Shomrim Six Trial Transcripts #1


For the next few days, WIS will present a few snippets from the Shomrim Six trial.  Some things will make you cry and most will make you laugh.

November 2, 2009: The Witness/Mosser Shuki Gur testifies against the Shomrim Six.

Shuki Gur is currently a missionary for the Meshichist movement in S. Teresa, Costa Rica. The Meshichist movement  is under the leadership of Menachem Mendel Hendel.  

The Mosser Shuki Gur ym"s

Meshichist Hypocrisy

Kish Mier En Toochas!!! Three Times

Oh Gevald, oh shit!!! Lock em up and throw away the key!!!

Related: “Kish Mier En Toochas” – Those Four Words the Bases Of Case Against Shomrim Six

More to Come…


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