Evidence of Messira! Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim!


This is the chicken coward that sat in his car for a week straight jamming shomrim radio, playing with your lifes like the chicken he holds in his hand

The following is the first in a series of many police reports that whoisshimra has obtained thanks to Inspector Peter Simonetti depicting the vile and vicious messiros shmira has been perpetrating against shomirm.

In this MESSIRA Efraim Okonov claims that Benjamin Lifshtiz, Shneur (Gadi) Hershkop, and Aron Hershkop “3 perps that are known to him thretaned him by posting threatening messaging on Internet, threatening his life his parents and his business, and he is alarmed and is leaving town because of this”.

Readers this is the first of a series of 48 police reports which we will start posting one at a time, proofing a systematic messira against nearly every singe shomrim member and shomirim supporter by Yossi Chazzer Belly Stern yimach shemo and Yanky moslim rat Prager yimach shemo. Stay tuned for much more.

Note: This Messira took place mare days after  Efraim Okonov was busted jamming Shomrim radios.

You can click on each image to make it bigger Or click this> PDF of Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim!

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Page 2

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Page 3

20 Responses to “Evidence of Messira! Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim!”

  1. stern chazer belly Says:

    this kakonov is known for being an EDP

    but why is ha telling the police that hershkop is his


    who wants to be friend to low life shit like this even his pals didnt help

    him in the bust of center one his partner the muslim ren far away

  2. stern chazer belly Says:

    now looks like the col is for shmira and meshichistim

    and ggod old shturem for lubavitch

  3. hehe Says:

    we can just take it down!!!

  4. i hear Says:

    i hear this kid would masser on his own mother!
    he is sick

  5. proof Says:

    Finally, all the other stuff is good but this is better.

    Seriously, Seriously, Seriously were are you?
    Seriously, Seriously, Seriously we want to hear from you.
    Seriously, Seriously, Seriously is this serious enough for you?

    WIS keep it up.
    I just can’t wait to see what the mesira lovers have to say about this.

  6. Chicken Says:

    Which ones the chicken?

  7. yossi stern the mosser rat Says:

    “But Yossi Stern, 38, the director of Shmira, laughs at claims made against his group.

    “It’s all a bunch of rhetoric. Show me a police report,” he said. “We’re not out to harass anybody.”

    I must be blind or something.
    The dates on the report show that this was about a week after okonov was caught red handed jamming shomrim redoes, What Chutzpa!
    “one sin leads to another” shmira has a 100 such leaders, what a danger to us all!

  8. proof Says:

    “thretaned him by posting threatening messaging on Internet,”

    I would like to see the mosser okonov show us those messages.

    I bet you won’t ever find a report with sterns name on it, he will always send his “ghost”/henchmen/suckers etc… to do the dirty work, never to take any responsibility if things don’t go the way he plans, but his prints are all over.
    Every dog has his day!

  9. stern chazer belly Says:

    so i spoke to preger muslim rat on yom tov and he said that shmirah is not mosrim.

    because okonov dikless radio jammer was off duty. so please dont blame shmira for that. but kozolovki small dick said he was busy at the time fundeling small kids so he didnt know if shmirah was on duty.

    stern chazer belly shmukanety will burry you and your best friend hingi rat bistrukaki.

  10. person Says:

    this kid okunov should do kappores everyday! this mosser. check out what the rambam says in hilchos avodas kochavim in perek 10 halacha 1!

  11. bystander Says:

    Yesterday I was standing near the stage area, where a couple of shomrim members were watching the behind the stage area, prager comes by and wants to show them who is boss, so he decides he is going to walk through the back of the stage to the other side! and he comes there like a blown up balloon! and he thinks that the shomrim members are gonna tell him no! and therefore he will instigate a fight, and then play victim! like last year, but no the shomrim member walks up to him, tells him ” what do you want? u wanna go through? go!” and the member continues “no need to get worked up relax”. He lierally tried to instigate a fight! and the shomrim memberr was smarter than he was! and just let him go!

  12. TRUTH EMES Says:

    there no denying the felling low, got the presser got the blues what do you know

  13. TRUTH EMES Says:

    “He literally tried to instigate a fight! and the shomrim member was smarter than he was! and just let him go!”

    that must have been really hurtful for prager, why couldn’t the shomrim member do the Right thing and give prager the fight he wanted, isn’t shomrim about doing the right thing?

    I also saw prager telling gorfinkal to stand near a shomrim member so he can video tape him and try to make another blood liable.
    plain and simply disgusting!

  14. ?? Says:

    yeah well geuss what id rather their be one shmira member to protect ch than all the shomrim members!!!!!!!
    u wana know why beacuse shomrim are just a buch of low lives and the only reasone why their in shomrim is beacuse uh…lets see oh yeah…they have nothing better to do with their lives!!

  15. john doe Says:

    where are all the comments from all those people that are “not for shomrim and not for shmira” or the people that “have friends on both sides but….” WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE FOR RIGHT? is halacha againts messira just something for the classroom? something the rabbi’s put in textbooks to amuse us? how come i do not see anybody write i am not for either side, BUT THIS IS WRONG!

  16. once agian the inteligence poors forth from the comments! « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] see here you dumb fool, i brought proof that okunove from shmira masserd on three shomrim members, and the shmira lawyer paul (yimach shemo) huebner masserd on shomrim […]

  17. CHER Says:

    I see this mossier driving the koppo-shmira mesira car all day.

  18. pruod shmira-cop member Says:

    ye ye, you think you have proof, ill show you proof.
    I’m going to write and write and write again about how i have docoments
    of shomrim doing mesira on shmira, i will always write how next post i will post them. you probly never see them, but i have them. ill show you all. just wait and see, next post.

    Its a big mitzva to mossier on shomrim members, i have premison from rabbonim.

  19. john doe Says:

    I saw this chazzer behind the counter at albany bakery on albany and thought to myself “does this guy work here?” (meaning does this guy actually work for a living? doing something other then driving the messira cop car and jamming shomrim radios? NO! of course he doesn’t work there, I SEE HIM FINISH MAKING HIS SANDWICH, GO TO THE FRIDGE AND PULL OUT AN ORANGE SODA, AND WALK OUT OF THE STORE WITHOUT EVEN SO MUCH AS A GOODBYE TO THE STORES WORKER, LET ALONE PAY FOR WHAT HE TOOK.
    Now I already know of one store that when out of buisness (empire grill) because the shmira mossrem hung out there and ate up the profits, but someone please explain okunovs relationship to albany bake shop that he feels he owns the place, mabey i’m wrong, mebe the albany bakeries owner is his father from a diffrent mother or mebe it’s because another shmira mosser works or used to work for the bakery either way, without shomrim stopping the shmira mossrim gangsters I can guarentee that every crown heights store and shop would have to pay up one way or the other ‘mafia style’ at the end of every work week or else……

  20. fugly Says:

    this should be printed and distributed to every Shul in the tri state area.
    this and all the other reports made by these self hating Jew stabbing Jews

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