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Recap: Corruption and Fraud at Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)

November 28, 2011

Note: Let’s not lose focus on the real issues we face in Crown Heights. The “Shuchat Charles issue”, the “Shomrim Shmira issue“, The “Zablo Din Torah“, The Meshichistim Controversy etc…etc…  are all designed by the thieves to distract us away from them (and to keep us busy with stupidity while they make off with the millions).


How and Where was $41 Million Spent By The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.?

CHJCC Last Five Years Contract With NYS

CHJCC Does Not File 990 For Fiscal Year 2010-2011

New Bank Account Same Old Crooks

Can I Get A Loan?

On The Communities Dime

Did You Know…

No Donations or Mas Hakoal For Braun, CHJCC Takes Money From The Rent, Lets Tenets Freeze


Corrupt CHJCC Is Already Out Of Green(?)

Who Will Explain To The Community Where And How The WAP Grants Was Spent-WIS or CHJCC?

$2,019,685.00 Spent For Weatherization For Low Income Individuals, Where Is the Money?

$2,468,935 From WAP, Where is it?

CHJCC: The Eli Cohen Trust Fund

The Jokes On You!

CHJCC Shows Us How To Write Off $84,000 Dollars

Paying Braun: From Which Grant This Time?

From the Past to the Future

What Disclosure? What Transparency?

CHJCC Annual Volunteer Budget Form


$601,121 – What Can You Get For This Much Cash?

$106,643 Worth Of Conferences? How Come We Haven’t Heard Of Them?

$601,121: How Much Office Supplies and Office Material Does CHJCC Need?

Flash Back 1997: Shomrim Ask, “Where Is The Money?”

The Money Trail <the BIG money < Coming Up!

To Serve the Residents Of Crown Heights OR to Serve the Mendle Hendel?

CHJCC Has Plenty Money For Lawsuits…No Money For Needy Families

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


Extradition Testing Rival B’klyn Patrol Groups

November 25, 2011

The Jewish Week

Hate-crime case ‘fanning flames’ between Shomrim, Shmira in Crown Heights.

Yitzchak Shuchat has until Dec.16 to appeal extradition request from Brooklyn DA.

The pending extradition from Israel of a chasidic man, wanted in connection with the attack on a black teen in Crown Heights in 2008, stands to put a long-festering feud between rival Jewish patrol groups there back in the spotlight.

Suspect Yitzchak Shuchat is a member of the Shmira patrol group. The man who hired a private investigator to track him down in Israel acknowledges being the coordinator of the rival Shomrim.

The animosity between some members of the formerly unified groups is so fierce that blogs operated anonymously by patrol members and supporters routinely dish dirt against each other — often extremely personal — using language uncharacteristic of chasidim.

Shuchat is accused of assault as a hate crime in connection with an April 14, 2008 attack on Andrew Charles, then a 20-year-old college student, and the son of a high-ranking police officer. Charles was attacked on Carroll Street in an apparently coordinated attack by people identified by witnesses as chasidim, at a time when Jews in the area had been complaining about a long series of attacks by black assailants. A man at first sprayed mace at Charles before another man got out of an SUV and attacked him with a wooden club, according to police reports.


Hypocrisy: Prison Good For Shomrim Six But Not For Shuchat?

November 24, 2011

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In a letter trying to convince you to help the Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat, dated  November 20, 2011. Barry Sugar makes the following argument (amongst many to be discussed in future post).

“…Further, we have learned from statistics and documented cases that should Yitzchok be tried in New York, he would be subject to anti-Semitic, brutal and vicious assaults in prison.”


Breaking Exclusive: Recording Of 311 Call By Shmira Member Yitzchok Shuchat (#1)

November 23, 2011

Click here for the transcript of above call

Shuchat had help making these calls from his Shmira “friends”. Shmira members were seen several times a day passing by Hershkop’s properties (with the Shmira and COP vehicles).

A comprehensive post with all the facts relating to this matter coming up…

Who Are The People Excusing and Justifying Mesira?

Exclusive: Another 3 Recordings Of 311 Call By Shmira Member Yitzchok Shuchat On Shavuot

ALERT: Bed Bug and Mossrim Infestation at 749

November 20, 2011

Alert: It has come to WIS attention that the Yeshiva dormitory located at 749 Eastern Parkway. Brooklyn New York 11213 has been infested with bed bugs.  Intel informs WIS that the dormitory has been infested since the beginning October of 2011.


Great Book: Among Righteous Men

November 16, 2011

Inside the hidden world of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights–a close-knit but divided community.

On a cold night in December, the members of a Hasidic anti-crime patrol called the Shomrim are summoned to a yeshiva dormitory in Crown Heights. There to break up a brawl, the Shomrim instead find themselves embroiled in a religious schism which has split the community and turned roommate against roommate, neighbor against neighbor.

