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Who silenced WIS?

December 21, 2008

Shmira preaches about peace and about how they kept trying to make peace with Shomrim but they kept on refusing, well ill tell you all a short story:

I got an email mid-December from a friend of mine who said that shmira is willing to take then entire messira they orchestrated against Shomrim off completely, but the only condition was that I stop “WhoIsShmira?”, seeing that I had the great opportunity of Pidyon Shvuim I decided that I will compromise and I wont publish anything new until the messira is off completely and once that happened I will completely delete the web-site.

Well the gloves are off, its been a month and two weeks and this past Shabbos one of the Shmira rats went and made a new messira (Inspector Simonetti promised to fax me a copy of it on Monday when he gets in to work) against two Shomrim members claiming that they vandalized the Shmira car. In their frivolous claim Prager claimed that he personally observed two Shomrim members (who he names in the police reports [aka Messira]) and said that they both had cans of spray paint and they sprayed up the Shmira car.

Not only is this report a lie it sounds more like a blood libel, after I personally went and took a picture of the car last night parked and there was no paint on it.

So I made my attempt to help the situation and Shmira went and made a brand new messira while I tried, if this is how we are going to play you wait and see the documents and pictures I have yet to publish. The gloves are off.

Yossi (Chazer Belly) Stern, the next heart attack you get I hope it kills you. Yimach Shimcha you MAMZER.

Yanky (Moslem Rat) Prager, I hope you get locked up for the rest of your life for all those forged COP ID cards you gave all the Shmira members.

And a special brocho for Paul Huebner, I hope the next time you hit your wife she pulls out a kitchen knife and stabs you and kills you in self defense.