IT’S OFFICIAL: Peter Semminetti Together with shmira/cop Targeting Shomrim/Crown Heights Jewish Community



“were both here for the same thing, why all the hating?”

(A.H. Shomrim coordinator)


The guys on Eastern Pkwy...The other scooter people" a.k.a shmira mesira

The guys on Eastern Pkwy...The other scooter people" a.k.a shmira mesira

"they guys up on Eastern Pkwy"....Yanki Pragers house on Eastern Pkwy

"the guys up on Eastern Pkwy"....Yanki Pragers house on Eastern Pkwy


21 Responses to “IT’S OFFICIAL: Peter Semminetti Together with shmira/cop Targeting Shomrim/Crown Heights Jewish Community”

  1. CH Resident Says:

    What is the meaning of this?
    Why is he targeting anybody, especially Shomrim which do so much for our community? What crime have they committed? where does this start and where does this end? What will happen if the police or the shmira together with the police decide on targeting anybody else, whos to stop them?

  2. chrudge Report Says:

    Stop whining already!!!

    The guy is right!!!

    Get the proper inspections and don’t park illegally!!!

    I’m not sure why you guys feel you should get any special treatment!

    • antimesira Says:

      you missed the point by a 100 miles.

      the issue is not about legal or illegal, that is not the argument being made here. nobody is asking for special treatment.
      the law is the law for everybody and everybody must keep to them (even the police must follow the traffic laws).

      The issue here is the specific targeting of a group or individuals (makes no difference). The issue is also about a group of Jews doing Mesira.

      Besides, I’m sure when you get a ticket whether you deserved it or not,(I assume) you jump for joy, no whining for you!



  3. john doe Says:

    It is sad and makes me sick to my stomach that crown heights has come to this, Where people who are mostly from either out of town (messianist mossrim) or involved with the shmira mossrim and (new??) community council (who will usually be wearing kippas identical to that of the missianist) have lost all reason and erased all bounds. As the traffic agent says “I’m not a politician” he makes the same mistake many almost all of the crown heights Jewish community makes, calling his being sent to target shomrim scooters “politics. What’s happening in this community has moved way beyond politics, it has moved to shmira, the messianist, and the (new??) community council declaring war on every single member of this community. Whether you know it or not you are a target, if they didn’t get to you yet they will, your just further down the list.

  4. Mixed up! Says:

    The officer doesn’t know anything about the fighting, but he knows everything about the “fighting”!

    Who is bad mouthing who and why?

    This video proof to me that it’s only one side fighting the other.

    I must applaud the Shomrim people for being so calm and collective, you guys are very professional, you will beat these thugs in the end, if not already.

  5. Concerned Says:

    is this being investigated?

  6. victo Says:

    one again WIS delivers

  7. where are the wise guys? Says:

    by now i would have expected some wise guys from the shmira mesira to give their brainless comments about what we are seeing above.

    but then i remembered that camp started last week, so shmira is off duty, until all the children come back.

    In Chayolie Hamelech they started a new section call COP

    They will learn from the top mossrim to do mesira, they will also learn how to arras and intimidate anybody they don’t like or doesn’t do as they like.

  8. Why the hate? Says:

    Aron Hershkop coordinator of Shomrim says:

    Very Powerful!

    After seeing this video there is no more room for propaganda, it is clear as to whom is dirtying whom, whom is mossring at whom and whom is fighting with whom.
    No more of that bullshit of “both sides are fighting”
    “both sides are doing mesira”
    “both sides should get along”
    “both sides do the same thing”
    Obviously that is far from the TRUTH!

  9. antimesira Says:

    where are all those smart asses that are looking for proof of mesira?
    we really want to hear what you have to say!
    Don’t be shy!

    try to justify this!

  10. SHOMRIM FAN Says:

    Calm, Cool and Collective.
    I like that.

    Quote of the day:

    “were both here for the same thing, why all the hating?”
    (A.H. Shomrim coordinator)

  11. wHoIsShMiRa FaN! Says:

    what am i ahu… being video taped?… traffic bigs

  12. wHoIsShMiRa FaN! Says:

    what are video taping me off of dat thing?


    This was clearly politically motivated. Whoever did this is trying to shut us up. They were targeting what we represent, this has nothing to do with “illegal” parking.

  14. Crown Heights resident Says:

    This video is getting a real buzz in the streets.
    a lot of people are talking about it.

  15. john doe Says:

    This traffic officer was sent by the same organization who has sent numerous members to “speak” to shomrim coordinators, and members demanding “apologies” and “peace” that if given they “would have the charges againts shomrim dropped”. (I was personally approached by someone who had said that yossi stern had offered him “one shomrim members that he chooses will have the charges againts him dropped”)
    Now of course the question is asked why is shmira demanding an apology? and why would they send a little kid like the wannabe cameraman ezagui to demand it?
    Why is it that I hear from a friend who asked a another friend who is a well respected buisness man what he thinks about shomrim members having been arrested (by shmira’s messira) and he gets the reply of “They just didn’t want to apologize” how am I suposed to think that makes any sense coming from an intelligent person?
    Did the DA choose shmira to represent the “people of the state of new york” to offer the arrested shomrim members plea bargains? (which beside the fact once the accused enter the court system charges cannot be simply be “dropped”)
    All these question and so little answers. Though what can you expect from low life scum who have made it their life goal to destroy their community from the inside out.
    Do I hear yanki prager clapping…….

  16. junior Says:

    I hope that hamans daughter throws a chamber pot full of diarrhea out her window and it lands on yanky prager

  17. shmira, meshchistim and liberals unit Says:

    You watch this video and you see exactly their game. you see exactly how most of CH thinks (unfortunately on the same level) You see a uninformed person who might mean well but hes just throwing out statements and causing one side damage.

    the way shmira – meshchistim – liberals- think are all the same.
    They sit around until they have a chance to inject their hate. They see an opportunity they fire and run for cover. when you come after them you get this —

    “its politics i don’t get involved”
    “loshon hora”
    “it’s both sides”
    “why can’t we all get along anyways”
    “ow i dint realize you were here”

    and now, to all the people around this guy it seems good, he simply “doesn’t get involved”, hes innocent.

    so people you can start asking questions and see that they don’t have answers,
    or act like a bunch of fools until they wait around the corner to trip you.

  18. Nimrod Says:

    prager and stern are sitting in a tree
    first come love.
    then comes marriage…..

    then alot of messirah and false accusations against other jews…

    and not to mention the spreading of herpes between their uncircumsized penises.

  19. person Says:

    Shmira messira! it even rhymes! even after such a video where it seems undisputable evidence of shmira trying to influence police against shomrim, you are still going to have those knuckle head shmira messira liberals trying to give excuses! well all I have to say to the shmira moisserim just SHUT UP! b/c until now this site was trying to logicaly show u that u guys are a messira organization, police reports were posted etc. but that wasnt good enough, now this video was posted, now what is the messira patrol of crownheights going to say? well I dont wanna hear it no more! Shmira just shut up! and rot away in ur cells of hate under the auspicious of master RAT and HATER yanky prager!

  20. exterminator Says:

    actually yanki prager could use a little jumping up and down, it can’t hurt.

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