The Faces Of Mesira


The Tragedy in 770

Shliach: I feel safer in Vietnam than in 770

When the actions of Zimri demand the reward of Pinchas

Shomrim Members were Gang Assaulted while Settling a Dispute

VICIOUS MESIRA: Blood Libel Lands Shomrim Member 12 Hours in Prison

Is this the side that Shmira Mesira is on? Who are they protecting?

WIS has spoken to many Shomrim members the vibe I got was that as individuals and as a group, if shmira (Stern, Prager, Skoblo and Hubner Ym”s) would not have gotten involved that night in the 749 dispute they (Shomrim and mishichistim) would have worked things out between themselves.

They say that they have nothing personal against these guys (although they may disagree with things they do or believe, like many of us, it’s called “differences of opinion”) and in fact many come to eat by them on Shabbos and Yom-Tov and many come to borrow equipment from one of the Shomrim coordinators.

It is only because of jealousy and hatred for Shomrim that shmira got involved and convinced the mishichistim to carry out Mesira. They have no good intentions, not for the mishichistim they say they are “protecting” and definitely not for the community. If they truly wanted peace then they would have stayed out of it. This was just “another” opportunity for shmira to continue with their Agenda to destroy Shomrim with viscous blood libels, a Shomrim member was quoted saying “this is not the first time [they have done Mesira on Shomrim] and when this is over [the case will be dismissed] there will be more, they are already thinking of their next Mesira”.


5 Responses to “The Faces Of Mesira”

  1. john doe Says:

    Why a moisser feels the need to spread propaganda, lies to any moron willing to listen.

    You see them in tv series, movies, always nervous, chugging on a cigarette, looking around and over their shoulders, (police) SNITCHES why are they always so nervous? what is it about snitching that has them turned upside down worrying is it that their worried about retribution from the one they are snitching? or is it a feeling inside? a feeling of disgust with himself so that when he’s back among his buddies he has to try make that ugly feeling disappear. All of a sudden hes smiling making jokes, acting like a tough guy.
    The moissrem stern, prager and skoblo are nothing but that, nervous snitches moissrem who always have the need to justify themselves to make themselves feel better by spreading propaganda and lies. They’ll talk to anyone, they will laugh, smile, say it was all shomrim watever it is that they’ll make up at the time, they will even go so far as to convince yossi the retard from 770 whom they’ve decked out with all the cheap shmira gear that it’s the shomrim that are mossrim, this poor kid who’s parents are dead, has been a rachmanos all his life, came to america for kevutza over 5 years ago and stayed in Brooklyn to “watch” 770 because he has nothing in Israel to go back to, so the shmira moissrem took him in, another useful puppet who sits at 770 all day and could further spread the lies they told him.
    Next time a shmira moisser comes up to you and opens up with “did you hear what atrocity shomrim committed today”? just put your hand on his shoulder, mabey even give him a hug and tell him “everything will be okay” you understand him, “it’s the peer pressure, the gang, it’s all good”.

  2. john doe Says:

    There is something about all these face on the wall of messira as if they are all from the same mold kind of like when you see a group of terrorist on tv and they all look the same or have the same look as if saying We are a group of terrorist. This group is saying We are a bunch of terrorist mossrim.

  3. Psak Din Says:

    Wasn’t there a Psak din, signed by hundreds of “Rabbobnim” allowing anybody who says Yechi (and calls himself a mishichist), to do Mesira (with out asking a Rav)?

  4. to: psak din Says:

    yes there was
    it says
    “anybody who believes in the MH”M Shlita
    is allowed to do mesira when ever on who ever.

    It also encourages to do mesira on the non-believers a.k.a. “ANTI’s.

    It also states, that in time of mesira one need not open a Shulchan Aruch
    especially in this desperate time of Jihad.

  5. david grossbaum Says:

    I personally know Elkun Gufinkel (he spent a shabbos with me here in flatbush) and he told me the 749 story. I called Chaim Wilhelm (he’s related to me) and verifeis the story with him. From then on, I despite your site ( and your way of action, in selling propaganda to the CH communaty.

    There’s no Mesirah: Nitfying the police of a gangster punching a boy in the skull with brass knuckles is not a Mesirah! Notifying the Police of you harassing and threatening Elkun is not a Mesirah.

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