The Beginning Of The End For Dov Hinkind The Moser


Dov Hikind with the Mosrim Chanina Sperlin and Paul Huebner. For the informers there is no hope. It's one thing/the right thing to go after Molesters etc... it's another wrong/ Mesira going after six innocent, volunteers, Fathers, Husbands etc...

History proves,  anybody who lines himself with these Mosrim, which includes Meshichistim, shmira, Chanina Sperlin and Co. is bound to loss and loss big time.

Wind of Change: Greenfield Wins Big, Hikind Loses Bigger

Can’t wait till its Hinkinds turn for re-election, going to have a good time, exposing another Moser/Rat and getting rid of him/them.


7 Responses to “The Beginning Of The End For Dov Hinkind The Moser”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    After the Mossrim have been gathered and wrapped securely, the following is said:

    “Any Moser/Leaven/Chometz that may still be in the house which I have not seen or have not removed, shall be as if it does not exist, and as the dust of the earth.”

    When burning the Mossrim, the following is recited.

    “Any Mosser that is in my property which I have not seen, which I have not removed, shall be as if it does not exist. and like the dust of the earth.”

  2. Stern oh Stern Says:

    notice on bottom right picture above how yossi the pig stern has is eyes fully focused on the woman to his left.

    Can you guess what hes thinking about?

  3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Says:

    Federal investigation
    Hikind was charged by federal authorities after multiple Jewish organizations were charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funds which were supposed to be used for children’s services.[14] Some of this money, investigators maintained, was used to pay for Hikind’s personal expenses. According to documents, the organizations’ funds were diverted to pay for Hikind’s trip to Israel, and the school tuition for Hikind’s daughter and niece.[14] The United States Attorney in Brooklyn charged Hikind and several other defendants with various felonies and misdemeanors in connection with the investigation, but Hikind was subsequently acquitted of all charges by a jury.[15] However, Rabbi Elimelech Naiman, was convicted of making corrupt payments to Mr. Hikind, leading to the strange outcome of the same jury convicting one party of bribery while acquitting the recipient of that bribe of wrongdoing in taking it. To this day, Hikind blames former Giuliani Chief of Staff Bruce Teitelbaum of ordering the prosecution.

    HIKIND is a CRIMINAL who mosering jews to stay out of jail

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      This could be why he does every bitting of the DA. He broke a deal with them and now hes in their hands. They say, monkey do.
      The DA must have Hikind by the tail.

  4. john doe Says:

    Hikinds gone, the big rabbi’s are in the process of abandoning the sinking ship, and aligning themselves with the new younger power that comes with the new day and age, the second worst to being a Moser loser bribe taker is being associated with one. old political connections for old favors are on the way out as the younger generation become aware of the back room filth and dirt thats been destroying the Jewish communities from the inside out through the easily accessible Jewish internet media. To see hikind in the pictures alongside Crown Heights’s notorious mosrem criminals is shameful and despicable.

  5. Brooklyn, NY - Dov Hikind And David Greenfield Join Forces To Benefit Their Constituents Says:

    Comment 1 is right on the balls eye.
    Today at 02:02 PM Anonymous Says:

    Politics is a fun game aint it?

    If David Greenfield make this chose to join with the Mosser, sadly he will loss out big time. His end will begin before he even starts.

    I would advice Mr. Greenfield to stay as far away as possible from Dov Hikind the moser.

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