Yitzchak Shuchat

Shmira Unit #: 47

Wanted for Assault!



Facts And Rumors: Yitzchok Shuchat


The Enemies Constatnt War Of Misinformation

EZAGUI Gets $95 G’s Of Blood Money, Yitzy Shuchat Still In Hiding In Israel

Shimra members accused of attacks involved with NYPD-backed Crown Heights neighborhood patrol

NYPD betrayes one of their own

What ever happened to him? nypd coverup? Sallmonetti do your job!!!



Who is Yitzchak Shuchat? shmira: Yitzhack who??? used, forced to run and now left to dry!

Yitzhak Shuchat really got screwed…


Shmira Memeber sought for questioning in alleged bias attack

Israeli court orders extradition to US of Brooklyn man in 2008 assault in Crown Heights

Confidential Informant Yaakov Prager

New Details Revealed: Yaakov Prager Gives Shuchat Up

28 Responses to “Yitzchak Shuchat”

  1. Danny Says:

    shOMrim you guys are unbelievable. why you fighting other Jews when we got the whole entire world that hates us as is. Rookies…

  2. lif Says:

    shomrim-you are sick pigs.dont you know that he didnt do anything? hashem will punish you as he sees fit and i think that you should clean up this mess quickly. why are you doing opposite the mitzvah of taking jews OUT of jail? i dont think you will be forgiven for an extremely long time-start doing tteshuvah NOW

  3. Mendy W. Says:

    fuck you asshole

  4. john doe Says:

    g-d damb he fits the part perfectly he even looks like a thug, its really too bad that you were “off duty” at the time off the assault otherwise stern skoblo prager and huebener could have helped you. what a shame

  5. john doe Says:

    the thugs stern prager skoblo and huebener should use their “connections” at the 71 pricint to help shuchat, oh shit, i forgot they only have connections at the 77 pricint which they use to get members of the community locked up.

  6. Levi Says:

    This man is great person, he always there for people. These comments about him from those who dont know him are disgusting and vile. He is an amazing indvidual and people who dont know him shouldnt talk.

  7. john doe Says:

    you join the military to become a soldier you, and you are made a sodier you go to medical school to become a doctor, and you are made a doctor you join shmira messira loser pussy patrol to become a shmira patrolman and you are made a moisser.

  8. Dave Tolashki Says:

    he beats his wife

  9. to dave talashki Says:

    uh,yitzi isnt married.

  10. to dave Says:

    Your a human being, stop sounding like an ass

  11. Adolph H Says:

    This guy is a racist Jewish bastard who attacked a black man out of hate. When will Jews stop attacking others and ghettoizing themselves and blaming big, bad “Anti-Semitism” for all of their problems!

    Take responsibility for your actions, if you attack blacks or steal Palestinian land you will be hated!!!!

    • Filthy animals Says:

      Oh shut up he F-en saved the community this kid was throwing rocks at Jewish windows if houses

      • WhoIsShmira? Says:

        Being that you must have been a first hand witness to the incident, perhaps you can testify to this in a court of law.

        Just a few words of advise.
        Telling the Judge and Jury to ‘shut up’ and using language like you used, will not help your friend.

  12. to adolph h Says:

    who else but some one with the name adolph to preach to us about raceism i hope you make out with the person who runs this site then die b/c of the diseses you will transfer to each other

  13. shocked Says:

    I am so surprised at all of you that say horrible things about him, he is one amazing person. He is only there to help another person in need.

    Dave, how do you know he beats his wife? He isnt married. WHen he gets married he wouldnt raise a hand on her. I think the reason why you said that he does is because you do it.

  14. knows yitzi Says:

    yitzi is not married, that you are right about.
    he’s not married cause he USED TO EAT HIS WIFE!
    He also never consumated the marriage cause he’s a perverted faggot and would only do her in the ass

  15. shocked Says:

    knows yitzi, you are an asshole!!!!!!!

  16. knows yitzi Says:

    shocked, you can call me any names you want but you know I’m saying the truth.

  17. Vigilantes Says:

    not the first dude to take the fall for CHAZZAR BELLY

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Yitzy we miss you!

  19. bobo Says:

    oh my gosh john doe i have tried for many years but i have not been able to explain shmira as well as you did thank you

  20. Anonymous Says:

    yitzchok we need more people like you to keep the crime of the street

  21. Anonymous Says:

    just for everybodys information i was in west virginia for labor day weekend and i saw shochet i didnt have a cell on me to call the cops and he drove off quikly in a blue chevy malibu so i couldnt even follow him i dnt know whos car it was bcause it was some other guy driving it so k3p ur eyes open he is not far away

  22. Anonymous Says:

    yitzy screw these rats and come back

  23. wasssup Says:

    yo u guys have no life sitting on ur computer like a fatass noone cares what u think

  24. New Web Site For Shuchat Says:


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