UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life


Whatever happened to this Guy?

The incident: June 17, 2009
Black Teen Assaults Jew, Jew Arrested

The aftermath that got this guy in trouble:
Shmira/Cop goes out of the way to obtained video evidence incriminating the Yid

Disgraceful and shameful “article” on COLLIVE, feeding a fellow Yid to the dogs:
Man Caught Harassing

[Just in case Collive tries to pull another stunt heres a PDF of the above page Man Caught Harassing witness (collive)]

Feeling that the community is not behind him. After Shmira/Cop helped incriminate him and COL backing the Shmira Mesira/Cop, this poor Jew, who to me is a true hero, felt cornered and was forced (in his mind at-least) to take a plea deal.

So whats the big deal, how does this ruin his life you ask? This young man, a husband and father, was studying to be a nurse and recently finished school. Being that now hes a “criminal” with a record, nobody will take him to work. His applications are automatically denied.


Bribery and Corruption(collive)

19 Responses to “UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life”

  1. anonymus Says:


  2. col Says:

    Col stend for Choliros On Line
    this choliros the day will come for them as well .
    who is yossi sofer who is mika soffer well
    she was the whore of ch and he is stil the domb ass

  3. huebner potz Says:

    the capo shmira of ch are informers

  4. Resident Says:

    this is terrible, poor guy, all he wanted to do was help.

  5. Dov Hikind Says:

    City politicians visit Shmira farbrengen


  6. Yitzchok Shochat Says:

    This is the exact same thing Stern and Prager did to me, they set me up.

    Now I’m here in Israel, afraid, hungry and must of all lonely.

  7. huebner potz Says:

    In minutes after this site showed the world how anti Semitic the choliros on-line are
    they go ahead and delete the article.
    Next time you have to help Jews and put this early so this Nazi site will delete sooner the propaganda against Jews.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Thanks for the tip.

      I put your link up
      and created a PDF for back up.

      I think it’s safe to say that OOLlive and the people running it are mossrim as well. It’s called
      guilty of association

      Thank you all for looking out for WIS whos looking out for you.

      We will expose all mossrim. I know you -the mossrim hate that and try to shut everybody up with messira and jail etc…, put who cares what you think. The truth obviously hurts!

    • LOL Says:

      This is the stupidest move COL could have done and they did it, they basically confirmed what WIS was saying. By removing the story, they gave WIS official recognition as a site.
      Is anybody home over there?

  8. one of the comments Says:

    to number 5

    speaking to the kollel yungerman who was the victim of this black perp, I got a different story, actually it was the same story I saw on other sites. It is quite clear that you are trying to help simonetti to cover what happened here, well I don’t blame simonetti, he’s trying to difuse the situation and work out of a mess, and Ur probably one of his boys in cop that are. Spreading his lies and deciet to cover for him! It is also clear U have an anti shomrim agenda, its ok ur not the first, despite all U haters shomrim us continuing to grow and help the community, and not joining cop and doing simonettis dirty work.

  9. one of the comments Says:

    תודה לכל האנשים שנתן למשטרה ווידיאו. על הווידיאו המשטרה ראו שהיהודי נתן מכות ראשון.

  10. a fellow yellow Yid Says:

    “Disgraceful and shameful “article” on COLLIVE, feeding a fellow Yid to the dogs”

    What even more disgraceful but at the same time surly not surprising is how [notice the Yechi kippa] they even mossired [yet again] one of their “own”, just for a piece of plastic. a piece of plastic used to intimidate and threaten more Jews.

    The government found a new way to prosecute Jews.
    “Why kill them when you can use them to destroy each other, lets use one against the other, we will give them some recognition [a piece of plastic] and they will give up their mothers.”

    No Jew is safe with the shmira mesira, no frum Jew, not someone from Anash, not even mishichistim. And even even and even shmira members are targets of shmira mesira, evident to what the shmira (Prager and Stern) did to Yitzchok Shochat.

  11. Soffer the Mosser Says:

    if sofer is mossering on Jews .
    how can he be shut down ?
    first i would call all his sponsers and let them know the fact that thy are supporting mossrim.
    so lets start posting all thier supportes phone numbers so we can call them now.
    Wheels to Lease 888-772-5369
    Empire kosher 718-221-2144
    Rubashkin ??? 347-240-9730

    yes rubashkin is supporting Mossrim

  12. Jump! How high? Says:

    • antimesira Says:

      They should have ended that letter like this…

      And therefore please understand, for the greater good, we will every once in a while, if not every time have to get a Yid locked up. Imagine, what would be the impression if the leaders of the Jewish community always fight for the right of it’s residents, that would just not be proper sucking up.
      We don’t want to make anybody mad.

  13. Soffer the Mosser Says:

    fat simonetti and crook chanina belong together.
    simonetti help chanina to burn buildings

  14. Nurse Says:

    As a person whom went to school to become a nurse, I know first hand how much time and moneys invested to meet this goal.

    It’s a dirty shame that this was done to him by his own. even more shameful is the fact that this was done only to gain politically and perhaps even get the “others” whom you hate so much.

    What stops Chanina and his goons from doing this to someone else.

    Just look whats happening in New Square and learn.

  15. col sucks Says:

    taking down the story was a stupid and immature move by Colive.

    By taking down the story they said two things…

    1. that WIS is an official site that matters.
    2. what WIS was saying was true.

  16. Moser: Chanina Sperlin – Out Of Touch « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] was Chanina Sperlin for THIS […]

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