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The Beginning Of The End For Dov Hinkind The Moser

March 28, 2010

Dov Hikind with the Mosrim Chanina Sperlin and Paul Huebner. For the informers there is no hope. It's one thing/the right thing to go after Molesters etc... it's another wrong/ Mesira going after six innocent, volunteers, Fathers, Husbands etc...

History proves,  anybody who lines himself with these Mosrim, which includes Meshichistim, shmira, Chanina Sperlin and Co. is bound to loss and loss big time.

Wind of Change: Greenfield Wins Big, Hikind Loses Bigger

Can’t wait till its Hinkinds turn for re-election, going to have a good time, exposing another Moser/Rat and getting rid of him/them.

When the Wolfs Cry Meeeeeeee-sira

March 23, 2010

The hypocrisy! Wolfs in Sheep's Clothing: Shameless and disgusting!

When the Mosrim cry about Mesira, we rejoice.

List of Mesira:

Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood Libel. PT1 [Shomrim Six Mesira: The goal was to put six innocent Jews in jail for 15 years].

The Mesira Continues [Mesira on Individuals of Anash and Gemachim/Mosdos of Chesed].

JUSTICE FOR ALL: WHO MOSSERD SHUCHAT AND WHY? [The “shmira” rats out one of “it’s own”].

Chaninas Sperlin Mesira (A mesira that ending up with  an arrest of members of Anash and a two year court preceding – for more more documentation click here).

The Mossrim Then And Now [Yaakov the Ganev Spritzer opens a RICO case against five families of Anash, in an attempt to steal Machne Menachem].

UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life [Knowing I was right, ColLive takes down the story, luckily it was saved to PDF].

Paul Huebners Lawsuit/Mesira for Hundred forty four million Dollars, is still (as I write this), in court.

So, When the Mosrim cry Mesira, we give them THIS and we tell them THIS and always remember THIS!!!

Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood Libel. PT1

March 18, 2010

From the Inbox

On the night of October 4th, 2009, by a community festival, Mr. Levi Paul Huebner made it a point to congregate around the Shomrim Volunteers defendants in a false Case/mesira/blood libel Mr. Huebner concocted. When Huebner realized hes being filmed, he approached the defendants (whom he had three times previously falsely requested and received an Order Of Protection and thats why the need to video), and stated to the camera “Your taking video, take video on the 14th”.

The 14th was referring to October 14th, 2009, that day (“happened”) to have been the first day this case was sent to trial. [Notice to appear on the 14th at 320 Jay street]

Notice in video, the Shomrim command post parked on the corner. It has been parked there every holiday and Saturday for the last two years. Mr. Huebner a member of the Crown Heights community is fully aware of this fact. It seems Mr. Huebners intention (as always)  of congregating in that area is to try inciting some type of confutation with the Shomrim, and then go make some false reports of harassment, (which by the way he attempted to do later that night).


Paul Huebner builds this case from beginning to end with help from the shmira and political pull from Chanina Sperlin.

On December 29, 2007 approximately 8pm Members of Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer patrol responded to a routine call, upon arrival the members were attacked by a group of individual “yeshiva” students. Police were called, responded and disbursed the crowds.

Upon hearing about what’s going on, a group of individuals belonging to an adversary group called Crown Heights Shmira Inc. (“shmira”), more specifically, Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager and Leib Skoblo,  arrived at the scene after police restored calm. “shmira” has a long standing dispute with the Crown Heights Shomrim. Shmira has used tactics against Shomrim, ranging from false police complaints, and using any local influence to harass members of Shomrim, and waiting for every opportunity to cause harm to the volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim.

Upon arrival “shmira”, Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager and Leib Skoblo,* called on the police to arrest the members of Crown Heights Shomrim. Police have ignored their cries, but have filled complaints. After the incident the “shmira” enrolled the help of their long time friend and member Paul Levi Huebner.

* Leib Skoblo, who was at the time an auxiliary police officer at the 77th precinct, produced his badge to an official NYPD officer and pointed to Gadi Hershkop, a  coordinator of the  Shomrim Volunteer organization and stated, “arrest that guy”.

