Settons Evicted

Efraim Setton - Levi Paul Huebner-836 Montgomery-evicted

Efraim and Sara Setton Evited from 836 Montgomery Street.

It has come to Chleaks attention that about two to three weeks ago, Efraim and Sara Mina Setton were evicted from their apartment for lack of paying rent.

Apparently the Settons with the help of their scumbag “Attorney” father-in-law,  Paul Levi Huebner have initiated another  frivolous lawsuit (of-course) against the collection agency.

The Verified Complaint can be viewed Here: Efraim and Mina Setton Lawsuit

What is Huebners calculation when initiating these frivolous lawsuits (which he seems to have a very good track record of doing)?

Huebner hopes that the Defendant will conclude that it would be more worthwhile (cheaper) for them to just settle the matter, rather then fight it out in court (which is very expensive).

It is Chleaks hope that the Defendants in the above lawsuit (and all the others), do not take the bait and fight this case to the end.


Efraim Setton stole over a hundred Thousand dollars from a Judaica store in which he was employed.
Read more about this here: Satan Caught Stealing
The Judaica store owners foolishly did not file charged against Setton but instead oped out by taking Setton to a  Beth Din…good luck with that. The case is still on going.

Efraim Setton was caught stealing from the local Matza bakery.
Read more about it here: Efraim Setton Steals Matzohs From Bakery
The Bakery owner has initiated a lawsuit against Setton regarding this matter. Index No. 024166/2011

Efraim Setton Scams a Shliach.
Read more about it here: Efraim Setton Does It Again

Efraim Setton and Paul Huebner Arrested For Assault

Efraim Setton Sentenced For Assault


4 Responses to “Settons Evicted”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Maybe Menachem Mendel Hendel will take the Setton family in to stay at:
    Eshel Hachnosas Orchim, Inc.
    274 – 276 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206

    The Settons can stay there as homeless people.

    I would really love to see this happen.

  2. Notary Says:'s-signature

  3. Anonymous Says:

    this is complete LOSHON HARA there is no need to post this on the web

    i understand u dont have enough to post and need evry bit of news u can get but this is unacceptable

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