אשרי האיש אשר לא הלך בעצת רשעים, ובדרך חטאים לא עמד, ובמשב לצים לא ישב

(תהילים א-א)

Fortunate is the man that has not walked in the counsel of the wicked, nor stood in the path of sinners, nor sat in the company of scoffers. (Psalms 1-1)


way2go says:
“aren’t you giving them advertisement by posting this?”

The above question was asked in my previous post about my posting of how the fake Vaad of Mossrim illegally plastered our neighborhood with posters advertising the “town hall meeting”.

Without actually going to the meeting and not having someone to inform me what was happening, The following was my reply…

No I’m not and I’ll explain why.

How many people are going to show up, how many people support these mossrim?
[For argument sake, I’m going to give the mossrim the 900 people they claim voted for them]
The mossrim claimed that 900 people voted for them, that means that they should have 900 die hard supporters showing up to the parties meeting.
The reason I use the words die hard is because the fact is this election was [dirty] political, so if anybody went out of their way to vote it was only because of their cause/agenda. In other words, they had a cause/Agenda and therefore made in a point to vote.
OK, OK, some people could not make it, so let’s say 857 people will be there, how could they not.
So if even a hundred or two hundred people show up, thats a big loss for them. That would mean that they lost most of their vote. That the other 700 people that voted for them, lost faith in them and wont bother going out of the way for them.

We all know that burly 300 people actually went out to vote for them, lets see if they will even have half of those 300 hundred.
Even if I’m wrong and they have half of the 300 that actually voted for them, the joke is still on them.

The pictures will speak for themselves. If they post them of-course.

Boy does it feel good to be right. To tell you the truth it wasn’t such a long shout. The only mistake was that I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt when I wrote…”Even if I’m wrong and they have half of 300 [being 150] that actually voted for them, the joke is still on them.” Which means, that even I thought that maybe, maybe a hundred to hundred and fifty just might show up.  Boy was I ever wrong and couldn’t be gladder that I was. What the hell was I thinking?.

The results are clear. Let the Pictures speak for themselves, courtesy of and it’s sister site

What this has shown myself and I assume many of you is that…
1.  The people in the community (the real community, of hard working family men and woman), don’t want these Mossrim; thugs and gangsters running our neighborhood.

2.  We now know for a fact that burly 150 people voted for them. I asked a non biased person (whom really has no idea whats going on with this or any politics), a simple and clean question, which goes as follows…. If you had 900 people who supported you in a tough battle and you make a meeting, how many of of these 900 would want to make it a point to come show support/power? The reply was, 600 people.

3.  Even the Mossrims own people were not there. Where was the Shmira? Where was Mendle Hendel? Where was Yankle Spritzer? Where was Yankle Herzog? Where was Yisroel Sandhuas? Where was Rabbi Schwei? Where was Yisroel Best? Where was that whole group of losses (מושב לצים) that hang out/meet in 770 all day?

4.  So the Mossrim ended up with maybe 40 30 people (yeee haaa), Where was the after party, that must of been wild.
10 of whom came to see if there would be any action. Another 20 which are looking for any excuse to leave the house. And Nebach 10 people who actually thing these Mossrim will help them.

These Mossrim are nothing in this neighborhood. It’s time that we stopped letting them push us around. It’s about time to face down the bully and let him know that, נישט ביי אונדז (not by us). A dog will only chase you if you run, if you turn around, the dog will run for it’s life.

The message to Chanina the Moser Sperlin, Eli the Moser Poltorak, Fishel the Moser Brownstein and Zev the Moser Cadaner last night was clear.

Get lost, we never wanted you, not yesterday and not today. We the actual community, do not support hostile take overs. We the actual community don’t support thuggish; gangster behavior. And must importantly, we the actual community  don’t support Mesira. Mossrim Go Out!!!

A message to the politicians:

You see for yourselves, you’ve been duped all this time. They come to you and claimed that they have the “community”; “the community is behind us, we say jump and they (the people) ask how high”.

The truth is right in front of your eyes. You have been used and abused. Chanina Sperlin and co. have been selling you boats all this time . At some points (the recent Shomrim Six case) they even convinced you or better yet used you, to viciously and maliciously prosecute Six innocent hard working, family men, for their own  political gain.

Some advice: History will speak for itself. Go meet with the families that you were told about. Meet with the people you were told by Chanina Sperlin and Co. that are “evil”, “trouble makers”, “gangsters” etc… What you will discover is that everything they told you about the “others”, apply only to themselves. You will find a history of violence, hostile takeovers, false arrest, abuse of the justice system…the list goes on and on. 

Our dear politicians, don’t be fooled. You picked the wrong house in this race. Distance yourselves while you have a chance, there will be no excuse of, I didn’t know.

Come to Crown Heights and meet the actual hard working, family men and women and listen to them for a change. One thing is already established, your with the wrong crowed now.

UPDATE 3-1-10: Over the weekend I was informed by one of the participants in this joke of a “community meeting” that after the first speaker spoke, half the crowed left. Which left about 20 people in the hall, with more then half being JCC employees.