Paul Levi Huebner is a member and attorney of Crown Heights Shmira Inc. (“Shmira”) contacted. Mr. Huebner operates at his home under his firm
BOOKLYN, NY 11225-3200
(212) 354-5555
Registration Number: 3029725

December 30, 2008: Waking up the next morning, Pual Huebner and Co. realize that they missed out on one very important target, Aron Hershkop ak.a. Leli. Just one problem, Aron Hershkop was not at 749 when the altercation broke out and nobody testified and neither made a report about him the night before. Paul Huebner then just tries and fails to concoct another Mesira against Aron Hershkop. Click Here False Reports made against Aron Hershkop

On January 3, 2008: Mr. Huebner contacted P.O. Brain Duffy. In the phone conversation Mr. Huebner notifies P.O. Brain Duffy that the complainants do not speak English and offered himself as the interpreter, Mr. Huebner then goes on to arrange a time and date when he can bring the complainants in for interviews. Mr. Huebner informs P.O. Brain Duffy that complainant Shneur Rotem will be leaving the country but will be over at Mr. Huebner’s home for Saturday “Shabbat” January 5, 2008 approx. 2:30pm, after prayers, and therefore invites P.O. Brain Duffy to his home (see Pg. 88 of Discovery). (On Saturday “Shabbat” it is customary to have a Shabbat meal after prayers in synagogue.)

On January 5, 2008: approx. 2:30pm P.O. Brain Duffy interviews complainant Mr. Shneur Rotem (who is Israeli and speaks Hebrew), through the full interpretation of Mr. Huebner (see Pg. 87 of Dis), at Mr. Huebner’s home 478 Malbone Street.

On January 9, 2008: Mr. Huebner brings complainant Yaakov Shatz, Gabrial Brownstein, and Moshe Gurfunkle (all three are Hebrew speaking only*) to the 77pct. to have them interview with P.O. Brain Duffy through the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. (pages-42-57-71-of-dis). Huebner does not tell the detective that he is also their attorney.

*Latter in court, it’s discovered that they all can get by pretty good with the English that “they don’t know”.

On January 22, 2008: approx. 1:00pm P.O. Brain Duffy visits Mr. Huebners home, to further the investigation, again P.O. Brain Duffy interviews the complainants with the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. Here P.O. Brain Duffy shows the complainants images of the defendants for identification. (See pages 51, 65, 81 of Dis).

On January 22, 2008: Three weeks after the alleged incident, approx. 1:10pm under immense pressure from the “shmira”, Chanina Sperlin and their attorney Mr. Huebner. P.O. Brain Duffy had six volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim and one resident of Crown Heights arrested. Shneur G. Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalman Pansan, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm.

On March 8, 2008 (Purim): Paul Huebner showed up to the synagogue for the first time ever for holiday services , where Mr. G. Hershkop has been  praying for years since he was a kid. Paul Huebner was and is not a member of this congregation. Mr. Huebner came to this location looking for an altercation, which he did not get.

On May 13, 2008, July 13, 2008 and November 2, 2008: Paul Huebner falsely and for no reason obtained an Order of Protection against defended Shnaur G. Hershkop this after weeks upon weeks that Mr. Huebner has followed around defended Shnaur G. Hershkop and continued following him, in an attempt to harass Mr. Hershkop and try to incriminate him. (See Order of Protection pages).

On another occasion: At a public gathering, Mr. Huebner had one of the alleged “victims”, who had a restraining order against Shneur G. Hershkop, approach Mr. Hershkop, Mr. Huebner then proceeded to take some photos of this encounter. And with these photos Mr. Huebner  tried, and thank G-d failed to further his agenda in having Mr. Hershkop arrested.

On April 28, 2009: Mr. Huebner filled a civil lawsuit of a Hundred Forty Four Million dollars, against Crown Heights Shomrim, Shneur G. Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalman Pansan, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm. On behalf of the complainants which are now plaintiffs.

!לא תעמוד על דם רעך

“You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood!”

…More To Come…

Finally Some Good New, I Hope! Merkos Officials: To Get Rid Of Mishichist Cult From 770

March 10, 2010

After hearing some rumors about this, we might just have some confirmation., a site which is known for it’s fabricating stories and it’s propaganda (of lies and deceit) to farther the agenda of the Mishichist cult,  reports that Merkoz is finally making a move to throw the Mishichistim cult out of 770, once and for all. I hope, that for once, they are reporting the truth (disregarding of course the propaganda and false information they mixed in the “exclusive report”).