Fund-Raising by City Comptroller Is Investigated

November 15, 2011

NYT: By and

Oct 2011: City Comptroller John Liu visits Chanina Sperlin in his Sukkah

Federal authorities are investigating the fund-raising operation of the New York City comptroller, John C. Liu, seeking records from his campaign and from a city contractor whose employees were listed as having contributed thousands of dollars to his campaign, people with knowledge of the matter said.


CHJCC Takes Your Money And Spends It On Branding

November 14, 2011

A new awning was put on the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. on Kingston Avenue

My question to you is, if someone buys a pair of military fatigues from the clothing store, is he a special-ops soldier? If he claims he is, saying: “look, I even have the clothes,” You would laugh at him. One is not considered a special-ops soldier simply by calling himself one, nor by owning of a uniform. There are training procedures that have to be fulfilled, as well as constant vigilance and the strict following of rules. (Quote borrowed from Op-Ed: ‘Chabad Lite’)

What is the idea of this? What purpose does this have? How does this help anybody bottom line? Why the name change?


Brooklyn Hasidic man on the lam in Israel after racial beating to be extradited

November 11, 2011

Yitzak Shuchat found hiding in Tel Aviv suburb
BY Simone Weichselbaum & Oren Yaniv

A Brooklyn Hasidic man will soon be shipped back from Israel to answer charges that he beat up a police officer’s son in a racially motivated attack.

A Jerusalem court Thursday approved the extradition of Yitzhak Shuchat, 28, who’s been indicted for assault as a hate crime and other counts for the alleged baton beatdown of Andrew Charles in 2008.


Revealed: Part Of District Attorneys Opening For Shuchat Trial

November 10, 2011

The following transcripts are from the Districts Attorneys opening statement in the Shomrim Six trial, which took place only a short two years ago, during the months of November and December of 2009.

Most likely we will the privilege of  hearing these same lines being used at the trial of Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat.


Israeli court orders extradition to US of Brooklyn man in 2008 assault in Crown Heights

November 10, 2011

By Associated Press

JERUSALEM — An Israeli court has ordered a Brooklyn man extradited to the U.S. in connection with an April 2008 assault on a black man.

Yitzchak Shuchat is suspected of beating Andrew Charles in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. The area is known for 1991 race riots between Orthodox Jews and blacks.


Gangs Of Jerusalem

November 7, 2011

Residents of the Mea She’arim neighborhood in Jerusalem fear the violence that has erupted between two ultra-Orthodox sects will grow and complain the police are not protecting them.


Recap: Blood Money – Sperlin Family Exposed

November 6, 2011

“There are two crimes that are more than just felonies—they are treason. One is the importation, distribution, and sale of heroin. The other is arson for profit. There are not crimes of passion or desperation. They are crimes of organized greed. They cause the deaths of innocent citizens and brave firefighters. They kill blocks, ruin neighborhoods, and destroy cities. Ultimately, these are crimes that annul hope and diminish humanity. Arson breaks up families, frightens away investment and jobs, and deprives the poor of housing. Every arsonist is potentially a mass murderer.”

Chanina Sperlin Family Exposed: Blood Money #1

Chanina Sperlin Family Exposed: Blood Money #2

EXCLUSIVE: Sperlin Family Exposed – Blood Money #3 – THE INDICTMENT

Who Was Refoel Moshe Sperlin?


The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree, One Mossier Brings Another

Arsonist: Step On Others To Make A Buck

Arson for Hire, The Men Who Are Burning New York

Four Are Convicted Of Arson For ‘Favor’


Moishe Ralph Sperlin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to do some jail time.

Much more to come…

COLLive: Tearing Apart a Community

November 5, 2011

Although it has been happening for years,  Collive has finally recognized that theres Mesira in Crown Heights and they actullay present Mesira as a bad thing.

This is quit surprising, for after all Collies has been glorifying Mossrim and the Mesira they do, especially these past two years.


Shomrim Six Trial Transcripts #2

November 3, 2011 in court:

The ADA David Steingard tries to throw WIS at the Shomrim Six based on absolutely no evidence (rumors, hearsay and assumptions). Bottom line, Mikvah news/rumors, hearsay and assumptions not excepted in an actual Court of law.


Shomrim Six Trial Transcripts #1

November 2, 2011

For the next few days, WIS will present a few snippets from the Shomrim Six trial.  Some things will make you cry and most will make you laugh.

November 2, 2009: The Witness/Mosser Shuki Gur testifies against the Shomrim Six.

Shuki Gur is currently a missionary for the Meshichist movement in S. Teresa, Costa Rica. The Meshichist movement  is under the leadership of Menachem Mendel Hendel.