For a closer look at some of the pictures from the meeting…

Whats happening Here? Looks to me like Chanina Sperlin just walked in and sees the small crowd and is thinking as to whether he should embarrass himself and take a seat or walk out. And notice the people, their really in to it, no?

Why couldn't it snow in again, this is embarrassing?

Why the worried, nervous and serous faces, all these people came out just for you?

Eli [Slavin] come in, take off your coat, find a seat, I promise you’ll be asleep in no time. Slavin and Chanina think a like (is he coming or going?)”

Hundreds of people come out in support of Chanina and his fake Vaad. After seeing this, I really have to rethink who my friends and foes really are.



Council meeting empty, Gmach MlavaMalka full!

Shomrim Picnic Vs. Shmira picnic.

Its a simple chose, Good over evil, right or wrong.


  1. crownheightsnews reports Says:

    Well I went to the CH meeting last night after hundreds and hundreds of signs were posted… for weeks … and the final count 65 local CH men came….

    Thanks to COLlive for the pics….

    From the almost 5 thousand people in CH about 65 men showed…. … I was disappointed…. I was hoping this Vaad who fought to get in and promised so much would really tell us what they did for 12 months but not much was said… I would like to have some benefits as a CH resident and they don’t have much to throw my way, seems they have no money… to disperse…

    Why did nobody show …. It is ashame… if you like the Vaad or not at least show… not showing just shows you don’t care….

    • antimesira Says:

      crownheightsnews asked:

      “Why did nobody show …. It is ashame… if you like the Vaad or not at least show… not showing just shows you don’t care….”

      Because they don’t care. Because people are sick and tired of these Mossrim.
      Besides, why would I come to a meeting of people I never supported and voted for? Why would I come to a meeting to support people who took over by force?.

      The very few that did go, in some ways are supporting mesira, supporting thugs and bullies.
      Thanks g-d it was only 40 or 65 whatever.
      This proves we can beat this evil and flush them out (using their own tactics) once and for all.

  2. chexposed Says:

    Despite the recent Din Torah, the new Vaad (Sperlin and co.) have not removed their Mesira from court.
    The other side sent them signed documents (from their lawyers) that they are ready and willing to pull out, all the “new” Vaad has to do now is sign as well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    if u go thru the pics of col u can c that even 2 terrorist showed up

  4. CH Resident Says:

    I’m starting a campaign to write letters and e-mail to our politicians to inform them on whats actually going on in Crown Heights and to warn them to stay away from these people.

    please take the initiative and get to work.

    We can and must take back out neighborhood.
    When the Mossrim hit we must hit back twice as hard!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    half of them employees of chjcc

  6. It's getting hot in here Says:

    Theres a nice fire burning in CHNews. Some good stuff.

    The people in power, the people on top are angry and bitter.

    I loved this quote the best from emes…
    “You can justify and excuse [Mesira] from today till tomorrow all you will end up [as a result] is with 65 people (not all supporters either and also 20 people would be to much)”.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      They have everything, why are they still angry?

      Yeah, there’s anger everywhere. I’m surprised at it because the people that are angry are the people who are “winning”. Their people are” winning elections”, they’re winning on the “policy battles” and they’re still mad. They’re still angry. They’re perpetually angry! They’re perpetually enraged. And people have asked me why.

      I don’t know. I can’t relate to being mad all the time. I don’t want to be mad all the time. I don’t want to wake up mad. I don’t want to go to bed mad. I don’t want to spend all day mad. There are a lot of people that do it, though, and I, frankly, I don’t understand it. It’s not something that I want to try to parse and analyze. All I know is that they’re not the people are going to get anything done. The constant complaining and whining and anger has got a root cause somewhere, and it all equals is unhappiness and dissatisfaction. And they end up striking out at people like Krinsky (Aguch-Merkoz), Shomrim, Hershkop, Shemtov, this Rov and that Rov etc… and blaming everybody else for the fact that they don’t feel very happy, when in fact they need to look inward.

      Today they also have the “Old Vaad” to blame for their failures.

  7. antimesira Says:

    This is an awaking even for the critics of this Vaad of Mosrim.
    Many critics have told me that they expected at least 150 people to show.
    Now they see that even 150 the mosrim don’t have.

    It’s very encouraging and adds a lot of Chayis.
    What it says is, that we as a community just might have a future after-all.

  8. yudi ceitlin Says:

    the ezagui family is ful with mosrim.
    the sperlins are all mosrim.
    cadaner print the playboy

  9. Overview Of ‘The Meet Candidates’ Meeting « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] The crowd that showed up did not belong to the Mosrim. The people that showed up, showed up in protest. Mendle Hendel walked out after 10 minutes. The […]

  10. Hikind works against any organization that doesn’t jump after his bandwagon in the name of peace… | Votedoherty48's Blog Says:

    […] History proves,  anybody who lines himself with these Mosrim, which includes Meshichistim, shmira, Chanina Sperlin and Co. is bound to loss and loss big time. […]

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