This is great news, 15 years overdo, but nevertheless, better late then ever.

After 15 years of THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THISTHIS, AND THIS, you get the picture, I’m not going to go thorough 15 years of history. Those who have lived thorough this, already know. And those who do live here and have chosen not to see, are part of the problem. Like I have said in the past, “no such thing as a moderate Mishichist”. Now, if this will happen, we can finally have peace and quit.

Now for some fun: writes:
Over a year ago, on 11 Shvat 5769 the four judges on the Appeals Court ruled in favor of the community and that the synagogue would continue to be run by democratically elected Gaboim…

Again with the “Community”. Which “community” exactly are they talking about?

Is it THIS one,  the “community” event where only 28 people showed up?
Are these Mosrim really so disillusioned, do they really think they still (if ever) have the “community”?.

How many new Shuls have opened up in the last 15 years, how many just recently, why are old, young, middle age people leaving 770? Every group of ten friends opens a Shul, ask them all where they would pray before, they would will tell you 770. Ask them why they left, they will tell you, its too crazy for them, “it’s not a place to Pray” and “those crazy Mishichistim”.

A message to, The Mishichist Party and all the Mosrim (always the same people):

First off. I’m really glad to see you crying with these fake crocodile tears. If all was going your way in court, like you write (which would mean you have nothing to worry about), we would not be reading  about this at all.

[I can’t believe I had to get this news from Where is on this great news, Where is on this great news? ZZZZZZZZZZ. Let’s go wake up. Give us some news that actually effects our lives!!]

Second and must importantly. What is your point in crying to the public about this, do you really think anybody cares for you. Only weeks ago, you and your web sites were justifying and excusing Mesira. Six good Jews, with families and jobs where facing 15 years in prison, on a baseless blood libel. YOUR people orchestrated this viscous  Mesira. None of you tried to stop it, all of you were praying that there G-d forbid be a conviction.  Had there been a conviction, those flags would have been swinging for days after.

I will now reveal a little secret. Either way you, the Mosrim would have lost. There was thank g-d no conviction, you lost, you tried a Mesira and you failed, we all know you as the Mosrim. Had there G-d forbid been a conviction, do you really think the “community” would be celebrating, do you really think you would be heroes? Hells no!!!. We all witnessed how the real community, you know the community with actual breathing people, came out in support for those six Jews. All these Jews have held  local jobs in the community before this blood libel, and they still do (hold those same jobs) today. Not one parent demanded that any of the Hershkop brothers (the bus drives) get fired, not one parent took their child of the bus. In fact we saw the opposite (also Here and Here).

Now you have the Chutzpa to come to us (the community) and cry about being [rightfully]  evicted, you kidding me, are you trying to insult the publics intelligence?

You killed and now you demand the inheritance? You have blood on your hands! We say three times a day, six days a week, “For a Moser/informer there is no hope”.

Besides the mishichistim being immediately evacuated from 770, I hope and pray that very soon the building a cross the street, 749,  will be cleaned up as well from the Mishichist cult.

Exit Question: Will the community, all those that have found a new place, come back to 770, once the Chassidim with their Rebbe, get it back?

Tongue piercings?

Great New Site…1BigCholent

March 7, 2010 OBM

The world of RATS!

What happened when the Mitzriem hit the frogs by Makos Tzivardaya?

More frogs appeared!

Over the past few hours hundreds of you asked your friends ”Did you see what happened to two mile zone?”

The reaction, many many more people have visited that site. Thanks for all the publicity we have officially doubled our readership in under 10 hours.

Stay tuned as we bring you the details of who ratted us out, and why. in the meantime don’t forget.


Posted in Burp!, on March 8, 2010 by 1bigcholent

Welcome back! Don’t be so surprised with the Mosrim, they cant compete so they try to shut you down!

The best revenge is to come back bigger and stronger and continue what you were doing. A little light pushes away a lot of darkness.

joke of the day!!

March 4, 2010

what does shmira mesira and cholent have in common?

enjoy now, pay later!!