When the Wolfs Cry Meeeeeeee-sira


The hypocrisy! Wolfs in Sheep's Clothing: Shameless and disgusting!

When the Mosrim cry about Mesira, we rejoice.

List of Mesira:

Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood Libel. PT1 [Shomrim Six Mesira: The goal was to put six innocent Jews in jail for 15 years].

The Mesira Continues [Mesira on Individuals of Anash and Gemachim/Mosdos of Chesed].

JUSTICE FOR ALL: WHO MOSSERD SHUCHAT AND WHY? [The “shmira” rats out one of “it’s own”].

Chaninas Sperlin Mesira (A mesira that ending up with  an arrest of members of Anash and a two year court preceding – for more more documentation click here).

The Mossrim Then And Now [Yaakov the Ganev Spritzer opens a RICO case against five families of Anash, in an attempt to steal Machne Menachem].

UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life [Knowing I was right, ColLive takes down the story, luckily it was saved to PDF].

Paul Huebners Lawsuit/Mesira for Hundred forty four million Dollars, is still (as I write this), in court.

So, When the Mosrim cry Mesira, we give them THIS and we tell them THIS and always remember THIS!!!


5 Responses to “When the Wolfs Cry Meeeeeeee-sira”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    To fool the world is one thing,
    but to fool yourself is no big deal.

    You’re a fool for wanting to fool yourself
    –and anyone can fool a fool.
    (from the sayings of Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch)

  2. Liberals Play Victim all the time Says:

    Liberals Play Victim (Rush)

    Cantor: Democrats “dangerously fanning the flames” by screeching about security threats

  3. Mishichist are Libs Says:

    Remember not so long ago when these Mosrim justified and excused mesira with lies and propaganda… If you don’t I will remind you….
    Assaulted Bochurim Speak Out <http://chabad.info/index.php?url=article_en&id=16420

    And Now they Cry?
    See here how the mishichist party are like the Liberal left.
    They have the same play book, to the tea.
    "Liberals are liberals first, everything else (the "cause") follows"
    (Rush L.)

    Kind of reminds me what the Liberal Left is doing right now…





    Let's not forget how they excused and justified beating after beating that were instigated and carried out by mishichist thugs/terrorist…
    Thats how they are, they want the street fight and when they get it, they run like a the cowards that they are and do Mesira.

    And hers another tactic we find by mishichistim…We say it's a fact, we have no prove, but 'everybody' knows, now you prove its NOT (?)
    AP to Breitbart: Prove Tea Partiers AREN’T Racist < http://bigjournalism.com/sright/2010/03/28/ap-to-breitbart-prove-tea-partiers-arent-racist/

    Chabad.info and all the Mishichistim I think kind of owe the shomrim six an apology…Don't you think?
    O’Keefe Deserves an Apology From MSNBC… At the Very Least <

  4. Much more to come Says:

    מוסר מצוה למוסרו

    Orh Menachem Yeshiva ( aka Mendy Hendels Yeshiva )
    Rumors have it the Yeshiva is in Golus?? Closed ??? Reopened ?? Closed by the City… relocated to Popack building then closed again please send some feedback??

    Was sent this later by our friends at the big Cholent!!!!!


    They ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

    I will chase them wherever they go.
    You can run but you can’t hide.
    For years these dogs/mosrim have been hunting down other Jews, trying to take them down no matter the punishment.

    After sitting at 320 Jay Street for a few weeks, as an observer and watching how these Mosrim were so eager to lock up innocent Jews for 15 years prison, I said enough is enough, something has to be done, somebody has to pay.

    This is only the beginning!!!

    You should have listened to this…

    What is Hateful To You Don’t Do To Others

    “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

    Thomas Paine
    “He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones”
    Meaning:”Those who are vulnerable should not attack others”

  5. "both sides are..." Says:


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