears and feel the deep connection that have kept Jews alive and together for countless centuries even surpassing those nations that were supposedly “great” supposedly “indestructible” and “invincible” it’s time’s like these where as I see that WhoIsShmira has gone silent and as I have felt the need to be silent and in mourning, it’s a time when you tell yourself that as Jews we must stick together, enough of this fighting, enough of the bickering, enough of the hate, enough of the stupid complaints one person has for the other and would do anything to “get” that guy just short of killing him.


Yet we see throughout these tragic times and throughout these tragic events there is a hate website (the mishichist site) where there are people actually bickering over the fact that Aguch (Krinsky etc.) have taken control of the funerals and proceedings of our holy martyrs and complaining as to why wasn’t it “their” leaders (the die hard mishichist rabbi’s who brought up and brainwashed their students (followers) that handled the funerals, and when around the world tragedy strikes and people die or are killed flags are lowered to half mast out of respect and mourning for the dead, we see in pictures that are broadcast around the world two giant “messiah” flags proudly held high and waving in the wind, what are these people thinking?  Perhaps Simchas Bais Hashoava, Lag B’Omer, oh and a funeral, all happy occasions why not raise the flag? Why not us this opportunity to show “look WE still exist”. (Thousands of people there of all walk of life and two who knows who have to make a statement. Just comes to show were their head is at, what we can expect, on 3 Tammuz 5754-1994 we had these same people dancing in the streets etc…). 


So do we forgive and forget in the Z’chus of our martyrs? Do we forget the wrongs that one has committed against his “acquaintance”? Is it ‘poof’ and everything is alright? And mainly will it be reciprocated? Will those who’ve done the wrongs right the wrongs? Or do we start over and fresh for now? How do we know that those that we thought evil will have suddenly turned righteous? Should we just let our guard down? Have faith in g-d that everything will just be alright? How are we guaranteed that the loaded guns will be turned away and lowered from our heads? Should we get it in writing? (I paul huebener vow to cease and desist from actively pursuing and seeking to incriminate and have arrested said members of Shomrim and Anash and as such regret my past activities and am sorry for my past actions and will from now on seek only peace with my sworn enemies, signed paul huebener) are they on the same page an having the same thoughts?


I know that on January 20th Shomrim members have to show up to court again where a trial date will be set. The question is will they have to still show up in court or will the viscous mesira finally be drooped for the sake of “peace” and case closed? My answer is yes they will have to show up in court.


When these tragedies happen the good people get better and the evil people stay the same (or try to take advantage of the situation etc…) all terrorist are the same, some have guns and some use other methods, it’s all about catching your victims of guard, not giving them a slight chance to defend themselves.


“Terrorism may not succeed in destroying our civilization – but politically correct euphemisms and apologetics are already crippling our ability to defend it.” *


* The evil people know how the masses are feeling, they also know that (like the quote above) the “politically correct” etc… are not going to ask or tell them off,  to perhaps drop and decease all Machlokes (which includes stopping all the Mesira etc..), they know that your target will be the victims of terror (mesira) and perhaps this very web site for exposing the truth.


My dear brothers and sister, Tzdaka/charity starts at home.


Have you offended or hurt your [actual] Father, Mother, Brother, sister, wife, and husband and apologized and made a commitment to be a better person? Have you made “peace” with your enemy’s [standing in you OWN four cubits]? Remember, you want to fight the evil around the world; a good start is to fight the evil standing right next to you! Before trying to throw a hug around the world, first try hugging your own Family/community.

 john doe